Welcome to The Garden Girls, where young girls bloom into loving women
As the gardener plants her seeds, keeping the weeds away, waters and takes pride in watching her seedlings sprout into strong and beautiful flowers, we do the same within the Garden Girls. A girl comes to the Garden Girls as a seedling on the threshold of adult life. Under the tender care of her sisters she plants her roots firm and strong in this life. Like a beautiful flower reaching toward the sun, she grows in maturity, kindness, and graciousness, a young woman with values and confidence. Lifelong friends are made here. You find help with life problems as well as web pages, and current information. Each Garden Girl supports and accepts the others for who they are on the inside. Each encourages and listens as well as advises when one of the sisters speak. Welcome to the Garden Girls. Please browse the areas listed below and see if you would like to apply to be a member. If you look with your heart, you can find love and beauty in all things. Welcome message written by: MARSHA

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