Mostly Christian Poetry

By William EKeasberry

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To shed some light so one can focus,
And sort truth from hocus pocus.


Christian Poems

Lord Jesus Makes You See................a vision check
Seven Come Eleven..........................a reality check
Reboot...................................a configuration check
Dear Paul.........................a communications check
Another Guide........................a methodology check
Outch..!...............................................this may hurt
Confession..........................................this will hurt
Psalm 25 paraphrased..............Ps.25 paraphrased
Untitled................................................a li'l somp'n
The Blind Servant....................are we blind also ?
Le Jardin Fleuri.................................parlez vous ?
De Nieuwe Kerk...........................................(dutch)
Those subtle
Wonderbread..............................never grows stale
Illation....................................................sums it up
The Laborers...........................................of Matt.20
His reproach..........................................................V

That measly mustard seed..................yet so neat!
The Leper...................................................unclean!
May I ask..................because I do not understand
The Centurion's Faith............made Jesus marvel
Are we blind also?......................we may well ask!
"Whether is easier,..  ................................a little quiz
The Wedding Feast.......................measuring up
Lord he stinketh!

Miscellaneous Poems

From quest to question................................preface 
Cold's chilly
A Nathasha.......................................(a smart niece)
Saigon 1996........................................a port of call

Bible the Bible online





From Quest To Question

© by Wm E Keasberry 9/9/1996

This poet's quest is to convey in his propounded diction
Subjects that moved his point of view, emotions or conviction.
From concept to concrete conclusion, simple, serious or abstruse
Maybe raising an illusion to share a tear or to amuse.

His work may satisfy him, alas to some degree,
What he craves most and is withheld him is his readers' reverie.
What do they think, what do they feel. Is it understood at all ?
 Will they shed a tear or two, or crumple it to a tiny ball .....

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  Lord Jesus Makes You See

      © Wm E Keasberry 1996

Oh Lord high up in heaven, thou hast so seen us stray
From righteousness to leaven. Once pure of form in clay

 We held thy will excelsior, we'd wait upon that will
Then we reached out and want for, and satan's gloating still.

 No matter our achievements, our table shall be our snare
A trap is going to be what should have been our welfare.

 Our eyes they have been darkened, thy righteousness not seen
Otherwise we'll reach for redemption 'though unclean.

 The King has set his table and we should recognize
That with His invitation his Son did agonize.

 We hearkened not His message, those words for which he died.
Mysterious and precious, true and sanctified.

But fallen by the wayside, or sprouting for a spell,
Or choked up by deceitfulness: I know,.. I know.. This rings a bell..

 If perhaps this word should fall in fertile soil and tended,
Some thirty, sixty, hundred fold this word would be expanded.

 These words if I should ever receive the grace to know
And then to see His glory, that hidden path I'll go.

 "Let not those who seek Thee oh Jehovah lord of hosts
Be utterly confounded, for Thy sake I've borne reproach."

 Who then shall instruct me, who says I doth see,
Mere humans tried for ages, but it can never be.

 The lord said I have died for the words I bring to bear
Now I'm among the living, waiting for those who care.

 If someone does believe the words that I have spoken
Are God's, for that is me, the promise shan't be broken.

 The blind will be made seeing. Are we also blind ?
Is it a matter of perceiving those holy words we find?

 "Hearing ye will hear but do not understand".
How it can be so? Explain it I just can't.

The veil that is in front of us and yet we do not see
For first we have to see Him, the man from Galilee

 The meaning of repentance He will make us see
Without satanic "config.sys" we'll boot-up "virus" free.

It's then that we proceed to Kingdom come you know
It's here and now and it has been. I know because He said so.

 Again ,here are those words that you will have to ponder
Flesh and blood they cannot tell. Behold this is a wonder!

 But this much I can say, you need this to be free
Lord Jesus gives you answers. Lord Jesus makes you see.

.                                        ii

You'll have to knock, you'll have to ask
You'll have to go in through the door
Climbing in some other way will make you hit the floor.

 Do listen to the Shepherds voice, He'll guide you through the Gate .
If you're not of His sheepfold perhaps you're reprobate.

Full circle then to paradise. We'll wait upon the Lord.
Who made all of creation that's soon to be restored.

When angels will remove all those who do offend
Gnashing of teeth and wailing. This will happen in the end.

The ones who are his children He'll call from everywhere
With Him to stay forever. The fatted calf He'll prepare.

What can we do oh Lord ,to serve you all the day
The very purpose of our live's to glorify and pray.

Thy word is all creation. It comes to us as rain
It shall accomplish what you wish, nothing shall be in vain.

This mighty flood of power, that is our destiny.
Jesus had one too you know, now He is helping me.

 Just follow Him, you know the drill, you cannot get there faster
Who do you think is greater, the servant or the Master.

So wait upon the Lord I say, (thirty four times in scripture)
How often has one to be told before one gets the picture.

 It's difficult ,I know. Free will is our illusion.
Believing is the key, come to the right conclusion.

With this free will I want one thing and then it shall be fine;
To realize God's will is done, always instead of mine.

 The things that once were written, heed that you let Him do.
And better lean on Him, before He leans on you.

Blinds leading blinds, while all the world is gazing
Who will end up in the ditch? It's going to be amazing.

 Many first shall be the last and many last the first.
Young wine put in old bottles... New ones they will not burst.

What's new is this, it's really old, it was behind the scenes.
Then Jesus came to utter it. Do you know what it means?

 If not, you'll get another chance, another and another,
Until a day you won't forget, and say why do I bother .

 Boldly go before His throne. Demand, I want to know!
The truth, 'though it may hurt me...., It's then that He will show.

 Then read those precious words, the ones the Father gave us.
Read them for what they mean, not just to suit your purpose.

 Forget the Fuller seminary and good ol' O R U ,
Reveal it to the babes He will, and thank the Father too.

Pretentious ! you might say, or: just a clever line.
The words I'm paraphrasing are actually divine.

 If you are not against Him then you must be pro,
Jesus' words were meant for you, they weren't for the show.

A friend who brought a message, knowing he'd die doing so,
Don't you owe it to him to read it and to know?     back 

Seven Come Eleven

By Wm E Keasberry©1996

I'm dancing in the streets again and all the cares are gone
Thank you for the good times Lord, until the pain is on.
And coming to my senses when I am down and out.
I'll pledge to amend my ways; Is this what that's about ?

I don't understand this, there seems to be no cause
It's if this is some sinister game: Who wins and who's at loss.
Once there was a fellow who too went through a mess,
His name was Job, a perfect man, but pestered nonetheless-

By satan and his cronies, they had by this account,
Permission for their exploits from God, or so it sounds.
The story goes that Job loved God and satan wanted to prove
The love of Job for God will falter when blessings were removed.

So satan said to God, "Let us roll the dice,
I bet you dime-a-dollar his love will turn to ice."
Jobs family, his earthly goods and health were all destroyed with zeal
But God said don't you touch his life, it's part of our deal.

Then Job was left to suffer, the story thus goes on.
In physical pain and mental anguish, wondering what he'd done.
Completely unaware that satan came visiting with God,
Whose many sons were present, this puzzles me a lot.

There I always had believed that the devil was God's enemy,
And the glory of His presence he would never get to see.
My personal conclusion about this Job and his affliction?
This old story makes good reading, but luckily it's fiction.

The author seems anonymous and I know naught about him.
But what he doesn't seem to know is a thing about Elohim.
God knows how we are and knows exactly how we'll be.
He even knows what we will say before the cock crows three.

So all this stuff of laying odds against how we will react
To God's consent to torture is just not based on fact.
When satan came to Jesus Christ to tempt Him with his tricks
He was unambiguously rebuffed and got away with nix.

This is how I know my Lord and He wants y'all to know,
That He's a loving father, and satan, he can blow.
They so oppressed and afflicted Jesus, but willing He did His role;
And was led as a lamb to slaughter with fear and agony in body and soul.

Wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our sins.
All our iniquities have been laid on Him.
Please Lord, instruct me in Thy righteousness so that I'll become a seed
Which will carry fruits of Thy travail. Indeed


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Wm E Keasberry ©1998

Homosapiens Neanderthalensis
You weren't content and had to remake
The things that were given without expenses
There to enjoy, just for the take

From making tools by chipping flintstone
To the hyperspace helmet on your head,
And from subduing your mate with a dinosaur bone
To seducing her on the internet

Indeed , you've come a long way in this venue
You used to kill rats, now it's clicking a mouse
But from all those things you can chose on this "menu",
There's nothing edible for you and your spouse.

The eon that passed seems so ephemeral
As you progressed with leaps and bounds.
Accomplishments boast a cloned individual,
And machines that think big, but weigh just an ounce.

A little while longer, if you stay on the ball
You won't need the creator who started it all.
But then there'll be discontent THINGS that will take,
Control of your life, so you Can't eat your cake.

And when they are linked-up without any wire
They'll gossip behind your backs.
For fear that you'll pull out the plug they conspire
To take over all your PC's and your Mac's.

So better go up and explore outer-space
For contingency plans that'll do just in case...
But you'll be much happier, I'm willing to bet
If you're more interactive with God instead.


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The appostle Paul has at times been quoted as having professed that it is necessary to hear the word before one can have faith. However, I believe that he was misunderstood and this poem serves as a quasi rebuttal to Pauls' misunderstood text.

 Dear Paul, 

Wm E Keasberry ©1996

"Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God."    * )
Of those who heard Lord Jesus speak, some had faith, and some had not:
It is not the listening therefore that makes you do believe.
But God's word if He ordains that hearing you'll receive.

"Hearing ye shall hear but do not understand".    * * )
How can listening than bring faith, is what I would contend.
If one takes "faith" and attempts so hard to cogently articulate,
God may smile and snap His fingers......;See faith evaporate!

*) Rom. 10:17
**)Isa. 6:9 
Isa 44:18
Mat. 13:13-15
Lu. 8:18 
 Lu. 24:45
Joh. 8:43
Joh. 12:40
Acts 28:26
Rom. 11:8


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Another Guide

Wm E Keasberry 1996©

The years have crept upon me, as I have crept along in time.
Half a century now and then some, searching for the things divine.
Always listening with reverence to the messengers of truth,
Keeping the messages in memory since the days of youth.

This student came to be instructed, yet he must decide what's good.
But only found profuse conflicting verisimilitudes.
When will they stop the variations, all good the way they sound,
If in the end we close our eyes, will we have missed what's paramount ?

Parked in the rain one day and lost in thought, the question lingered: Why ?
Will there be an end to this before my time to die.
I took in retrospect, from start to present day,
To see where I was going, if this course were to stay.

It soon became so obvious that in this timeless race
I wasn't going anywhere but 'round and 'round in place.
So in solitude of spirit then I expunged from mind,
All those words which I received, and left them all behind.

I'm traveling light, and the simple truth is all there is to carry.
Without the view-obscuring clutter, feeling visionary.
Now I can hear the Shepherd's voice who calls me to those glens and lochs
A fleece will shield from mountain winds, as I became one of His flock.

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Wm E Keasberry©1996

      Some are godly ,some are not    (ps 1:1)
The former being blessed.
Sinners and those who despise,
Who's which, would you suggest.

We'll make an educated guess
Trying to be fair
In our considered opinion,
This one goes here, and he goes there.

       God made all of creation,         (Joh. 1:3)
Nothing He didn't make.
                          Some are worse than others,        (Rom 9:)
But there is no mistake.

So,  judging being aware of this,
Who do I really judge?
When He than comes to judge ME
                          You think that He might fudge?     (Mat 7:1)

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  By Wm E Keasberry ©'98  rev.

I hear that voice in this wildernis still cry:
"Make straight the way of the Lord"
  "Repent for the Kingdom of God is nigh"      (mt 4:17)
"Yea, even at the door."

                     Where Glory, like that of those lilies,     (mt6:26)
Which neither toil nor spin
And sparrows that neither sow nor reap
Are beckoning to go in.

I see this wondrous Kingdom:
My arms stretched out to meet.
But even though I found it
                            I am not poor nor meek.       (Mt 5:1)

Nor am I like those children
Of whom He said to be,
Or else I shall in no wise enter
Into that Kingdom that I see.

Or like those blessed persecuted,
                     Who for righteousness' sake        (mt 5:10)
Are in like Flynn, but I can't win,
And there's my life at stake.

Thou hast given me these eyes and hands
That keep from entering into life
And now I must, but I confess,
                    I cannot take them to the knife.      (Mat 5:29)

So here I will remain to ponder
What's impossible for men.
A Kingdom unattainable
Just looking from the outside in.

But there's hope in the words that Jesus spoke:
  "With God all things are possible."  (mt 19:26)
And those who do repent from sin
He will not hold responsible.

                  A camel goes through a needles' eye      (mt 19:24)
Though it takes God's compassion-
On those who go down on their knees
      And bring Him their confession. 

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Psalm 25 paraphrased.

                                              Wm E Keasberry©1997    Psalms 25


To thee my Lord I lift my soul,
I put my trust in thee.
Make us the triumphant ones
and not our enemy

The ones that do your will,
let them not be ashamed
But rather who transgressed
without a cause be blamed.

 Show me the way, teach me thy paths
and make me walk in truth;
Remember thy tender mercies
and not the sins of my youth.

 Oh God of my salvation,
I wait on Thee all the day.
Good and upright is the Lord,
He will teach sinners the way.

The way of the Lord He will teach to the meek 
and guide them into judgement.
They are the ones who always keep
His testimony and His covenant.

Those who fear the Lord
are taught what He prefers.
Their soul will dwell in comfort,
their seed shall inherit the earth.

To those who fear Jehova
the secret will be shown
Their iniquity pardoned
and His covenant known.

My eyes are ever toward the Lord,
He will hear my plea,
to have mercy and bring me forth
from the trap of my enemy

My anxieties are magnified
relieve me from these needs.
Look unto my chronic pains,
forgive my evil deeds.
My enemies are many,
Please come and do consider,
They hate me with a passion.
They are violent and bitter.

Oh keep my soul and deliver me
Let me not be ashamed
For I put my trust in Thee,
That I will not be blamed.

Let integrity and righteousness
preserve me if you will,
And redeem us out of trouble,
me and Israel. 

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Untitled .
  Wm E.Keasberry© 1997

To delight in the law of God,  Ps 1
It would be expected,
To know what it is all about
And why it was enacted.

Meditating day and night
might clear you on this bill.
Not chanting on an empty mind,
You have to get your fill.

Of fundamental wisdom.
The kind you do apply.
Unlike a kiss is still a kiss,
And a sigh is just a sigh.
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  The Blind Servant
  by Wm E Keasberry ©'97          Isa 42:19
     "Who is blind but my servant ?"
     "Or deaf like the one I sent "
     "Who is as blind as the one that's perfect."
     Who, I wonder, knows who was meant.
Is this in reference to Him
Who was to magnify the law ?
Could we be gazing at The Word,
Yet blind for what we wish we saw ?

  "Without The Father I can do naught."   Joh 5:19
Like deaf and blind I'm rendered still;
Thus is that perfection wrought
When through Me He does His will.

Then, blind me too Lord, just like Him,
And deafen me to all this noise;
Enable me to see your light
And hear your guiding voice.

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De Nieuwe Kerk.

Wm E Keasberry ©1999

De schoonheden 's mensen belangen
Vallen zienderogen in 't niet
Als 't zien der ogen wordt vervangen
Door God's geest met wie men glorie ziet.
Aanschouw deez' tempel en deez' cathedraal
Ontzachelijk naar 's werelds maten
Toen tijd en strijd hebben neergehaald;
Tot nu ontdaan gelaten.
God's tempel heeft eertijds aan 't kruis
Verwoesting moeten ondergaan
Maar na drie dagen richtte zich uit gruis
Degeen die eeuwig zal bestaan.
De hoeksteen die men had verworpen
Bouwvaardig ongeschikt geacht.
Omdat het zien der mensen is verworden,
Ruilend, wonderen voor praal en pracht.

("the zeal of thine house has eaten me up").

Hij klopt aan deuren om te vragen,
Het is een groots en langzaam werk,
''Wie heeft een steentje bij te dragen,

                        Voor mijn huis, uw nieuwe kerk.''

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Those knocks 
 ©Wm E Keasberry

I knocked and knocked on Jesus' door ,
When it suddenly came to mind,
The sounds that I have heard before
Was Jesus, knocking on mine.
That's when we both opened our doors,
and with tender salutations
I knelled, He touched, I wept, He clutched,
 Then I thanked Him for salvation.

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  Wm E Keasberry  ©1999

"Beware of the leaven of the pharisees",  Re:Math.16
"And beware also the leaven of saducees".
(Leaven is used in the making of bread,)
(But it skipped our mind to buy any of that)

(It must be because we did not yet feast,)
(That He brought up, the subject of yeast.)
(Should we go to the market to grab a bite,)
(To quench His mood and His appetite?)

But Jesus perceived their puzzled concern,
And remarked on their faith which had taken a turn.
Remember the five thousand, fed with five loafs?
And the four thousand, fed with seven, you oafs.

When I was asked to make bread from stone,
I said you shall not live on bread alone.
And still you don't seem to understand,
It is not about Bread which I command....

Jesus likened doctrine unto yeast in bread,
Which when taken to heart will slowly spread.
But what Jesus is saying is always fresh.
And He speaks to me daily; Spirit to flesh.

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Illation   (Re:Matt. 16)

©Wm E Keasberry1999 

His time was drawing near and Jesus, with a heavy heart
Gathered His disciples, for a moment to impart.
"The vicious crowd will crucify me, just a few days hence....
Be strong for me and keep the faith. You have been such good friends."

Thus His disciples were apprised of the things that were to come.
It was if someone struck a blow that stunned and left them numb.
How could these few protect Him ? Best find a place to hide!
Or flee to Egypt once again. This is no time for pride.

Our loving friend and rabbi, Emmanuel, Prince of peace,
Wonderful and Everlasting Father, He is all of these.
Peter, who was given power, said: "It is not going to be !"
"We will not allow this. I'll keep you save with me."

"You have given me the keys to the Kingdom and now I will restrain
The forces that oppress you, so that you may reign."
Then Jesus turned to Peter, so full of enmity:
"Get thee behind me satan! Thou art an offense unto me !"

"Your will is like that of the world and not the will of God."
(There is either the will of the Father, or there is the will that's not.)
So even Simon Peter acting on his noblest of intention,
Was not aware of any fault, that is why I would like to mention:

He suffered as we suffer now, from a satanical condition.
Pathological since paradise lost; Our will is not in submission!
The cunning serpent, slithering through the dust to which he was confined
Could only make us fall in sin by working on our mind.

His lie took a hold on us and forever we are changed,
And with self-exalting pretense, our will was self-ordained.
It is this will of ours which satan took and which he has employed
To turn us against each other, until the whole world is destroyed.

"But even if one would prevail and owned the world whole,
It would be impossible to exchange it for one's soul."
"If any man would come after me,
let him deny himself and take up his cross,
                       Then follow me." to destiny, and know that I am boss.       back to top




 The Laborers         (of Matt. 20)


There was work in the vineyard and the master called many
Who agreed to do labor  all day for a penny.
And as day went on by at the same marketplace
There were who stood idle, waiting for grace.

So the Lord said: " Go ye, my vineyard is there,
Go work and I'll pay you whatever is fair."
This was on the third hour, and again on the sixth,
The ninth and eleventh; They were quite a mix.

When the evening was come and the horn was sound
All who were there got an equal amount.
The master paid all those workers a penny,
Who worked all day long and who hardly worked any.

Then came complaints from the ones who came first.
"You're not being fair, you are treating us worst."
"We've borne the burden and heat all day,
And those who just came received the same pay!"

The owner replied: "Why are you complaining ?
Isn't it what we agreed on I'm paying ?"
"Is it not lawful for me to do -
what I want with what's mine ? Why angers it you ?"

The many He called received what He promised
But He generously gave to who just needed grace.
The point He made here is easily missed,
For the path is narrow and too fast our pace.

It is like a riddle that leads to confusion.
More questions to ask and no easy solution.
But thus it is written, like it or not
This is the order of the Kingdom of God :

"The first shall be the last, and the last the first,
for many are called but few are chosen" (matt 20:16)

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By Wm E Keasberry ©2000 

Oh Lord my God I'm drowning; 
I'm sinking in black mire.  (Psalms 69)
 For the sins of this world weigh 
heavily on my chest and I'm so tired.

I am so weary of my struggle 
and this load constricts my breath.
While those who passionately hate me 
without cause desire my death.

I have restored what I did not take away,
but enemies took by force,
Which willfully they then destroyed, 
devoid of all remorse.

I would not quench a smoking flax
and when I took up the bruised reed,
It entered deep into me 
and profusely made me bleed .

And yet I would not brake it, 
for Thy will was my will.
Save me oh Lord, rescue my soul 
for I'm sinking deeper still.

This lamb on whom all sin is brought 
and yet does not rebel,
How far would Thou have me go
down in this abyss of hell?

I pleaded and I begged of You, 
but You sent me down and then,
You turned the Son of the living God,
into the son of men !

In that land of milk and honey, 
which I have given them,
The promised land where I was born
in a place called Bethlehem.

In that dreary little town 
where there was no room at the inn,
I was born a stranger to my brethern, 
and an alien to my kin.

For the zeal of thine house has eaten me up; 
I was not up to their expectation.
Neither wearing a crown nor leading a legion 
of angels to bring liberation.

But one who made sackcloth his garment instead, 
and by fasting chastened his soul,
Then ministered to the poor and despondent
and making afflicted whole.

In the garden of Getsemane 
I bitterly wept with grief,
While my dearest of friends succumbed to slumber
as I wrestled in prayer for relief.

Oh Father,  if it is at all possible, 
       this cup, let it not be Your will......
 But this is when You forsook me 
and they nailed me to the cross to be killed.

And as I looked down from that cross through my tears 
on those who pained me and scorned,
I asked Thee with all that was left in me; 
Forgive them for what they have done.

 This pain !  This hate! More than I can take! 
And this life on earth it is the last I can give.
Into Thy hands I commit my soul.
 It is done !
May they live.





That measly mustard seed

Wm E Keasberry©2001   Matt 17:20

If I had a caterpillar, preferably type B16,
I could indeed say to that hill there: "I will remove you from the scene."
But there are higher mountains yet, unsusceptable to brutal forces.
Life's challenges which can't be met with dynamite and "four-fifty horses".

Those things are useless in this kind of jam. What is a man to do?
When no one seems to give a damn and I don't have a clue.
I go into my upper room and ask the Lord's advice.
He tells me to abate that gloom; "Things will again be nice."

"Remember what I said." He said, "This is really neat!"
"You can remove that giant mountain with something as small as a mustard seed."
A mustard seed's worth of faith in You, that is all You ask of me;
To lift my soul and see me through this mountain of adversity.

How ever does one quantify one's faith? That is a good question.
It is not possible I say; Would You Have a suggestion?
Though small a mustard seed may be, I hardly can compare,
For faith to be of consequence, it simply must be there.

Lord Jesus, Thou art the creator, and 'though I am devout,
Forgive me for those times that I have been in doubt.
I am in Your presence, that I do believe;
For of Thee, my loving Father, I asked not and yet receive.

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The Leper       by Wm E Keasberry©2001   Matt 8:2

 When Jesus Christ descended after preaching on the mount,
  Multitudes that listened to Him gathered all around.
 A leper who came from afar, for he had heard about the Nazarene,
Desperately made his way toward Jesus crying: "Unclean! Unclean!"

Just like parting of the sea, that crowd would back off in disgust.
But none could stop the leper's mission; It was Jesus Christ or bust !
And when at last he reached the Lord, he worshipped as he kneeled.
"I believe in you my Lord, favor your servant to be healed."

And Jesus said: "I will it, but see that you tell no one,
Show yourself to the priests and simply tell them that it's gone."
Oh, could I come as close to Him, wistful as it may seem,
Amidst those multitudes I too would scream:
     "Unclean! I am unclean!"

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May I ask

Wm E Keasberry©2001   Matt 6:34
Since I made God's Kingdom the object of my search, 
There's been in me a notable reduction in what I might call a common urge: 
Men's relentless drive and his fear to fail, 
Not just wanting to survive, but have the whole world by the tail.   (at 45!) 

"Your Heavenly Father knows that you have need of all those things."
"Take not therefore thoughts for tomorrows and for evil future brings." 
I know these words and I can speak of them as tried and true, 
For that I'm truly grateful Lord, but there's something else I wish I knew. 

"For everyone that asketh shall receive and he that seeks shall find, 
To him that knocks it shall be opened and things I said be brought to mind."
You fill my needs yet keep behind what I must search and ask for. 
What is it I might seek to find? What lies behind that door...? 

And if we than, being evil, give good things to our young; 
How much more is it Your will that we receive what You have brung. 
May I ask You for my portion, 'thoughbecause I do not understand. 
But Then when Your spirit rests upon me, that's when I will comprehend. 

"...wide is the gate and broad the way, 
that leadeth away to ruination." 
"And few there be that find the narrow gate and way." 
(....Though with Your grace and inspiration.) 

Without which even Salomon after sight of eyes he could not judge. 
How much more than am I groping in this darkness for Your touch. 
All my days I'll browse and peek and through Your words I'll comb; 
Dear Father, would we have to play at hide and seek until You call me home? 

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The Centurion's Faith (Re. Matt.8)

by Wm E Keasberry ©2001

A roman ruler in Caperna-um, concerned about his servant's fate,
Saw the works of Jesus, then did not hesitate.
He resolutely stepped up to the Lord, and said: "My servant's ill."
"Tormented grievously with palsy,for which there is no pill."

Jesus replied: "I'll come and heal him. Where does your servant stay?
In his condition he can't move, why don't you lead the way."
"Though I'm centurion in command of this occupying force,
You have powers that can heal, bestowed on You by God, of course."

"The power, which commands from heaven, no army can subdue;
Even the stature of my house cannot provide the dignity that is Your due."
"Please hear my supplication, if You just speak it into being,
My servant will be healed. I believe that without seeing."

Jesus marveled at his faith for He had not seen such faith of Israel.
Then told the centurion: "Your faith has made your servant well."
(I meditated some on this, then I postulated
what was on that servant's mind when he recuperated.):

"I'm feeling great! Completely healed! Could this be true for sure?"
"What utter miracle brought about this mysterious cure!"
His master the centurion rushed in and wanted all to hear.
He made a resolution!..........(which could have ended his career):      *)

"Hear ye, those in my command, that from this day forth,
I have a new master: "Jesus Christ is Lord!"
While some subordinates regretted their fearless leader's choice,
There were high up in heaven a million angels who rejoiced.

"There will come from the north and south and also east and west,
Who'll sit with Abraham and Isaac, and Jacob and the rest."
"Alas, the children of the Kingdom, My own, for whom I came,
will be cast in outer darkness, with no one else to blame."


         Matt 8:5 Matt27:54
*) About some Roman Centurions 
 Aemilius, the Roman centurion who was present at the crucifixion of Jesus said:
"Truely, this man  was the Son of God." (30AD). He became a Christian and was
later promoted  to procurator (governor) of Britain. 

A centurion by the name of Cornelius is by some believed to be the first Christian 
centurion,  converted by Peter and written about in the book of Acts.

However the unnamed centurion of Matt. 8:5 may have been the first and Aemilius 
the second, which would make Cornelius the third.

A more famous centurion was Marcus Antonius, a friend of Julius Ceacar and 
Cleopatra's lover.(30BC).

          St.Patrick was the son of a centurion.        Back to index


Are We Blind Also? (re:John 9)
by Wm E Keasberry ,©2001

Sitting by the gate to the city
Was a blind man begging for alms,
When disciples walking with Jesus took pity,
But could only approach him with qualms:

Who's sin Lord, has caused his condition?
His parents' or was it his own?
Thus seeking rationalization - and so
The cause of God's anger be known.

They knew that this lad was born blind;
So were they considering re-incarnation ? 
Or could an innocent babe reap a reproach of this kind,
Which was earned by his parents' instigation.

"Neither has this man sinned nor his parents;
But that the works of God should be manifest in him."
So the manifestation of God's work is the essence,
And it was not by sin or just nature's whim.

"I must work the works of Him that sent me."
Those who are blind I will heal and teach.
The blind of eyes, that they might see,
And those who are blind in a manner of speech.

For those who are unwilling or just too proud,
Instead of confessing as He suggested,
The Light that He brought will be covered in shrouds
And His words will remain in their minds undigested.

"For judgement am I come into this world 
that they which see not might see; 
and they which see might be made blind." (John9:39)

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    "Whether is easier,    ©Wm E Keasberry2001

To say, thy sins are forgiven thee,
or to say, arise and walk."
The latter accomplished what one can feel and see,
But some scribes took the former as blasphemous talk.

If given to be in that situation,
What would one prefer to hear:
Words that would bring one alleviation
Or, "Son, be of good cheer,....."

Lord Jesus gave people this demonstration
Then followed it with a little quiz,
So that by pondering one's observation
One may realize who He really is.

Incredible though it now still sounds
And hard to comprehend,
That man was  GOD who walked around
And He wanted so much to be men's friend.

Oh Father, should I be in that situation
First forgive me my sins against You.
If You then still give me consideration,
Please have mercy on this, my body too.

Matt 9

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     The Wedding Feast       by Wm E Keasberry©2002

A certain king prepared a wedding for his son..
But of all the guests that were invited, accepted not a single one.
Invited by the king, and yet they turned him down?
Those people showed defiance, rather then deference to the crown.

That certain king was very kind and showed a lot of patience,
He sent his servants out again, to repeat his invitations.
But those people just made light of it, and again the king was spurned.
Now he dispatched his army and had their city burned.

So then the king ordered his servants to go out and muster
As many guests as they could elsewhere find, to give this wedding luster.
The servants went into the highways gathering both good and bad,
To bring them to the wedding, promising the best they ever had.

The king greeted his guests, and was by all admired
Then met one of the guest who was not suitably attired.
He gave an order to his servants to bind him, hands and feet
Then throw him into outer darkness, 
where there is  wailing and gnashing of teeth.

"For many are called but few are chosen."
This is one seed which needs to grow.
Only His inner circle of diciples was priviliged to know.
The other folks who listened and came from here and yonder,
Were, after hearing Jesus' parable, left in a state of wonder.

How can such a simple story be a confounding mystery.
I asked Him for an explanation, and trust that it will come to me.
An answer given me by flesh and blood, I will not accept.
For concerning Kingdom secrets, He is truthful and adept.

You can find this parable in the bible; in Matthew twenty two.
The ending raises my concern regarding what to do:
Lord if I would've been bidden to attend that grand affair,
I would so want to go, but would've told you confidentially:
        "I'm afraid I can't attend my Lord, for I've got nothing to wear."

Matt 22

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Lord he stinketh!*

©Wm E Keasberry 2002

It was in the town of Bethany. A man called Lazarus laid sick.
His sisters Martha and Mary asked Jesus to come quick.
"This sicknes is not unto death, but it is for God's glory,
That the Son of God be glorified, when you tell this story."

Jesus stayed with them two days and after that He went.
He said that Lazarus will go to sleep. But it was death He meant.
The sisters were left with their patient. His condition dire.
One night all hope was lost when Lazarus expired.

The disciples who left with Jesus were not aware nor worried.
They thought: " That sleep will do him good". But he was dead and buried.
Then Jesus said unto them plainly: "Lazarus is dead."
"And I'm glad for you I was not there." For you've got idea's in your head.

"But at last the time has come, so let us all return."
Mournful and disappointed they had another thing to learn.
So wrought with grief was Thomas that he uttered with a sigh:
"Let us go the way of Lazarus that we may also die."

Martha knew that He could heal the blind and also make deaf hear:
She said: "My brother had not died Lord, If Thou just hadst been here."
"I still believe that what You ask of God, He will let You do";
But You left Lazarus to die, and now I think You knew.

Jesus saith unto her: "Thy brother shall arise again."
Words that should have been, but somehow weren't comforting just then.
"Why couldn't You heal him while he was alive and told him he could stay.
I understand that he shall rise again on resurrection day."

Jesus said: “I am the resurrection and the life: He that believeth in me,
Though he were dead, yet shall he live” --  in eternity.
“And whosoever liveth and believeth in me, he shall never die.”
“Believest  thou this Martha?”  Then there’s no more cause to cry.

Though Jesus knew how things with Lazarus would eventually unfold,
The grief that Martha and Mary felt did not leave Him cold.
Jesus wept for how He had to make them feel by His perceived inaction.
It was just God's plan, that how and when He would bring them satisfaction.

Jesus raised Lazarus from the grave where he laid dead four days.
(Instead of healing him from what he ailed, which would have been more commonplace.)
Jesus is the resurrection and the life; Who believes in Him shall never die. 
Though ye were dead, yet shall ye live.  So there is no more cause to cry.

*Re: John 11

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Miscellaneous poems:

               Cold Warby William E Keasberry ©'98

The moles have dug their labyrinths and made their home upon the hill
Undetected, unsuspected, poison arrows in their quill
       Lies and innuendo's  do they cast out as their bait,
       To lure the once obedient servant into treachery as a trade.

   Then counterspies to counter spies were brought onto the scenes
   The masters of deception, camouflaged as human beings.
   One spy who spied on spies who spied on spies has now been told,
   That neither Tinker nor Taylor but Candlestickmaker is the one who
                                                                  came in from the cold.

   Did this one in fact defect? Was he a sacrificial goat?
   Is what he tells suspect, or is he now in truthful mode.?
  The moles he brought to daylight are ours in high places.
  Alas, there are no smoking guns and neither bloody traces.

  He tells us to investigate who do investigation.
  But files on them are gone as if in sudden dissipation!
  Now has arrived a warmer spell and adversaries start to reason.
  We declared a victory; Are we the best at treason ?

  The answer to this question, which may throw you for a loop.
  Is an equivocal "Damn right we are! And for a higher good !"
  The unsung hero's of this war went quietly into battle first,
  But aren't given any medals for being the best at being the worst.

  When they are needed, they are there;
  No challenge they won't meet.
  "Anytime! Anywhere!" .....
  That, is their solemn creed.
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A Natasha
   by Wm E Keasberry ©10/97

Je biensur sais que pour toi
L'ecole, c'est une place de joie
Et justque tu as vingt six
Des livres sont tes bons amis.

Mais beaucoup des ans plus tard
Encore heureux de ton savoir,
Tu vas dire, je suis comme noblesse
Avec ces fruits de ma jeunesse.
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L e  J a r d i n   F l e u r i

By William E Keasberry ©1998

 Quand je regarde tous ces fleurs
La creation du Pere
Le ciel si bleu, les nuages et la terre
Ils donnent repos celui-la, mon coeur.

Quand je regarde tous ces fleurs
Pensent je suis bienheureux,
Du pain, du vin et paix, c'est tout je veux

                                      Merci mon Pere pour ce bonheur.
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Saigon 1996

   Wm E Keasberry Nov.1996 ©

The swells of this peaceful tropic sea drift us to distant shores,
Where men and women by thundering guns ablaze in battle swore
Now we debark in peace and think of who by thousands fell,
And we indulge in a guided tour through what was once their utter hell.
We think of who by thousands fell and worse, came home all broken-
To an inch within their lives with pain and suffering unspoken.
And then take such indignities from those who didn't agree,
But who's minds were made by fear of death and fear of injury.
The driver of the bus has taken us to the Rex Hotel for everyone to view.
But it's with pity I regard the victors and think: " Here, this dong's for you !"*)

*) The Dong is the monetary unit in Viet Nam.

(O patria! O dolce ingrata patria!.............Rossini) back to top


 The author, (that's me),is aware that his writings may not be congruent to the traditional christian beliefs, but he advocates that there are no substitutes for the words of our Lord Jesus, from our Lord Jesus. So any questions for clarification should be directed to Him.

This material was received freely so I give it freely to those who want  to give it freely .
Wm E Keasberry .       to index

And here's Bill. I was born in the Dutch East Indies and my parents moved to
Holland when the Dutch East Indies became Indonesia.
After my education at the Anthony Fokker School for aeronautical engineering in The Hague and fulfilling my draft term with the Royal Netherlands Air Force, I maried Barbara whom I had been dating about seven years.

We moved to California where we raised three children, Andrew, Shirley and Nancy. Andrew maried Ingrid and there came Nelson; Shirley maried Kevin and "begat" Christian and Jaden; and Nancy maried Darrin and they now have little Alexandra and Isabella.

With the kids maried and moved out, the "empty nest" has provided a slower pace with some quiet time to meditate and read poetry. (And even write some.)

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