The Difference Between Frog And Animals

How did Frog become Frog, how did Frogity rise above animals? It is not easy to answer this question, because Frog's admirable qualities are uncountable.

To start with, animals use various sounds to intercommunicate, but no animal is capable of CROAKING. Croaking is a very distinctive quality, characteristic only of Frog. Animals are unable to differentiate the articulate, fine tones of the croaking of the Frog Race.

Furthermore, Frog does not move like animals. Some animals can jump, others swim quite well, or they are able to float on the surface of the water, but Frog is the only creature who combines these techniques in perfect art.

Frog is an amphibian,but while amphibious animals use their tails to move about, Frog has not got a tail! This is a crucial difference between Frog and animals.

A more detailed analysis could be given about Frog's numerous magnificences, but the purpuse of this introduction is only to outline the basic differences between animals and Frog.It is an honour to belong to the Frog Race -to form part of Frogity.

And you, reader, do you think that this is nonsense? And what do you think about all the similar nonsense that has been written about "Man" and "Humanity"- with capital letters, of course, to express the Author's Admiration For His Own Species, but never calling it what it really is: just one of the species, and not even one anybody has any reason to be proud of... A species which is each time less and less worthy of being the leader, less and less worthy of being vehicle of a higher Spirit.


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