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Hi! i'm livesintruth. Welcome to my newest journey in healing. This expedition in the realm of cyberspace is inspired by the many courageous ones before me who have taken the step into the light to break our silence. Many are women i have read about here on the internet, and others are friends near and far who have shared their own journies in healing. i am learning, as i find many of us are, that healing can not be done alone! We must rely on each other and believe in ourselves, because we are worhty individuals - no less worthy than those who once betrayed us, violated us and most of all hurt us. Now is the time to take back what was taken from us. Now is the time to live, to walk into the light and take those courageous steps forward and break the silence of the lie. This is the time to begin to LIVE IN THE TRUTH!

    "I know wou're going to make it...
          It may take time and hard work
          You may become frustrated 
          And at times you'll feel like giving up-
          Sometimes you may even wonder if its really worth it-
          But I have confidence in you
          And i know you'll make it. ...
          You are a wonderful, worthy and loveable person.
          Appreciate that about yourself.
          No one has ever been or ever will be, quite like you.
          You are an individual,
          An original
          And all those things that make you uniquely you-
          Are deserving of love and praise. ...

          Don't ever give up your dreams...
          And never leave them behind.
          Find them; make them yours;
          And all through your life,
          Cherish them,
          And never let them go."
               -From the book 'Don't Ever Give Up Your Dreams"
                 -Author Unknown

        Whatever our hands touch-
        We leave fingerprints!
        On walls, on furniture
        On doorknobs, dishes, books.
        There's no escape.
        As we touch we leave our identity.

        Oh God, wherever I go today
        Help me leave heart prints!
        Heart prints of compassion
        Of understanding and love.
        Heart prints of kindness
        And genuine concern.
        May my heart touch a lonely neighbor
        Or a runaway daughter
        Or an anxious mother
        Or perhaps an aged grandfather.

        Lord, send me out today
        To leave heart prints.
        And if someone should say
        "I felt your touch,"
        May that one sense YOUR LOVE
        Touching through ME.

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i want to thank the creators of each site listed on my page. You have all been an inspiration and i hope to continue my journey this journey towards the light, the truth and towards inner peace with you. Thankyou and remember - "Don't ever give up your dreams!" livesintruth

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