first published by Brown Books,Dallas, Texas, 1999..

Remember the 70s, when we were all carrying around collections of poems by Susan Polis Schutz, illustrated by her husband , Stephen... or lines by George Betts..?
...and quoting from The Prophet?
Remember Farewells Are Only Beginnings and The Language Of love and I Want To Laugh, I Want To Cry?
Remember Rod McKuen's anguished The Sea Around Me...The Hills Above...and Caught In The Quiet?

Well, Robert Green, Virginian relocated to Mississippi, appears to think the time is again ripe for that same brand of simple love poetry..!

Now it happens that I have have noted an increased leaning toward authorship among middleaged men in America..manly, macho males unafraid to put their sentiments into words, and their names underneath!..
And I have met Robert H Green, watched him drive his giant rig out of the carpark at the Truckie's cafe, poetry books on the front seat with him, his grizzled beard, timewashed jeans and well-worn Reboks a far cry from Bunthorne's black suit and lace collar!!...

There is also a growing trend, (The Medium IS The Message) for netfolk to be writing poems that will fit onto the little message forms ICQ make available...I.e., 450 characters, and the cyberwaves are fairly humming with these little sippets of sentiment that netfriends hurl back and there are many SHORT poems in this collection!


I wouldn't trade my world
for the world
But I'd give back my world
to be in your world.

Robert's friends and rather large family have been his staunchest allies, his fervent fans, and his most inspired marketers..

And many of Robert's poems first saw the light of published day on the personal websites of his long list of ICQ friends!

And the poems?..
Well, my first impression was that this collection would have greatly benefited from the deft hand of a firm editor..all too often, it seemed to me, the wrong word irritates, a repetition jars..a line division, wrongly set, wrecks the singing rhythm.... man's WIFE edits his this suggestion was not, of course, well received......

But this man and his poems come highly recommended by a LOT of people......
A lot of people who thought poetry was something they couldn't understand, and certainly couldn't ever hope to write...
Who had things in their hearts they always WANTED to say, but figured the world would laugh at them for shouting it right out loud in print....
Except now Robert has done it, and noone is laughing...

Robert plans four more books like this one, and I can vouch for the fact that words do, indeed come trippingly from his typing fingers, if not from his tongue...

Oh..and you can buy it from US, too, for $AU19.95!

Now, Robert...about that EDITOR?

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Copyright Robin Knight, October, 1999.