The following are all the crowbar replacements that have been posted.
Weapon Description Author Rating
KNIFE You ever wanted to sneak up behind someone and really stick the knife into them. Now you can with this little beauty. Remember that size doesn't matter when it comes to weaponry. Quite a good replacement and makes a welcome change  from the crowbar. BATMAN 83
SWORD Ahh finally, we have a medieval type weapon to take on the modern weaponary of HL. You may have to change your tactics to use this weapon as your primary selection. One things for sure, its a good weapon and slicing people with this is better than hacking with the crowbar. Th3 D0c 84
DARTH MAUL SABER Great weapon. Sure the picture to the left doesn't look real great but thats only because I couldn't get a good one. The modelling of this weapon was inevitable and gladly it was done right. It comes with some great new sounds as well so grab it and start fighting like Darth himself. Scarecrow 90
D'K TAHG This is one for the Star Trek fans out there. This weapon is used in the series by the Klingons. Comes with some new sounds and has a pretty darn cool animation when drawn (check it out and you'll understand). Marquis 85
KAWAUSO Some consider Scarecrow to be the master of modelling, this weapon just reinforces their claim. This is an excellent hand-to-hand weapon but unfortunately doesn't come with any new sounds. Still a great sword to have. Scarecrow 87
KATANA Look familiar. This great weapon comes from the Wasteland MOD. It is one of the best swords I've had the pleasure of using and near the top of the list of crowbar replacements. It is fully featured with great new sounds. Admiral Duck Sauce 88
LIGHT SABER I'm a big fan of the lightsaber. Theres nothing better than beating people up with the light saber in DM. This is a good attempt of the world reknown weapon and as you'd expect from Scarecrow, it has some light saber sounds. Scarecrow 89
BATTLE AXE Ok, so this isn't the best looking crowbar replacement on the site but don't let that deter you from trying it if you are interested (the picture to the left is pretty ordinary). Its not too bad, just could do with a little bot of work, thats all. Tim Cassie 78
TAKESHI'S SAMURAI SWORD This weapon was sitting on my hard drive for a while before finally being posted on the site. For some reason, the ingame view of the sword looks a bit different to that of the picture on the left. It is still a good weapon and has some real good sword sounds with it. Ixnay 83
BUTCHER KNIFE This knife was apparently inspired by the film 'Halloween'. Its the one where a whole lot of people get carved up by a guy with a huge knife (that narrows it down to about 30). Now you can hunt people in DM using your favourite kitchen utensil. Has some new sounds. Nikster 84
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