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Say... Hel-... -lo! (Eh-oh!)

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You can wish me a Happy Birthday or a Happy Unbirthday if you like, but you'll have to guess which, as I'm not going to tell you when my birthday is. How gratuitously coy can I get?


Getting A Life

When I'm not working (which isn't very often (sigh)), I'm (in no particular order):
  • birdwatching (an exaggeration - I do this perhaps once every three months, which is much less often than I would like to. I just can't face the travelling)
  • on a narrow boat (a huge exaggeration - I haven't been on one in years, but I  still love inland waterways, and I really will renew my acquaintance with them one of these years)
  • cycling (on-road only, as my ankles and knees can't take much jarring)
  • juggling (incompatible with playing classical guitar, as the clubs tend to break my nails - see below)
  • playing classical guitar (incompatible with juggling, as I have weak nails - see above)
  • playing bass guitar (another huge exaggeration - when I last looked, my bass had about 3 years worth of dust on it)
(but not all at the same time).


Temps Perdu

Once upon a time I was at King's College, Cambridge (that's Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, not Cambridge, Gloucestershire, nor even Cambridge, Massachusetts), and I had a thoroughly enjoyable time there. Once I had a life... I wonder what happened to it?


The Maine Attraction

In December 1996 I spent a week on the coast of Maine (Kennebunk Beach to be precise). It's a beautiful area and I'm utterly enamoured of it! I  thoroughly recommend it. Now all I  need is for someone to offer me the chance to live there and write software (for a decent salary!). I should really get my CV (résumé for any U.S. readers) up to date, shouldn't I!


Notes And Queries

People get so worked up about other people's tastes in music. I just don't understand it. It's no slur on your character if I listen to music that you don't like. So I'm not interested in your opinions on the following; I just want information.

I seem to like my popular music melodic, catchy, spiky and frisky; I also seem to prefer female vocalists (although there are obvious exceptions to both of these preferences). Recently I've been listening to (in alphabetical order) Fiona Apple, Catatonia, Dubstar, Echobelly, Garbage, Kenickie, Alanis Morissette, Sleeper and Suzanne Vega. It's a funny old mixture, isn't it? Here's where you come in. I'm looking for suggestions about what else is around in these veins; tell me if you have any.


That Was The Year That Was

1958 was an interesting year for births. In alphabetical order of first name:
Andie MacDowell Annette Bening
Bebe Neuwirth Belinda Carlisle
Brett Butler Ellen DeGeneres
Frances Barber Holly Hunter
Jamie Lee Curtis Jennifer Saunders
Jennifer Tilly Kate Bush
Liz Ralston (same day as me!) Madeleine Stowe
Madonna Me
Michelle Pfeiffer Miranda Richardson
Paddington Bear Sandi Toksvig
Sharon Stone Siân Lloyd
Toyah Willcox  
Spot the odd one out!


Pandora's (Big) Box

Actually it's my Big Box (rapidly approaching 100k!), where I keep all my zillions of bookmarks, rather haphazardly arranged, as on any good bookshelf.


You Are What You Eat

I'm a vegetarian. Meat probably isn't murder, but it certainly disagrees with my otherwise robust digestive system. Tell me what you've been eating recently.

Do you want to know what shape you are in?



I adore the Teletubbies, but I haven't the facilities to produce an original and informative page worthy of them. If you don't know who they are, then you can find many pages (some splendid, some just weird) about them with Google, or you can try my Tubbie-bookmarks.

Here is what Teletubbieland really looks like!

To talk to fellow Tubbie-philes, subscribe to the Teletubbie Mailing List.

About once a year, some of the people on the list get together at a Chinese restaurant in Bradford (U.K) which glories in the name of Po Sing! Here are a couple of photos taken at the 2000 get-together.



This may quite possibly be the best totally computer-generated 3-D animation series around, and is the product of those clever people at Fantôme in Paris; here is a helpful article. In England it's been shown on Channel 4 (here is their page about it), with all the characters renamed, curiously; it's also been shown on YTV (Canada) and here is their (much better) page about it, with lots of lovely screen-shots. (Or rather, that's where it was; they've removed it while it's not on.)

It hasn't caught on in the same way as the Teletubbies have. As far as I can tell, my little contribution here was the only one on a personal web page in the entire web, until my good friend and fellow InseKtophile SheepGroper started another InseKtorS site (with my influence, I like to think!). This surely can't be because it's ostensibly a children's program; perhaps it's because it was on at 6am on Saturdays (in England)?

Still, with its strong characterisation (visual and vocal), it has gained considerable artistic recognition, winning many awards.

Alex (or Aelia) is a spirited feminine scientist with big blue/black eyes and a delicious voice (courtesy of one aptly-named Caroline Bliss); I think I'm in luurrrrvvvvve... or at least lust. With a computer-animated butterfly??? What am I thinking of?

I have a few InseKtorish bookmarks.

If there's any other useful information out there, perhaps Google can find it. If anyone can translate Hungarian and explain why there is apparently a computer called Insektors, do let me know.


Mind My Mind

Want to see inside my mind? Be warned, it's not a pleasant place (but then, whose is?)


I've Stopped Counting

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