By Judy Anderson

Many who have researched the Chase family of Hampton, New Hampshire, have traced them back to Thomas Chase and Elizabeth Bouchiew of Hundrick, parish of Chesham, Buckingham, England. John Carroll Chase and George Walter Chamberlain, in their book Seven Generations of the Descendants of Aquila and Thomas Chase, Record Publishing Co.: Haverhill, MA, 1928, call number 929.273/C387e in the Family History Library at Salt Lake City, Utah, would seem to disprove that direct connection. However, they do indicate that the given name of Aquila was peculiar to persons descending from that area of England, and that in all probability, the Aquila and Thomas Chase of Hampton, New Hampshire, came through one of the Chase lines in Hundrick.

Most who have made family connections trace Aquila and Thomas to Rychard, son of Thomas. He did have sons with the same given names. Aquila was baptized in Chesham 7 Aug. 1580, and Thomas on 18 July 1585.(1) Thomas married a Martha, and they remained in Chesham from 1631 to 1636. Two children are noted in the baptismal records, but there is nothing more concerning the family after 1636. The New Hampshire Chase family has been connected with Aquila, son of Rychard.

Chase and Chamberlain "assume" that Aquila was the Aquila mentioned as marrying Martha Jelliman in the parish of St. Thomas-the-Apostle in London, 22 June 1606. He had a son named after him, but that son died and was buried 10 Jan. 1659/60. There was not a son named Thomas.(2)

The "assume" here could be the determinant. I find in the International Genealogical Index in the Family History Library in Salt Lake, a marriage between Aquila Chase and a Sarah, in some places designated to be Sarah Robinson. They are listed as being of Willesden, London, England and/or Cromwell, Nottingham, England. I also find Aquila noted as marrying "Sarah or Martha Jelliman." It becomes apparent that there were two Aquilas -- one married to a Sarah, surname possibly Robinson,(3) and one married to Martha Jelliman. Either could be the son of Aquila, son of Rychard. At the present time, however, there is nothing definitive to indicate which person was which. Until something comes to light to clarify the problem, it would appear that we must start with the Aquila Chase who married Sarah Robinson.


If we assume he was 21 years of age when he married, Aquila would have been born about 1590. Since males were frequently ten years older than their wives, there is also a possibility of a 1580 birth date. Sarah was christened 26 July 1590 in Chicheley, Buckingham England, the daughter of James Robinson.(4) There were three known children:

1) William Chase, born abt. 1613, of Willesden, London, England.(5)

2) *Thomas Chase, born abt. 1615 of Willesden, London, England. (6) He married Elizabeth Philbrick in 1642 and died about 1652, most likely in Hampton, New Hampshire.(7)

3) Aquila Chase, born abt. 1618 of Willesden, London or Cromwell, Nottingham, England.(8) Md. Ann Wheeler, daughter of John and Ann Yeoman Wheeler, about 1644. She was born between 1620/1630. Aquila died in Newbury, 27 December 1670. After his death, his widow married Daniel Misilloway(9) 14 June 1672 in Newbury. Ann died there on April 21st 1687.(10)


Thomas Chase was born about 1615 in England; possibly in Willesden parish, London, or Cromwell parish, Nottingham. He died intestate in 1652.(11) Early genealogical histories of the family indicate that Thomas and Aquila came from Cornwall, England. It is believed that they were employed by an uncle named Thomas Chase, who was part owner of a ship named "John & Francis" and that they learned to become navigators.(12) Thomas' brother, Aquila, was granted land in Hampton on the condition that he go to sea and service the town for four years. This would tend to verify the above theory and would explain why they were found on the coast rather than in their original area of birth.

He married Elizabeth Philbrick, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Knapp Philbrick, 5 October 1642 in Hampton, Norfolk, New Hampshire.(13) She was christened 31 Oct. 1621 at St. Mary's, Bures, Suffolk, England(14); died 11 February 1677.m [For more information on this branch see:THE FELBRIGGE/PHILBRICK LINE]

The settlement of Hampton, New Hampshire began on October 14, 1638, under the leadership of Rev. Stephen Bachiler. By the first part of 1639 another group arrived with Timothy Dalton, who became the associate pastor of the Hampton church. It is probable that Thomas and Aquila were with this second group, as by 1640 immigrations had slowed considerably.(15) We know that Thomas, at least, was in the second group as he is mentioned in a list of families that came to Hampton that second summer.(16)

In June of 1640 small grants were made to a number of people, including Aquila and Thomas Chase. These grants were for six-acre house lots. Aquila later acquired six acres of upland meadow and swamp, which was sold to his brother, Thomas, when he moved to Newbury, now located in the present state of Massachusetts.(17) In fact, it was his acknowledgement in court of the sale of all his land in Hampton, except a dwelling and one and one-half acre, to his brother, Thomas Chase of Hampton, that established the relationship of the two.(18)

On February 23, 1645/46 sixty owners of house lots were given one or more shares in the "Common". Aquila received one share and Thomas two. Others received three.

It was felt that Thomas was the older of the two brothers as he was already married with two children at the time the Common shares were distributed. Since there is no record of his birth year, this is purely conjectural, however.

His signature on a deed of sale to John Philbrick shows that Thomas was a literate man. His purchase of land which abutted the river was probably to facilitate his livelihood. He was a seaman who paid for the building of a vessel by freighting boards from Exeter to Boston.(19) The large trees along the coast were much in demand for the building of dwellings.

The Thomas Chase homestead was a short way from "The Meeting House Green" and opposite that of his father-in-law, Thomas Philbrick. The site selected for the erection of a house of worship was on the northerly side of the salt marsh, about one-fourth mile distant from it. A large tract of land near it was called The Meeting-House Green and included all of what was later known as the Ring Swamp, along with the road around it. A common-way was laid out along the eastern edge and later became the main road to the seashore. Around the green and along the common-way many homes were built, some of which are still inhabited by descendants of the original owners.(20)

Thomas died intestate in 1652. An inventory of his estate was taken by Robert Page, Abraham Perkins and William Fifield on June 2, 1653. Administration of the estate was granted to his widow, Elizabeth. The estate was valued at 111L 18s 10d. A copy of the inventory follows:(21)

A trew Inventory of ye estatt of ye latt Desesed housband of ye wedow Chase of hampton as ffoloeth: ye house and hous lott containing about ten Akeres 20 00 00 ten Akeres of Salt marsh att 5 00 00 5 Akeres of Salt marsh att 1 10 00 12 Akeres more of Salt marsh att 3 00 00 8 Akeres of Fresh medow att 8 00 00 34 Akeres of upland att 8 00 00 5 Shares of Commons att 6 00 00 20 Akeres more of upland 5 00 00 5 Akeres more of Fresh medow att 1 10 00 2 oxen att 12 00 00 3 Cowes 13 10 00 2 young bestes of 2 yeare old 6 00 00 2 Shottes att 1 00 00 2 bras Ketteles and an Iron pott att 3 00 00 on[e] Iron pott a warming pan and a bras skillett att 1 00 00 in puter att 1 10 00 tramills pott hokes friing pan att 0 14 00 ye Dary vesseles att 1 00 00 3 bedes and beding 10 00 00 Cheste tabeles and cheares and other bomber att 2 00 00 The Som is 108 14 00 his Robert Pag X mark Abraham Perkins William Fifield

More: recovvred by a judgm' att Salisbury Court

14th of ye 4th mo: (53) of Willi: Ffurbur 3 4 10

Five pound more l'a cowe Som: tot: 111 18 10

This was given uppon oath by Elizabeth Chase

to bee a true inventory of hir husbands estate

Tho: Chase late deceased:

Tho: Bradbury recd.

Thomas and Elizabeth Philbrick Chase had the following children:

1) Thomas Chase, born about 1643; died 23 Oct. 1714.(22)

2) Joseph Chase, born abt. 1645; died 12 January 1717/1718 in Hampton.(23) Married Rachel Partridge, daughter of William and Ann Partridge, 31 Jan. 1671, Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. She was born 9 June 1650; died 27 Oct. 1718.

3) James Chase, born 1646/1649; died before 7 Mar. 1703/04. Married Elizabeth Green, daughter of Henry and Mary Green of Hampton, 2 November 1675 Nantucket, Massachusetts.(24) After the death of James, Mary married Joseph Cass.(25)

4) *Isaac Chase, born about 1 Apr. 1650 in Massachusetts; died 9 May 1727, Tisbury, Dukes Co., Massachusetts.(26) Md. (1st) Mary Perkins, daughter of Isaac and Susannah Perkins, 20 Feb. 1673.(27) She was born 23 July 1658 in Hampton; died about 1674. Md. (2nd) Mary Tilton, daughter of William and Susanna Tilton, 5 Dec. 1675. She was born about 1658; died 14 June 1746.

5) Abraham Chase, born 6th of ye 6th mo. 1652(28) or 6 Oct. 1652; died 1674/76 unmarried.(29)

After the death of her husband, Elizabeth married John Garland(30) 26 day 8th month 1654.(31) By him she had three children: 1) John Garland, born 11 March 1655, Hampton, New Hampshire.(32) 2) Jacob Garland, born 20 Dec. 1656 in Hampton(33); and 3) Peter Garland, born 25 Nov. 1659 in Hampton. John Garland Sr. died 4 January 1671 at the age of fifty. Elizabeth married Henry Roby(34), 19 February, 1674 in Hampton.(35) She died in 11 February 1677.(36)


Isaac Chase was born about 1 April 1650 or, 1st of ye 2nd mo. 1650 in Hampton, present county of Rockingham, New Hampshire.(37) He died 19 May 1727 in Tisbury.(38) He married Mary Perkins, daughter of Isaac and Susannah Perkins of Hampton, 20 February 1673, in Salisbury.(39) She died about 1674, apparently without issue, and he then married Mary Tilton, thought to be the daughter of William and Susanna Tilton, 5 Dec. 1675 in Tisbury/Vinyard Haven, Massachusetts.(40) She was born about 1650/52, not long before her father's death, probably in Hampton. Both her mother and her step father were deceased by 1661, and it is probable that she lived in the household of her elder brother, Samuel. When Samuel moved to Tisbury in 1674 after his marriage, she accompanied the family.(41) Traveling with them was Isaac Chase, recently widowed.(42) Not quite two years after their arrival at Tisbury, he married Mary.

Isaac was said to have beeen a blacksmith and a Quaker, and the town records noted on February 5, 1674 that "the townsmen of Tysbury do not give unto isack chace of Hampton liberty to settle in the town."(43) It would appear that he overcame the objections for settling in the town, however, as less than two years later he was purchasing land within the town limits.

Before 1700 he was one of the largest landholders in Martha's Vineyard, beginning with his purchase of Homes Hole neck in 1676. Eventually he owned all of that area. His second largest purchase was acreage in Chickemmoo in 1682, which was ultimately relinquished because of a dispute over ownership with the Sachem. In 1692 he was able to buy the eastern half of Chickemoo/Chickemmoo from Thomas Tupper, adding another 1200 acres to his ownership. He rarely sold any part of these acquisitions and most of it was inherited by his heirs.(44)

During his lifetime he followed the occupations of blacksmith, inn-holder(45) and ferryman. His home was near what was a ferry stage for boats that transported people and goods between Falmouth and Tisbury in the early days. It was not only an advantageous location for an inn, but he was also able to operate the ferry.(46)

Although a Quaker, he did not appear to be ultra orthodox, as he took the military office of Lieutenant in a Company of Foot in Tisbury before 1692, breaking one of the tenents of that faith. He is referred to by Simon Athearn as "Mr. Isaac Chase, the Leueten't without oath, he pleading for the quakers."(47) Until his death he was usually referred to as Lieutenant Chase in the records.

His will was written 12 February 1721/22 and proved 7 July 1727. (Dukes Co. Probate)(48) Those lands that remained were bequeathed to his widow, surviving children and grandchildren.

Mary died 14 June 1746, supposedly at the age of 88, which would have made her birth year 1658.(49) Since her father died in 1652/53, this would lend credence to a supposition by Mr. Walter Goodwin Davis in Maine & Massachusetts Families, that she was a child of Samuel Tilton, born as a result of an earlier liaison which resulted in the death of the mother, and he therefore raised the child. Mr. Davis felt that was why Mary came to Martha's Vineyard with Samuel's family. However, since Samuel and Hannah had a daughter who they named Mary, and Mary Tilton Chase was not mentioned in his will, I question this supposition. Often birth years were not known by the family, and at the time of death for a parent an age was estimated. Estimations were often exaggerated and might vary by several years from the actual birth date.

The children of Issac and Mary Tilton Chase were:(50)

1) Thomas Chase, born 9 Nov. 1677, Hampton, Norfolk, Mass. Died 22 Dec. 1721 in Virginia, while on a coasting trip in his sloop Vineyard. Married Jane Smith, daughter of Benjamin and Jedidah Mayhew Smith, 21 Feb. 1704, Edgartown, Barnstable, Mass. She was born about 1685. She married (2nd) Thomas Cathcart, son of Robert and Phoebe Coleman Cathcart, 15 May 1724 in Tisbury.(51) 2) Rachel Chase, born 25 Oct. 1679, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.(52) Married (1st) Samuel Knight of Charlestown and Sudbury, 9 July 1700. Md. (2nd) Samuel Munkley.

3) Isaac Chase, born 21 Jan. 1681/82; died 13 Oct. 1716 at sea. Md. Mary Pease, daughter of James and Elizabeth Norton Pease, 3 April 1702 in Edgartown, Massachusetts.(53)

4) Abraham Chase, born 10 Jan. 1683/84 of Martha's Vineyard; died 20 Dec. 1763. Married (1st) Abigail Barnard, daughter of Nathaniel & Mary Barnard of Nantucket, 12 Aug. 1709 in Vineyard Haven. She was born 1685; died 15 Oct. 1731 in Tisbury. Md. (2nd) Mercy Nickerson of Falmouth, 5 Mar. 1732. She was born in 1710; died 11 Sept. 1786. (She married (2nd) Thomas Winston.)(54)

5) James Chase, born 15 Jan. 1685/86, Tisbury; died 1728/29 Nantucket, Massachusetts. Married Rachel Brown, daughter of John Brown and Rachel Gardner, about 1707/08 in Nantucket. She was born 14 Dec. 1687; died 24 Sept. 1741 in Nantucket.(55) They lived for a time in Newport, RI.

6) *Mary Chase, born 17 January 1687/88. Married *Benjamin Weeks of Falmouth, 14 Jan. 1704 in Vineyard Haven, Dukes, Massachusetts or 27 January 1704 in Falmouth Massachusetts.(56)

7) Joseph Chase, born 26 Feb. 1689; died 1 May 1749, Edgartown, Barnstable, Massachusetts.(57) Md. Lidia M. Coffin, daughter of Nathaniel and Damaris Gayer Coffin, 26 July 1714 in Nantucket. She was born 16 May 1697 in Nantucket; died 17 July 1749 in Edgartown.(58)

8) Jonathan Chase, born 28 Dec. 1691 in Tisbury(59); died 20 July 1742 in Newport, Rhode Island. Married Mehitable, last name unknown, about 1710.(60)

9) Hannah Chase, born 25 Nov. 1693, Tisbury, Massachusetts.(61) Married Nathan Pease, 30 Oct. 1712.(62)

10) Sarah Chase, born 15 Oct. 1695, Tisbury, Massachusetts.(63) Married Samuel Cobb of Tisbury, 27 June 1716 Vineyard Haven.(64)

11) Priscilla Chase, born 12 Nov. 1697 in Tisbury;(65) died 30 Dec. 1753. Married Nathaniel Folger 18 Nov. 1718.(66)

12) Elizabeth Chase, born 7 September 1703, in Tisbury;(67) died unmarried 27 Sept. 1719.(68)


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By Judy Anderson


The Philbrick family of Hampton, New Hampshire, traces its origins to Bures, Suffolk Co., England, where it is noted that Thomas, son of Thomas Filbrigg, was baptized 13 September 1584. We know this is the same individual who appears in Hampton, as his wife and children re-appear in New England.

The parent to the elder Thomas cannot be determined with any degree of certainty due to a lack of wills. It has been suggested that it was either Robert Felbrigge who was born about 1505 of Earle, Colone, Suffolk England and was buried 28 June 1571, or Edward Filbrick, buried 23 Nov. 1593.(1 ) Since there is no certainty at the present time, the family must begin with Thomas Felbrigge.


Thomas Felbrigge, of Bures, Suffolk County, may have been a fuller.(2) He was born about 1545-1550 and died after 1621. He married Elizabeth, last name unknown, about 1574. She was buried at Bures in 24 Apr. 1619.(3 ) Their children, all baptized at Bures, Suffolk, England, were(4):

1) John, baptized 9 Jan. 1575/76.

2) Priscilla, baptized 2 Feb. 1578/79.

3) Margaret, baptized 5 Nov. 1581.

4) *Thomas, baptized 13 Sept. 1584.

5) Robert, baptized 5 Nov. 1584.

6) Alice, baptized 25 May 1590.

7) Edward, baptized 18 June 1592.

8) William, baptized 28 Apr. 1594.

9) Elizabeth, baptized 28 Nov. 1596; died young.

10) Elizabeth, baptized 27 Aug. 1598.


Thomas Filbrick (Thos), baptized 23 Sept. 1584 at Bures; died at Hampton, New Hampshire in 1667. He married, while living at Bures, Elizabeth Knopp or Knapp, daughter of William Knopp, 4 June 1615.(5) She was baptized 8 July 1593.(6) Thomas was a juryman on 5 Oct. 1620, and was fined as a tenant of the manor for default. He came to New England, with his family, about 1636 where he was noted as a proprietor at Watertown, Mass. He sold his property there and joined his sons in Hampton about 1646/46. In 1655 he was a culler of staves. Elizabeth died 9 February 1664,(7) probably promting him to see to a will for himself, as his will was written 12 Mar. 1663/64 and was proved in court 8 Oct. 1667, indicating that he probably died in that year. Their children, all born in Bures, Suffolk County, England were: 1) John Philbrick, baptized 1 Oct. 1616; drowned 20 Oct. 1657. Married Ann Palmer in 1646. He and a daughter, Sarah, were lost at sea when they left on a vessel sailing from Hampton to Boston.(8) 2) James Philbrick, baptized 2 Dec. 1619; drowned 16 Nov. 1674. Md. (1st) Jane Roberts abt. 1644, Strattford, NH. Md. (2nd) Ann Roberts, daughter of Thomas Roberts of Dover. After James' death, Ann married William Marston.(9) 3) *Elizabeth Philbrick, baptized 31 Oct. 1621/22; died 11 Feb. 1677, Hampton, Norfolk, NH.(10) Married (1st) *Thomas Chase of Hampton abt. 1642. Thomas and Elizabeth settled opposite the Philbrick homestead. They remained there until the death of Thomas.(11) Md. (2nd) John Garland of Hampton, 26 Oct. 1654.(12) Md. (3rd) Henry Robie of Hampton, 19 Jan. 1674.(13) His first wife, Ruth Moore, died 5 May 1673.(14) After the death of Elizabeth, he married Sarah ?, who died 23 Jan. 1703. He died 22 Apr. 1688.(15) 4) Mary Philbrick, baptized June 1622. D. 28 Oct. 1702, Hampton, NH.(16)Md. (1st) Edward Tuck, son of Robert and Joanna Tuck of Hampton, about 1648. He died 6 April 1652.(17)Md. (2nd) James Wall of Exeter and Hampton. He died 3 Oct. 1659.(18) 5) Thomas Philbrick, baptized 7 Mar. 1623/24 Lincolnshire, England; died 24 Nov. 1700, Hampton, NH.(19) Md. (1st) Ann Knapp, daughter of William Knapp and probably his first wife, Margaret Dean, about 1647, probably in Hampton. Md. (2nd) HAnnah French, widow of John White and daughter of Edward French of Salisbury,(20) 22 Jul 1669.(21) 6) Hannah Philbrick, born about 1726. Md. Stephen Sanborn, son of William Sanborn and Mary Moulton, 26 July 1633, Hampton, NH.(22) He was born 4 Sept. 1671; died 21 June 1750.(23) 7) Margaret Philbrick, baptized 30 Nov. 1628. Died young. 8) Martha Philbrick, baptized 4 Sept. 1631. Md. (1st) John Cass of Hampton, 7 Apr. 1657, Hampton, NH. John died 7 Apr. 1675.(24) Md. (2nd) William Lyon Sr., of Roxbury and Rowley, Mass., 30 Nov. 1676.(25) Md. (3rd) John Brackett, 21 Nov. 1698, Hampton, NH.(26) The will of Thomas Filbrick follows:(27) Some of the will of Thomas Philbrick was either damaged or could not be read. Missing parts are noted with " . . ." The Last will and testament of Thomas Philbrick Sunr of Hampton in the County of norfolke in new England -- I Thomas Philbrick being very Aged and weak in body Butt sound in understanding senc & memory Doe settle my Estate according to this my last will here under written Impri I Give and Bequeth unto my son James Philbrick and to my Grand Child John Philbrick my fresh medow lying near to the Beach being by Estimation six acres more or less as itt is the which to bee Equally Devided betwen them att such time as shal be . after mentioned: Ittem I give unto my son James Philbrick . . . Dwelling House and my House lott with the orchyard and . . . priveledges and appertinances thear unto belonging to him . . . His Heiers for Ever: Ittem I Give & bquith unto my son . . . and to my Grand Child John Philbrick my . . . . of Thomas Sleeper lying towards the Clambancks in that . . . of marsh Comonly Called the Little ox Comon to bee Devided . . . them att such time as is hereafter mentioned Ittem I Give unto my sonn Thomas Philbrick the some of . . . pounds to bee payd by my Exequetor after my disease Ittem I Give unto my sonn Thomas Philbrick the land which was sometimes Daniell Hendrakes Called the Hop Ground to bee wholly att His Disposall at this prsent time: Ittem I Give unto my sonn James one bed with all the furnituer thearunto belongeing and a payer of Cob Irons and a payer of tongues: Ittem I Give unto my Grand Child John Philbrick thatt Bed which hee useth to ly upon with the Bedding Belonging to It. and my Beetle and [fower]28 wedges and one of my Hakes: and a weanable Cow Calfe within a yeer after my Diseace to be payd by my Exequetor and like wise I Give to my Grand Daughter Hanna Philbrick one weanable Cow Calfe the next yeer to bee payd by my Exequetor. Ittem I Give unto my son James Philbrick my mare and hee is to pay or deliver unto my sonn Thomas Philbrick the first Colt which she shall bring when itt is weanable Ittem I Give my fower Cowers to my fower Daughters to my Daughter Elizabeth one to my Daughter Hanna one to my Daughter mary [one] and to my Daughter martha one to bee Delivered by my Executor after my Deseace and the moveables in the House which [are] not Expressed above are to bee Equally Devided between [my four] Daughters after my Desease. and I Doe appoint my sonn [James] Philbrick to bee my lawfull Exequetor to this my Last [will] and Testament and I Doe Declare itt to bee my Intent thatt [when] my Grand Child John Philbrick shall Come to the age of twenty one yeeres thatt then hee shall Enter upon & posses whatt I have Given him by this last will: and thatt att the Deseace of my Daughter Elizabeth Garland her son James Chase shall have one Cow in lew of the Cow which I have Given my daughter Elizabeth & thatt the Cow Given to my Daughter Cass shalbee for the use and Pfitt of her daughter martha: & for the Confermation Hereof I have sett to my hand & Seale the twelft of march 1664: Signed & Sealed in Thomas [Seal] Philbrick ye prsents of X Samuell Dalton his mark Mehetabel Dalton [Proved Oct. 8, 1667](29) [Inventory, taken by Thomas Marston and John Redman; amount, 124 lbs.; sworn to by James Philbrick.](30)


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