The Guardian Angel of Ville Marie
Angelique De Favre Madame de Bullion
Angelique De Favre was born in Paris about 1605, the daughter of Guichard Favre and Madeleine Brulart de Sillery. She later married Claude de Bullion, who was Keeper of the Seals and Superintendent of Finances under Louis XIII; and a close personal friend of Cardinal Richelieu. 

After her husband's death, and her four children provided for, Angelique was left a small fortune, and like many French Catholics in such a position, was eager to lend her support to the causes of 'Saving the Heathen Souls'
In 1641, after meeting with Jeanne Mance, co-founder of the new mission at Ville Marie (on the Island of Montreal), Angelique generously contributed 60,000 livres to the foundation of the colony and in 1643, provided the necessary funds to begin a hospital there. 

Between 1657 and 1659, she again provided Jeanne Mance with the means to establish a religous order; The Sisters of St. Joseph, which was to be directed by Royer de la Dauversiére, and an additonal 20,000 livres for the defence of the settlement against Iroquois raids.

Her only stipulation was that on any official documents, she would only be referred to as "An unknown benefactress".  It was only after her that anyone knew of her valuable contribution to the founding of Montreal.
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