Wilderness Retreat Therapy Center

A Vision of Hope and Healing

The only limits are, as always, those of vision.
~ James Broughton ~

As a graduate student in Mental Health Counseling, i am interested
in learning how we as survivors and therapists together can use the environment
to our therapeutic benefit. i have a vision of creating a therapy center on
the East coast of the United States that incorporates individualized and
group counseling with art, music, dance, experiential, and wilderness
therapy. Some ideas that i have for wilderness therapy include outdoor
activities such as individual and team challenges through ropes courses,
team initiatives, solo quests, backpacking, climbing, whitewater rafting among others.
Though these are just some ideas that i have, i feel that this vision
is just beginning to formulate. i have mentioned it to several other peers
and colleagues recieving very positive interest. If you think you are or would
be at all interested in learning more about this idea please email me
with your name and other pertinent information so that i would be able to share
some other ideas with you. Below are some links that i have found related to
wilderness therapy, or what is known in the mental health realm as "Ecopsychology".
Please email me if you find any related sights that you think are
interesting; i am always looking for new and more information. Also, although
it may be years down the road, i know that there is no way i would be
able to create such a therapy center alone. If you might be interested
in being a part of the center's development please let me know; i always like
to meet new people.

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