Filles de Deuxieme Generation de la Nouvelle France
(Second Generation Daughters of
New France)
This group of women is represented by the daughters of the first French Immigrants, who were born on Canadian soil and grew up to raise families of thier own; also adding their names to the Founding Mothers of New France.
Meet The Filles de Deuxieme Generation
Badeau, Suzanne
Belanger, Marie-Charlotte
Caron, Marie
Charbonneau, Elis Isabelle
Cote, Louise
Cote, Simone
Couture, Marie-Anne
Graton, Helene
Gravel, Elisabeth
Hubert, Elisabeth-Isabelle

Langlois, Anne
Langlois, Marguerite
Langlois, Jeanne
Langlois, Marie Elisabeth
Langlois, Marie
Lepage, Suzanne
Marchand, Marie-Catherine
Marsolet, Louise
Martin, Marguerite
Martin, Marie
Morin, Louise
Paradis, Madeleine
Pradis, Marie-Louise
Paradis, Marie-Madeleine

Pelletier, Genevieve
Philippeau, Jeanne


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