Welcome to my home page!

This is my main page. From here you can explore a variety of
subjects that i am interested in and am researching or investing time in for
personal reasons. My hope for these pages is to be a healing tool for those
seeking help and an educational tool for those seeking information.
Please be sure to sign my guestbook and let me know what you think and
if you have any additional information that you think might be useful for
any of these pages.

The theme and inspiration behind my pages is Truth. All of us, in our journey
of life, are searching, seeking our own version of the Truth. i have created
these pages as an expression of my own Truth in the hopes that others may
be inspired to seek their own Truth. For me Truth lies within oneself and
within one's relationship with our living Creator. May your journey be
blessed and may you ne willing to be a vessel for others to learn their Truth.
Bon Voyage! - livesintruth

My Pages

Mental Health and Counseling

Wilderness Therapy Retreat Center Vision

A Safe Place of Healing for Survivors

Letters Between Us: Children of Yesterday and Women of Today

Still under construction - awaiting input form.

Eating Disorders

Until we meet again, keep the flame burning with the Truth!