Joyce Sims

I like
back in
time at
the things that
have brought
joy to my life.
Growing up
with my family
in Detroit,
squabbles with
my sister...
threats over
her head).
Growing up
and finding a
loving husband
who gave me
two handsome
and talented
sons (yes, I am
proud of them

These are a
few of
My Favorite

Among many things
here are a few...
*My family

Roosevelt, Ryan
and Michael

*Reading Sidney
Sheldon novels
*Easy Listening and Motown Music
*The Y&R
*ER/Chicago Hope
*Gold Jewelry
*Collecting Dolls,
Teddies &

*Traveling with my
sister, Jacki
*Playing on the
They Say Everyone has a
double in the world...Could
Maxine be mine?

She's tough, she's
cranky, and she tells it
like it is. She's Max-
ine...or is she me?
They say Maxine is a a flippant, saucy senior. But she could be me...So many things she does...I'm on my way to doing. She's
retired (like I said, I'm
on my way) and she does a lot of volunteer griping...I've been known to do my share. Her
current home
is mobile and cat in-
fested...mine is mostly
small creature in-
fested, thanks to my
son Michael who has a
love for guinea pigs,
hamsters, fish and
seahorses...not to

mention my other son,Ryan who has a golden retriever,
Sammi. Back to Maxine...her favorite childhood memory was
learning to ride a twowheeler through a neighbor's flower most vivid
childhood memory was
always finding my way
to the hospital as a result of
"two wheeler"
personal heros
are herself...I
can relate. The
best way to describe
Maxine and I are irritable, crabby and
touchy...I can really
see myself in Maxine...
Her attitude and
thoughts on life are me
all the way.


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