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From babies to grown-ups, everyone loves Pooh. He's a first friend and a lasting companion. And whether he's frolicking in the Wood, enjoying a bit of honey or floating in an umbrella, Pooh's huggable, cuddly nature never changes. And neither do our feelings for him. Whether we're young or young at heart, we all cherish the same favorite moments that Pooh shares with his friends.

Tigger bounces up some fun, hoo-hoo-hooing all the way.Eeyore's got the glooms again, but has hope for each new day. For no matter what their adventure or whether it's there or here, eveything just much more fun when Pooh's friends gather near.

and his Friends.....

Here comes Pooh and all his friends, their adventure's about to start. No matter where it leads them, each friend plays a part. PoohBear's funny, charming ways help keep things bother-free. Piglet brings a cheering smile, and lots of bravery.

NOTE FOR THE MAP: You will find the main character's (Pooh, Eeyore, Christopher Robin, Kanga, Rabbit, Owl, and Piglet) homes on the map. Click on their home and it will take you to their page. Hopefully! HAHAHA. If it does NOT work please e-mail me (You will find my e-mail address in the copyright information listed at the bottom of the page). The other character pages will be found in a table near the bottom of this page and some other pages to visit. Thanks!

Oh, bother! Time to run and get that honey jar. *smile*

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100 Acre Map

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