Israel's Messiah

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Religious Survey

Could you take a moment to answer this survey? Some of the questions can accept more than one answer. You may also give an essay response on one of the questions.

1. Do you believe the original manuscripts written by the prophets and writers of the Torah and the Scriptures were factually and historically accurate?
Partly accurate

2. Do you believe the supernatural events and miracles in the copies of the Torah and the Scriptures we have today are mostly faithful and accurate accounts?
Partly true

3. Do you believe there is a Divine Creator or Supreme Deity?

4. If you believe in a Supreme Being or Higher Power, do you believe that Being is the same Creator revealed in the Scriptures and the Torah (the law of Moses)?

5. Do you believe the Bible predicts the coming of a "Messiah"?

6. Have you ever read the Jewish Scriptures or the Tenakh?
A little
The complete Torah
The complete Tenakh
Never have read the Bible
Read the Scriptures regularly
Read the Scriptures daily

7. If you are familiar with the Scriptures, have you noticed the similarity between the predictions about the Messiah and the life of Jesus (Yeshua)?
Have not studied the Messianic predictions
Have not compared Messianic predictions and the life of Jesus
I know very little about Jesus (Yeshua)
I would never want to know about Jesus (Yeshua)

8. Are you aware that in the Jewish Scriptures (the Tenakh) Jeremiah predicts another covenant that would supercede the older covenant (Jeremiah 31:31-37)?
I am aware now
I do not believe that part of the Tenakh
I do not believe the Bible

9. Have you ever read the New Covenant Scriptures about Jesus (Yeshua)?
A little
The complete New Covenant
Parts of the New Covenant
Never have read the New Covenant
Read the New Covenant regularly
Read the New Covenant daily

10. Do you believe that Jesus has fulfilled most of the Biblical predictions about the Messiah?
I do not know
I would like to find out if He did

11. What is your ethnic origin?

12. In what religion were you raised as a child?

13. What are your religious beliefs about Israel's Messiah?