Shamenka's Harry Potter fic...

Oohhh! Fancy that - Shamenka venturing out into a new fandom...

Here you will find my few fics that dwell in the realms of Harry Potter books, including Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and all the wonderful people that they hold. However, I will not be featuring any fic that has any of the child characters involved in any relationship before they reach the age of consent for such activities. That age is currently 16, and 18 where a position of authority is concerned (ok, I might just push that latter one to the last weeks of Harry's last year) but I will try not to do that too often. I will not be featuring any story that has a character performing any sexual act before the age of consent - ok, I live in cloud cuckoo land in which children just don't do these things. (insert sound of insane laughter)

The book characters are all copyrighted to the marvellous J K Rowling, their basic form and characteristics are her domain. What I do to them, I do to them on this web page entirely for fun and fancy, and not for profit in anyway whatsoever!

If you don't know these characters then - go read the books:) ___________________________________________________________

On to the fic...

A marvellous writer, JayKay, wrote a wonderful story entitled In A Delicate Way... and she was bombarded for a sequel. She didn't want to write one and offered the fic up to anyone who wanted to write a sequel: So I wrote two (bwahahaha) The basic plot is this: Professor Severus Snape got in the way of a hex between two of the pupils (Malfoy and Potter) and was turned into a Hermaphrodite for the following 36 hours. Alas, at the end of the fic, after 36 ours have elapsed, professor Snape was still not all male - because the extra bits were being used... he was pregnant! No mention or hint of the other party was mentioned in that fic... That's where all us sequel writers came in! (Insert maniacal laughter this time)

JayKay's fic is here; Chocolate Frog as are the sequels, you need to track down the page to find them and the link.

My additions to the list of sequels are:

It's A Wise Father...: In which the father of Severus Snape's baby reject him and it, then learns that hindsight is always twenty-twenty vision. (Angst) (SS/SB and SS/RL - both only referred to)

Mother Love: In which Severus Snape's 'mother' demands her son's abuser is forced to face the consequences of his actions (this one pushes my self imposed age limits - for the sake of making a statement it's the day before the 'father' graduates ok?) (Comedy) (SS/HP - in referrence only)


And now for stories that are all my own work:

The Last Dance The last dance of the last ball of the school year; Severus Snape has to share that dance with the one he truly loves. (Romance) (SS/SB)

Rosemary And Pansies: part one: No Bright Reversion   Sirius thinks he's saving Harry... only he's very, very wrong and finally, he realises all things have a price, some far higher than others. HP/SS (death fic)

With Pensieve Eyes Sirius gets to dish the dirt on everyone in Severus' life... including himself. Pre-slash, SB wants SS

Mortis, Per Minas (translates roughly as Death, by thought) Sirius goes digging for dirt and finds the wrong dirt. (mpreg)

Pari Passu (translates roughly as At equal pace) sequel to Mortis, Per Minas, and all the truths that lurk in dark corners come screaming into the light of day. Not everyone appreciates the truth however. SS/OMC (mpreg) 

Sanctum Sanctorum  Remus is given a revelation... not that he wanted one, and now is faced with the task of overcoming his own prejudices. pre-slash RL/SS (he wishes...)

Finally, Orpheus Wins  Severus returns Sirius' mortal coil from beyond the vale, but is it Sirius that's now living in there? pre-slash?? SB(LP)/SS

I hope to have this page updated real soon - but until then, here's a couple of links to indulge your desires...

Mpreg fics can be found here: Mpreg Archive: Holds lots of stories, and not just by me either. Be warned, however, these ones all contain male pregnancy, hence 'Mpreg':)

For other HP slash fics go here: Inkstained Fingers: And these are all pairings, all with appropriate warnings as to content etc.