Weaver Craft Hall
The main Weaver Hall is located in Southern Boll which produces the flax, sisal and cotton that weavers use regularly.  The making of cloth and material is one that pervades every hold, craft, and weyr on Pern there are small looms in each one, either for hobby or serious employment.  The Hall is famous for certain special dyes whose compositions are considered a dark craft secret.
Here, this portion of the Weaver Hall is located in the Xanadu area.  The Xanadu Weavers have carefully guarded treasured patterns for patchwork, which they use for clothing as well as for quilts.  Embroidery is also a skill in which many weavers are well versed.

For information about applying to the WeaverCraft, or in becoming a resident, please post your request to *wcs.

Come on by!  Or come on and buy!  Everyone welcome.  For those that prefer the direct route, @move me to #209.
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