Weltmacht oder Niedergang

If you're reading this, there's a good chance you're interested in black metal and other related styles of music (death metal, some ambient, some neofolk, etc.). Appropriately, you can tell that this page will feature album reviews for artists that fit into these genres (and some that do not). I'll try to discuss each release in frank but specific language, and I'll place emphasis on what I feel the artist/album attempts to accomplish in terms of advancing the artform through its contribution (or lack thereof, as the case may be). Though feedback is appreciated, I will not be accepting unsolicited reviews from readers.

Contact me at weltmacht_oder_niedergang@yahoo.com with questions, comments, and/or death threats. With that out of the way, let's proceed to my never hubmle but always correct opinions. (Note: all external links will open in a new window unless otherwise noted.)


NEWS FOR 3/15/07: New reviews for Darkestrah, Emperor, Graveland, and Summoning.
NEWS FOR 12/1/06: New reviews for Darkthrone, H.E.R.R., Immortal, and VNV Nation.
NEWS FOR 11/9/06: New article Black Metal Symbology added. I would also like to announce that I will accept guest articles to put up on the website if any readers out there are interested in contributing some. They'll be subject to approval by myself, of course, but I won't edit your work. Use the email address listed above for more information.
NEWS FOR 11/3/06: New reviews for Forest and Ohtar.
NEWS FOR 10/30/06: New review for Ihsahn.
NEWS FOR 10/20/06: New article Religion vs. Spirituality added.
NEWS FOR 9/23/06: Fucked around with the Top Ten Rankings.
NEWS FOR 12/16/05:New reviews for Death In June, Gontyna Kry, and Sol Invictus.
NEWS FOR 12/03/05: New reviews for Bathory, Beherit, Blood Axis, and Mayhem.
NEWS FOR 11/08/05: New article Elitism vs. Scenesterism added.
NEWS FOR 11/06/05: New reviews for Burzum, Krieg, Kraftwerk, Judas Iscariot, Paysage d'Hiver, Tangerine Dream, Mütiilation, Infernum, Current 93, and Darkthrone added.