Hufflepuff Team
The only real Quidditch member I can remember is Cedric Diggory, who captained the Hufflepuff team, and was seeker. I've lost the second and third books, so I can't remember any other players. But Harry Potter (Gryffindor seeker) caught the snitch in about five minutes in a match against, and fell off his broomstick in a match against them. I've removed this sentence due to complaints from smileyhouse. If you know any more players or facts about them, e-mail with them.
Hufflepuff have 4 Web Quidditch players.
Chaser 1: Soph
Chaser 2: PJ
Chaser 3: Hufflepuffteam
Keeper: danielcampbell
Beater 1: Harry
Seeker: Smiley House (+capt)
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