Rob Barrett

Welcome to my personal home page! I work for IBM at the Almaden Research Center and you can read about some of my work there.

Here are some more personal things of mine that I hope you enjoy. Feel free to write to me if you have any comments.

WBI (Web Intermediaries) is a computational model for the web based on the idea of intermediaries. You can read more about WBI in a recent at the WBI homepage.
I am currently studying Christian theology at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I'll be posting some information here from some of my classes for anyone interested. My current classes are: Here are some of the papers I've written while I'm here.
I love to teach about anything in which I'm interested. I am currently doing a class on Basic Biblical Theology at my church. During the 1996-97 academic year, I taught the PBC College Group as we studied the books of Ephesians and Ezra over the course of the year. I also spent a spring teaching Device Electronics (aka Physical Electronics) at San Jose State University.

Upcoming projects include a weekend retreat for the Christian community in Lyman, Wyoming.

I love reading. Check out some quotations from books I've read to see if you might want to read some of these for yourself!
I am currently (and slowly) building a Dobsonian reflector telescope. The plan was to build an 8" f/6 reflector, but we got started on a 6" f/8 and so will probably complete that one first. Grinding the mirror is fun (so far) -- it's truly amazing that you can so accurately produce an optical surface by rubbing two pieces of glass together! There will be pictures here as soon as we make some more progress. Stay tuned!
Cooking (and eating!) are great fun. Some of my favorite recipes: