Women in Canadian History
From the History Books
The purpose of this page is to profile women in Canadian History, but with an attempt to get the story behind the story.  As we all know, much of the Canadian history that we were taught in school, centers on the accomplishments of men, or more precisely, men of European background.  Little credit is given to the rest of the vast majority of the population, including the original inhabitants of the land, who assisted the early European immigrants in getting settled and defending their possessions once they were, and of course, the women, who also left their mark, despite the many attempts to have them erased.
Elizabeth Posthuma Gwillim Simcoe
Though the women in this group have all made it to the history books, most were just given an honourable mention, and any of their accomplishments downplayed as insignificant.  Over the past few years, I have been studying the history of Canada from a female point of view, and currently have well over a hundred profiles of some amazing deeds performed by women.  Some changed the course of history and others simply had a hand in it, but they all deserve our admiration and respect.

These are their stories.
Anne Prevost
Faith, Hope and Charity
Helene Bouille
Marie Rollet
Elizabeth Posthuma Gwillim
Marguerite Bourgeoys
Laura Ingersoll Maria Susan Rye
Molly Brant
Mary Shadd Cary Sarah Scofield
Francois Marie Jacquemin
Helen Shaw
Antoinette De Pons Jeanne Mance
Harriet Tubman
Madeleine De Vercheres Jeanne Motin
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