Garden Girls- Come Join Us!


There are only a few things you need to become a member, you must be female and at least 13:)...Non one younger will be accepted.

You also must be willing to participate in some or all of the activities we do. There are Treasure hunts, Penpal programs and more to come.

If you feel that you can't participate please don't join...the garden girls lly love for their sister to be part of the activity.

All information marked with a....*.....must be filled out in full.

Only your first name will be placed on any of the pages...and the rest will be keep by the leader off line. She will be the only one that has that information on you.

Your parents are more than welcome to email her and she will explain anything they want to know.

Please list your homepage if you have one, and tell us something about yourself. The Garden Girls really enjoy meeting their sisters and having you a part of them.

Once you join and start posting on the board the leader will email you the logo to put on your website, and you are also welcome to join the webring. Only the Garden Girls are allow to join the webring.


*What is your name

*E-mail address

Your URL

Title of Homepage

*Your Birthday (month/day/year)

*Why would you like to join the Garden Girls:

Anything you'd like us to know about you or your web page?:

When you recive your welcome letter
Please go to the board and let the girls know you are a new member

You will be mailed your logo to place on your homepage if you have one

If the form does not work please Email us

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