Welcome to the website of the Webateers! Here, we hope you'll become acquainted with our group, and its members.

Who are we?

Quite simply, we're a group of friends that enjoy each others company. We email, share stories, interesting tips and sites, help each other when needed, and most importantly, we share friendship!

Who are the members?

Take a look at our Member Profiles and More Member Profiles, and see for yourself! As you'll discover, we live in different areas, we're comprised of both male and females, we have different interests, but we do have one thing in common, we all enjoy being on-line!

What is the membership criterea?

We do have a few rules, but they're fairly simple and easy to follow. First of all, you must be an adult. Also, pornography is not to be posted, although adult humor is warmly received. Because we have members that span various religions and cultural diversities, we do not welcome religious inspirationals. For further information, you may visit or request a subscription here. Once you've become a member, please pick up one of our banners here. You may use them on your e-mail signature and/or your homepage to display your membership proudly.

Do all the members have webpages?

No, not all, but the majority do. And those that do are very talented. Please feel free to take a look at them and judge for yourself. All of our members homepages are linked here. There are a variety of subjects and designs, each of our members reflects their unique personalities and interests.

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