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Last Updated 17th November 2003

The band have now confirmed that on the 6th and 7th of December, they will descend upon WGC to re-record 'Not One Of The Crowd'. COpies of the CD will be available thereafter. Also, Goon and Rooney have almost concluded 'The Bedroom Sessions'.  Watch this space for details...

The Fountain - Round 2!:
After playing in The Fountains 'Battle of the Bands' contest, Reverb can now confrim that they are through to Round 2! Thanks to all those that came and got us through, and we hope to see you all there next time!

Hasta La Vista, Creaky...:
Well, Creaky has left the band. He's got his reasons, and parting is such sweet sorrow... So everyone say hi to Li'l Mike, the upgraded drummer for everyone's favourite Shit-Rockers!

Recording Fiasco:
In true Reverb style, the band failed to record last weekend - They went out on the friday night, and got far too wasted, then all overslept. In addition to this, the bands (in)famous planning skills were demonstrated, when they realised at 10:30 AM (30 minutes after they should've started) that they had know way of getting to the studio... A new date is being set with Platypus Music. The band wish to appologise to Billy Subway for this fiasco.

Dowloads Now Availabl
e: At long last, you can now download (3 of) your favourite Reverb tracks, in .wma format. Thanks to Platypus Music who are hosting the downloads!

Reverb Too Loud For Iron Maiden
! We have it from Reverbs former landlord, that Iron Maidens bassist complained about them playing their instruments too loud in their rehearsal studio, at 5am. Most of Reverb, and friends Platypus, were jamming at the time! Iron Maiden can't hack it!

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In other news, Harlow Youth Services are trying to shut down Reverbs most sacred place - The Square. The only live music venue in Harlow, and the best in Essex supposedly. Click on the link to find out a little more at their site.
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