Generation I
1John (Owens) Owen.
He married (1) Grace Follett.
He married (2) Margaret Jenkens.
  Children:1633:John (Owens) Owen [2.1]

Generation II
2.1John (Owens) Owen.
He married 22 Nov 1656 at St Peter Cathedral, Exeter, Devon Dweene Gannacle, born about 1630.
  Children:John (Oyne) Owen [3.1]
1657:Thomas (Oyne) Owen [3.2]

Generation III
3.1John (Oyne) Owen.

3.2Thomas (Oyne) Owen; died about 1727.
He married 17 Nov 1674 at St Mary Steps, Exeter, Devon Jane Bentt, born about 1650, died after 1730.
  Children:Thomas Owen [4.1]

Generation IV
4.1Thomas Owen; born 1689 at Probably Topsham, Devon, died about 1753.
He married Sarah ?, born about 1690 at Probably Topsham, Devon.
  Children:1716:Thomas Owen [5.1]
1717:Arthur Owen [5.2]
1718:Jane Owen [5.3]
1723:Arthur Owen [5.4]

Generation V
5.1Thomas Owen; born July 1716 at Topsham, Devon.

5.2Arthur Owen; born Oct 1717 at Topsham, Devon, died Oct 1717 at Topsham, Devon.

5.3Jane Owen; born Feb 1718 at Topsham, Devon.

5.4Arthur Owen; born Oct 1723 at Topsham, Devon, died probably 1787 at Probably Devon.
He married 16 June 1745 at Topsham, Devon Martha Andrews, born March 1724 at Topsham, Devon, daughter of Robert Andrews and Mary ?.
  Children:1746:Sarah Owen [6.1]
1747:Mary Owen [6.2]
1749:Martha Owen [6.3]
1750:Jane Owen [6.4]
1752:Thomas Owen [6.5]
1753:Arthur Owen [6.6]
1756:Arthur Owen [6.7]
1757:Martha Owen [6.8]
1761:Martha Owen [6.9]
1763:John Owen [6.10]
1766:Mellony Owen [6.11]

Generation VI
6.1Sarah Owen; born Aug 1746 at Topsham, Devon.

6.2Mary Owen; born Dec 1747 at Topsham, Devon.

6.3Martha Owen; born March 1749 at Topsham, Devon, died April 1749 at Topsham, Devon.

6.4Jane Owen; born Feb 1750 at Topsham, Devon.

6.5Thomas Owen; born July 1752 at Topsham, Devon.

6.6Arthur Owen; born Dec 1753 at Topsham, Devon, died July 1754 at Topsham, Devon.

6.7Arthur Owen; born 1756 at Topsham, England, died 8 June 1823.
He married about 1787 at London England Elizabeth Lee, born 4 Sep 1761 at London, England, died 18 Jan 1833 at Princetown, Prince Edward Island, daughter of George Lee and Ann ?.
  Children:1788:Arthur Lee Owen [7.1]
1790:Martha Owen [7.2]
1792:Sarah Sophia Owen [7.3]
1794:George Owen [7.4]
1795:Thomas Owen [7.5]
1797:Ann Owen [7.6]
1799:John Owen [7.7]
1802:Elizabeth Lee Owen [7.8]

6.8Martha Owen; born Dec 1757 at Topsham, Devon, died March 1758 at Topsham, Devon.

6.9Martha Owen; born July 1761 at Topsham, Devon, died Oct 1777 at Topsham, Devon.

6.10John Owen; born July 1763 at Topsham, Devon.

6.11Mellony Owen; born Dec 1766 at Topsham, Devon.

Generation VII
7.1Arthur Lee Owen; born 29 Feb 1788 at London, England, died 15 Dec 1860 at Georgetown Rd, Brookfield, Prince E. Is..
He married Mary Jardine, born 1799 at Ecclefechan, Scotland, died 8 Sep 1861 at Brookfield, Prince Edward Island.
  Children:Margaret F Owen [8.1]
1825:Elizabeth Lee Owen [8.2]
Mary Annie Owen [8.3]
Selina Lee Owen [8.4]

7.2Martha Owen; born 25 Nov 1790 at Prince Edward Island, died 11 Dec 1863 at Prince Edward Island.
She married 12 April 1815 at Princetown, Prince Edward Island, divorced lived John Ramsay, born 8 Sep 1790 at Prince Edward Island, died 20 Aug 1839 at Prince Edward Island, son of Archibald Ramsay and Helen Mongomery.
  Children:1815:Sophia Ramsay [8.5]
1816:Margaret Ramsay [8.6]
1818:Anne Ramsay [8.7]
1819:Arthur Ramsay [8.8]
1820:Ellen Ramsay [8.9]
1822:Elizabeth Lee (Eliza) Ramsay [8.10]
1824:Archibald Ramsay [8.11]
1826:Martha Ramsay [8.12]
1827:Hugh Ramsay [8.13]
1829:John Ramsay [8.14]
1832:Flora Campbell Ramsay [8.15]

7.3Sarah Sophia Owen; born 20 Jan 1792 at Prince Edward Island, died at Ontario, Canada.
She married Isaac Jones, born 1788.
  Children:1824:Soloman Jones [8.16]
Elizabeth Jones [8.17]

7.4George Owen; born 27 May 1794 at Prince Edward Island, died 24 April 1860 at Prince Edward Island.
He married 19 Dec 1821 at Hamilton, Prince Edward Island Ellen (Helen) Montgomery, born 1794, died 14 Dec 1848 at Prince Edward Island, daughter of Donald Montgomery and Nancy Penman.
  Children:Arthur Lee Owen [8.18]
Mary Jardine Owen [8.19]
Ann M Owen [8.20]
Sophia Owen [8.21]
1836:Martha Owen [8.22]
John Owen [8.23]
Christianna Owen [8.24]
Donald Owen [8.25]

7.5Thomas Owen; born 12 Oct 1795 at Princetown, Prince Edward Island, died 6 April 1860 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
He married at Prince Edward Island Ann Campbell, born 23 Aug 1802 at Glascow, Scotland, died 7 June 1892 at Chalottetown, Prince Edward Island, daughter of George Campbell and Anne Cameron.
  Children:1822:Lemuel Cambridge Owen [8.26]
1824:Thomas Owen [8.27]
1825:George William Owen [8.28]
1827:Margaret Owen [8.29]
1830:William Arthur Owen [8.30]
1833:Mary Louise Owen [8.31]
1835:Elizabeth (Dibbie) Lee Owen [8.32]
1837:Charles Owen [8.33]
1838:Lydia Ann Owen [8.34]
1841:Martha Jane Owen [8.35]
1843:Alfred Wallace Owen [8.36]
1847:Fannie Isabel Owen [8.37]

7.6Ann Owen; born 23 July 1797 at Prince Edward Island, died 26 March 1855 at Dalhousie, NB, Canada.
She married about 1820 at Daluhusie, New Brunswick Hugh Montgomery, born 17 Jan 1796 at Prince Edward Island, died 9 July 1866 at Dalhousie, NB, Canada.
  Children:1821:James E Montgomery [8.38]
1827:Donald Montgomery [8.39]
1830:Eliza Montgomery [8.40]
1832:Christy Ann Montgomery [8.41]
1835:Martha Montgomery [8.42]

7.7John Owen; born 25 Feb 1799 at Prince Edward Island, died 18 July 1868 at Prince Edward Island.
He married 12 Sep 1833 at Malpeque, Prince Edward Island Mary Ramsay, born 1 May 1811 at Prince Edward Island, died 7 Feb 1881 at Prince Edward Island, daughter of Edward Ramsey and Flora Mackay.
  Children:1835:Elizabeth Owen [8.43]
1836:Flora Owen [8.44]
1838:Edward Owen [8.45]
1840:Arthur Lee Owen [8.46]
1842:Barbara Anne Owen [8.47]
1844:Sophia Owen [8.48]
1847:Christianna K Owen [8.49]
1849:Benjamin Owen [8.50]
1851:Walter Owen [8.51]
1853:Jane Owen [8.52]
1856:John Keir Owen [8.53]
1859:Robert Paterson Owen [8.54]

7.8Elizabeth Lee Owen; born 22 Nov 1802 at Prince Edward Island, died 25 May 1874 at Prince Edward Island.
She married John Craig.
  Children:1833:Arthur Owen Craig [8.55]
1834:Martha Craig [8.56]
1836:Elizabeth Craig [8.57]
1839:Jane Craig [8.58]
1841:Eliza Matilda Craig [8.59]
1844:Margaret Ellen Craig [8.60]
1847:Alfred John Craig [8.61]

Generation VIII
8.1Margaret F Owen; died 19 Feb 1879 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
She married 20 Feb 1855 at Prince Edward Island Peter Gregor, born 1806, died 16 April 1879 at Prince Edward Island, son of James Gregor and Isabella Howatt.
  Children:1855:Annie Leigh Gregor [9.1]
Emily Owen Gregor [9.2]
J Newton Gregor [9.3]
1860:Leigh Richmond Gregor [9.4]
1860:Elizabeth (Bessie) Gregor [9.5]

8.2Elizabeth Lee Owen; born 8 April 1825 at Cardigan, Prince Edward Island, died Sep 1914 at Mendocino, California, USA.
She married 22 June 1855 at Prince Edward Island William Henry Kelly, born 2 Nov 1821 at Morell, Prince Edward Island, died 5 Dec 1895 at Mendocino, California, USA, son of Peter Kelly and Elizabeth Webster.
  Children:1859:Emma Shirley (Daisy) Kelly [9.6]
1863:Russell Blair Kelly [9.7]
1866:Elise Abigail Kelly [9.8]
1869:Otis William Kelly [9.9]

8.3Mary Annie Owen; died 30 Oct 1872 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
She married (1) Augustine C Benson.

8.4Selina Lee Owen; born 1836, died 8 Sep 1919 at Prince Edward Island.

8.5Sophia Ramsay; born 29 Nov 1815 at Prince Edward Island, died 23 March 1888 at Prince Edward Island.
She married 22 July 1840 at Prince Edward Island Hugh Joseph Carr, born 2 May 1812 at Prince Edward Island, died 8 April 1886 at Prince Edward Island, son of Donald Carr and Elizabeth Campbell.
  Children:1841:John Ramsay Carr [9.10]
1842:Donald Carr Carr [9.11]
1844:Arthur Frederick Carr [9.12]
1847:Sophia Louisa Carr [9.13]
1849:George Washington Carr [9.14]
1852:Robert Patterson Carr [9.15]
1854:Alexander Bannerman Carr [9.16]
1857:Martha Elizabeth Carr Rn [9.17]

8.6Margaret Ramsay; born 16 Dec 1816, died 18 Oct 1865 at Prince Edward Island.

8.7Anne Ramsay; born 14 Feb 1818 at Prince Edward Island, died July 1877 at Prince Edward Island.
She married 7 March 1849 at Prince Edward Island Alexander Stewart, born 1812, died 1872, son of Dugald Stewart and Elisabeth Craig.
  Children:Anne Stewart [9.18]
Martha Sophia Stewart [9.19]
Margaret F Stewart [9.20]
John Arthur Stewart [9.21]
Dugald Matthew Stewart [9.22]
Henry Albert Stewart [9.23]
Mary Stewart [9.24]

8.8Arthur Ramsay; born 3 April 1819, died 11 Dec 1877.
He married Magaret Simmons, daughter of James Jr Simmons and Hannah Rayner.
  Children:Martha Ramsey [9.25]

8.9Ellen Ramsay; born 25 Dec 1820, died 6 April 1883.

8.10Elizabeth Lee (Eliza) Ramsay; born 7 Oct 1822, died 21 Sep 1909 at Prince Edward Island.
She married 13 Feb 1850 at Prince Edward Island John Craig, born 26 Sep 1815 at Prince Edward Island, died 21 Oct 1895 at Prince Edward Island.
  Children:1851:John Lemuel Craig [9.26]
1853:Martha Ann Craig [9.27]
1853:Newton Richard Craig [9.28]
1858:George W Craig [9.29]
Bannerman Archibald Craig [9.30]
Helen Sophia Craig [9.31]
1863:Arthur J Craig [9.32]

8.11Archibald Ramsay; born 23 May 1824 at Prince Edward Island, died 5 Oct 1904 at Prince Edward Island.
He married Eliza Desbrisay, daughter of Soloman Desbrisay and ?.
  Children:Arthur Ramsay [9.33]
1855:Mary Jane (Minnie) Ramsay [9.34]
1857:Martha Ramsay [9.35]
Theophilus Desbrisay Ramsay [9.36]
1868:John Ramsay [9.37]
1871:Eliza Ramsay [9.38]
1873:William Ramsay [9.39]
Heber Ramsay [9.40]

8.12Martha Ramsay; born 31 March 1826 at Prince Edward Island, died 25 April 1872 at Prince Edward Island.
She married 14 March 1861 at Prince Edward Island George Frederick Adams, died 26 Nov 1879 at Philadelphia, USA.
  Children:1862:Amelia (Mamie) Eliza Adams [9.41]

8.13Hugh Ramsay; born 7 Oct 1827, died 24 Dec 1905 at Prince Edward Island.

8.14John Ramsay; born 16 July 1829 at Prince Edward Island, died 17 April 1907 at Prince Edward Island.

8.15Flora Campbell Ramsay; born 10 March 1832 at Prince Edward Island, died 1920.

8.16Soloman Jones; born 23 Aug 1824, died 14 Dec 1905 at Ontario, Canada.
He married 20 Sep 1860 Grace Jardine, born 1839 at Ontario, Canada, died 15 July 1890 at Ontario, Canada.
  Children:Isaac Jones [9.42]
1864:James Jardine Jones [9.43]
Mary R Jones [9.44]
1867:John Owen Jones [9.45]
Edward Mckenzie Jones [9.46]
Grace Sophia Jones [9.47]
Elizabeth J May Jones [9.48]

8.17Elizabeth Jones; born 1832.
She married 6 July 1859 Richard Tennant, born 1831.
  Children:Isaac Tennant [9.49]
Richard Tennant [9.50]
Sarah Tennant [9.51]
Solomon Tennant [9.52]

8.18Arthur Lee Owen; born 1822 at Prince Edward Island, died 7 April 1897 at Prince Edward Island.
He married (1) 22 Jan 1852 at Prince Edward Island Flory Elleson, born 1824, died 18 April 1853 at Prince Edward Island.
He married (2) 1 Nov 1853 at Prince Edward Island Mary Matilda Gardiner, born 1835, died 5 June 1904 at Prince Edward Island.
  Children:1856:Ellen Amanda Owen [9.53]
1857:Nelson Byron Owen [9.54]
1859:Catherine Jane Owen [9.55]
1861:George Owen [9.56]
1862:Charlotte (Lottie) Anne Owen [9.57]
1864:William James Owen [9.58]
1866:Barbara Simpson Owen [9.59]
1868:George Nelson Owen [9.60]
1869:Bradford Dean Owen [9.61]
1872:Thomas Stewart Owen [9.62]
1873:Arthur Lee Owen [9.63]
1875:Edwin John Owen [9.64]
1877:William Keir Owen [9.65]
1879:Nelson Edwin Owen [9.66]

8.19Mary Jardine Owen; born 1828 at Prince Edward Island, died May 1896 at Prince Edward Island.
She married 20 Feb 1856 at Prince Edward Island Malcolm Ramsay, born 4 April 1824, died 1898 at Prince Edward Island, son of Malcolm Ramsey and Catherine Reily.
  Children:1858:Ellen (Nellie) Montgomery Ramsay [9.67]
George A Ramsay [9.68]
Clementa Ramsay [9.69]
Martha S Ramsay [9.70]

8.20Ann M Owen; born 1830 at Prince Edward Island, died 21 June 1869 at Prince Edward Island.
She married 6 April 1856 John Ramsey Donald, born about 1828, died 18 May 1901 at Prince Edward Island.
  Children:1859:Ellen Montgomery Donald [9.71]
Ada J Donald [9.72]
Watson Donald [9.73]
1865:Leander J Donald [9.74]
1865:Mary S Donald [9.75]
Clarenda A Donald [9.76]
Infant Donald [9.77]

8.21Sophia Owen; born 1831 at Prince Edward Island, died 22 Dec 1896 at Prince Edward Island.
She married 23 March 1859 at Prince Edward Island Henry Gordon, born 9 Dec 1829, died 16 April 1915 at Prince Edward Island.
  Children:1860:George Owen Gordon [9.78]
1861:Margaret (Maggie) Ellen Gordon [9.79]
1863:Robert Hudson Gordon [9.80]
1865:John Simpson Gordon [9.81]
1868:Allen Fraser Gordon [9.82]
1870:Alfred Elwood Gordon [9.83]
1872:Bertha Sophia Gordon [9.84]
1876:Minnie Ramsay Gordon [9.85]

8.22Martha Owen; born Nov 1836 at Prince Edward Island, died 23 June 1894 at Montrose, Prince Edward Island.
She married 10 July 1861 at Prince Edward Island David Gordon, born 28 April 1834 at Prince Edward Island, died 19 April 1922 at Prince Edward Island, son of Robert Gordon and ?.
  Children:Washington Gordon [9.86]
Donald Sinclair Gordon [9.87]
John Owen Gordon [9.88]
1869:Annie Gordon [9.89]
Lottie Blanch (Lettie) Gordon [9.90]
Fulton Johnson Ramsay Gordon [9.91]
Arthur Leigh Gordon [9.92]

8.23John Owen.

8.24Christianna Owen; born 1839.
She married 26 March 1863 at Prince Edward Island William Gordon, born 5 April 1822 at Prince Edward Island.
  Children:Arter (Arthur) Owen Gordon [9.93]
Babe E Gordon [9.94]
Robert Gordon [9.95]
James O Gordon [9.96]

8.25Donald Owen; born 1841, died 1847 at Maybe Stabbed By A Friend.

8.26Lemuel Cambridge Owen; born 1 Nov 1822 at Prince Edward Island, died 20 Nov 1912 at Prince Edward Island.
He married 9 July 1861 at Prince Edward Island Lois Welsh, born 4 Sep 1825 at Prince Edward Island, died 17 July 1903 at Prince Edward Island.
  Children:1863:William Edgar Wallace Owen [9.97]
1866:Lemuel Cambridge Owen [9.98]
1868:Marion Adele Owen [9.99]

8.27Thomas Owen; born 26 March 1824 at Prince Edward Island, died 9 Jan 1869 at Prince Edward Island.
He married 4 Oct 1849 Margaret Morton, born 24 March 1825 at Prince Edward Island, died 9 Feb 1894 at Prince Edward Island, daughter of John Norton and Eleanor Jones.
  Children:1850:George Frederick William Owen [9.100]
1852:Anna Louisa Owen [9.101]
1853:Edith Gertrude Owen [9.102]
1855:Lemuel Thomas Owen [9.103]
1857:Margaret Ethel Owen [9.104]
1858:Alfred David Kaye Owen [9.105]
1862:Ella Elizabeth Owen [9.106]
1864:Laura Sophia Owen [9.107]

8.28George William Owen; born 15 Sep 1825 at Prince Edward Island, died 9 May 1906 at Auckland..
He married (1) 20 Dec 1855 at Canada Annabel(La) Davies, born 1827 at Canada, died 12 July 1860 at Auckland.
  Children:1856:Thomas Campbell Owen [9.108]
1858:Charles Stewart Owen [9.109]
1860:Anna Bell Davies Owen [9.110]
He married (2) 6 March 1862 at Hobson St, Auck Annie Lydia Dewar, born 25 Dec 1840 at Prince Edward Island, died 16 March 1913 at Auckland., daughter of Robert Dewar and Margaret Kennedy.
  Children:Alan Cameron Owen [9.111]
1864:Ada Caroline Owen [9.112]
Ethel Owen [9.113]
1869:(He)Lena Owen [9.114]
Hedley Owen [9.115]
1871:George Wallace Owen [9.116]
Arthur Owen [9.117]
1872:Anne Dewar Owen [9.118]
Robert Owen [9.119]
1881:Ernest Owen [9.120]

8.29Margaret Owen; born 24 March 1827 at Prince Edward Island, died 3 Nov 1905 at Prince Edward Island.
She married 14 May 1850 at Prince Edward Island George Thomas Haszard, born 13 Feb 1826 at Prince Edward Island, died 10 May 1881 at Prince Edward Island, son of James Douglas Haszard and ?.
  Children:1851:George Herbert Owen Haszard [9.121]
1854:Thomas Walter Douglas Haszard [9.122]
1856:Annie Sophia Campbell Haszard [9.123]
1858:Henry William Haszard [9.124]
1860:George Ashley Haszard [9.125]
1863:Louis Albert Haszard [9.126]

8.30William Arthur Owen; born 9 April 1830 at Prince Edward Island, died 2 Dec 1851 at Prince Edward Island.

8.31Mary Louise Owen; born 30 March 1833 at Prince Edward Island, died 10 July 1895 at Prince Edward Island.
She married 30 June 1864 at Prince Edward Island David Laird, born 1833 at Prince Edward Island, died 14 Jan 1914 at Canada.
  Children:David Rennie Laird [9.127]
1857:Mary Alice Laird [9.128]
Arthur Gordon Laird [9.129]
William Charles Laird [9.130]
Harold J Laird [9.131]
1876:Fannie Louise Laird [9.132]

8.32Elizabeth (Dibbie) Lee Owen; born 11 May 1835 at Prince Edward Island, died 12 July 1901 at Prince Edward Island.
She married 25 Nov 1863 at Prince Edward Island Andrew Archibald Macdonald, born 14 Feb 1829 at Prince Edward Island, died 12 March 1912 at Ottawa, son of Hugh Macdonald and Catherine ?.
  Children:1864:Aeneas Adolph Macdonald [9.133]
1867:Archibold Percy Gordon Macdonald [9.134]
1869:Reginald Hugh Macdonald [9.135]
1874:Andrew Douglas Mcgregor Macdonald [9.136]

8.33Charles Owen; born 1 April 1837 at Prince Edward Island, died 21 June 1929.
He married 17 Oct 1867 at Nova Scotia Annie Alice Muncey, born 6 Oct 1840 at Nova Scotia, died 23 Jan 1913 at Prince Edward Island.
  Children:1868:Annie Maud Margaret Owen [9.137]
1870:Alice Elizabeth Owen [9.138]
1871:Adelaide Beatrice Louise Owen [9.139]
1873:John Francis William Owen [9.140]
1874:Charles Walter Wyndham Owen [9.141]
1875:Evelyn May Owen [9.142]
1877:Reginald Roy Owen [9.143]
1881:Percy Campbell Owen [9.144]
1883:Minnie Maud Allison Owen [9.145]

8.34Lydia Ann Owen; born 30 Dec 1838 at Prince Edward Island, died 3 March 1847 at Prince Edward Island.

8.35Martha Jane Owen; born 26 May 1841 at Prince Edward Island, died 14 Sep 1902.

8.36Alfred Wallace Owen; born 19 April 1843 at Prince Edward Island, died 7 May 1917 at Prince Edward Island.
He married (1) 9 July 1868 at Prince Edward Island Jessie Ross, born at Nova Scotia, died 10 Aug 1887 at Ottawa, Canada.
  Children:1869:Frederick Lemuel Owen [9.146]
1870:Alexander Ross Owen [9.147]
1872:Lillian Maud Owen [9.148]
1875:Alfred Wallace Owen [9.149]
1877:Thomas Guy Owen [9.150]
He married (2) 10 Feb 1889 Kate Atlwood Longworth, born 1854, died 14 May 1928 at Prince Edward Island.
  Children:1889:Helen Isabel Jessie Owen [9.151]
1891:Francis Beverley Owen [9.152]

8.37Fannie Isabel Owen; born 19 Aug 1847 at Prince Edward Island, died 19 Nov 1920 at British Columbia.
She married 18 Sep 1879 at Prince Edward Island Daniel Hogdson Macgowan, born 26 July 1852 at Prince Edward Island, died 27 Dec 1927 at British Columbia.
  Children:1880:Elsie Owen Macgowan [9.153]
1882:Gowan Stainforth Macgowan [9.154]
1883:Colin Douglas Macgowan [9.155]
1885:Helen Clairmont Macgowan [9.156]
1890:Keith Campbell Macgowan [9.157]

8.38James E Montgomery; born 20 March 1821 at New Brunswick, died 20 March 1873 at New York.
He married Elizabeth Leslie Hunter, born 12 April 1828 at New Brunswick, died 16 May 1915 at New York.
  Children:1857:Hugh Walter Montgomery [9.158]
Robert Hunter Montgomery [9.159]
Anna Maude Montgomery [9.160]
Sarah Bertha Montgomery [9.161]
Arthur William Montgomery [9.162]
1867:Elizabeth May Montgomery [9.163]
1869:Nina Jane Montgomery [9.164]

8.39Donald Montgomery; born about 1827 at New Brunswick, died 1877.

8.40Eliza Montgomery; born about 1830 at New Brunswick, died after 1851.

8.41Christy Ann Montgomery; born about 1832 at New Brunswick, died after 1851.

8.42Martha Montgomery; born about 1835 at New Brunswick, died after 1851.

8.43Elizabeth Owen; born 14 Jan 1835 at Prince Edward Island, died 19 Dec 1919 at Prince Edward Island.
She married Benjamin Ramsay, born 17 Dec 1822, died 12 Jan 1892 at Prince Edward Island, son of George Ramsay and Barbara Ramsay.
  Children:1862:Margaret Jane Ramsay [9.165]
1864:John Owen Ramsay [9.166]
1865:Barbara Ramsay [9.167]
1867:James Craig Ramsay [9.168]
1870:William Alfred Ramsay [9.169]
1872:George Arthur Ramsay [9.170]
1874:Keir Owen Ramsay [9.171]
1876:Russel Lea Ramsay [9.172]

8.44Flora Owen; born 4 Sep 1836 at Prince Edward Island, died 23 Oct 1920 at Prince Edward Island.
She married 18 March 1868 Alfred John Craig [8.61].
  Children:1869:Mary Elisabeth Craig [9.173]
1870:Annie Sophia Craig [9.174]
1872:Arthur Lee Craig [9.175]
1875:Alfred Keir Craig [9.176]

8.45Edward Owen; born 1 Sep 1838, died 9 April 1889 at Maine, USA.
He married 24 Feb 1875 at Prince Edward Island Mary Cole, born 15 Oct 1847, died 16 Aug 1908 at Prince Edward Island.

8.46Arthur Lee Owen; born 15 Sep 1840 at Prince Edward Island, died 24 March 1919 at Prince Edward Island.
He married 9 July 1874 at Prince Edward Island Barbara Ellen Montgomery, born 7 Oct 1849 at Prince Edward Island, died 4 March 1923 at Prince Edward Island.
  Children:1874:Minnie Bell Owen [9.177]
1875:Benjamin Lee Owen [9.178]
1877:Clara Corless Owen [9.179]
1879:Margaret Jane Owen [9.180]
1882:Robert Thomas Montgomery Owen [9.181]
1883:Lewis Claude Owen [9.182]
1887:Eliza (Lizzie) Florence Owen [9.183]
1889:Burleigh Piese Bennett Owen [9.184]

8.47Barbara Anne Owen; born 1 Oct 1842 at Prince Edward Island, died 13 Oct 1923 at Prince Edward Island.
She married 25 April 1868 at Prince Edward Island William Hogdson, born 28 April 1838, died 16 Oct 1920 at Prince Edward Island, son of John Hodgson and Catherine Barnard.
  Children:1864:Alice Maude Hodgson [9.185]
1866:Russel F Hodgson [9.186]
1868:Hannah Garrett Hodgson [9.187]
1870:Mary Laura Hodgson [9.188]
1872:Catherine Annie Hodgson [9.189]
1879:Henry (Harry) Lorne Hodgson [9.190]

8.48Sophia Owen; born 8 Oct 1844 at Prince Edward Island, died 24 Jan 1916 at Prince Edward Island.

8.49Christianna K Owen; born 6 Jan 1847 at Prince Edward Island, died 25 June 1931 at Prince Edward Island.

8.50Benjamin Owen; born 26 Feb 1849 at Prince Edward Island, died 26 Feb 1925 at Massachusets, USA.
He married (1) 4 Dec 1872 Emma Caroline King, died 11 Jan 1887 at Boston, USA, daughter of William King and Mary ?.
  Children:Marion Owen [9.191]
Keir Owen [9.192]
He married (2) 22 April 1887 Elizabeth Jane Lacey, born 13 July 1862 at Prince Edward Island, died 29 May 1949 at Massachusets, USA.
  Children:1888:Francis Margarite Owen [9.193]
1893:Rachel Owen [9.194]
1897:Marjorie Collamore Owen [9.195]

8.51Walter Owen; born 9 Jan 1851 at Prince Edward Island, died 29 July 1932.

8.52Jane Owen; born 15 April 1853, died 7 July 1933.
She married 23 Aug 1879 at Prince Edward Island Charles L Silliker, born about 1851 at Prince Edward Island, died at ?USA.

8.53John Keir Owen; born 24 June 1856 at Prince Edward Island, died 27 Oct 1873 at Prince Edward Island.

8.54Robert Paterson Owen; born 23 May 1859 at Prince Edward Island, died 29 Sep 1931.

8.55Arthur Owen Craig; born 25 July 1833.
He married (1) 21 Sep 1857 Sarah Clark, born about 1837, died 12 Jan 1861 at Prince Edward Island, daughter of James Clark and ?.
He married (2) Sarah Hooper Green, born 15 July 1843, died 4 Dec 1872 at Massachusets, USA, daughter of Charles Tabor Green and Phebe Linkletter.
  Children:1872:Wellesley Arthur Madison Craig [9.196]
He married (3) Mary Ann Green, born 30 Sep 1846, daughter of Charles Tabor Green and Phebe Linkletter.

8.56Martha Craig; born 4 Dec 1834.
She married (1) ? Gardiner.
She married (2) William Gardiner.

8.57Elizabeth Craig; born 30 Sep 1836.

8.58Jane Craig; born 21 July 1839 at Prince Edward Island, died Sep 1890.
She married 22 Sep 1859 at Prince Edward Island William James Dixon, born 27 May 1836 at New Brunswick, died after 1890, son of William Dixon and Matilda Beckwith.
  Children:1860:Walter Leslie Dixon [9.197]
1861:Ella Dixon [9.198]

8.59Eliza Matilda Craig; born 24 June 1841, died 1912.
She married (1) A A Hall.
She married (2) William McNeill.

8.60Margaret Ellen Craig; born 2 Jan 1844 at Prince Edward Island, died 1924.
She married (1) Archibald McCallum.
She married (2) Joseph Linkletter.
  Children:Alfred Linkletter [9.199]

8.61Alfred John Craig; born 20 March 1847, died before 1892.
He married 18 March 1868 Flora Owen [8.44].
  Children:1869:Mary Elisabeth Craig [9.173]
1870:Annie Sophia Craig [9.174]
1872:Arthur Lee Craig [9.175]
1875:Alfred Keir Craig [9.176]

Generation IX
9.1Annie Leigh Gregor; born 25 Dec 1855 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 23 Feb 1910.
She married 25 Oct 1879 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island James Henderson, born 3 Oct 1855 at Marshfield, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1 April 1908.
  Children:Margaret Henderson [10.1]
1882:Emily Gregor Henderson [10.2]
Jean Henderson [10.3]
Elsie Henderson [10.4]
Marion Henderson [10.5]
Kenneth Henderson [10.6]
1894:James Gregor Henderson [10.7]

9.2Emily Owen Gregor; born 1857, died 18 May 1881 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Can.

9.3J Newton Gregor; died 3 Oct 1864.

9.4Leigh Richmond Gregor; born 28 Dec 1860 at New Glasgow, Prince Edward Island, Canad, died 31 Dec 1911 at Tucson, USA.
He married 1 June 1899 at Cambridge, USA Margaret Merrill Gibbens, born 1857 at Santa Clara Vall, USA.
  Children:1900:Rosamund Gregor [10.8]

9.5Elizabeth (Bessie) Gregor; born after 1860, died 1910 at Denver Or Colorada Springs, USA.

9.6Emma Shirley (Daisy) Kelly; born 2 Aug 1859 at Mendocino, Calif., USA, died 13 Aug 1953.
She married 2 Sep 1879 Alexander Maccallum, born 1855 at Near Montreal, Canada, died 12 May 1908 at San Francisco, CA.
  Children:1880:Donald Douglas Maccallum [10.9]
1882:Jean A Maccallum [10.10]

9.7Russell Blair Kelly; born 29 June 1863 at Mendocino, USA, died about 20 Nov 1886 at Mendocino, USA.

9.8Elise Abigail Kelly; born 26 Feb 1866 at Mendocino, USA, died 10 Nov 1951 at San Francisco, USA.
She married 10 Jan 1893 Louis Philippe Drexler, born about 1839, died 17 Aug 1899.

9.9Otis William Kelly; born 21 July 1869 at Mendocino, USA, died 26 Dec 1937 at San Francisco, USA.
He married 29 June 189 at San Francisco, USA Annie McGuire, born 21 March 1877 at San Francisco, USA, died 1953 at San Francisco, USA.
  Children:1895:Lloyd Drexler Kelley [10.11]
1901:Richard Lee (Leigh) Kelley [10.12]
1903:Margaret Elise Kelley [10.13]
1907:Carroll Vincent Kelley [10.14]
1909:James Emmet Kelley [10.15]
1913:Mervyn Francis Kelley [10.16]
1916:Katherine Rose Kelley [10.17]
1918:Gordon Philip Kelley [10.18]

9.10John Ramsay Carr; born 18 May 1841 at North St Eleanor, Prince Edward Island, died 10 Nov 1922 at Cassopolis, USA.
He married (1) 10 Oct 1868 at Hartford, USA Olive Elizabeth Lyle, born 5 Nov 1847 at Paw Paw, USA, died 28 Oct 1894 at Cassopolis, USA.
  Children:Etta Mae Carr [10.19]
1871:Arthur Bannerman Carr [10.20]
1878:Elizabeth (Bessie) Sophia Carr [10.21]
1878:Hugh Carr [10.22]
1885:Carlyle Randolph Carr [10.23]
1889:Ramsay Carr [10.24]
He married (2) 7 Oct 1901 at Boston, USA Caroline (Carrie) Livia Nutting, born Oct 1843 at Decatur, USA, died 13 June 1923.

9.11Donald Carr Carr; born 28 Dec 1842, died 1 Feb 1868.

9.12Arthur Frederick Carr; born 12 Nov 1844 at North St Eleanor, Prince Edward Island, died 15 Feb 1910 at Campbellton, Canada.
He married 13 May 1875 at Malpeque, Prince Edward Island, Canada Mary Amelia Beairsto, born 29 March 1847 at Malpeque, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 11 April 1921 at Campbellton, Canada.
  Children:Mary Sophia Carr [10.25]
James Beairsto Carr [10.26]
1880:Anne Fraser Carr [10.27]
Hugh Allan Carr [10.28]
1885:Arthur Frederick Carr [10.29]
1886:Percy Lee Carr [10.30]

9.13Sophia Louisa Carr; born 13 June 1847, died 5 Feb 1864.

9.14George Washington Carr; born 16 Nov 1849 at North St Eleanor, Prince Edward Island, died 13 March 1915.
He married 20 June 1877 Sarah Hope Compton, born 9 Sep 1855 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 29 Nov 1930.
  Children:Evan Compton Carr [10.31]
Louisa Sophia Carr [10.32]
Arthur Lee Carr [10.33]
Mary Pope Carr [10.34]
Villiers (Horatio N) Carr [10.35]
1889:Austin Hope Carr [10.36]
Olive Bessie Carr [10.37]
Irene Carr [10.38]

9.15Robert Patterson Carr; born 18 Feb 1852 at North St Eleanor, Prince Edward Island, died 28 Oct 1866 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

9.16Alexander Bannerman Carr; born 23 June 1854 at North St Eleanor, Prince Edward Island, died 27 March 1855.

9.17Martha Elizabeth Carr Rn; born 5 Jan 1857 at North St Eleanor, Prince Edward Island, died 4 Jan 1929 at Calgary, Canada.

9.18Anne Stewart; born 1852, died 1885.
She married after 1883 Archibald Ramsay, born 1826, died 1910.

9.19Martha Sophia Stewart; born 1853, died 1863.

9.20Margaret F Stewart; born 1856 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1906.
She married John E Hill, born 1851 at Prince Edward Island, Canada.
  Children:Ann Hill [10.39]
Florence Hill [10.40]

9.21John Arthur Stewart; born 1858, died 1948.

9.22Dugald Matthew Stewart; born 1861, died 1919 at Spokane, Canada.

9.23Henry Albert Stewart; born 1861, died 1901.
He married 1879 Sarah Jane Black, born 1853, died 1937.
  Children:1881:Annie Isabella Stewart [10.41]
Alice Sophia Stewart [10.42]
Percy Clayton Stewart [10.43]
Edith Estelle Stewart [10.44]
Elma Stewart [10.45]
Horace R Stewart [10.46]

9.24Mary Stewart.

9.25Martha Ramsey.

9.26John Lemuel Craig; born about 1851 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 31 May 1855.

9.27Martha Ann Craig; born 26 Nov 1853, died 17 Feb 1916.
She married 30 Nov 1871 Alexander (Sandy) M Palmer, born 14 Sep 1852, died 29 July 1932.
  Children:John Lemuel Palmer [10.47]
Wallace N Palmer [10.48]
1876:Arthur E Palmer [10.49]
George Lawson Palmer [10.50]
1880:Eliza Palmer [10.51]
1882:Nellie (Ellen) W Palmer [10.52]
1884:Eliza (Bessie) L Palmer [10.53]
H W Beecher Palmer [10.54]
Talmage (Lalonge) Palmer [10.55]
1890:Flora Melita Palmer [10.56]

9.28Newton Richard Craig; born about 1853 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died at Canada.
He married Catherine Headerson, born about 1853 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died about 1930 at Canada.
  Children:Florence M Craig [10.57]
1886:Chester Bannerman Craig [10.58]
1889:Laura Maud Craig [10.59]

9.29George W Craig; born about 1858 at Prince Edward Island, Canada.
He married after 1904 Margaret Jane Trowsdale, born 1865, died 1956.

9.30Bannerman Archibald Craig; born 1859 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 2 Oct 1930 at Prince Edward Island, Canada.
He married 2 Nov 1892 at Bideford, Prince Edward Island, Canada Elizabeth Janey Phillips, born 1862, died 30 Jan 1919.
  Children:1894:Robert Heber Craig [10.60]
Rhoda M Craig [10.61]
1898:Mary Ella Craig [10.62]
1900:E Pearl Craig [10.63]
1902:Arthur Leigh Craig [10.64]

9.31Helen Sophia Craig; born 1860.
She married Thomas Snow.

9.32Arthur J Craig; born about 1863, died before Jan 1938 at Bangor, USA.

9.33Arthur Ramsay.

9.34Mary Jane (Minnie) Ramsay; born 22 June 1855 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 23 May 1919 at Halifax, Canada.
She married 18 June 1878 at Rose Hill, Prince Edward Island, Canada William Prescott Archibald, born 17 Dec 1852 at Elmsvale, Canada, died 25 Aug 1918 at Halifax, Canada.
  Children:1879:Arthur Clarence Archibald [10.65]
1881:Helen Desbrisay Archibald [10.66]
1883:Olive Lyle Archibald [10.67]
1885:Jennie Rutherford Archibald [10.68]
1888:Leith Prescott Archibald [10.69]
1894:John Geddie Archibald [10.70]

9.35Martha Ramsay; born 22 Dec 1857 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 22 Jan 1906.

9.36Theophilus Desbrisay Ramsay; born 1859 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 24 May 1932 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island.
He married Emma Jane Caldwell, born 1863 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1938.
  Children:Vernon Harold Ramsay [10.71]

9.37John Ramsay; born about 1867-1868 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 3 Aug 1943 at Gleichen, Canada.

9.38Eliza Ramsay; born about 1870-1871 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died about Oct 1939 at Montreal, Canada.

9.39William Ramsay; born about 1872-1873 at Prince Edward Island, Canada.

9.40Heber Ramsay.

9.41Amelia (Mamie) Eliza Adams; born 13 Jan 1862 at Vernon River, Prince Edward Island.
She married Mr Frizell.
  Children:Lie Frizell [10.72]
Dorothy Frizell [10.73]

9.42Isaac Jones; born 1861, died 1941.
He married 2 July 1913 at Osceola, Canada Margaret Jane Gemmill, born 1873, died 1955.
  Children:1915:Jean Jones [10.74]

9.43James Jardine Jones; born 24 June 1864 at Pembroke Townshp, Canada, died May 1933.
He married 26 July 1894 at Carp, Canada Susannah McCurdy, born 1 April 1867 at Hazeldean, Canada, died Nov 1945.
  Children:James Harris Mccurdy Jones [10.75]
Ivey Jones [10.76]
Elmer W Jones [10.77]
Lillian M Jones [10.78]
Douglas Grant Jones [10.79]

9.44Mary R Jones; born 1866, died Sep 1956.

9.45John Owen Jones; born 14 Nov 1867 at Pembroke Twshp, Canada, died 2 Nov 1945 at Pembroke, Canada.
He married Emily Mary Clarke, born 28 May 1873 at Pembroke, Canada, died 1 May 1941 at Pembroke, Canada.
  Children:1895:Soloman Owen Jones [10.80]
1897:Edward Mackenzie Clark Jones [10.81]
1900:Emily Alice Jones [10.82]
William Walter Lorne Jones [10.83]
1905:Laura May Jones [10.84]
Elizabeth Grace Jones [10.85]
1910:Mary Isabel Jones [10.86]
Robert Allan Jones [10.87]
1916:Harry Macdowell Jones [10.88]

9.46Edward Mckenzie Jones; born 1871, died 1951.
He married Margaret Stewart, born 1872, died 1954.
  Children:Lawrence Stewart Jones [10.89]
Janet Jones [10.90]
Annie Jones [10.91]

9.47Grace Sophia Jones; born 1876.
She married Ernie Dennison, died before 1989.
  Children:Dorothy Dennison [10.92]

9.48Elizabeth J May Jones; born 1884, died before 1989.

9.49Isaac Tennant; born 1861.

9.50Richard Tennant; born 1864.

9.51Sarah Tennant; born 1866.

9.52Solomon Tennant; born 1869.

9.53Ellen Amanda Owen; born 7 Oct 1856 at Prince Edward Island, died 11 Dec 1916 at Prince Edward Island.
She married 19 March 1884 John Alfred Marks, born 1853 at Prince Edward Island, died 1928 at Prince Edward Island.
  Children:1883:Franklin Dutton Marks [10.93]
1887:Harry Marks [10.94]

9.54Nelson Byron Owen; born 27 Oct 1857 at Prince Edward Island, died Sep 1865 at Prince Edward Island.

9.55Catherine Jane Owen; born 13 Aug 1859 at Prince Edward Island, died 3 Aug 1890 at Prince Edward Island.
She married 4 Jan 1876 at Prince Edward Island Joseph Frederick Warren, born about 1851 at Prince Edward Island, died after 1891, son of Joseph Warren and Margaret Wilson.
  Children:1877:Frederick Warren [10.95]
1883:Ethel Warren [10.96]

9.56George Owen; born 9 March 1861 at Prince Edward Island, died Sep 1865 at Prince Edward Island.

9.57Charlotte (Lottie) Anne Owen; born 20 July 1862 at Prince Edward Island, died 28 Aug 1895 at Boston, USA.
She married 25 Nov 1891 at Boston, USA George H Easter, born 1862, died about 1945 at Boston, USA.
  Children:Mabel Gordon Easter [10.97]
Beulah Owen Easter [10.98]
Edna Easter [10.99]

9.58William James Owen; born 6 June 1864 at Prince Edward Island, died Sep 1865 at Prince Edward Island.

9.59Barbara Simpson Owen; born 19 Feb 1866 at Prince Edward Island, died 19 Aug 1930 at Massachusets.
She married John Geddie Montgomery, born 29 Jan 1855, died
  Children:Lloyd Montgomery [10.100]
Arthur Percival Montgomery [10.101]
Arthur Lee Montgomery [10.102]
Hugh (Dewey) Owen Montgomery [10.103]
Herbert Montgomery [10.104]
Matilda Montgomery [10.105]
1886:Harriet May Montgomery [10.106]
Roy Montgomery [10.107]

9.60George Nelson Owen; born 17 Feb 1868 at Prince Edward Island, died 23 Oct 1943 at Prince Edward Island.
He married 11 Dec 1900 at North River, Prince Edward Island Ida Mae Warren, born about 1872, died 18 May 1926 at Prince Edward Island.
  Children:Thelma Ida Owen [10.108]
Glen William Owen [10.109]
1910:Enid Marian Owen [10.110]

9.61Bradford Dean Owen; born 30 Dec 1869 at Prince Edward Island, died 3 April 1898 at Boston.
He married Mary C Easter, born 15 Sep 1864, died 1941.

9.62Thomas Stewart Owen; born 12 Feb 1872 at Prince Edward Island.
He married (1) Elizabeth (Mrs) Stamatis.
He married (2) Sarah Ross.
  Children:Elizabeth Owen [10.111]

9.63Arthur Lee Owen; born 8 Aug 1873 at Prince Edward Island, died 5 Dec 1943 at Prince Edward Island.
He married 16 Sep 1902 at Hamilton, Prince Edward Island Annie Isabella Stewart, born 31 Jan 1881 at Prince Edward Island, died 23 Jan 1950 at Prince Edward Island, daughter of Henry Albert Stewart and Sarah Jane Black.
  Children:1904:Henry Stewart Owen [10.112]
1906:Cedric Edwin Owen [10.113]
1907:Arthur Lee Owen [10.114]
Allison Fulton Owen [10.115]
Mary Matilda Gardiner Owen [10.116]
1919:John Keir Owen [10.117]
Jean Alice Owen [10.118]

9.64Edwin John Owen; born 28 Aug 1875 at Prince Edward Island, died 2 Nov 1943.
He married Helen Jones.
  Children:Helen Owen [10.119]
Harold Owen [10.120]

9.65William Keir Owen; born 8 July 1877 at Prince Edward Island, died 1960 at California.
He married Elizabeth Videll.
  Children:Arthur Sydney Owen [10.121]

9.66Nelson Edwin Owen; born 22 Oct 1879 at Prince Edward Island, died 1951 at Prince Edward Island.
He married Edna G Morrison, born 1888 at Prince Edward Island, died 1959 at Prince Edward Island.

9.67Ellen (Nellie) Montgomery Ramsay; born 28 Aug 1858, died 16 June 1928 at Bayview, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
She married 3 Sep 1884 at Bayview, Prince Edward Island, Canada Donald Montgomery Simpson, born 20 July 1849 at Bayview, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 8 Dec 1921 at Bayview, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
  Children:1885:Clemmie Barbara Simpson [10.122]
1887:Preston Ramsay Simpson [10.123]
1891:Earle Owen Simpson [10.124]
1897:Harold Henry Hill Simpson [10.125]

9.68George A Ramsay; born 1861.
He married Jessie Provan.
  Children:Roy Ramsay [10.126]
Ramsay [10.127]
Ramsay [10.128]
Ramsay [10.129]

9.69Clementa Ramsay; born 1865.
She married James Cook Randall.
  Children:Randall [10.130]
Son Randall [10.131]

9.70Martha S Ramsay; born 1867.
She married Henry Hill.
  Children:Daughter Hill [10.132]
Daughter Hill [10.133]

9.71Ellen Montgomery Donald; born about 1859 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 26 July 1939.
She married 8 Aug 1877 at PEI Edward Gordon, born about 1847 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 7 June 1893.
  Children:1881:Ellen Gordon [10.134]
Watson M Gordon [10.135]

9.72Ada J Donald; born 1861, died 1910 at Montrose, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

9.73Watson Donald; born 1863.

9.74Leander J Donald; born 25 Nov 1865, died 7 Aug 1935 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island.
He married Mary Jane Mountain, born 26 Sep 1872, died 9 April 1961.
  Children:1895:Wallace Earl Donald [10.136]
James Fred Donald [10.137]

9.75Mary S Donald; born 25 Nov 1865, died 1926.
She married 22 Sep 1886 at Montrose, Prince Edward Island, Canada John Bowness, born 22 Oct 1856, died 1947.
  Children:1887:Thirza Jane Bowness [10.138]
1888:Clara Ann Bowness [10.139]
1890:Estelle Leigh Bowness [10.140]
1892:Arthur Owen Bowness [10.141]
1894:Firth Bowness [10.142]
1894:Florence Bowness [10.143]
1901:Lilla Gertrude Bowness [10.144]

9.76Clarenda A Donald; born 1867, died 10 July 1942 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island.
She married Frederick W Peters, born 1866, died 27 Oct 1942 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island.
  Children:Helen Peters [10.145]
1892:Ada Belle Peters [10.146]
1893:Dora Peters [10.147]
Sybil Peters [10.148]

9.77Infant Donald.

9.78George Owen Gordon; born 8 Jan 1860 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 30 Aug 1916 at Huntley, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
He married 1906 Lucy Ann Hunter, born 14 Oct 1867 at Alberton, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 24 July 1955.

9.79Margaret (Maggie) Ellen Gordon; born 31 Aug 1861 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 25 Dec 1903.
She married 15 Jan 1891 James Barbour, born 19 Aug 1857 at Alma, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 21 Aug 1936.
  Children:1891:Sophie Gordon Barbour [10.149]
1893:David Athol Barbour [10.150]
1894:Minnie Rae Barbour [10.151]
1896:Alfred Keith Barbour [10.152]
1899:Henry Gordon Barbour [10.153]

9.80Robert Hudson Gordon; born 16 Aug 1863 at Montrose, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 6 Sep 1948 at Huntley, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
He married (1) 17 Nov 1898 at Tignish, Prince Edward Island, Canada Minnie A Carruthers, born 17 Nov 1869 at Tignish, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 16 July 1912 at Montrose, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
  Children:1899:Helen Carruthers Gordon [10.154]
1902:William Alfred Gordon [10.155]
1905:Catherine Erma Gordon [10.156]
He married (2) 25 Aug 1915 Ida Champion, died 21 April 1947 at Alberton, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

9.81John Simpson Gordon; born 28 Nov 1865, died 28 June 1933.
He married Laura Brown, born 1869, died May 1965.

9.82Allen Fraser Gordon; born 11 Jan 1868, died 1923.
He married Alice Stroud.

9.83Alfred Elwood Gordon; born 18 July 1870, died 9 May 1900.

9.84Bertha Sophia Gordon; born 14 Sep 1872, died 14 Oct 1916 at Vancouver, Canada.

9.85Minnie Ramsay Gordon; born 26 April 1876, died 9 Oct 1957.
She married James White, died 1947.

9.86Washington Gordon; born 1857.

9.87Donald Sinclair Gordon; born 1864, died 20 Nov 1941 at Maple Grove, Canada.

9.88John Owen Gordon; born 1867, died 21 March 1951 at Prince Edward Island, Canada.
He married 17 Oct 1889 Grace Riley, born 9 Jan 1869, died 7 Nov 1950.
  Children:1891:Mary Beatrice Gordon [10.157]
1892:David Lloyd Gordon [10.158]
1893:Hazel Annie Gordon [10.159]
1895:Child4 Gordon [10.160]
1896:John Sinclair Gordon [10.161]
1899:James Albert Gordon [10.162]
1900:Lilla (Lily) Riley Gordon [10.163]
1903:Child8 Gordon [10.164]
1906:Florence Jean Gordon [10.165]
Dorothy Gordon [10.166]
1909:Grace Ethel Gordon [10.167]

9.89Annie Gordon; born 22 July 1869 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 7 Oct 1951.
She married Daniel S Miller Capt, born 19 July 1862 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 17 Oct 1931 at At Sea, Gaspe, Canada.
  Children:1891:Martha (Mattie) G Miller [10.168]
1893:Elizabeth (Bessie) Gordon Miller [10.169]
Annie Edna Miller [10.170]
Bertha Miller [10.171]
1899:David Gordon Miller [10.172]
James Miller [10.173]
Blanche Miller [10.174]

9.90Lottie Blanch (Lettie) Gordon; born 1877, died 1921.

9.91Fulton Johnson Ramsay Gordon; born 1879, died 1953.
He married Mary F McNabb, born 1878, died 1937.
  Children:Ronald S Gordon [10.175]
Robert Gordon [10.176]
Dorothy Mildred Gordon (Adopted) [10.177]

9.92Arthur Leigh Gordon; born 1882, died 1913 at Worcester, USA.
He married 25 Sep 1906 Martha Winnifred Muttart, born 1 June 1883 at South Kildare, Prince Edward Island, died 4 Dec 1967 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island.
  Children:1907:Hillard Fulton Gordon [10.178]
Sybil Anne Gordon [10.179]
1913:Muriel Frances Gordon [10.180]
1914:Leigha Millicent Gordon [10.181]

9.93Arter (Arthur) Owen Gordon; born 1866.
He married Sarah Harvey Kean.
  Children:Gertrude Marie Gordon [10.182]
Dorothy Kean Gordon [10.183]

9.94Babe E Gordon; born 1868.

9.95Robert Gordon; born 1870.

9.96James O Gordon; born 1872.

9.97William Edgar Wallace Owen; born 2 Dec 1863 at Prince Edward Island, died 26 April 1941 at Prince Edward Island.
He married 5 May 1900 at St. Paul, USA Lillian Wilhemina Bostrom, born May 1879 at Minnesota, USA, died 4 April 1954 at Prince Edward Island.
  Children:1901:Lemuel Cambridge Owen [10.184]
1902:Lois Adelle Owen [10.185]
1904:Selma Isabel Owen [10.186]
1906:Edward Evan Owen [10.187]
1908:Florence Lillian Owen [10.188]
1910:William Lee Owen [10.189]
1912:Violet Meredyth Owen [10.190]
1913:Rhys Maitland Owen [10.191]
1915:Mary Elizabeth Owen [10.192]
1917:Robert Barker Owen [10.193]
Cicely Dilys Owen [10.194]

9.98Lemuel Cambridge Owen; born 28 Jan 1866 at Prince Edward Island, died 2 Feb 1957 at Ontario, Canada.
He married 23 July Catherine Sinclair Fraser, died 16 May 1942 at Toronto, daughter of Hector Fraser and ?.

9.99Marion Adele Owen; born 12 Nov 1868 at Prince Edward Island, died 1 Feb 1872 at Prince Edward Island.

9.100George Frederick William Owen; born 14 Aug 1850 at Prince Edward Island, died 18 June 1900 at Ottawa, Canada.
He married (1) 25 Dec 1878 at Montreal Isabella Murray Hunter, born Feb 1851 at Quebec, died 30 Dec 1891.
  Children:1879:Margarita Isabel Owen [10.195]
1881:George Thomas Owen [10.196]
1882:Ethelwyn Maud Owen [10.197]
1884:Leonard Hunter Owen [10.198]
1886:Laura Louisa Owen [10.199]
1887:Helen Gladys Owen [10.200]
1888:Arthur Lee Owen [10.201]
He married (2) 20 Aug 1894 at Georgetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada Mary Ann Lavers, born 5 Nov 1855, died 1 Oct 1951.
  Children:George Owen [10.202]

9.101Anna Louisa Owen; born 26 May 1852 at Prince Edward Island, died 1921 at Calgary, Canada.
She married 22 July 1875 at Prince Edward Island Hugh Lord Macdonald, born 25 March 1841 at Prince Edward Island, died
  Children:1878:Clarence R (Vivian) McDonald [10.203]
Genevieve (Vive) Matilda McDonald [10.204]
Edith Gertrude McDonald [10.205]
Alfred McDonald [10.206]
Louisa (Lulu) McDonald [10.207]
1890:Hugh Elmer McDonald [10.208]

9.102Edith Gertrude Owen; born 31 July 1853 at Prince Edward Island, died 12 Feb 1929 at Prince Edward Island.
She married 9111881 at Prince Edward Island Dougld Cody Morson, born 22 Sep 1853 at Prince Edward Island, died 12 Nov 1930 at Prince Edward Island.
  Children:1883:Muriel Elsie Augusta Morson [10.209]
1886:Margaret Hilda Louise Morson [10.210]
1888:Lemuel Earl Morson [10.211]
1890:Evelyn Maud Morson [10.212]
Douglas Cyril Morson [10.213]

9.103Lemuel Thomas Owen; born 18 June 1855 at Prince Edward Island, died 13 July 1888 at Prince Edward Island.
He married Geniviene Ada Blaisdell.
  Children:Pansy Owen [10.214]
Vivian Owen [10.215]

9.104Margaret Ethel Owen; born 16 April 1857 at Prince Edward Island, died 1912 at Quebec.

9.105Alfred David Kaye Owen; born 10 Nov 1858 at Prince Edward Island, died 25 May 1867 at Prince Edward Island.

9.106Ella Elizabeth Owen; born 13 May 1862 at Prince Edward Island, died 1926 at Boston, USA.
She married 1896 at Boston, USA Henry Fowler Ransford Watts, born 1869 at Quebec, died 1957 at Boston.

9.107Laura Sophia Owen; born 23 Aug 1864 at Prince Edward Island, died 1945.
She married 15 May 1886 at Prince Edward Island William S H Knight, born 1864, died 1919 at Prince Edward Island.
  Children:1887:John Knight [10.216]
1888:Vernon Heath Knight [10.217]
1889:Weston Fred Knight [10.218]
1891:Basil Knight [10.219]
Russell Knight [10.220]
1897:Muriel Margaret Knight [10.221]
1899:Annie Madoline Knight [10.222]

9.108Thomas Campbell Owen; born 23 Nov 1856 at Prince Edward Island, died 1926 at Australia.
He married Louis Frances Cowdray.
  Children:1884:Madge Campbell Owen [10.223]
George William Campbell Owen [10.224]

9.109Charles Stewart Owen; born 31 March 1858 at Prince Edward Island, died 1906 at Australia.
He married ? Greenaway, died 1898 at Childbirth In Australia.
  Children:Charles Harold William Owen [10.225]
Dorothy Minnie Owen [10.226]
Cecil Stewart Owen [10.227]
Lewis Owen [10.228]

9.110Anna Bell Davies Owen; born 30 June 1860 at Auckland, died 17 June 1928 at New Zealand.
She married 13 March 1884 Alfred Osborne Knight, born March 1857 at Tewkesbury, UK, died 23 Oct 1945 at Auckland.
  Children:1884:Constance Muriel Knight [10.229]
1886:Dorothy Irene Knight [10.230]
1888:Allan Osborne Knight [10.231]
1891:William Owen Knight [10.232]
1893:Cedric Leonard Knight [10.233]
1898:Mary Beryl Knight [10.234]
Lois Annabell Rona Knight [10.235]

9.111Alan Cameron Owen; born 1862 at Auckland, died after 1918 at Australia.
He married Gladys Ellis Meadowcroft.
  Children:Valda Cameron Owen [10.236]
Gwenyth Florence Owen [10.237]

9.112Ada Caroline Owen; born 16 July 1864 at Auckland, died 9 Feb 1930 at "Cairnhill", MT Eden, Auckland.
She married 1892 at Auckland George Herbert Baker, born 12 Nov 1870 at Auckland, died 8 Jan 1941 at Auckland, son of William Baker and Eliza Coombe.
  Children:1893:Iris Kathleen Owen Baker [10.238]

9.113Ethel Owen; born 1867 at Auckland, died after 1929 at Auckland.
She married ? Hughes-Jones.
  Children:Owen Hughes-Jones [10.239]
Tudor Hughes-Jones [10.240]

9.114(He)Lena Owen; born 16 April 1869 at Auckland, died 19 June 1952.
She married Henry Norman Maddox.
  Children:1902:(Helen) May Maddox [10.241]
1904:Noel Cameron Maddox [10.242]
1908:Norman Owen Maddox [10.243]

9.115Hedley Owen; born 1873 at Auckland, died after 1913 at Auckland.
He married Violet ?.

9.116George Wallace Owen; born 9 May 1871 at Auckland, died after 1913.

9.117Arthur Owen; born at Auckland, died young at Auckland.

9.118Anne Dewar Owen; born 10 June 1872 at Auckland, died 27 March 1873 at Auckland.

9.119Robert Owen; born at Auckland, died young at Auckland.

9.120Ernest Owen; born Feb 1881 at Auckland, died after 1913.

9.121George Herbert Owen Haszard; born 1 June 1851 at Prince Edward Island, died 17 Aug 1905 at Prince Edward Island.
He married 13 Aug 1889 Edith Stowe Moore, born 27 Dec 1863 at Bermuda, died 17 Aug 1929 at Prince Edward Island.
  Children:1890:Helen Marguerite Haszard [10.244]
1894:Edith Frederica Elaine Haszard [10.245]
1896:Gordon Thomas Haszard [10.246]

9.122Thomas Walter Douglas Haszard; born 27 Jan 1854 at Prince Edward Island, died 21 March 1933 at Edmonton?, Canada.
He married 11 Sep 1882 at Prince Edward Island Annie Wilson Campbell, born about 1861 at Prince Edward Island, died 29 Oct 1953.
  Children:1883:Allan Campbell Haszard [10.247]
1885:Jean Douglas Haszard [10.248]
1886:Arthur Alexander Haszard [10.249]
1891:Marguerite Marcella Haszard [10.250]
1893:Williston Haszard [10.251]
1895:Jessie Craig Haszard [10.252]
Walter Mcnair Haszard [10.253]

9.123Annie Sophia Campbell Haszard; born 24 March 1856 at Prince Edward Island, died 21 March 1933 at Prince Edward Island.

9.124Henry William Haszard; born 3 May 1858 at Prince Edward Island, died 24 May 1941 at Massachusets.
He married 24 Jan 1901 at Massachusets Florence Ellen Lefavour, born 7 Jan 1869 at New York, died 21 July 1957 at Massachusets.
  Children:1901:Viola Lefavour Haszard [10.254]
Roger Bennett Haszard [10.255]
Owen Ingersoll Haszard [10.256]

9.125George Ashley Haszard; born 15 May 1860 at Prince Edward Island, died 1926.
He married 6 Feb 1880 at Prince Edward Island Sarah Bears, died 4 May 1914 at Massachusets.
  Children:1881:Minnie Adele Ashley Haszard [10.257]
1883:Edith Owen Haszard [10.258]
1885:Margaret Victoria Haszard [10.259]
1886:Olive Gray Haszard [10.260]
1888:Harry Ashley Haszard [10.261]
1890:Grace Fairchild Haszard [10.262]
1891:May Kathleen Haszard [10.263]
1893:Frank Kellog Haszard [10.264]
1895:James Douglas Haszard [10.265]
1897:Elizabeth (Bessie) Haszard [10.266]

9.126Louis Albert Haszard; born 19 Jan 1863 at Prince Edward Island, died 30 April 1946 at Prince Edward Island.
He married 1900 Anna Mary Compton, born 1 Nov 1865, died 2 Nov 1946 at Prince Edward Island, daughter of George Compton and Eliza ?.
  Children:1905:Margaret Louise Haszard [10.267]

9.127David Rennie Laird; born 1865, died 28 Aug 1948 at Prince Edward Island.
He married Alethe Gunn, born 1865, died 1903 at Vancouver.
  Children:1894:Arthur Gordon Laird [10.268]
David Sidney Laird [10.269]
Louise Alethe (Lethe) Laird [10.270]
David Laird [10.271]

9.128Mary Alice Laird; born 7 Feb 1857 at Prince Edward Island, died 9 Dec 1945 at Prince Edward Island.
She married 15 Sep 1896 at Prince Edward Island John A Matheson, born 19 May 1863 at Prince Edward Island, died 7 Jan 1947 at Prince Edward Island.
  Children:Louise Mathieson [10.272]
1900:Helen Mary Mathieson [10.273]
1901:Dora Ella Mathieson [10.274]
David Laird Mathieson [10.275]
Jean Avila Mathieson [10.276]

9.129Arthur Gordon Laird; born 1868 at Prince Edward Island, died 1951 at Madison, USA.
He married 1901 Harriet Remington, born 1867, died 1901.
  Children:1901:Harold Laird [10.277]

9.130William Charles Laird; born 1870 at Prince Edward Island, died 1958 at Canada.
He married 1902 Isabelle H Nash, born 1868, died 1958 at Winnipeg.
  Children:William Darrell Laird [10.278]

9.131Harold J Laird; born 1872 at Prince Edward Island, died 1944 at Canada.
He married Rose Desjardine.
  Children:Mary Louise Laird [10.279]
Gordon Laird [10.280]
Harold Laird [10.281]

9.132Fannie Louise Laird; born 18 Nov 1876 at Prince Edward Island, died 18 June 1957 at Ottawa, Canada.
She married 29 Dec 1906 at Winnipeg David Henry Laird, born 23 Nov 1877 at Prince Edward Island, died 15 Feb 1952 at Winnipeg, son of Robert Laird and ?.
  Children:1910:Mary Louise Laird [10.282]
Elizabeth Barbara Laird [10.283]

9.133Aeneas Adolph Macdonald; born 30 Nov 1864 at Prince Edward Island, died 1920.
He married Aug 1904 at Prince Edward Island Margaret Jane Macdonald, born 1873, died June 1950 at Prince Edward Island.
  Children:Reginald A C Macdonald [10.284]
1907:Margaret Elizabeth Macdonald [10.285]
Anna Marion Owen Macdonald [10.286]
Andrew Macdonald [10.287]
Allan S Macdonald [10.288]
Aeneas Macdonald [10.289]

9.134Archibold Percy Gordon Macdonald; born 16 April 1867 at Prince Edward Island.
He married Laurie Manning.

9.135Reginald Hugh Macdonald; born 2 Sep 1869 at Prince Edward Island, died 1933.
He married ? Michard.

9.136Andrew Douglas Mcgregor Macdonald; born 10 Feb 1874 at Prince Edward Island, died 1921.
He married Elizabeth Clark, born 1868, died 1957.

9.137Annie Maud Margaret Owen; born 4 Nov 1868 at Prince Edward Island, died 29 June 1871 at Prince Edward Island.

9.138Alice Elizabeth Owen; born 15 Aug 1870 at Prince Edward Island.

9.139Adelaide Beatrice Louise Owen; born 28 July 1871 at Prince Edward Island, died 11 April 1912 at Prince Edward Island.
She married 17 Oct 1892 Donald Alexander Mackinnon, born 21 Feb 1863 at Prince Edward Island, died 20 April 1928 at Prince Edward Island, son of William Mackinnon and Katherine Nicholson.
  Children:Beatrice Mackinnon [10.290]
1899:Arthur Murray Mackinnon [10.291]

9.140John Francis William Owen; born 5 March 1873 at Prince Edward Island, died 8 Aug 1906 at Montreal, Canada.

9.141Charles Walter Wyndham Owen; born 16 May 1874 at Prince Edward Island.
He married 5 Jan 1897 at Prince Edward Island Bessie Violet Kennedy, died July 1938.
  Children:1897:Lionel Cambridge Owen [10.292]
1899:Charles Kennedy Owen [10.293]
1899:Vivian L Owen [10.294]
1899:Frances Owen [10.295]
Audrey Owen [10.296]
Jim English Owen [10.297]
Carl Wyndham Owen [10.298]

9.142Evelyn May Owen; born 16 July 1875 at Prince Edward Island, died 22 July 1965 at Ithaca, USA.
She married 18 June 1906 Alder Brehaut, born 6 Aug 1874 at Prince Edward Island, died 22 July 1965 at Ithica, NY USA, son of George Brehaut and Margaret McKinnon.
  Children:Margaret Alice Brehaut [10.299]
Louise Brehaut [10.300]
Elizabeth Brehaut [10.301]

9.143Reginald Roy Owen; born 27 July 1877 at Prince Edward Island.

9.144Percy Campbell Owen; born 12 Aug 1881 at Prince Edward Island.
He married Harriet Edna Standish.

9.145Minnie Maud Allison Owen; born 27 Oct 1883 at Prince Edward Island, died 28 Feb 1967.

9.146Frederick Lemuel Owen; born 10 April 1869 at Prince Edward Island, died 28 Nov 1959 at Forest Hills, NY USA.
He married (1) Katherine Wilkie, died 1910.
  Children:1904:Marie (Elizabeth) Wilkie Owen [10.302]
Marian Owen [10.303]
He married (2) 1916 at Boston, USA Ethyl Keane, died 1932 at Oakdale, NY USA.

9.147Alexander Ross Owen; born 14 Sep 1870 at Prince Edward Island, died 1940.
He married Olive ?.
  Children:Helen Owen [10.304]
Chesi Owen [10.305]

9.148Lillian Maud Owen; born 19 June 1872 at Prince Edward Island.

9.149Alfred Wallace Owen; born 18 March 1875 at Prince Edward Island.
He married ?.
  Children:Wallace Owen [10.306]

9.150Thomas Guy Owen; born 23 Jan 1877 at Prince Edward Island, died 1916.

9.151Helen Isabel Jessie Owen; born 18 Dec 1889, died 10 July 1970.

9.152Francis Beverley Owen; born 21 Nov 1891, died 14 Feb 1972.
He married Gwladys Bell, died 25 June 1987 at Prince Edward Island.

9.153Elsie Owen Macgowan; born 23 Aug 1880 at Prince Edward Island, died 1951 at British Columbia.
She married 18 Feb 1906 at British Columbia William Garland McQuarrie, born 26 July 1876 at Ottawa, died 1946 at British Columbia, son of Lachlan McQuarrie and Mary McKinnon.
  Children:Mary Frances Caroline McQuarrie [10.307]
Colin Dunstaff McQuarrie [10.308]

9.154Gowan Stainforth Macgowan; born 18 Feb 1882 at Prince Edward Island, died 11 Nov 1978 at Vancouver, Canada.
He married (1) Magaret Gifford, born 22 April 1883 at St. Paul, USA, died 28 July 1923 at British Columbia.
  Children:Margaret (Peggy) Gifford Macgowan [10.309]
Marion Owen Macgowan [10.310]
He married (2) Irene Moore.

9.155Colin Douglas Macgowan; born 27 Oct 1883 at Prince Edward Island, died 28 May 1900 at St. Paul, USA.

9.156Helen Clairmont Macgowan; born 29 Oct 1885 at Prince Edward Island, died 27 Feb 1956 at British Columbia.
She married (1) 19 Aug 1911 at British Columbia, divorced <37 John F Rainsford Balloch, born 1882 at New Brunswick, died 1971.
  Children:Helen Balloch [10.311]
Joan Balloch [10.312]
She married (2) Len Harris.

9.157Keith Campbell Macgowan; born 10 Dec 1890 at Prince Edward Island, died 21 Oct 1934 at British Columbia.

9.158Hugh Walter Montgomery; born 9 Feb 1857 at New York, USA, died 18 March 1921 at Chicago, USA.
He married Olivia Elvira Freeman, born Jan 1861 at Baltimore, USA, died 7 March 1919 at Evanston, USA.
  Children:1885:Raymond Hugh Montgomery [10.313]
1886:Lester Walter Montgomery [10.314]
1888:James Bertram Montgomery [10.315]
1890:Harold Hunter Montgomery [10.316]
1891:Dudley Freeman Montgomery [10.317]
1898:Olivia Elizabeth Montgomery [10.318]

9.159Robert Hunter Montgomery; born 1858 at New York, USA, died after 1915 at Waco, USA.

9.160Anna Maude Montgomery; born 1860 at USA, died 15 July 1891 at USA.
She married Doane.

9.161Sarah Bertha Montgomery; born 1863 at USA, died 16 Dec 1889 at Brooklyn, USA.
She married 4 Dec 1877 at Brooklyn, USA William Samuel Scott, born 1853 at Scotland, died 10 Dec 1886 at Brooklyn, USA.
  Children:1882:William Scott [10.319]
1883:Nina Ethel Scott [10.320]
1885:Percival Scott [10.321]

9.162Arthur William Montgomery; born 1865 at USA, died 31 Dec 1896 at Brooklyn, USA.

9.163Elizabeth May Montgomery; born 25 Nov 1867 at Brooklyn, USA, died 16 Nov 1937.
She married Frederick Henry Babcock.

9.164Nina Jane Montgomery; born 25 July 1869 at Brooklyn, USA, died 27 Feb 1879 at Brooklyn, USA.

9.165Margaret Jane Ramsay; born 15 Aug 1862 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1942.
She married John Crafer, born 1859, died 1936.
  Children:1902:W Keir Crafer [10.322]

9.166John Owen Ramsay; born 17 Jan 1864 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 4 April 1941.
He married 10 July 1907 at Malpeque, Prince Edward Island, Canada Mary K Thompson, born 1864, died 1920.
  Children:Louise Ramsay [10.323]

9.167Barbara Ramsay; born 15 Oct 1865 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 5 Sep 1916.

9.168James Craig Ramsay; born 14 June 1867 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 19 Nov 1939.
He married Sarah Thompson, born 21 Jan 1873, died 13 April 1955.
  Children:1905:Linda Ramsay [10.324]

9.169William Alfred Ramsay; born 19 July 1870 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1947.

9.170George Arthur Ramsay; born 27 Aug 1872 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 26 May 1955.

9.171Keir Owen Ramsay; born 29 Oct 1874 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died about 12 Oct 1939 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island.
He married 9 Oct 1906 at Malpeque, Prince Edward Island, Canada Flora Jane Henry, born 7 Aug 1876 at Malpeque, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 19 Jan 1971 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
  Children:Barbara Ethel Ramsay [10.325]
Jennie Harker Ramsay [10.326]

9.172Russel Lea Ramsay; born 27 Sep 1876 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1957 at Lacombe, Canada.
He married 1 Oct 1902 at Malpeque, Prince Edward Island, Canada Bessie Bernard, born 31 Jan 1883, died 1978 at Lacombe, Canada.
  Children:Gertrude Ramsay (Adopted) [10.327]
Child Ramsay [10.328]

9.173Mary Elisabeth Craig; born 5 Feb 1869, died 5 Jan 1891.

9.174Annie Sophia Craig; born 27 June 1870 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 21 Dec 1907.
She married Lee Branscombe.
  Children:Lee Branscombe [10.329]

9.175Arthur Lee Craig; born 18 Nov 1872, died 25 Feb 1950.

9.176Alfred Keir Craig; born 29 Aug 1875, died 1 March 1946.

9.177Minnie Bell Owen; born 30 Aug 1874 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 29 March.

9.178Benjamin Lee Owen; born 10 Dec 1875.

9.179Clara Corless Owen; born 5 July 1877 at Princetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 4 Dec 1940 at Malpeque, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

9.180Margaret Jane Owen; born 24 May 1879 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 7 Sep 1933 at Hamilton, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
She married Frederick Stewart, died before 1933.
  Children:Daughter Stewart [10.330]

9.181Robert Thomas Montgomery Owen; born 29 March 1882 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 27 Oct 1964 at Toronto, Canada.
He married 28 Oct 1913 at Hamilton, Prince Edward Island, Canada Eliza Woodside, born 28 Sep 1883, died 8 Jan 1979 at Toronto, Ont.
  Children:Eleanor Owen [10.331]

9.182Lewis Claude Owen; born 16 July 1883, died July 1964 at Hamilton, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

9.183Eliza (Lizzie) Florence Owen; born 17 Nov 1887 at Malpeque, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died about 7 Jan 1966 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island.
She married 11 Oct 1916 at Malpeque, Prince Edward Island, Canada Byron (Bert) Stewart, born 6 April 1871 at Hamilton, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 31 Oct 1951 at Hamilton, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
  Children:Elva Dorothy Stewart [10.332]
Charles Stewart [10.333]
Marion Barbara Stewart [10.334]
Doris Stewart [10.335]
Muriel Stewart [10.336]

9.184Burleigh Piese Bennett Owen; born 3 Nov 1889 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 17 Feb 1960 at Malpeque, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
He married Hazel Isabel Compton, born 8 Sep 1893, died 4 July 1967 at Malpeque, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
  Children:Kenneth Arthur Owen [10.337]
Lorne Owen [10.338]
Ralph C Owen [10.339]
Montgomery (Monte) Owen [10.340]
Charlene Anderson Owen [10.341]

9.185Alice Maude Hodgson; born 9 Sep 1864 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 25 Dec 1932 at Duluth, USA.
She married James S Abbott.

9.186Russel F Hodgson; born 25 Feb 1866 at Prince Edward Island, Canada.
He married Jane D Gardiner, born about 1871 at Prince Edward Island, Canada.
  Children:1891:William R Hodgson [10.342]

9.187Hannah Garrett Hodgson; born 11 Feb 1868 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1932.
She married Fulton McGougan, born 1863, died 1951.
  Children:Florence Ann McGougan [10.343]
1895:Fred McGougan [10.344]
Lily McGougan [10.345]

9.188Mary Laura Hodgson; born 1 Feb 1870 at Prince Edward Island, Canada.
She married James Hales.
  Children:Alice Hales [10.346]
Anne Hales [10.347]

9.189Catherine Annie Hodgson; born 19 Feb 1872 at PEI, died 5 Jan 1918.
She married William Thompson, born 13 Dec 1874, died 11 July 1946.
  Children:1906:George Russell Thompson [10.348]
1909:Charles Fulton Thompson [10.349]

9.190Henry (Harry) Lorne Hodgson; born 18 Nov 1879 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1947.
He married Janie D Gardiner, born 1871, died 1949.

9.191Marion Owen.

9.192Keir Owen.

9.193Francis Margarite Owen; born 14 Nov 1888 at Boston, USA, died 16 May 1980 at Massachusets.
She married 18 March 1910 at Boston, USA Richard Tyner Morey, born 23 Jan 1888 at Massachusets, died 11 Oct 1976 at Massachusets.
  Children:Charlotte Anne Morey [10.350]

9.194Rachel Owen; born 7 Dec 1893, died 8 July 1932.
She married Harold Wheeler.
  Children:Paul Lebaron Wheeler [10.351]
Lawrence Owen Wheeler [10.352]

9.195Marjorie Collamore Owen; born 17 Jan 1897, died 10 Jan 1968.
She married 11 July 1917 Sheldon Esmay Root, born 11 July 1896, died 10 Jan 1968.
  Children:1918:Stephen Esmay Root [10.353]
Patricia Owen Root [10.354]

9.196Wellesley Arthur Madison Craig; born 15 Nov 1872 at Prince Edward Island, died 5 Aug 1873 at Prince Edward Island.

9.197Walter Leslie Dixon; born Nov 1860 at Buctouche, Canada, died Aug 1923 at Calais, USA.
He married 26 Sep 1881 Agnes J Cochrane, born 26 Sep 1862 at Belfast, Ireland, died 15 April 1924 at Boston, USA.
  Children:1884:William Leslie Dixon [10.355]
1886:Horatio Edward Dixon [10.356]
1889:Alice W Dixon [10.357]
Carolina Lavina Dixon [10.358]
1896:Margaret Dixon [10.359]
1897:Earle Walter Dixon [10.360]
Frances Elizabeth Dixon [10.361]

9.198Ella Dixon; born after 1861 at Canada, died about 1871 at Canada.

9.199Alfred Linkletter; born 1880 at Prince Edward Island, Canada.
He married 12 Sep 1905 at Lowell, Middlesex, Maccachusetts, USA Mabel Lula Gamble, born 30 March 1882 at Fifteen Point, Prince Edward Island (Lot 2), died Nov 1981 at Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut, USA, daughter of Otis Whetmore Gamble and Catherine Sophia Hibbert.
  Children:Otis C Linkletter [10.362]
1912:Lilla F Linkletter [10.363]

Generation X
10.1Margaret Henderson; born 1881.

10.2Emily Gregor Henderson; born 2 Aug 1882, died 29 Nov 1882 at Union Road, Lot 33, Prince Edward Island.

10.3Jean Henderson.
She married Dunnaway.

10.4Elsie Henderson.

10.5Marion Henderson.

10.6Kenneth Henderson.

10.7James Gregor Henderson; born 29 March 1894, died 22 July 1903.

10.8Rosamund Gregor; born about 1900.
She married Marshall.
  Children:Ursula Marshall [11.1]

10.9Donald Douglas Maccallum; born 8 May 1880 at Mendocino, USA, died 27 Jan 1960 at Mendocino, USA.

10.10Jean A Maccallum; born 5 Dec 1882 at San Francisco, USA, died 17 Feb 1970 at San Francisco, USA.

10.11Lloyd Drexler Kelley; born 16 March 1895 at Ft Bragg, USA, died 31 May 1970 at Yakima, USA.
He married 22 Jan 1922 Susan Frances McDonald, born 2 Aug 1898 at Virginia City, USA, died 20 March 1974 at Yakima, USA.
  Children:Lloyd Drexler Kelley [11.2]

10.12Richard Lee (Leigh) Kelley; born 2 Oct 1901 at San Francisco, USA, died 1 Jan 1966 at San Francisco, USA.
He married Anna Leighton.
  Children:Barbara Kelley [11.3]
Virginia Kelley [11.4]
Rosemary Kelley [11.5]

10.13Margaret Elise Kelley; born 23 Feb 1903 at San Francisco, USA, died April 1983 at San Francisco, USA.
She married Robert L Campbell.
  Children:Blair Campbell [11.6]

10.14Carroll Vincent Kelley; born 3 Feb 1907 at San Francisco, USA, died 9 June 1970 at San Francisco, USA.
He married Clyta (Clytie) Reese.

10.15James Emmet Kelley; born 3 Feb 1909 at San Francisco, USA, died 5 June 1962 at San Francisco, USA.

10.16Mervyn Francis Kelley; born 17 May 1913 at San Francisco, USA, died June 1979 at San Francisco, USA.

10.17Katherine Rose Kelley; born 16 Nov 1916 at San Francisco, USA, died April 1982 at San Francisco, USA.

10.18Gordon Philip Kelley; born 23 Sep 1918 at San Francisco, USA, died 11 July 1976 at San Francisco, USA.
He married Mae M.
  Children:Elizabeth Kelley [11.7]
Paula Kelley [11.8]

10.19Etta Mae Carr; born 1870 at Paw Paw, USA, died 17 June 1956 at Rice Lake, USA.
She married 17 June 1902 at Cassopolis, USA Charles Leroy Smith, born 1864 at Cassopolis, USA, died 1928.
  Children:1904:Sidney Daniel Smith [11.9]
1907:Olive Carr Smith [11.10]

10.20Arthur Bannerman Carr; born 20 March 1871 at Cassopolis, USA, died 23 Nov 1879 at Cassopolis, USA.

10.21Elizabeth (Bessie) Sophia Carr; born 6 April 1878 at Cassopolis, USA, died 26 April 1965 at South Bend, USA.
She married Joseph Charles Hill.

10.22Hugh Carr; born 6 April 1878 at Cassopolis, USA, died 26 April 1878 at Cassopolis, USA.

10.23Carlyle Randolph Carr; born 30 Sep 1885 at Cassopolis, USA, died 18 Dec 1973 at Scottsdale, USA.
He married 15 Nov 1915 at Alma, USA Berneice Pauline Pollasky, born 7 Sep 1892 at Alma, USA, died 13 April 1978 at Scottsdale, USA.
  Children:Elizabeth Anne Carr [11.11]

10.24Ramsay Carr; born Jan 1889 at Cassopolis, USA, died July 1889 at Cassopolis, USA.

10.25Mary Sophia Carr; born 1876 at Alberton, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died Dec 1932 at Malpeque, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
She married 1 July 1909 at Malpeque, Prince Edward Island, Canada Thomas Macnutt, born 4 Dec 1864 at Malpeque, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1942.

10.26James Beairsto Carr; born 1878 at Alberton, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1954 at Campbellton, Canada.

10.27Anne Fraser Carr; born 4 June 1880 at Alberton, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 2 Sep 1913 at Campbellton, Canada.

10.28Hugh Allan Carr; born 1883 at Alberton, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1954 at Campbellton, Canada.
He married 3 Oct 1916 Muriel Herdman Mowatt, born 1894, died 19 March 1981 at Campbellton, Canada.
  Children:1918:Arthur Gordon Carr [11.12]

10.29Arthur Frederick Carr; born 30 Jan 1885 at Alberton, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 8 Feb 1970 at Fredericton, Canada.
He married 6 Feb 1918 Greta Adams, born 28 Oct 1887 at Tidehead, Canada, died 8 Jan 1983.
  Children:Mary Dorothy Carr [11.13]
Kathleen Jean Carr [11.14]

10.30Percy Lee Carr; born 3 Sep 1886 at Alberton, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 14 April 1943 at Montreal, Canada.
He married 19 July 1920 at Grand Bank, Newfoundland Eleanor Hickman Harris, born 18 Jan 1891 at Grand Bank, Newfoundland, died 24 Oct 1975 at Toronto, Canada.
  Children:George Frederick Carr [11.15]
William Keir Carr [11.16]
Robert Anderson Carr [11.17]
Hugh Bearisto Carr [11.18]
James Alexander Harris Carr [11.19]
Eleanor Mary Carr [11.20]

10.31Evan Compton Carr; born 1878 at St Eleanor's, Prince Edward Island, died 1967.
He married (1) Lena Andrews.
He married (2) Annie Mae (May) Dennis.
  Children:Anne Carr [11.21]
Jan Carr [11.22]
He married (3) Georgia Baldwin.

10.32Louisa Sophia Carr; born 1880 at St Eleanor's, Prince Edward Island, died 1957 at Toronto, Canada.
She married Ernest Anderson.
  Children:Ronald Anderson [11.23]
Lawrence Anderson [11.24]

10.33Arthur Lee Carr; born 1882 at North St Eleanor, Prince Edward Island, died 1925 at Vancouver, Canada.
He married (1) 25 Nov 1905 at Nanton, Canada Catherine Macfadyen, born 1882, died 18 May 1909 at Nanton, Canada.
He married (2) 1915 Anne Pollack, born 1890, died 1960.
  Children:Irene Francis Carr [11.25]
Arthur Drummond Carr [11.26]
Douglas Bonar Carr [11.27]

10.34Mary Pope Carr; born 1885 at North St Eleanor, Prince Edward Island, died 29 Dec 1953 at Wetaskiwin, Canada.
She married 4 Aug 1909 at North St Eleanor, Prince Edward Island William Francis Hale Montgomery, born 1880 at Bedeque, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1939 at Wetaskiwin, Canada.
  Children:Catherine Montgomery [11.28]
James William Montgomery [11.29]
Marjorie Hope Montgomery [11.30]
Olive Montgomery [11.31]
Dorothy Francess Montgomery [11.32]

10.35Villiers (Horatio N) Carr; born 1889 at North St Eleanor, Prince Edward Island, died 1960.
He married May Inman, born 1881 at St Eleanor's, Prince Edward Island, died 1960.
  Children:Clarence A Carr [11.33]
Lloyd Carr [11.34]
Irene Carr [11.35]

10.36Austin Hope Carr; born 23 Sep 1889 at North St Eleanor, Prince Edward Island, died 1942.
He married 1912 at Rexton, Canada Mary Katharine Maclean, born 1886, died 1972.
  Children:Sarah Constance Carr [11.36]
George Kenneth Carr [11.37]
Margurite Katherine Carr [11.38]

10.37Olive Bessie Carr; born 1892, died 1966.
She married Richard B Gale.

10.38Irene Carr; born 1897, died 1908.

10.39Ann Hill; died 1894.

10.40Florence Hill; born 1897.
She married Harry Scott.
  Children:Haldane Rufus Scott [11.39]

10.41Annie Isabella Stewart; born 31 Jan 1881 at Hamilton, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 23 Jan 1950 at Prince Edward Island, Canada.
She married 16 Sep 1902 at Hamilton, Prince Edward Island, Canada Arthur Lee Owen, born 8 Aug 1873 at Hamilton, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 5 Dec 1943 at Hamilton, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
  Children:1904:Henry Stewart Owen [11.40]
1907:Arthur Lee Owen [11.41]
Allison Fulton Owen [11.42]
Matilda Gardiner Owen [11.43]
Jean Alice Owen [11.44]
1919:John Keir Owen [11.45]

10.42Alice Sophia Stewart; born 1882, died 1912 at Hamilton, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

10.43Percy Clayton Stewart; born 1885, died 1967.

10.44Edith Estelle Stewart; born 1888, died 1953.
She married 9 Aug 1911 at Malpeque, PEI Charles Ledwith Stewart, born 1888, died 1973.
  Children:Geraldine Stewart [11.46]

10.45Elma Stewart; born 1890, died 1982.

10.46Horace R Stewart; born 1896, died 1914.

10.47John Lemuel Palmer; born 1873, died 1928.
He married (1) 1896 Laura Carruthers, born 1877, died 1908.
He married (2) Belle Tulloch.

10.48Wallace N Palmer; born 1874, died 1963.
He married Clara Millnitz.

10.49Arthur E Palmer; born about 1875-1876.
He married Maude.

10.50George Lawson Palmer; born 1877, died 1921.
He married Ethel Carruthers.

10.51Eliza Palmer; born about 1880.

10.52Nellie (Ellen) W Palmer; born about 1882.
She married Paul Schiable.

10.53Eliza (Bessie) L Palmer; born about 1884.
She married Anthony Marques.

10.54H W Beecher Palmer; born 1889.
He married Georgie.

10.55Talmage (Lalonge) Palmer; born 1889, died 1923.
He married Florence (Flossie) Bell Palmer, born 27 Sep 1897 at Freeland, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
  Children:Marion Florence Palmer [11.47]
Chester Palmer [11.48]
Wallace J Palmer [11.49]

10.56Flora Melita Palmer; born about 1890.
She married Hayden Bowler.

10.57Florence M Craig; born 1884 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1910.

10.58Chester Bannerman Craig; born about 1886 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died July 1946 at Canada.
He married Sophia Claudia Odolina Horne, born 8 Oct 1885, died 23 Dec 1971 at Canada.
  Children:Edgar Newton Craig [11.50]

10.59Laura Maud Craig; born about 1889 at Poplar Grove, Prince Edward Island.
She married Norman Craig, born at Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
  Children:Alice Eva Craig [11.51]
Laura Mary Craig [11.52]
Brain Craig [11.53]
Bruce Richard Craig [11.54]

10.60Robert Heber Craig; born 29 Nov 1894, died 17 May 1976.

10.61Rhoda M Craig; born 1896.
She married (1) Harold Edgerton Gard, born 1895, died 12 April 1922 at Mill River, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
  Children:1917:Keith Hazen Gard [11.55]
She married (2) Arthur R Metherall, born 29 Jan 1902, died 21 July 1977.

10.62Mary Ella Craig; born 8 June 1898, died 5 Jan 1965.

10.63E Pearl Craig; born 16 March 1900, died 9 July 1978.

10.64Arthur Leigh Craig; born 22 July 1902, died 21 March 1973.
He married 19 Feb 1930 at Boston, USA Margaret (Marjorie) Alice Millar, born 8 June 1910 at Freeland, Lot 11, Prince Edward Island, died 18 March 1987 at Tyne Valley, Prince Edward Island.
  Children:John Bannerman Craig [11.56]
1933:Bruce Millar Craig [11.57]
Lillie Blanche Craig [11.58]
Margaret Christine Janetta Craig [11.59]
Norma Janelle Craig [11.60]

10.65Arthur Clarence Archibald; born 2 April 1879 at Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 14 June 1880.

10.66Helen Desbrisay Archibald; born 6 Sep 1881 at Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 16 April 1921.

10.67Olive Lyle Archibald; born 14 Aug 1883 at Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died about Feb 1935.
She married 1 July 1909 at Winnipeg, MAN Hugh Duncan Cumming, died 1942.
  Children:William Archibald Cumming [11.61]
John Creelman Cumming [11.62]
Helen Bell Cumming [11.63]
Agnes Ramsay Cumming [11.64]
Jean Isabel Cumming [11.65]
Hugh Ross Hunter Cumming [11.66]
Margaret Lois Cumming [11.67]

10.68Jennie Rutherford Archibald; born 23 July 1885 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 22 Jan 1909.

10.69Leith Prescott Archibald; born 6 Oct 1888 at Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 23 June 1966.
He married 1 Oct 1914 at Economy, Canada Jessie Margaret Mowbray Semple, born 9 March 1890 at Tatamagouche, Canada, died about 1982.
  Children:1916:Helen Cecelia Archibald [11.68]
Arthur Kenneth Archibald [11.69]

10.70John Geddie Archibald; born 11 June 1894 at Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 10 Dec 1965 at Bradenton, USA.
He married 7 Dec 1916 Cora Estelle Blenkhorn, born 27 Feb 1899 at USA.
  Children:Jean Marie Archibald [11.70]
Gladys Glencross Archibald [11.71]
1920:George Malcolm Archibald [11.72]
John Merritt Archibald [11.73]
William Prescott Archibald [11.74]

10.71Vernon Harold Ramsay; born 1890 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1964.
He married Jannis Killam, born 1895, died 1954.
  Children:Nina Emma Jean Ramsay [11.75]

10.72Lie Frizell.

10.73Dorothy Frizell.

10.74Jean Jones; born 11 Sep 1915 at Pembroke, Canada, died about 1983.
She married (1) Burns.

10.75James Harris Mccurdy Jones; born 1902, died 28 Oct 1975.
He married Ella Arrabel Hamilton.
  Children:Phyllis A Jones [11.76]

10.76Ivey Jones; died 1945.
She married Russell McGarvey, died before 1989.
  Children:James McGarvey [11.77]
Elenor McGarvey [11.78]
Ruth McGarvey [11.79]
Lillian McGarvey [11.80]

10.77Elmer W Jones; born 1906, died 1982.
He married Violet O Hollmer.
  Children:Douglas Jones [11.81]

10.78Lillian M Jones; born 1907, died 1932.

10.79Douglas Grant Jones.
He married Margaret Moore Cotie.
  Children:Margaret Ann Jones [11.82]

10.80Soloman Owen Jones; born 23 Sep 1895, died 1984.
He married Hazel Jerrett.
  Children:Shirley Jones [11.83]

10.81Edward Mackenzie Clark Jones; born 25 Nov 1897, died 8 May 1976.

10.82Emily Alice Jones; born 25 Feb 1900, died 9 Jan 1978.
She married William Gibson, died 19 Nov 1953.
  Children:Mary Gibson [11.84]
Clarke Gibson [11.85]

10.83William Walter Lorne Jones; born 1903, died 1905.

10.84Laura May Jones; born 9 Dec 1905, died 13 Nov 1970.
She married Basil Hamilton.
  Children:Judith Hamilton [11.86]

10.85Elizabeth Grace Jones.
She married George Edwin Winters.
  Children:Connie Winters [11.87]
Ronald Winters [11.88]
Janice Winters [11.89]
Susanne Winters [11.90]
Barbara Winters [11.91]

10.86Mary Isabel Jones; born 29 Aug 1910, died 1 May 1982.

10.87Robert Allan Jones.
He married Laura Pearl Wilson.
  Children:Allan John Thane Jones [11.92]
Elizabeth May Jones [11.93]
Harry Wilson Jones [11.94]

10.88Harry Macdowell Jones; born 10 Sep 1916, died 8 May 1945 at Overseas By Land Mine.
He married Viola Gribbons.
  Children:Maureen Jones [11.95]
Wendy Jones [11.96]

10.89Lawrence Stewart Jones; born 1901, died 1963.
He married Helen Smith, born 1907, died 1981.

10.90Janet Jones; died before 1989.
She married Jack Armstrong, died before 1989.

10.91Annie Jones.
She married James Gillanders.

10.92Dorothy Dennison.
She married Bert Ramsay.
  Children:Allan Ramsay [11.97]
Charles Ramsay [11.98]
Daughter Ramsay [11.99]

10.93Franklin Dutton Marks; born 17 Sep 1883 at Margate, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 19 Dec 1967 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island.
He married Emily Carolyn Harding, born 9 April 1882 at Graham's Road, Prince Edward Island, died 5 May 1966 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island.
  Children:1911:Helen Frances Marks [11.100]
1912:Muriel Maude Marks [11.101]
John Gardiner Marks [11.102]
Vivian Rebecca Marks [11.103]

10.94Harry Marks; born about 1887 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died before 1989.
He married Ruth Coles.

10.95Frederick Warren; born about 1877.

10.96Ethel Warren; born about 1883 at Prince Edward Island, Canada.

10.97Mabel Gordon Easter.
She married Arnold Harwood Sutherland.
  Children:Charlotte Sutherland [11.104]

10.98Beulah Owen Easter.
  Children:Russell [11.105]

10.99Edna Easter.
  Children:Ruth [11.106]
Natalie [11.107]

10.100Lloyd Montgomery.
He married Lillian Church.
  Children:Ruth Montgomery [11.108]
Irving Montgomery [11.109]
John Arthur Montgomery [11.110]
Earl Montgomery [11.111]

10.101Arthur Percival Montgomery.
He married Julia Boland.
  Children:Ellen Montgomery [11.112]
Julia Montgomery [11.113]
Barbara Montgomery [11.114]

10.102Arthur Lee Montgomery.
He married May Hanney, died before 1989.
  Children:Daughter1 Montgomery [11.115]
Daughter2 Montgomery [11.116]
Son Montgomery [11.117]

10.103Hugh (Dewey) Owen Montgomery.
He married Margaret Harris.

10.104Herbert Montgomery.
He married Elizabeth Mannox.
  Children:Herbert Montgomery [11.118]
Robert Montgomery [11.119]
Eleanor Montgomery [11.120]
Muriel Montgomery [11.121]

10.105Matilda Montgomery.
She married William Hanney.
  Children:Madeline Hanney [11.122]
Evelyn Hanney [11.123]
Elizabeth Hanney [11.124]
Virginia Hanney [11.125]
Donald Hanney [11.126]
William Hanney [11.127]

10.106Harriet May Montgomery; born about 1886, died 19 Aug 19 ?.
She married Edward Joseph Farrell.
  Children:1905:Laurence Montgomery Farrell [11.128]
Dorothy May Farrell [11.129]
Mildred Barbara Farrell [11.130]
Gertrude Farrell [11.131]
Edward J Farrell [11.132]

10.107Roy Montgomery.
He married Margery Mullen.
  Children:John Lawrence Montgomery [11.133]
Virginia Montgomery [11.134]
Dorothy Montgomery [11.135]
Timothy Montgomery [11.136]

10.108Thelma Ida Owen; born 1903, died 1969.
She married Percy Macausland, born 1893, died about 1985.
  Children:Colin Macausland [11.137]

10.109Glen William Owen; born 1904 at Hamilton, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 2 April 1941 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
He married Helena Beatrice White.
  Children:Keir Owen [11.138]
Hyla Owen [11.139]
Bessie Owen [11.140]
Eric Owen [11.141]
Allison Owen [11.142]
Ernie Owen [11.143]
Leith Owen [11.144]
Jeanette Owen [11.145]

10.110Enid Marian Owen; born 1 Oct 1910 at North River, Prince Edward Island, died 16 Feb 1978 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
She married about 1932 at Montague, Prince Edward Island, Canada Robert James Hurry, born 10 Oct 1898 at North River, Prince Edward Island, died 28 Dec 1964 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
  Children:Robert James Hurry [11.146]
George Daniel Hurry [11.147]
Douglas Owen Hurry [11.148]
Nelson Garfield Hurry [11.149]
Winston Churchill Hurry [11.150]

10.111Elizabeth Owen.

10.112Henry Stewart Owen; born 8 May 1904 at Prince Edward Island, died 9 March 1984 at Nova Scotia.
He married Pearl Cooke.
  Children:Thelma Owen [11.151]
Arthur Owen [11.152]
Shirley Anne Owen [11.153]
John Cooke Owen [11.154]
Douglas Nelson Owen [11.155]

10.113Cedric Edwin Owen; born 15 Feb 1906 at Prince Edward Island, died 10 Jan 1991 at Prince Edward Island.
He married Mary Inglis, daughter of Daniel Smith Inglis and Margaret Ellen Sudsbury.
  Children:Mildred Owen [11.156]

10.114Arthur Lee Owen; born 1 Nov 1907 at Prince Edward Island, died 12 Dec 1990 at Prince Edward Island.

10.115Allison Fulton Owen.
He married Myrtle Beatrice Rayner.
  Children:Janet Annabelle Owen [11.157]
Carolyn Lee Owen [11.158]
John Keir Owen [11.159]
David William Owen [11.160]

10.116Mary Matilda Gardiner Owen.
She married Harold Lyle, born 5 June 1905, died 1 Sep 1966.
  Children:George Arthur Lyle [11.161]
Edwin Owen Lyle [11.162]

10.117John Keir Owen; born 1 Aug 1919 at Prince Edward Island, died 19 Feb 1941 at On Service.

10.118Jean Alice Owen.
She married divorced lived Donald Maltby.
  Children:1942:Donald Maltby [11.163]
Helen Maltby [11.164]
Rawdon Maltby [11.165]

10.119Helen Owen.

10.120Harold Owen.

10.121Arthur Sydney Owen.

10.122Clemmie Barbara Simpson; born 25 Sep 1885 at Bayview, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1970.
She married 12 July 1911 James Henry Williams, born 19 June 1878, died 19 June 1947 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
  Children:Henry Gordon Williams [11.166]
Jean Ramsay Williams [11.167]
Lloyd George Williams [11.168]
1925:Benjamin Williams [11.169]

10.123Preston Ramsay Simpson; born June 1887, died 13 Nov 1887.

10.124Earle Owen Simpson; born 20 Aug 1891 at Bayview, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 28 Feb 1975 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
He married 11 Oct 1919 Annie E Robinson, born 25 Aug 1896 at Robinsons Island, Prince Edward Island, died 26 Dec 1985 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
  Children:Eric Robinson Simpson [11.170]
Hazel Marion White Simpson [11.171]
Nellie Jean Simpson [11.172]
Clemmie Margaret Simpson [11.173]
Donald Malcolm Simpson [11.174]
Harold Henry Simpson [11.175]
Preston Ramsay Simpson [11.176]
Laura Vivian Simpson [11.177]

10.125Harold Henry Hill Simpson; born 17 March 1897, died 16 Dec 1975 at Amherst, Canada.
He married (1) at Prince Edward Island, Canada Hazel White, born 12 March 1895, died 19 Aug 1922.
He married (2) Alice Hazel Rayner.
  Children:Anita Mae Joan Simpson [11.178]
Douglas Reagh Simpson [11.179]
Donald Owen Simpson [11.180]

10.126Roy Ramsay.





10.131Son Randall.

10.132Daughter Hill.

10.133Daughter Hill.

10.134Ellen Gordon; born about 1880-1881 at Prince Edward Island, Canada.

10.135Watson M Gordon; born 1882, died 1958.

10.136Wallace Earl Donald; born 3 Sep 1895 at Howlan, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 16 Aug 1985 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
He married Annie Isabel Cole, born June 1901 at Bedeque, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 23 Dec 1967 at Alma, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
  Children:Lois Rae Donald [11.181]
John (Jack) Ross Donald [11.182]
Mary Isabel Donald [11.183]
Leigh Bertram Donald [11.184]
Jean Adelaide Donald [11.185]
James Barbour Donald [11.186]
Verna Helen Donald [11.187]
Wallace Owen Donald [11.188]

10.137James Fred Donald; born 1889 at Alma, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died March 1974 at England.
He married Mary, died 1985.

10.138Thirza Jane Bowness; born 11 Aug 1887.

10.139Clara Ann Bowness; born 19 Dec 1888.
She married Arthur Bell.
  Children:1914:Arthur Kenneth Bell [11.189]
Son Bell [11.190]

10.140Estelle Leigh Bowness; born 11 Aug 1890 at Montrose, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 19 Dec 1976 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

10.141Arthur Owen Bowness; born 1 July 1892, died 3 July 1967.
He married Minnie Evelyn Dignan, born 24 Aug 1895, died 1 Nov 1974.

10.142Firth Bowness; born 10 May 1894, died 26 Nov 1958.
He married (1) Martha (Mattie) G Miller [10.168].
He married (2) Hazel Jean Wallace.

10.143Florence Bowness; born 10 May 1894.
She married Hector Oag.

10.144Lilla Gertrude Bowness; born 1 Dec 1901, died before Dec 1976.
She married Leaman Hicks.
  Children:Loraine Hicks [11.191]
Jack Hicks [11.192]

10.145Helen Peters.
She married Amos H Hubley.
  Children:Richard Hubley [11.193]
Alan Hubley [11.194]

10.146Ada Belle Peters; born about 1892, died 1892.

10.147Dora Peters; born 7 March 1893, died before 1988.
She married Alfred Simpson, born 11 May 1874, died 7 Feb 1952.

10.148Sybil Peters.
She married Hugh Brown.
  Children:Don Brown [11.195]

10.149Sophie Gordon Barbour; born 30 Nov 1891 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 7 Aug 1976.

10.150David Athol Barbour; born 16 April 1893, died after 1985.
He married Alice Williams.

10.151Minnie Rae Barbour; born 28 Nov 1894, died 6 March 1977.

10.152Alfred Keith Barbour; born 27 Nov 1896.
He married Florence Moore, died 18 Jan 1985.
  Children:Monica Barbour [11.196]
Mary Jane Barbour [11.197]
James William Barbour [11.198]

10.153Henry Gordon Barbour; born 11 Sep 1899, died 18 May 1981.

10.154Helen Carruthers Gordon; born 21 Dec 1899 at Montrose, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 20 Nov 1979 at Huntley, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
She married 27 May 1925 at Montrose, Prince Edward Island, Canada George Ramsay, born 28 Sep 1900 at South Kildare, Prince Edward Island, died 23 May 1982 at Alberton, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
  Children:1926:Hudson Ramsay [11.199]
Jean Ramsay [11.200]
Gordon Ramsay [11.201]

10.155William Alfred Gordon; born 10 Aug 1902 at Montrose, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 15 Nov 1960 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island.
He married Eileen Keenan.
  Children:Jean Gordon [11.202]
Phyllis Gordon [11.203]

10.156Catherine Erma Gordon; born 12 Nov 1905 at Montrose, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 3 Jan 1982.
She married Osborne Lefurgey.
  Children:Robert Lefurgey [11.204]
Ross Lefurgey [11.205]
Donald Lefurgey [11.206]

10.157Mary Beatrice Gordon; born 1 Jan 1891, died 1968 at Alberton, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
She married 26 July 1911 at Montrose, Prince Edward Island, Canada William Thomas Horne, born 25 Dec 1886, died 4 Dec 1955.

10.158David Lloyd Gordon; born 1 Oct 1892 at Montrose, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 12 Feb 1985.
He married 8 July 1914 Minerva Horne, born 26 Sep 1896, died 20 Jan 1954 at Prince Edward Island, Canada.
  Children:Edna Grace Gordon [11.207]
Kenneth James Gordon [11.208]
Keith Willard Gordon [11.209]
Blanche Doreen Gordon [11.210]
Ralph Alton Gordon [11.211]
Wilna Jean Gordon [11.212]
Robert Douglas Gordon [11.213]

10.159Hazel Annie Gordon; born 10 Oct 1893, died 25 Sep 1987 at Alberton, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
She married 4 Nov 1914 Breton Ramsay, born 27 June 1889 at Bloomfield, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1973.
  Children:John Heber Ramsay [11.214]

10.160Child4 Gordon; born 8 Jan 1895, died 10 Jan 1895.

10.161John Sinclair Gordon; born 15 March 1896, died 26 Jan 1941.
He married Elizabeth Vincent.
  Children:Ruth Kathleen Gordon [11.215]
Elmer Owen Gordon [11.216]
Ferne Eileen Gordon [11.217]

10.162James Albert Gordon; born 30 May 1899 at Huntley, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 17 Jan 1987 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island.
He married 22 Aug 1919 Empress Belle McNeill, born 21 July 1898, died 19 Feb 1980.
  Children:Aletha June Gordon [11.218]
Lois Blanche Gordon [11.219]
1927:John Owen Gordon [11.220]
Rubzell Gordon [11.221]
1930:James Donald Gordon [11.222]
Shirley Laura Gordon [11.223]

10.163Lilla (Lily) Riley Gordon; born 30 Oct 1900 at Alma, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 11 Feb 1990 at Moncton, Canada.
She married 27 Aug 1919 Wilfred Laurier Matthews, born 8 Oct 1897, died 22 July 1955.
  Children:Lee Gordon Matthews [11.224]
Dorothy Grace Matthews [11.225]
1922:Ralph Elmer Matthews [11.226]
1923:Layton Arthur Matthews [11.227]
John Frederick Matthews [11.228]
1926:Glen Francis Matthews [11.229]
Gerald Lloyd Matthews [11.230]
Marjorie Corena Matthews [11.231]
1933:Marion Elaine Matthews [11.232]
Helen Eileen Matthews [11.233]
Linda May Matthews [11.234]

10.164Child8 Gordon; born 15 Sep 1903, died 6 Jan 1904.

10.165Florence Jean Gordon; born 21 Feb 1906 at Alma, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 4 Feb 1990 at Moncton, Canada.
She married (1) 13 Oct 1923 Frederick John Gillis, born 27 Aug 1902 at Moncton, Canada, died 23 March 1959 at Moncton, Canada.
  Children:Audrey Bernice Gillis [11.235]
Doris Elaine Gillis [11.236]
Anita Jean Gillis [11.237]
Geraldine Ruth Gillis [11.238]
John Frederick Gordon Gillis [11.239]
She married (2) Harrison Thomson.

10.166Dorothy Gordon.
She married Marshall Rayner, born 13 April 1904 at Greenmount, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1965 at Greenmount, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
  Children:Jean Margaret Rayner [11.240]
Jessie Aileen Rayner [11.241]
Eldon Rayner [11.242]
Grace Kathleen Rayner [11.243]
John James Rayner [11.244]
Joyce Irene Rayner [11.245]
Elizabeth Frances Rayner [11.246]
Eva Constance Rayner [11.247]

10.167Grace Ethel Gordon; born 27 Dec 1909, died 13 Dec 1951.

10.168Martha (Mattie) G Miller; born 12 July 1891 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 4 Aug 1945.
She married Firth Bowness [10.142].

10.169Elizabeth (Bessie) Gordon Miller; born 19 Oct 1893, died 4 Nov 1957.
She married 1919 George Heber Hardy, born 5 Sep 1884 at Hill's River, Prince Edward Island, died 8 May 1962.
  Children:Margaret Hardy [11.248]
1920:Bessie Kathleen Hardy [11.249]

10.170Annie Edna Miller; died after 1984.
She married Ernest Harris.
  Children:1926:James Miller Harris [11.250]
Anna Gordon Harris [11.251]
Donald Ernest Harris [11.252]

10.171Bertha Miller; died before Oct 1984.
She married Martin Brophy.

10.172David Gordon Miller; born after 1899, died 4 Oct 1984 at Calgary, Canada.
He married Blanche Norton.

10.173James Miller; died before Oct 1984.
He married Mary Clark.

10.174Blanche Miller; died after Oct 1984.
She married Vernon England.
  Children:Verna B England [11.253]

10.175Ronald S Gordon; born 1905, died 1906.

10.176Robert Gordon.

10.177Dorothy Mildred Gordon (Adopted).
She married Elmer Owen Gordon [11.216].
  Children:Elizabeth Gwen Gordon [12.363]
John Owen Gordon [12.364]
David Irwin Gordon [12.365]
Carol Ann Gordon [12.366]
Linda Eileen Gordon [12.367]

10.178Hillard Fulton Gordon; born 21 Oct 1907 at Worcester, USA, died 25 June 1972 at Halifax, Canada.
He married Jean Arta Aitken.
  Children:Patricia Ann Gordon [11.254]
Karin Leigh Gordon [11.255]

10.179Sybil Anne Gordon.

10.180Muriel Frances Gordon; born 31 Jan 1913 at Worcester, USA, died 1 July 1984 at Toronto, Canada.
She married 20 April 1936 at Charlottetown, PEI Alexander Keith Jamieson, born 1910 at Newton, USA, died Aug 1964 at Hartford, USA.
  Children:Sybil Frances Jamieson [11.256]
1945:Leigha Keith Jamieson [11.257]

10.181Leigha Millicent Gordon; born 17 May 1914 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island, died about 1915.

10.182Gertrude Marie Gordon; died 1968.
She married Arthur B Ryan.
  Children:Richard Gordon Ryan [11.258]

10.183Dorothy Kean Gordon.
She married William Condon.
  Children:Patricia Condon [11.259]

10.184Lemuel Cambridge Owen; born 1 April 1901 at St. Paul, USA, died 26 June 1984 at Prince Edward Island.

10.185Lois Adelle Owen; born 12 Aug 1902 at St. Paul, USA, died 3 March 1992 at Prince Edward Island.
She married 5 Oct 1929 at Prince Edward Island Orrin Druid Macgregor, born 25 Nov 1896 at Prince Edward Island, died 23 Oct 1960.

10.186Selma Isabel Owen; born 30 July 1904 at St. Paul, USA, died 18 June 1966.

10.187Edward Evan Owen; born 13 Aug 1906 at Prince Edward Island, died 2 July 1985 at Vancouver, Canada.
He married Helen Vibert Shannon.
  Children:Robert Edward Owen [11.260]
William Douglas Owen [11.261]
Gerald Philip Owen [11.262]
Barbara Elizabeth Owen [11.263]

10.188Florence Lillian Owen; born 1 Aug 1908 at Prince Edward Island, died 17 March 1993 at Prince Edward Island.
She married John Campbell Macleod.

10.189William Lee Owen; born 10 July 1910 at Prince Edward Island, died 13 March 1993 at Prince Edward Island.
He married 22 June 1942 at New Brunswick Edythe May Oulton, born 6 Jan 1916 at New Brunswick, died 4 Jan 1977 at Toronto, Canada.
  Children:William Lee Owen [11.264]
Brenda Lois Owen [11.265]
Pamela Jean Owen [11.266]
Arthur Charles Owen [11.267]
James Wallace Owen [11.268]

10.190Violet Meredyth Owen; born 21 Feb 1912 at Prince Edward Island, died 28 May 1976 at Wellington, Nz.
She married 23 Aug 1952 Alfred Steffenson, died 14 Oct 1976 at Eastbourne, New Zealand.

10.191Rhys Maitland Owen; born 10 Nov 1913 at Prince Edward Island, died Dec 1971.
He married July 1941 Violet Marshall, died 22 Jan 1993 at Orlanda, USA.
  Children:Evelyn Diane Owen [11.269]
John Marshall Owen [11.270]
Susan Lee Owen [11.271]

10.192Mary Elizabeth Owen; born 23 Aug 1915 at Prince Edward Island, died 16 March 1978 at Prince Edward Island.
She married George Everett Ives.
  Children:William Dawson Ives [11.272]
George Rodney Ives [11.273]
1941:David Edward Ives [11.274]
John Bruce Sterling Ives [11.275]
James Gardner Ives [11.276]
Douglas Walter Ives [11.277]
Rosemary Pauline Ives [11.278]

10.193Robert Barker Owen; born 23 July 1917 at Prince Edward Island, died 2 April 1986 at Prince Edward Island.

10.194Cicely Dilys Owen.
She married Colin Roy Macdonald Quin, son of Roy Victor Quin and Violet Candy.
  Children:Janet Eileen Quin [11.279]
Rhys Macdonald Quin [11.280]

10.195Margarita Isabel Owen; born 20 Oct 1879 at Cardigan, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 15 Aug 1973 at Glendale, USA.
She married 12 Oct 1916 at Minneapolis, USA Louis Milton Andros, born 1862 at Iowa, USA, died Dec 1943 at Glendale, USA.

10.196George Thomas Owen; born 27 April 1881 at Cardigan, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 16 Nov 1951.
He married Edna G Reynolds.
  Children:Son1 Owen [11.281]
Son2 Owen [11.282]

10.197Ethelwyn Maud Owen; born 28 April 1882 at Canada, died Aug 1960.
She married Robert Barrie.
  Children:Helen Barrie [11.283]
Robert Barrie [11.284]
Ethelwyn Barrie [11.285]
Isobel Barrie [11.286]

10.198Leonard Hunter Owen; born 11 May 1884 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island, died 24 Oct 1945 at Lougheed, Canada.
He married Addie Bell Reber, born 4 Jan 1896 at Canada, died 16 Dec 1975 at Jarrow, Canada.
  Children:1912:Helen Mae Owen [11.287]
Elvie Vivian Owen [11.288]
Elsie Lillian Owen [11.289]
1913:Ellen Owen [11.290]
Alice Hazel Owen [11.291]
1917:Leonard Harvey Owen [11.292]
Doris Irene Owen [11.293]
1927:Howard Glenn (Jim) Owen [11.294]
1932:Ernie Blaine Owen [11.295]
Connie Elaine Owen [11.296]

10.199Laura Louisa Owen; born 8 Feb 1886 at Cardigan, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 30 July 1958 at Hawthorne, USA.
She married (1) William Rodger Barrie, born 20 July 1889 at Wickham, Canada, died 20 Jan 1980 at Cabri, Canada.
  Children:Isabel Owen Barrie [11.297]
She married (2) 23 July 1924 Opie Read, born 6 Nov 1893 at Oakesdale, USA, died 7 April 1978 at Hawthorne, USA.

10.200Helen Gladys Owen; born 11 Sep 1887 at Cardigan, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 2 Aug 1975 at Edmonton, Canada.
She married 1 Sep 1909 at Camrose, Canada Adam Clarke Hoover, born 2 Oct 1870 at Blythe, Canada, died March 1948 at Tofield, Canada.
  Children:1912:Ellen Isabelle Fern Hoover [11.298]
Olwyn Minota Hoover [11.299]
1921:Owen Clarke Hoover [11.300]
1922:Thomas Cyril Hoover [11.301]
1929:Ewart Vivien Hoover [11.302]
1931:Robert Bliss Hoover [11.303]

10.201Arthur Lee Owen; born 24 Sep 1888, died 7 Oct 1888.

10.202George Owen; died 10 May 1898.

10.203Clarence R (Vivian) McDonald; born 21 Sep 1878 at Cardigan, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1919.

10.204Genevieve (Vive) Matilda McDonald; born 1880 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1950.

10.205Edith Gertrude McDonald; born 1882 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1951.
She married John Bryden Stevenson.

10.206Alfred McDonald; born 1884 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1918.

10.207Louisa (Lulu) McDonald; born 1886, died about 1890.

10.208Hugh Elmer McDonald; born 16 Nov 1890 at Cardigan, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1922.
He married Gertrude Cornelia McFarlane.
  Children:1921:Kathleen Louise McDonald [11.304]

10.209Muriel Elsie Augusta Morson; born 3 Dec 1883 at Cardigan, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 5 Feb 1955 at Calgary, Canada.

10.210Margaret Hilda Louise Morson; born about 1885-1886 at Cardigan, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 7 Dec 1971 at Calgary, Canada.
She married F Alexander Skelhorne.

10.211Lemuel Earl Morson; born about 1887-1888 at Cardigan, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 4 Sep 1956 at Demaine, Canada.
He married Mary Sutton.
  Children:William E Morson [11.305]

10.212Evelyn Maud Morson; born 23 Nov 1890 at Cardigan, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 4 Jan 1969 at Vancouver, Canada.
She married 23 Sep 1914 William E Agnew, born 1 March 1888 at Alberton, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 29 Nov 1965 at Calgary, Canada.
  Children:1916:John Douglas Agnew [11.306]
Daisy Irene Agnew [11.307]
Edith Agnew [11.308]
Phyllis Joan Agnew [11.309]
William Edward Agnew [11.310]
Robert Agnew [11.311]

10.213Douglas Cyril Morson; born 1892, died 12 Dec 1915.

10.214Pansy Owen.
She married Henry F Rykert.
  Children:Nancy Rykert [11.312]

10.215Vivian Owen.

10.216John Knight; born 10 July 1887 at Souris, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 25 Oct 1945.
He married Florence Doane.
  Children:Son1 Knight [11.313]

10.217Vernon Heath Knight; born 22 Aug 1888 at Souris, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 15 May 1962.

10.218Weston Fred Knight; born 26 Oct 1889 at Souris, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 12 April 1972 at Vancouver, Canada.
He married at Entwistle, Canada Dora Cupper, died about 1942.
  Children:Gladys Knight [11.314]

10.219Basil Knight; born 28 Feb 1891, died 9 Jan 1919.

10.220Russell Knight.

10.221Muriel Margaret Knight; born 3 Dec 1897 at Souris, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 27 Feb 1981.
She married George Edward Goff, died 17 July 1979.

10.222Annie Madoline Knight; born 31 Aug 1899 at Souris, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died after April 1972.
She married Russell Lawrence Kutz.

10.223Madge Campbell Owen; born Nov 1884 at New Zealand, died 21 Oct 1979 at Australia.
She married Patrick Moynahan, born 1882, died 1953.
  Children:Mary Campbell Moynahan [11.315]
Patricia Irene Moynahan [11.316]
Dion Owen John Moynahan [11.317]
John Moynahan [11.318]
William Michael Moynahan [11.319]
Thomas Patrick Moynahan [11.320]

10.224George William Campbell Owen; born 1885, died 12 March 1975 at Murrumbeena, Melbourne.
He married 7 Sep 1912 at Port Melbourne Margaret Walker, born 1889, died 1975 at Melbourne.
  Children:Marjorie Ann Owen [11.321]
Phyllis Louisa Owen [11.322]
Gwenneth Victoria Owen [11.323]
George Thomas Alexander Owen [11.324]

10.225Charles Harold William Owen; born 1891 at Australia, died 1964.
He married May ?.

10.226Dorothy Minnie Owen; born 1893 at Australia, died 1966.
She married William Murphy, born 1892, died 1981.
  Children:Dorothy Elaine Murphy [11.325]
Cecil William Murphy [11.326]
Owen Murphy [11.327]
John Keith Murphy [11.328]
William Murphy [11.329]

10.227Cecil Stewart Owen; born 1896 at Australia, died 1916 at Passchendale Battle, France.

10.228Lewis Owen; born 1898 at Australia, died 1963.
He married Daphne Arnott.

10.229Constance Muriel Knight; born 27 Dec 1884 at Auckland, died 7 Feb 1977 at England.
She married 5 Oct 1912 at London Percival O Gwilliam, born 1885, died 1961.
  Children:1913:Peter Wardhough Gwilliam [11.330]
Dennis Osborne Gwilliam [11.331]

10.230Dorothy Irene Knight; born 25 Aug 1886 at Auckland, died 1954 at Auckland.
She married (1) Frank Middleton Stephenson, born 1885 at Cheshire. U.K., died 1931 at Auckland.
  Children:Magaret Annabel Stephenson [11.332]
1913:Elizabeth Suzanne Stephenson [11.333]
1914:Ian Osborne Middleton Stephenson [11.334]
William Neil Stephenson [11.335]
Beryl Dorothy Stephenson [11.336]
1922:Alfred Wallis Stephenson [11.337]
She married (2) Arthur Reeves, born at Somerset, died at Auckland.

10.231Allan Osborne Knight; born 28 Sep 1888 at Auckland, died 12 Aug 1963 at Auckland.
He married 20 July 1922 at Carshalton Margaret Hypatia Kingsford, born 24 April 1888 at Dover, UK, died 18 Oct 1961 at Auckland.

10.232William Owen Knight; born 29 Sep 1891 at Auckland, died 30 Sep 1974 at Tauranga.
He married 23 June 1920 at St Barnabas, Auckland Phyllis Coombe Baker, born 8 Dec 1891 at Auckland, died 12 Sep 1965 at Tauranga, daughter of Charles Coombe Baker and Ellen Blades.
  Children:Molly Osborne Knight [11.338]
1924:Patricia Owen Knight [11.339]

10.233Cedric Leonard Knight; born 21 Nov 1893 at Auckland, died 2 Aug 1985 at Woollongong, Australia.
He married (1) 12 May 1920 at Auckland Margaret Ann Brady, born 1893 or 1900 at Christchurch, died 29 May 1933 at Auckland.
  Children:Nancy Margaret Knight [11.340]
Cedric Osborne Knight [11.341]
He married (2) Muriel Millicent Hiscock.
  Children:Leonard William Alfred Knight [11.342]

10.234Mary Beryl Knight; born 3 Nov 1898 at Auckland.
She married Ralph Jones, born 1889, died 1967.

10.235Lois Annabell Rona Knight.
She married Alan Baxter Wilson, born 1898, died 1967.
  Children:David Knight Wilson [11.343]
Alan Munro Wilson [11.344]
Neil Thomas Osborne Wilson [11.345]
Annabell Jean Wilson [11.346]

10.236Valda Cameron Owen.

10.237Gwenyth Florence Owen.

10.238Iris Kathleen Owen Baker; born 14 Oct 1893 at Northcote, Auckland, died 2 Sep 1957 at St Heliers Bay, Auckland.
She married 7 Aug 1923 at Auckland Victor Clay, born 9 Jan 1895 at Avondale, Auckland, died 2 June 1987 at Auckland, son of Thomas Benjamin Clay and Sarah Elizabeth Siddall.
  Children:Warwick Victor Clay [11.347]
1926:Beverley Iris Clay [11.348]
Ross Grant Clay [11.349]

10.239Owen Hughes-Jones.

10.240Tudor Hughes-Jones; born at Auckland, died at Auckland.
She married Ernest Hawkes.
  Children:Anthony Hawkes [11.350]

10.241(Helen) May Maddox; born 4 April 1902 at Auckland, died 13 May 1986 at England.
She married divorced c53 John Watson Cox.

10.242Noel Cameron Maddox; born 4 Oct 1904, died 11 Jan 1984.
He married (1) Annie Dora Paterson.
  Children:Ann Paterson Maddox [11.351]
Lyndsay Helen Maddox [11.352]
He married (2) Iris Helen Sexton.
He married (3) Margaret (Pat) ?.
  Children:John Maddox [11.353]
Wendy Maddox [11.354]

10.243Norman Owen Maddox; born 18 April 1908 at Auckland, died 24 July 1983.
He married Ernestine Dive.
  Children:Helen Margaret Maddox [11.355]
Barbara Jane Maddox [11.356]
Robert Julian Owen Maddox [11.357]
Jocelyn Mary Maddox [11.358]

10.244Helen Marguerite Haszard; born 19 May 1890 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, died 27 Nov 1970 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

10.245Edith Frederica Elaine Haszard; born 22 May 1894 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
She married June James Edward Harris, born 2 July 1886 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, died 4 May 1954 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
  Children:Mary Elizabeth Harris [11.359]

10.246Gordon Thomas Haszard; born 14 Sep 1896 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, died 7 Nov 1917 at Passchendaele.

10.247Allan Campbell Haszard; born 5 July 1883 at Prince Edward Island, died 30 June 1941.
He married Lena Mabel Davidson, died 21 May 1955.
  Children:Allan Davidson Haszard [11.360]
Margaret Anne Haszard [11.361]

10.248Jean Douglas Haszard; born 2 Jan 1885 at Prince Edward Island, died 1915.
She married William Charles Lawson, died 1966.
  Children:Dorothy Lawson [11.362]
Mildred Lawson [11.363]
Jessie Norah Lawson [11.364]
William Lawson [11.365]

10.249Arthur Alexander Haszard; born 1 Nov 1886 at Prince Edward Island, died 1967.
He married Teresa Kurtz, born at Austria, died 23 Feb 1959 at USA.
  Children:Jessie Haszard [11.366]
Hazel Haszard [11.367]
Arthur Alexander Haszard [11.368]

10.250Marguerite Marcella Haszard; born 3 Sep 1891.
She married Daniel Davis Harris, died 27 July 1963.
  Children:Ada Elizabeth (Beth) Harris [11.369]
William Douglas Harris [11.370]
Walter Davis Harris [11.371]
Helen Marguerite Harris [11.372]
Pauline Harris [11.373]

10.251Williston Haszard; born 6 Dec 1893, died 24 Aug 1970.
He married Edythe G Bird.

10.252Jessie Craig Haszard; born 29 Oct 1895, died 1964.
She married Arthur Maurice Smith, died 6 Aug 1960.

10.253Walter Mcnair Haszard.
He married Charlotte ?.
  Children:Arthur Craig Haszard [11.374]

10.254Viola Lefavour Haszard; born 27 Aug 1901 at Beverly, USA.
She married 24 Jan 1920 at Wenham, USA Ralph Sargent Foster, born 24 Sep 1897 at North Andover, USA, died 11 Aug 1975 at Hyannis, USA.
  Children:Ralph Sargent Foster [11.375]
Roger Webster Foster [11.376]
Robert Nathan Foster [11.377]
William Conant Foster [11.378]

10.255Roger Bennett Haszard.
He married Ruth Lucretia Currier.
  Children:Wallace Currier Haszard [11.379]
Kenneth Foster Haszard [11.380]
Diane Jeannette Haszard [11.381]
Carol Nancy Haszard [11.382]

10.256Owen Ingersoll Haszard.
He married Evelyn Virginia Foster.
  Children:Nelda Virginia Haszard [11.383]
1937:Elizabeth Viola Haszard [11.384]
Judith Marilyn Haszard [11.385]
Arlene Ryder Haszard [11.386]

10.257Minnie Adele Ashley Haszard; born 11 Jan 1881.

10.258Edith Owen Haszard; born 6 June 1883, died 18 July 1884.

10.259Margaret Victoria Haszard; born 8 Feb 1885.

10.260Olive Gray Haszard; born 1 Nov 1886.

10.261Harry Ashley Haszard; born 4 Sep 1888.

10.262Grace Fairchild Haszard; born 15 April 1890, died 29 Sep 1890.

10.263May Kathleen Haszard; born 2 May 1891.

10.264Frank Kellog Haszard; born 3 Aug 1893.

10.265James Douglas Haszard; born 13 Sep 1895.

10.266Elizabeth (Bessie) Haszard; born about 1897.

10.267Margaret Louise Haszard; born 18 March 1905 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, died 17 Oct 1981 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

10.268Arthur Gordon Laird; born 1 May 1894 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 20 March 1971 at Lakewood, USA.
He married 27 Oct 1928 Yvette Simms, born 2 Sep 1898 at Passaic, USA.
  Children:Yvonne Laird [11.387]
1931:Shirley Laird [11.388]
Alethe Laird [11.389]

10.269David Sidney Laird; born 1897 at Vancouver, Canada, died 8 Aug 1920 at Marblehead, USA.

10.270Louise Alethe (Lethe) Laird; born 1901 at Vancouver, Canada, died 4 July 1988 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

10.271David Laird; born 1902, died 1903.

10.272Louise Mathieson; born 1898 at Georgetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1901.

10.273Helen Mary Mathieson; born 4 Feb 1900 at Georgetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 20 Dec 1981 at Montreal, Canada.
She married 23 June 1926 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island Frank Bernard Chauvin, born 20 May 1896 at Montreal, Canada, died 3 April 1963 at Miami, USA.
  Children:John Henry Chauvin [11.390]
David Edward Laird Chauvin [11.391]

10.274Dora Ella Mathieson; born 25 April 1901 at Georgetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 3 Jan 1983 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
She married 1926 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island James Oliver Clair Campbell, born Nov 1900 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1961 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
  Children:Mary Campbell [11.392]
1933:David Sidney Campbell [11.393]

10.275David Laird Mathieson.
He married (1) Louise Mackinnon, born 1904 at Uigg, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1960 at Edmonton, Canada.
  Children:John A Mathieson [11.394]
He married (2) Elizabeth Collinson.

10.276Jean Avila Mathieson.
She married Thomas B Rogers, born 16 June 1898 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 26 May 1953 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
  Children:Janet Louise Rogers [11.395]
Daryl Jean Rogers [11.396]

10.277Harold Laird; born 19 Aug 1901 at Madison, USA, died 25 Feb 1980 at Milwaukee, USA.
He married Clarice.
  Children:Thomas Gordon Laird [11.397]
Mary Louise Laird [11.398]

10.278William Darrell Laird.
He married Mary E H Martin.
  Children:Jean Marsh Laird [11.399]
Darrell Martin Laird [11.400]

10.279Mary Louise Laird.
She married John Calaharson.

10.280Gordon Laird.

10.281Harold Laird.

10.282Mary Louise Laird; born 7 July 1910 at Winnipeg, Canada, died 25 Aug 1971 at Oliver, Canada.

10.283Elizabeth Barbara Laird.

10.284Reginald A C Macdonald.
He married Lillian Brooks Strong.

10.285Margaret Elizabeth Macdonald; born 26 June 1907 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, died 6 Aug 1972 at Sudbury, Canada.
She married 23 March 1939 at Montreal, Canada Stanley George Evans, born 28 Feb 1910 at Montreal, Canada, died 22 Nov 1972 at Toronto, Canada.
  Children:Carol Lea Evans [11.401]
Peter Stanley Evans [11.402]
David Langler Evans [11.403]
Mark Andrew Evans [11.404]
John Allan Evans [11.405]

10.286Anna Marion Owen Macdonald.

10.287Andrew Macdonald; born 1912, died 1912.

10.288Allan S Macdonald.
He married Nancy Torumi.
  Children:Alan Macdonald [11.406]
Colin Macdonald [11.407]

10.289Aeneas Macdonald; born 1916, died 1916.

10.290Beatrice Mackinnon.

10.291Arthur Murray Mackinnon; born 23 July 1899 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
He married Dorothy Margaret.
  Children:Arthur Winchester Mackinnon [11.408]

10.292Lionel Cambridge Owen; born 17 Nov 1897 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died March 1982.

10.293Charles Kennedy Owen; born 15 June 1899 at Prince Edward Island, Canada, died before 1905.

10.294Vivian L Owen; born after 1899.

10.295Frances Owen; born after 1899, died 1945.

10.296Audrey Owen.
She married Ashby Hill.

10.297Jim English Owen.
He married Muriel.
  Children:Carl Wyndham Owen [11.409]

10.298Carl Wyndham Owen; died July 1936.

10.299Margaret Alice Brehaut; died 18 June 1907.

10.300Louise Brehaut.
She married Anthony J Schultz.
  Children:Anthony Alder Schultz [11.410]

10.301Elizabeth Brehaut.
She married Mylrae Sweetnam.
  Children:Dennis Owen Sweetnam [11.411]
Susan Sweetnam [11.412]
James Sweetnam [11.413]

10.302Marie (Elizabeth) Wilkie Owen; born 16 Jan 1904 at Boston, USA, died 26 June 1980.
She married Theodore Nicholl Whildin, born 21 March 1905 at Oakdale, USA, died 19 Jan 1982 at Oakdale, USA.
  Children:Lorain Whildin [11.414]
Frederick Wallace Whildin [11.415]

10.303Marian Owen.
She married William H Cooley.

10.304Helen Owen.
She married Holgate.

10.305Chesi Owen.

10.306Wallace Owen.

10.307Mary Frances Caroline McQuarrie.
She married (1) Richard Peers.
She married (2) Harold Newcomb, born 17 Oct 1896, died 12 Jan 1981 at Des Moines, USA.

10.308Colin Dunstaff McQuarrie.
He married (1) Margaret Hazel Sheppard.
  Children:William Arthur Owen McQuarrie [11.416]
Mary Jane McQuarrie [11.417]
Alexander Colin McQuarrie [11.418]
He married (2) Helen Bowden Skillings.

10.309Margaret (Peggy) Gifford Macgowan.
She married Gordon Stephens, born 22 April 1909 at Winnipeg, Canada, died 9 Oct 1971 at Fallbrook, USA.
  Children:Margaret Sandra Stephens [11.419]
Diana Gail Stephens [11.420]

10.310Marion Owen Macgowan.
She married Frank Grenfell Mitchell, born 13 Dec 1920 at Vancouver, Canada, died 18 Feb 1964 at Christchurch, New Zealand.
  Children:Frank Wilkinson Mitchell [11.421]
Mark Grenfell Mitchell [11.422]
Candice Lee Mitchell [11.423]
Brooke Elizabeth Mitchell [11.424]
1957:Kim Gowan Mitchell [11.425]
Tod Owen Mitchell [11.426]

10.311Helen Balloch.
She married J Lorn McLean, born 22 Oct 1902 at Oliver, Canada, died 23 Nov 1968 at Vancouver, Canada.
  Children:Dallas McLean [11.427]

10.312Joan Balloch.
She married William Burton Shelly.
  Children:John Burton Shelly [11.428]
Barbara Shelly [11.429]

10.313Raymond Hugh Montgomery; born 21 March 1885 at New York, USA, died 2 Jan 1971 at Laguna Niguel, USA.
He married 15 Sep 1951 at USA Wilda Helen Harrison, died 12 Oct 1962.

10.314Lester Walter Montgomery; born 30 March 1886 at New York, USA, died June 1903 at Evanston, USA.

10.315James Bertram Montgomery; born 30 March 1888 at New York, USA, died 22 Feb 1889 at New York, USA.

10.316Harold Hunter Montgomery; born 28 March 1890 at Bergen Point, USA, died 3 June 1960 at Temple City, USA.
He married (1) 19 June 1912 at Kenosha, USA Leona Carrie O'neill, born 4 July 1888 at Gallatin, USA, died 8 July 1963 at West Covina, USA.
  Children:Virginia Louise Montgomery [11.430]
Marjorie Muriel Montgomery [11.431]
Lucille Isabel Montgomery [11.432]
Dorice Elizabeth Montgomery [11.433]
Donald Neill Montgomery [11.434]
1922:Montgomery [11.435]
He married (2) Mrs Britton.

10.317Dudley Freeman Montgomery; born 11 June 1891 at Chicago, USA, died 31 May 1954.
He married Margaret Ray Wilson.
  Children:Robert Hugh Montgomery [11.436]
Elizabeth (Betty) Montgomery [11.437]

10.318Olivia Elizabeth Montgomery; born 17 July 1898 at Chicago, USA, died 19 June 1977 at Oak Park, USA.
She married Egbert Moore Tingley.

10.319William Scott; born 27 Feb 1882 at Brooklyn, USA.

10.320Nina Ethel Scott; born 17 Aug 1883 at Brooklyn, USA, died 15 March 1948 at Brooklyn, USA.
She married Edmund J McMurray.

10.321Percival Scott; born about 1885 at Brooklyn, USA, died 1917 at Paris, France.

10.322W Keir Crafer; born 14 Dec 1902 at Baltic, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 6 Aug 1985 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island.
He married Sep 1939 Clara Mackenzie, born 3 May 1914 at Baltic, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 4 April 1986 at London, Canada.
  Children:Margaret Edna Crafer [11.438]
James William Crafer [11.439]
John Alexander Crafer [11.440]
Robert Crafer [11.441]

10.323Louise Ramsay.
She married Robert Cousins.
  Children:Sutherland Owen Cousins [11.442]
William Sinclair Cousins [11.443]
Arthur Ramsay Cousins [11.444]
Mary Elizabeth Cousins [11.445]
Edith Louise Cousins [11.446]
Norman Mackay Cousins [11.447]
Fulton Thompson Cousins [11.448]
Robert Keir Cousins [11.449]
John Alfred Cousins [11.450]
Florence (Fluff) Annie Cousins [11.451]

10.324Linda Ramsay; born 17 April 1905, died 24 Feb 1988.
She married 31 July 1924 Bruce Caseley, born 31 Oct 1900, died 16 Aug 1980 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island.

10.325Barbara Ethel Ramsay.
She married Colin Adams, born 25 May 1907 at Sea View, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 24 May 1975 at Sea View, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
  Children:Eric Ramsay Adams [11.452]
Donald Grant Adams [11.453]

10.326Jennie Harker Ramsay.
She married Joseph D Caseley.
  Children:Carlyle Joseph Caseley [11.454]

10.327Gertrude Ramsay (Adopted).
She married John Macdonald, born 4 Nov.
  Children:Barbara Macdonald (Adopted) [11.455]

10.328Child Ramsay.

10.329Lee Branscombe.

10.330Daughter Stewart.

10.331Eleanor Owen.
She married Douglas Clark.
  Children:Douglas Clark [11.456]
Bruce Clark [11.457]

10.332Elva Dorothy Stewart.
She married Wallace Edgar Pickering.
  Children:Elizabeth Marlene Pickering [11.458]
Willard Dale Pickering [11.459]
Marion Eva Pickering [11.460]
Margaret Rose Pickering [11.461]

10.333Charles Stewart.
He married Geraldine Stewart [11.46].

10.334Marion Barbara Stewart.
She married Charles Hickey, born 2 Sep 1919 at Darnley, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 23 Dec 1986 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island.
  Children:Barbara Hickey [11.462]
Edith Hickey [11.463]
Carca Darlene Hickey [11.464]
Norma Hickey [11.465]
Phyllis Hickey [11.466]
Kendall Hickey [11.467]
Rodney Hickey [11.468]
Rhea Hickey [11.469]
Paula Hickey [11.470]
Allan Scott Hickey [11.471]

10.335Doris Stewart.
She married Lawrence Clifford, died Jan 1988 at Cornwall, Canada.
  Children:Lori Clifford (Adopted) [11.472]
Bruce Clifford (Adopted) [11.473]

10.336Muriel Stewart.
She married (1) Gerald Yeo.
  Children:Stewart Yeo [11.474]
Faye Yeo [11.475]
Donna Yeo [11.476]
She married (2) Angus Cameron.

10.337Kenneth Arthur Owen.
He married Mary Kathleen Stewart.
  Children:Kenneth Blaine Owen [11.477]

10.338Lorne Owen.
He married (1) Myrtle Brode.
  Children:Kenneth Owen [11.478]
Douglas Owen [11.479]
He married (2) Jennie Sleep.

10.339Ralph C Owen.
He married E Jean Reeves.
  Children:Lorne Owen [11.480]
Sandra Owen [11.481]
Roy Owen [11.482]
Shelly Owen [11.483]

10.340Montgomery (Monte) Owen.
He married Jean Craig, born about 1917, died 6 June 1989 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island.

10.341Charlene Anderson Owen.
She married William Howatt.
  Children:1950:William Ralph Howatt [11.484]
Juanita (Wanita) Charlene Howatt [11.485]
William David Howatt [11.486]

10.342William R Hodgson; born about 1891 at Prince Edward Island, Canada.

10.343Florence Ann McGougan; died about 1970 at Vancouver, Canada.
She married Robert Squires.

10.344Fred McGougan; born about 1895, died about 1978.
He married Louise.
  Children:Denny McGougan [11.487]
Margaret Ann McGougan [11.488]

10.345Lily McGougan.
She married Frank Blackwood, died about 1980.

10.346Alice Hales.

10.347Anne Hales.

10.348George Russell Thompson; born 6 April 1906, died 21 July 1951.

10.349Charles Fulton Thompson; born 25 Aug 1909, died 5 March 1928.

10.350Charlotte Anne Morey.
She married John Davidson Stevens, born 12 April 1905 at Vermont, died 14 Dec 1963 at Prince Edward Island.
  Children:Jane Davidson Stevens [11.489]

10.351Paul Lebaron Wheeler.
He married Bette Thompson, born 1923, died 15 Nov 1974.
  Children:Thomas Brooks Wheeler [11.490]
Bruce Wheeler [11.491]
Deborah Wheeler [11.492]
Brian Lebaron Wheeler [11.493]

10.352Lawrence Owen Wheeler.
He married Adella Kathleen Wilson, daughter of Cheyney Steves Wilson and Otilla May Schwartz.
  Children:Richard Owen Wheeler [11.494]
Katherine Ann Wheeler [11.495]
Mary Adella Wheeler [11.496]
Robert Goodwin Wheeler [11.497]

10.353Stephen Esmay Root; born 8 April 1918, died 25 May 1989.
He married Mary Nicholas.
  Children:Timothy Root [11.498]
Nancy Root [11.499]
Julie Root [11.500]

10.354Patricia Owen Root.
She married Allan Wheeler, died 12 Aug 1972.
  Children:Anne Wheeler [11.501]
Margaret Wheeler [11.502]
Katherine Lee Wheeler [11.503]
Daniel Alan Wheeler [11.504]
Elizabeth Marion Wheeler [11.505]
Benjamin Wheeler [11.506]

10.355William Leslie Dixon; born April 1884 at USA.

10.356Horatio Edward Dixon; born June 1886 at USA, died 21 April 1917 at Toronto, Canada.

10.357Alice W Dixon; born Aug 1889 at USA.
She married Tuttle.

10.358Carolina Lavina Dixon.

10.359Margaret Dixon; born April 1896 at USA.
She married H Ernest Rogers.

10.360Earle Walter Dixon; born Oct 1897 at USA, died 1967.
He married before 1935 Bertha Emily McVicar, born 29 May 1899 at Calais, USA, died 28 Nov 1989 at Calais, USA.
  Children:Roger Jarvis Dixon [11.507]
1920:Walter Leslie Dixon [11.508]

10.361Frances Elizabeth Dixon.

10.362Otis C Linkletter.
He married Sally Coulson.
  Children:John Linkletter [11.509]

10.363Lilla F Linkletter; born 18 Feb 1912 at Canada, died 9 March 2000 at Mystic, New London. Connecticut, USA.
She married William O Stuart.
  Children:Dawn Stuart [11.510]
Robert Stuart [11.511]
Ruth Linkletter (Otis) Stuart [11.512]

Generation XI
11.1Ursula Marshall.

11.2Lloyd Drexler Kelley.
He married Dolores Rosenstein, born 24 March 1929 at Yakima, USA, died 30 Dec 1978 at Yakima, USA.
  Children:1956:Kimberly Ann Kelley [12.1]
Brian Patrick Kelley [12.2]
Sam Joseph Kelley [12.3]

11.3Barbara Kelley.

11.4Virginia Kelley.
She married Siegman.
  Children:Winn Siegman [12.4]
Ann Siegman [12.5]
Patrick Siegman [12.6]

11.5Rosemary Kelley.
She married John Maulbetsch.
  Children:Kelley Maulbetsch [12.7]
Lyn Maulbetsch [12.8]

11.6Blair Campbell; born 1923 at San Francisco, USA, died about 1949 at San Francisco, USA.

11.7Elizabeth Kelley.
She married Moody.

11.8Paula Kelley.
She married Jack Mingram.

11.9Sidney Daniel Smith; born Oct 1904 at Rice Lake, USA, died 11 Dec 1943 at Flint, USA.
He married Gertrude.
  Children:Sidney Smith [12.9]

11.10Olive Carr Smith; born 16 June 1907 at Rice Lake, USA, died 29 March 1975 at Menomonie, USA.

11.11Elizabeth Anne Carr.
She married (1) Graham Bell Haring, born 5 Aug 1897 at Nyack, USA, died 7 Feb 1954 at Cleveland, USA.
  Children:Pamela Ann Haring [12.10]
Carrlyn Graham Haring [12.11]
She married (2) Harrison Westbrook Blair.

11.12Arthur Gordon Carr; born Feb 1918 at Campbellton, Canada, died 24 June 1960 at Campbellton, Canada.

11.13Mary Dorothy Carr.
She married Cedric Hamilton Baird.
  Children:David Richard Baird [12.12]
Brian Frederick Baird [12.13]
Wendy Kathleen Baird [12.14]

11.14Kathleen Jean Carr.

11.15George Frederick Carr.
He married Josephine Louise McLeod.
  Children:Michael Alexander Carr [12.15]

11.16William Keir Carr.
He married Elaine Catherine Eleanor Mulligan.
  Children:Virginia Lois Carr [12.16]
David William Carr [12.17]
Peter Edward Carr [12.18]

11.17Robert Anderson Carr.
He married Jeanette.
  Children:Robert Alexander Carr [12.19]

11.18Hugh Bearisto Carr.
He married Marion Margaret Hanson.
  Children:Roger Lee Carr [12.20]
Alison Louise Carr [12.21]

11.19James Alexander Harris Carr.

11.20Eleanor Mary Carr.
She married Francis Issac Harum Mucheni Moreithi.
  Children:Maria Muthoni Wamaitha Moreithi [12.22]
Jeremy Issac Karime Moreithi [12.23]
Martin Percy Gitonga Moreithi [12.24]
Eleyna Wanja Wanjira Moreithi [12.25]

11.21Anne Carr.

11.22Jan Carr.

11.23Ronald Anderson.
He married (1) Nann Adams, died 1976.
  Children:Sandra Anderson [12.26]
Patricia (Patty) Anderson [12.27]
Karen Anderson [12.28]
Lynn Anderson [12.29]
He married (2) Adrienne.

11.24Lawrence Anderson; born 1925, died 1948.
He married Elizabeth.
  Children:Iaian Anderson [12.30]
George Anderson [12.31]

11.25Irene Francis Carr; born 1916 at Edinburgh, died 1944.
She married Basil Godfrey.
  Children:Roberta Godfrey [12.32]
Margot Godfrey [12.33]

11.26Arthur Drummond Carr.
He married Orah Johnson.
  Children:Terrance Davidson Carr [12.34]
Sharon Jean Lee Carr [12.35]
Calvin Johnson Carr [12.36]

11.27Douglas Bonar Carr.
He married Ola Gigger.
  Children:Bruce Carr [12.37]
Lee-Anne Carr [12.38]

11.28Catherine Montgomery; born 1911, died 1911.

11.29James William Montgomery.
He married Irene Ellison.
  Children:Donald James Montgomery [12.39]
Katharine Ann Montgomery [12.40]
Robert William Montgomery [12.41]

11.30Marjorie Hope Montgomery.
She married Wilbur Fee Bowker.
  Children:Blair Montgomery Bowker [12.42]
Lorna Ethel Bowker [12.43]
Keith Wilbur Bowker [12.44]

11.31Olive Montgomery; born 1921, died 1922.

11.32Dorothy Francess Montgomery.
She married Leonard Bussard.
  Children:Douglas Bussard [12.45]
Dianne Bussard [12.46]
Elaine Bussard [12.47]

11.33Clarence A Carr.
He married Doris Macgregor.
  Children:Kenneth Austin Carr [12.48]
Alan Carr [12.49]

11.34Lloyd Carr; born 1915 at North St Eleanor, Prince Edward Island, died 8 June 1983.
He married Annie Macleod.
  Children:Ronald Carr [12.50]
Maybelle Carr [12.51]

11.35Irene Carr; born 1924, died 1925.

11.36Sarah Constance Carr.
She married Kenneth N R Brands.
  Children:Kenneth Brands [12.52]
Christopher Brands [12.53]
Stewart Brands [12.54]
Andrew Brands [12.55]

11.37George Kenneth Carr.
He married Frances Edds.
  Children:George Douglas Carr [12.56]
Barbara (Sandra) Carr [12.57]
Nancy Carr [12.58]

11.38Margurite Katherine Carr.
She married Gordon Webster.
  Children:Katherine Webster [12.59]
Ann Webster [12.60]
Gwen Webster [12.61]
Peter Webster [12.62]
Keith Webster [12.63]

11.39Haldane Rufus Scott; born 1918, died 1961.
He married Anna Jean Carroll.
  Children:Lindsay Jean Scott [12.64]
Jon Haldane Scott [12.65]

11.40Henry Stewart Owen; born 8 May 1904 at Hamilton, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 9 March 1984 at East Uniacke, Canada.
He married Pearl Cooke.
  Children:Thelma Owen [12.66]
Arthur Owen [12.67]
Shirley Anne Owen [12.68]
John Cooke Owen [12.69]
Douglas Nelson Owen [12.70]

11.41Arthur Lee Owen; born 1 Nov 1907, died 12 Dec 1990 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

11.42Allison Fulton Owen.
He married Myrtle Beatrice Rayner.
  Children:Janet Annabelle Owen [12.71]
Carolyn Lee Owen [12.72]
David William Owen [12.73]

11.43Matilda Gardiner Owen.
She married Harold George Lyle, born 5 June 1905, died 1 Sep 1966.
  Children:George Arthur Lyle [12.74]
Edwin Owen Lyle [12.75]

11.44Jean Alice Owen.
She married Donald Maltby.
  Children:1942:Donald Maltby [12.76]
Helen Maltby [12.77]
Rawdon Maltby [12.78]

11.45John Keir Owen; born 1 Aug 1919, died 19 Feb 1941.

11.46Geraldine Stewart.
She married (1) George Wallace, born 1914 at Surrey, Canada, died 1978.
  Children:Carol Wallace [12.79]
Beverly Wallace [12.80]
Paul Wallace [12.81]
She married (2) Charles Stewart [10.333].

11.47Marion Florence Palmer; born 1922, died 1923.

11.48Chester Palmer.

11.49Wallace J Palmer.
He married (1) Glyne Ramsay.
He married (2) Joan Littlewood.

11.50Edgar Newton Craig.

11.51Alice Eva Craig.
She married Nicholas Schroeder.

11.52Laura Mary Craig.
She married Robert Waghorn.
  Children:Debbie Michele Waghorn [12.82]
Nicole Denise Waghorn [12.83]

11.53Brain Craig.

11.54Bruce Richard Craig.

11.55Keith Hazen Gard; born 15 Dec 1917 at Mill River, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1 Oct 1984 at Mill River, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
He married (1) Olga Ruth Caseley, died 1980.
  Children:Harold Gard [12.84]
Sylvia Gard [12.85]
Mary Gard [12.86]
He married (2) Pauline Milligan.

11.56John Bannerman Craig.
He married Arlene Monkley.
  Children:David Ralph Craig [12.87]
Donald Barry Craig [12.88]
Douglas Leigh Craig [12.89]
Nancy Joy Craig [12.90]
Lynne Ann Craig [12.91]

11.57Bruce Millar Craig; born 4 Feb 1933 at Poplar Grove, Prince Edward Island, died 11 May 1966 at Sarnia, Canada.
He married Norma Jean Dyment.
  Children:Norma Lee Pearle Craig [12.92]
Edgar Millar Craig [12.93]
William Arthur Craig [12.94]
John Bruce Craig [12.95]
Susan Margaret Blanche Craig [12.96]
Roland Ralph Craig [12.97]
Vernon Bannie Craig [12.98]
Myla Ethel Craig [12.99]

11.58Lillie Blanche Craig.
She married (1) Cecil Joshua Macleod, born 14 Aug 1924, died 20 June 1972 at O'leary, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
  Children:Allan Lloyd Macleod [12.100]
Karen Darlene Macleod [12.101]
Kevin Cecil Macleod [12.102]
She married (2) Harold Kenneth Macleod.

11.59Margaret Christine Janetta Craig.
She married Roger Macarthur.
  Children:Carl Roger Macarthur [12.103]
Carman Leigh Macarthur [12.104]
Shelley Catherine Macarthur [12.105]
Sherwyn Lloyd Macarthur [12.106]

11.60Norma Janelle Craig.
She married Erroll Alfred Moore.
  Children:Myrnalee Ann Moore [12.107]
Darrell Millar Moore [12.108]
Warren Erroll Moore [12.109]

11.61William Archibald Cumming.
He married (1) Phyllis Cottingham.
  Children:Child Cumming [12.110]
Child Cumming [12.111]
He married (2) Jean Cottingham.
  Children:Child Cumming [12.112]
Child Cumming [12.113]
Child Cumming [12.114]

11.62John Creelman Cumming.
He married Queenie Macpherson.
  Children:Daughter Cumming [12.115]
Daughter Cumming [12.116]

11.63Helen Bell Cumming.
She married Frank L Skinner.
  Children:Son Skinner [12.117]
Daughter Skinner [12.118]
Son Skinner [12.119]

11.64Agnes Ramsay Cumming.
She married Richard S Forbes.
  Children:Daughter Forbes [12.120]
Daughter Forbes [12.121]
Daughter Forbes [12.122]

11.65Jean Isabel Cumming.
She married Mackenzie.
  Children:Child Mackenzie [12.123]
Child Mackenzie [12.124]
Child Mackenzie [12.125]

11.66Hugh Ross Hunter Cumming; born 1922, died about 1923.

11.67Margaret Lois Cumming.
She married Cyril Lee.

11.68Helen Cecelia Archibald; born 5 Jan 1916 at Economy, Canada, died about 1980.
She married Horace Melvin Wright.
  Children:Ronald Horace Wright [12.126]
Kenneth Alan Wright [12.127]
Jeanie Isabel Wright [12.128]
John Ross Wright [12.129]
Paul William Wright [12.130]

11.69Arthur Kenneth Archibald.
He married Kathryn Jane Henderson.
  Children:Kathryn Jennifer Archibald (Adopted) [12.131]
Judith Margaret Archibald (Adopted) [12.132]

11.70Jean Marie Archibald.
She married James Paige Mackimmie.
  Children:Janet Ellen Mackimmie [12.133]
Andrea Jean Mackimmie [12.134]
Judith Alison Mackimmie [12.135]
John Mackimmie [12.136]

11.71Gladys Glencross Archibald.
She married Myron Dexter Hager.
  Children:William Archibald Hager [12.137]
Stephen Warner Hager [12.138]
Marjorie Jean Hager [12.139]
1948:Susan Elizabeth Hager [12.140]

11.72George Malcolm Archibald; born 6 Dec 1920, died 20 Jan 1926 at North Amherst, USA.

11.73John Merritt Archibald.
He married Eleanor June Johnson.
  Children:Susan Belinda Archibald [12.141]
Sandra Lee Archibald [12.142]
Sharon Lynn Archibald [12.143]

11.74William Prescott Archibald.
He married Beverly Ann Parrott.

11.75Nina Emma Jean Ramsay; born 1922, died 1978.
She married Raymond G Wood.
  Children:Susan Wood [12.144]
Donald Wood [12.145]

11.76Phyllis A Jones.
She married Arthur Wall.
  Children:Patricia Louise Wall [12.146]
Cheryl Suzanne Wall [12.147]
Victoria Kathryn Wall [12.148]

11.77James McGarvey.

11.78Elenor McGarvey.
She married Stienkie.

11.79Ruth McGarvey.
She married James McKinnon.

11.80Lillian McGarvey.
She married Thompson.

11.81Douglas Jones; born 1947, died 1947.

11.82Margaret Ann Jones.
She married Norman Wallace Lynch.
  Children:Norman Douglas Lynch [12.149]
Janet May Lynch [12.150]
Brian Wallace Lynch [12.151]

11.83Shirley Jones.
She married Gordon Haberer.

11.84Mary Gibson; born 1931, died 1932.

11.85Clarke Gibson; died before 1989.
He married Carol Turcotte.
  Children:Drew Gibson [12.152]

11.86Judith Hamilton.
  Children:Nanette Hansen [12.153]
She married (1) Gordon Mathers, born 6 Feb 1942, died 11 May 1965.
  Children:Ian Mathers [12.154]
She married (2) Leroy Minors.
  Children:Travis Anthony Minors [12.155]

11.87Connie Winters.
She married Robert Townsend.
  Children:Gail Townsend [12.156]
Randy Townsend [12.157]
Kim Townsend [12.158]
Son Townsend [12.159]
Daughter Townsend [12.160]

11.88Ronald Winters.
He married Beverly.
  Children:Kerry Winters [12.161]
Todd Winters [12.162]

11.89Janice Winters.
She married Sam Faber.
  Children:Daughter1 Faber [12.163]
Daughter2 Faber [12.164]
Daughter3 Faber [12.165]
Daughter4 Faber [12.166]

11.90Susanne Winters.
She married Roger Taczak.
  Children:Child1 Taczak [12.167]
Child2 Taczak [12.168]

11.91Barbara Winters.
She married Frank Conny.
  Children:Son1 Conny [12.169]
Son2 Conny [12.170]
Son3 Conny [12.171]

11.92Allan John Thane Jones.
He married Joan Cote.
  Children:Dean Allan Jones [12.172]
Amanda Joan Jones [12.173]

11.93Elizabeth May Jones.
She married (1) Lloyd James Pearson.
  Children:Joyce Elizabeth Laura Pearson [12.174]
She married (2) Michael Norman Leblanc.

11.94Harry Wilson Jones.
He married (1) June Elaine Good.
  Children:Cynthia Lynn Jones [12.175]
He married (2) Stacy Guyea, died before 1989.
  Children:Jason Harry Jones [12.176]

11.95Maureen Jones.
She married John Wilson.

11.96Wendy Jones.
She married Arkeveld.

11.97Allan Ramsay.

11.98Charles Ramsay.

11.99Daughter Ramsay.

11.100Helen Frances Marks; born 7 May 1911 at Clinton, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 7 Feb 1986 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island.
She married 5 Sep 1953 at Summerside, PEI Anthony A Williams, born 25 March 1912, died 26 Sep 1987 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island.

11.101Muriel Maude Marks; born 16 June 1912 at Clinton, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 1937 at Kensington, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
She married about 1929 George Semple, born 4 May 1902 at Traveller's Rest, Prince Edward Island, died 7 April 1982 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island.
  Children:Helen Loraine Semple [12.177]
Tyndall Semple [12.178]

11.102John Gardiner Marks.
He married Jean Fraser.
  Children:Norma Elaine Marks [12.179]
1956:John Francis Marks [12.180]
Lillian Muriel Marks [12.181]

11.103Vivian Rebecca Marks.
She married James Alexander (Allie) Macneill, born 28 July 1911 at Searletown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 19 July 1981 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island.
  Children:Gardiner Alexander Macneill [12.182]
Nancy Carolyn Macneill [12.183]
Debra Elizabeth Macneill [12.184]

11.104Charlotte Sutherland.
She married Karl Born Palenske.
  Children:Charlotte Anne Palenske [12.185]
Gail Estes Palenske [12.186]




11.108Ruth Montgomery.
She married Arthur Tilt.

11.109Irving Montgomery.
He married Ruth Smith.

11.110John Arthur Montgomery.
He married Evelyn Thompson.

11.111Earl Montgomery.
He married Barbara Chute.

11.112Ellen Montgomery; died before Sep 1989.

11.113Julia Montgomery; died before Sep 1989.

11.114Barbara Montgomery; died before Sep 1989.

11.115Daughter1 Montgomery.

11.116Daughter2 Montgomery.

11.117Son Montgomery; died before Sep 1989.

11.118Herbert Montgomery.

11.119Robert Montgomery.

11.120Eleanor Montgomery.

11.121Muriel Montgomery.

11.122Madeline Hanney.
She married Sullivan.

11.123Evelyn Hanney; died before Sep 1989.
She married Bradbury.

11.124Elizabeth Hanney.

11.125Virginia Hanney; died before Sep 1989.

11.126Donald Hanney.

11.127William Hanney.

11.128Laurence Montgomery Farrell; born 14 Nov 1905, died 31 May 1981.
He married Edith Doris Merithew.
  Children:1929:Laurence Montgomery Farrell [12.187]
Edith May Farrell [12.188]
Dorothy Joan Farrell [12.189]
John M Farrell [12.190]
Robert K Farrell [12.191]

11.129Dorothy May Farrell; died 1925.

11.130Mildred Barbara Farrell.
She married James Barker, died about 1972 at Groton, USA.
  Children:Dorothy Jowett Barker [12.192]

11.131Gertrude Farrell.
She married Howard Bell, died about 1981 at Randolph, USA.
  Children:Alan Bell [12.193]
1943:Stephen Bell [12.194]
Barbara Watson Bell [12.195]

11.132Edward J Farrell.
He married Herowena.

11.133John Lawrence Montgomery; died before 1990.
  Children:Daughter Montgomery [12.196]
Priscilla Montgomery [12.197]

11.134Virginia Montgomery.

11.135Dorothy Montgomery.
She married Richmond Bessie.
  Children:Barbara Bessie [12.198]
Irene Bessie [12.199]
Steven Bessie [12.200]

11.136Timothy Montgomery; died before 1990.
He married Irene Murdock, died before 1990.

11.137Colin Macausland.

11.138Keir Owen.

11.139Hyla Owen.

11.140Bessie Owen.

11.141Eric Owen.

11.142Allison Owen.

11.143Ernie Owen.

11.144Leith Owen.
He married Velma.
  Children:Preston Owen [12.201]
Helen Rose (Sue) Owen [12.202]
David Owen [12.203]
Paul Owen [12.204]

11.145Jeanette Owen.

11.146Robert James Hurry.
He married Davida Kaye Dingwell.
  Children:Ralph Douglas Hurry [12.205]
Enid Isobel Hurry [12.206]
Robert Andrew Hurry [12.207]
Temple Wade Hurry [12.208]
Timothy Lee Hurry [12.209]
1966:Troy David Hurry [12.210]
Roberta Hope Hurry [12.211]
Tarida Sasheen Hurry [12.212]

11.147George Daniel Hurry.
He married Joan Esther Ryan.
  Children:Robert Clement Hurry [12.213]
Sue-Ann Marie Hurry [12.214]
Jeffrey George Hurry [12.215]
Krista Marie Hurry [12.216]

11.148Douglas Owen Hurry.

11.149Nelson Garfield Hurry.
He married Sandra Lord.
  Children:Nelson Trent Hurry [12.217]
James Todd Hurry [12.218]
Ernest Tyler Hurry [12.219]

11.150Winston Churchill Hurry.
He married Linda Turner.
  Children:Shawna Lee Hurry [12.220]
Robert Frederick Hurry [12.221]
Winston Chad Owen Hurry [12.222]

11.151Thelma Owen.

11.152Arthur Owen.

11.153Shirley Anne Owen.

11.154John Cooke Owen; born 1937, died 7 Aug 1988.

11.155Douglas Nelson Owen.

11.156Mildred Owen.
She married Gordon Skanes.
  Children:Robin Skanes [12.223]
Paul Skanes [12.224]
Mark Skanes [12.225]

11.157Janet Annabelle Owen.
She married Ian Drysdale.
  Children:Heather Drysdale [12.226]
Stephen Drysdale [12.227]
Linda Drysdale [12.228]
Peter Drysdaale [12.229]

11.158Carolyn Lee Owen.
She married Thomas William Sommerville.
  Children:Richard Sommerville [12.230]
Robert Allison Sommerville [12.231]

11.159John Keir Owen.
He married Miriam Wyllie.
  Children:Rebecca Joan Owen [12.232]
James David Ross Owen [12.233]

11.160David William Owen.
He married Valerie Vass.
  Children:John Peter Owen [12.234]
Robert David Owen [12.235]
Laua Elinor Owen [12.236]

11.161George Arthur Lyle.
He married (1) Grace Elizabeth Cooper.
  Children:Catherine Ann Lyle [12.237]
Brian Rawdon Lyle [12.238]
Douglas Stuart Lyle [12.239]
He married (2) Andrea McLeod.
  Children:David Lyle [12.240]

11.162Edwin Owen Lyle.
He married (1) Patricia Horley.
  Children:Jandace Patricia Lyle [12.241]
He married (2) Barbara Marie Milko.

11.163Donald Maltby; born 4 July 1942, died 15 Jan 1989.

11.164Helen Maltby.
She married ? Morin.
  Children:Miles Morin [12.242]

11.165Rawdon Maltby.

11.166Henry Gordon Williams.
He married Jean Ellis.
  Children:Barbara Jane Williams [12.243]
Susan Williams [12.244]

11.167Jean Ramsay Williams.
She married Bruce Alexander Maclean, born 8 Feb 1906, died 16 Jan 1979.
  Children:Marjorie Jean Maclean [12.245]
Gordon Maclean [12.246]
Barbara Maclean [12.247]
Catherine Maclean [12.248]

11.168Lloyd George Williams.
He married Gweneth Mowbray.
  Children:Margaret Karen Williams [12.249]
Arthur Gordon Williams [12.250]
Beverly Anne Williams [12.251]
Joyce Gweneth Williams [12.252]

11.169Benjamin Williams; born 19 May 1925 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, died 23 May 1958 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

11.170Eric Robinson Simpson.
He married Della Rowena Cook, born 10 Feb 1916 at Springhill, Canada, died 24 Nov 1981 at Hamilton, Canada.
  Children:Carol Diane Simpson [12.253]

11.171Hazel Marion White Simpson.
She married James Walter Buell.
  Children:Sydney Owen Buell [12.254]
Walter Lyle Buell [12.255]
Linda Anne Buell [12.256]
Eric James Buell [12.257]

11.172Nellie Jean Simpson.
She married Douglas Vaugn Shea.
  Children:Barbara Jean Shea [12.258]
William Owen Shea [12.259]

11.173Clemmie Margaret Simpson.
She married Louis Bryce Campbell.
  Children:Marilyn Gail Campbell [12.260]
Robert Andrew Campbell [12.261]
Maida Jean Campbell [12.262]

11.174Donald Malcolm Simpson.
He married Sheila Colleen Strain.
  Children:Donald Mark Simpson [12.263]
1962:Timothy Luke Simpson [12.264]
Garnet John Simpson [12.265]

11.175Harold Henry Simpson.

11.176Preston Ramsay Simpson.

11.177Laura Vivian Simpson.
She married William Vernon Hiscott.
  Children:Judy Marlene Hiscott [12.266]
Brenda Elizabeth Hiscott [12.267]
Cindy Louise Hiscott [12.268]
1967:Kevin Wayne Hiscott [12.269]
Susan Michelle Hiscott [12.270]

11.178Anita Mae Joan Simpson.
She married John Albert Hagen.
  Children:Jerome David Hagen [12.271]
Joel Alexander Hagen [12.272]

11.179Douglas Reagh Simpson.
He married Etta Lorraine Gordon.
  Children:Todd Douglas Simpson [12.273]
Christopher Dean Simpson [12.274]

11.180Donald Owen Simpson.
He married Elva Stella May Loughlin.
  Children:Kathleen Joann Simpson [12.275]
Donald Sean Simpson [12.276]
Robert Scott Simpson [12.277]

11.181Lois Rae Donald.

11.182John (Jack) Ross Donald.
He married Marion Sophie Barbour.
  Children:Darrell John Donald [12.278]
Della Rae Donald [12.279]

11.183Mary Isabel Donald.
She married Byron Gordon Weeks.
  Children:Joan Adelaide Weeks [12.280]
Linda Anne Weeks [12.281]

11.184Leigh Bertram Donald.
He married Gertrude Annie Grace Sewell.
  Children:Brian Donald [12.282]
Ian Donald [12.283]
Cathy Donald [12.284]

11.185Jean Adelaide Donald.
She married Fred Keir Turner.
  Children:David Turner [12.285]
Dorothy Turner [12.286]
Donald Turner [12.287]
Alan Turner [12.288]
Della Turner [12.289]

11.186James Barbour Donald.
He married Elizabeth Ann Blackwood.
  Children:James Baxter Wallace Donald [12.290]
Lori Joann Donald [12.291]
Scott Andrew Donald [12.292]

11.187Verna Helen Donald; born 1937, died 1947.

11.188Wallace Owen Donald.
He married (1) Carol Coates.
  Children:Bess Donald [12.293]
Neil Donald [12.294]
Ross Donald [12.295]
He married (2) Mary Beth Guy.

11.189Arthur Kenneth Bell; born 6 Sep 1914 at Mindapore, Canada, died about July 1985.
He married Rosamond Alice Wright.
  Children:Mary Diane Bell [12.296]
Donald Kenneth Bell [12.297]

11.190Son Bell.

11.191Loraine Hicks.

11.192Jack Hicks.

11.193Richard Hubley.
He married Libbe.

11.194Alan Hubley.
He married Roberta.
  Children:Tracey Hubley [12.298]
Tamara Hubley [12.299]

11.195Don Brown.

11.196Monica Barbour.
She married Vincent Dilorenzo.
  Children:Lisa Dilorenzo [12.300]
Paul Dilorenzo [12.301]
Mark Dilorenzo [12.302]
Keith Dilorenzo [12.303]
Christopher Dilorenzo [12.304]

11.197Mary Jane Barbour.
She married Hervey Howell.
  Children:Mary Jane (Magoo) Howell [12.305]
Maggie Susan Howell [12.306]

11.198James William Barbour.
He married Sue Lubeck.
  Children:James Stuart Barbour [12.307]
Kim Barbour [12.308]
Jacquline Barbour [12.309]

11.199Hudson Ramsay; born March 1926 at South Kildare, Prince Edward Island, died March 1926 at South Kildare, Prince Edward Island.

11.200Jean Ramsay.
She married George M Burnett.
  Children:Niall Gordon Burnett [12.310]
Katherine Fairlie Burnett [12.311]
George Donald Burnett [12.312]
Peter Ramsay Burnett [12.313]
Laurie Jean Burnett [12.314]

11.201Gordon Ramsay.
He married Dorothy Murray.
  Children:Deborah Alice Ramsay [12.315]
Garth Gordon Ramsay [12.316]
Dwight Murray Ramsay [12.317]
Paula Jean Ramsay [12.318]
Coleen Helen Ramsay [12.319]

11.202Jean Gordon.
She married Wendell Bud Whitlock.
  Children:William Whitlock [12.320]
Linda Whitlock [12.321]
Gordon Whitlock [12.322]

11.203Phyllis Gordon.

11.204Robert Lefurgey.

11.205Ross Lefurgey.

11.206Donald Lefurgey.

11.207Edna Grace Gordon.
She married George Elmer Hamill, born 10 Aug 1916, died 10 May 1982.
  Children:Blanche Shirley Hamill [12.323]
Anita Muriel Hamill [12.324]
Frederick Arthur Hamill [12.325]
Guelda Jean Hamill [12.326]

11.208Kenneth James Gordon.
He married (1) Evelyn Ester Pridham, born 28 March 1920, died 6 Dec 1962.
  Children:Verna Pauline Gordon [12.327]
Nancy Darlene Gordon [12.328]
He married (2) Mary O'malley.
  Children:Kenneth Gordon [12.329]

11.209Keith Willard Gordon.
He married Hazel Wells.
  Children:William John Gordon [12.330]
Doreen J Gordon [12.331]
Colleen E Gordon [12.332]
Linda Jane Gordon [12.333]
Barbara Ann Gordon [12.334]

11.210Blanche Doreen Gordon.
She married Jack Cyril Clark.
  Children:Verna Doreen Clark [12.335]
Beverley Jean Clark [12.336]
James Allison Clark [12.337]
Ralph Clark [12.338]
Scott Clark [12.339]

11.211Ralph Alton Gordon.
He married Martha A Dunbar.
  Children:Eleanor Gordon [12.340]
John Owen Gordon [12.341]
Leigh Gordon [12.342]
Jean Gordon [12.343]
Glenda Gordon [12.344]
Sandra Gordon [12.345]
Paula Gordon [12.346]
David Gordon [12.347]
Kenneth Gordon [12.348]
Troy Gordon [12.349]
Tracy Gordon [12.350]

11.212Wilna Jean Gordon.
She married Norman Newton Warren.
  Children:Norman Alan Warren [12.351]
Marlene Belle Warren [12.352]

11.213Robert Douglas Gordon.
He married Ferne Matthews.
  Children:Kevin Gordon [12.353]

11.214John Heber Ramsay.
He married Muriel Clark.
  Children:Anna Elizabeth Ramsay [12.354]
Eleanor Mary Ramsay [12.355]

11.215Ruth Kathleen Gordon.
She married Ralph Daniel Fraser, born 24 July 1917, died 14 July 1980 at O'leary, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
  Children:1938:Allan Dale Fraser [12.356]
Heather Gail Fraser [12.357]
Elizabeth Jacqueline (Betty) Fraser [12.358]
Judith Ferne Fraser [12.359]
Olive Ferne Fraser [12.360]
Carolyn June Fraser [12.361]
Vickie Darlene Fraser [12.362]

11.216Elmer Owen Gordon.
He married Dorothy Mildred Gordon (Adopted) [10.177].
  Children:Elizabeth Gwen Gordon [12.363]
John Owen Gordon [12.364]
David Irwin Gordon [12.365]
Carol Ann Gordon [12.366]
Linda Eileen Gordon [12.367]

11.217Ferne Eileen Gordon.
She married David Amberson.
  Children:Constance Elizabeth Amberson [12.368]
Rhonda Gail Amberson [12.369]
Dwight David Amberson [12.370]
Patti Lynn Amberson [12.371]
Susan Joanne Amberson [12.372]

11.218Aletha June Gordon.
She married Hanson Nelson Oliver.
  Children:James Hanson Oliver [12.373]
Lois Lorraine Oliver [12.374]
Lowell Lloyd Oliver [12.375]
Verna Kay Oliver [12.376]

11.219Lois Blanche Gordon.
She married Merle Stirling Skerry.
  Children:Marilyn Faye Skerry [12.377]
Merle Blaine Skerry [12.378]

11.220John Owen Gordon; born 7 April 1927 at Alma, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died June 1940.

11.221Rubzell Gordon.
She married (1) Sherman Ralph Yeo.
  Children:James Fenton Yeo [12.379]
Ralph Owen Yeo [12.380]
Barry (Harry) Duane Yeo [12.381]
Trudy Yeo [12.382]
Ann Marie Yeo [12.383]
She married (2) Albert H Smith.

11.222James Donald Gordon; born 26 Nov 1930, died 6 June 1978.
He married Mary Elizabeth Jane Wells.
  Children:James Albert Gordon [12.384]

11.223Shirley Laura Gordon.
She married (1) Malcolm Alfred Rayner.
  Children:Laurie Owen Rayner [12.385]
She married (2) Sanders.

11.224Lee Gordon Matthews.
He married (1) Gwen Renton.
  Children:Donald Matthews [12.386]
He married (2) Ortha Carroll.
  Children:Patricia Lee Matthews [12.387]
Paul Leonard Matthews [12.388]
Cheryl Diane Matthews [12.389]
Colleen Elizabeth Matthews [12.390]
Barbara Carroll Matthews [12.391]
1961:Marcia Lynn Matthews [12.392]

11.225Dorothy Grace Matthews.
She married Norman Horsman, died before 1990.
  Children:Joan Arlene Horsman [12.393]
Ivan Garth Horsman [12.394]
Ronald Norman Horsman [12.395]
Richard Glen Horsman [12.396]

11.226Ralph Elmer Matthews; born 16 May 1922, died 29 July 1979.
He married Flora Douthwright.

11.227Layton Arthur Matthews; born 29 Oct 1923, died 10 Aug 1944.

11.228John Frederick Matthews.
He married Ramona Murphy.
  Children:Wendy Grace Matthews [12.397]
Bonita Lynn Matthews [12.398]
Karen Ruby Matthews [12.399]
Beverly Ann Matthews [12.400]
Nancy Faye Matthews [12.401]
Daryl Frederick Matthews [12.402]
Arlene Anita Matthews [12.403]
Tanya Alyson Matthews [12.404]
Kimberly Lois Matthews [12.405]
Jeffrey Layton Matthews [12.406]

11.229Glen Francis Matthews; born 5 April 1926, died 16 June 1972.
He married Shirley Simpson.
  Children:Janet Marie Matthews [12.407]
Joan Elizabeth Matthews [12.408]
Frederick James Matthews [12.409]
Robert Francis Matthews [12.410]

11.230Gerald Lloyd Matthews.
He married Jean Margaret Jardine.
  Children:Richard Wayne Matthews [12.411]
Lawrence Edward Matthews [12.412]
Carol Ann Matthews [12.413]

11.231Marjorie Corena Matthews.
She married William Clark.
  Children:Deborah Anne Clark [12.414]
William Michael Clark [12.415]
Kenneth Layton Clark [12.416]

11.232Marion Elaine Matthews; born 5 May 1933, died 7 April 1980.
She married Lorimer Johnson.
  Children:1951:Brian Lorimer Johnson [12.417]
1953:Gary Edward Johnson [12.418]
John Douglas Johnson [12.419]
Randy Kim Johnson [12.420]
Peter Allen Johnson [12.421]

11.233Helen Eileen Matthews.
She married Bernard Leblanc.
  Children:Dana Alexander Leblanc [12.422]
Michele Ann Leblanc [12.423]
Michael Shawn Leblanc [12.424]

11.234Linda May Matthews.
She married (1) Allan Ogden.
  Children:Kimberley Ann Ogden [12.425]
Andrew Allan Ogden [12.426]
She married (2) Gordon Smith.

11.235Audrey Bernice Gillis.
She married (1) James Sinclair.
  Children:James William Sinclair [12.427]
Raymond Gordon Sinclair [12.428]
She married (2) Gerald Ibbitson.

11.236Doris Elaine Gillis.
She married Wilson Touchie.

11.237Anita Jean Gillis.

11.238Geraldine Ruth Gillis.
She married Wesley Traves.
  Children:Linda Jean Traves [12.429]
Marilyn Ann Traves [12.430]
Shelley Ruth Traves [12.431]

11.239John Frederick Gordon Gillis.
He married (1) Linda Love.
  Children:Belinda Elaine Gillis [12.432]
Joanne Helen Gillis [12.433]
He married (2) Wanda Mae Barron.
  Children:Susan Jean Gillis [12.434]

11.240Jean Margaret Rayner.
She married Eldon Macarthur.
  Children:Donald Macarthur [12.435]
Douglas Macarthur [12.436]

11.241Jessie Aileen Rayner.

11.242Eldon Rayner.
He married Faye Rayner.

11.243Grace Kathleen Rayner.
She married Thomas Moore Palmer.
  Children:William Thomas Palmer [12.437]

11.244John James Rayner.
He married Barbara Mountain.
  Children:Marlene Dorothy Rayner [12.438]
Eric William Rayner [12.439]
Sadie Leanne Rayner [12.440]

11.245Joyce Irene Rayner.
She married Desmond Richard Baglole, born 1929, died 1988.

11.246Elizabeth Frances Rayner.

11.247Eva Constance Rayner.
She married Harold Macdonald.

11.248Margaret Hardy.
She married Albert Aitken.

11.249Bessie Kathleen Hardy; born 14 Dec 1920, died 16 Dec 1920.

11.250James Miller Harris; born 28 Nov 1926 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island, died 3 Jan 1990 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
He married Eleanor Jane Macdonald.
  Children:Paula Jane Harris [12.441]
Marianne Harris [12.442]
James David Harris [12.443]
John Alexander Harris [12.444]

11.251Anna Gordon Harris.

11.252Donald Ernest Harris.

11.253Verna B England.
She married Kenneth Wayman Banks.
  Children:Shelly J Banks [12.445]
D Paul Banks [12.446]
Shannon L Banks [12.447]
Kenneth L Banks [12.448]
Jeffrey T Banks [12.449]
Thomas Cordell Banks [12.450]

11.254Patricia Ann Gordon.
She married George Forbes Otty Langstroth.
  Children:Bruce Forbes Otty Langstroth [12.451]
David Leigh Langstroth [12.452]

11.255Karin Leigh Gordon.
She married Roger Malcolm Allan.
  Children:Krista Lynne Allan [12.453]
Megan Patricia Allan [12.454]

11.256Sybil Frances Jamieson.
She married Edward Walter Pease.
  Children:Dolores Julia Pease [12.455]
Lynn Martha Pease [12.456]

11.257Leigha Keith Jamieson; born 7 June 1945 at Hartford, USA, died about July 1986 at Toronto, Canada.
She married (1) Arthur Francis Lee, born 23 May 1931 at Revere, USA, died 25 Feb 1965 at Boston, USA.
  Children:Arthur Geoffrey Lee [12.457]
Stephanie Frances Lee [12.458]
She married (2) John Wheelwright Browne.

11.258Richard Gordon Ryan.

11.259Patricia Condon.

11.260Robert Edward Owen.
He married (1) Pirjo K Uunila.
He married (2) Elisabeth Mathilda Suppanz.
  Children:Lawrence Christopher Owen [12.459]
Gregory Thomas Owen [12.460]
Adelheid (Heidi) Katharina Owen [12.461]

11.261William Douglas Owen.
He married Christine Elaine Skrepetz.

11.262Gerald Philip Owen.
He married Madeleine Murray.
  Children:Catherine Ruth Owen [12.462]
Deirde Julie Owen [12.463]
Megan Elizabeth Owen [12.464]
Simon Matthew Owen [12.465]
Martin Gerrard Owen [12.466]

11.263Barbara Elizabeth Owen.
She married David Mundy.
  Children:Heather Louise Mundy [12.467]
Christine Ruth Mundy [12.468]

11.264William Lee Owen.
He married Lucille Yvonne Fortier.

11.265Brenda Lois Owen.
She married Franklin Creighton.

11.266Pamela Jean Owen.
She married James Arthur Macrae.

11.267Arthur Charles Owen.
He married Barbara Annette Leblanc.
  Children:Megan Anne Owen [12.469]
David Lee Owen [12.470]

11.268James Wallace Owen.
He married Susan Lynn Roode.

11.269Evelyn Diane Owen.
She married John William Norman Delorme.
  Children:Lori Ann Delorme [12.471]

11.270John Marshall Owen.
He married Sandra Amos.
  Children:John Amos Owen [12.472]

11.271Susan Lee Owen.

11.272William Dawson Ives.
He married Verna June Dennis.
  Children:David Ralph Ives [12.473]
Cynthia (Cindy) Gail Ives [12.474]
Michael William Ives [12.475]
Heather Lynn Ives [12.476]
Jennifer Ann Ives [12.477]

11.273George Rodney Ives.
He married Sheila Ann Bagnall.
  Children:Paul Rodney Ives [12.478]
Peter Jeffrey Ives [12.479]
Jonathan David Ives [12.480]

11.274David Edward Ives; born 28 July 1941 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 8 April 1961 at Langham, Canada.

11.275John Bruce Sterling Ives.
He married Roberta Gail Cameron.
  Children:Carolyn Michelle Ives [12.481]
Marcia Gail Ives [12.482]
Joel Edward John Ives [12.483]

11.276James Gardner Ives.
He married Mary Gertrude Forman.
  Children:Caroline Elizabeth Ives [12.484]
Kimberley Erin Ives [12.485]

11.277Douglas Walter Ives.
He married Deborah Anne Hart.
  Children:Robert Douglas Ives [12.486]
Kathleen Elizabeth Ives [12.487]
Michael Thomas Ives [12.488]
Christopher Andrew Ives [12.489]
Emily Sarah Ives [12.490]

11.278Rosemary Pauline Ives.
She married Norman Robert Wall.
  Children:Jared Norman Wall [12.491]
Stephanie Rose Wall [12.492]

11.279Janet Eileen Quin.
She married Robert John McGonigal.

11.280Rhys Macdonald Quin.
He married Wendy Louise Claire Paterson.
  Children:? Quin (Adopted) [12.493]
Colin Rhys Quin [12.494]

11.281Son1 Owen.

11.282Son2 Owen.

11.283Helen Barrie.
She married William Argyle.

11.284Robert Barrie; born 1916 at Cabri, Canada, died 1932 at Chesterville, Canada.

11.285Ethelwyn Barrie.
She married Austin Carkner.
  Children:Ann Carkner [12.495]
Constance Carkner [12.496]
Helen Carkner [12.497]
Arthur Carkner [12.498]
John Carkner [12.499]

11.286Isobel Barrie.
She married Dennis Maxey.
  Children:Barrie Maxey [12.500]
John Maxey [12.501]
Robert Maxey [12.502]
Judith Maxey [12.503]

11.287Helen Mae Owen; born 2 June 1912 at Lougheed, Canada, died about 1988.
She married Feb 1933 at Jarrow, Canada William Martin Saul, died 1947.
  Children:Joyce Belle Saul [12.504]
Owen Hunter Martin Saul [12.505]

11.288Elvie Vivian Owen.
She married Lawrence Kelly, died before Aug 1990.
  Children:Andrew D Kelly [12.506]
Elsie Y Kelly [12.507]
Coreen A Kelly [12.508]
Larry W Kelly [12.509]
Lynn R Kelly [12.510]
Myra C Kelly [12.511]

11.289Elsie Lillian Owen.
She married William Smith Reber, born 19 Aug 1912, died 19 May 1985.
  Children:Gary Reber [12.512]

11.290Ellen Owen; born 7 Aug 1913, died about Aug 1913.

11.291Alice Hazel Owen.
She married Francis Godfrey Johnson, born 9 March 1915 at Lougheed, Canada, died 5 Aug 1985 at Sedgewick, Canada.
  Children:1940:Godfrey Johnson [12.513]
Kay Frances Johnson [12.514]
Wendy Lorraine Johnson [12.515]
Karen Eileen Johnson [12.516]
Marilyn Alice Johnson [12.517]
Teresa Heather Johnson [12.518]
Randall Owen Johnson [12.519]

11.292Leonard Harvey Owen; born 21 May 1917 at Lougheed, Canada, died 21 July 1962 at Jarrow, Canada.
He married at Edmonton, Canada Joyce Irene Sirois, born 12 April 1926, died 20 Sep 1969.
  Children:Lenora Jean Owen [12.520]
Carol Irene Owen [12.521]
Kenneth Harvey Owen [12.522]
Janet Joyce Owen [12.523]
Marvin Donald Owen [12.524]

11.293Doris Irene Owen.
She married Howard James Waddell.
  Children:Leonard James Waddell [12.525]
Murray Glen Waddell [12.526]
Richard Owen Waddell [12.527]
Donald Blaine Waddell [12.528]

11.294Howard Glenn (Jim) Owen; born 29 June 1927 at Irma, Canada, died 24 Dec 1989 at Irma, Canada.
He married Violet Funk.
  Children:Joan Mavis Owen [12.529]
Katherine Addie Owen [12.530]
Barbara Dawan Owen [12.531]
Rodney Glenn Owen [12.532]
James Henry Owen [12.533]

11.295Ernie Blaine Owen; born 14 Aug 1932 at Hardisty, Canada, died 20 Sep 1979 at Viking, Canada.
He married (1) Gladys Hurst.
  Children:Jerry Owen [12.534]
Gail Owen [12.535]
Erna Owen [12.536]
Cindy Owen [12.537]
He married (2) Christine Erickson.
  Children:Treena Owen [12.538]

11.296Connie Elaine Owen.
She married Louis John Fornal.
  Children:Diane Elaine Fornal [12.539]
Dean Charles Fornal [12.540]
Cindy Louise Fornal [12.541]

11.297Isabel Owen Barrie.
She married George Arthur Morgan, born 12 March 1907 at Grand Island, USA, died 5 April 1981 at Glendale, USA.
  Children:Daniel George Morgan [12.542]
Janice Louise Morgan [12.543]

11.298Ellen Isabelle Fern Hoover; born 21 June 1912 at Bittern Lake, Canada, died 6 Jan 1992 at Bittern Lake, Alberta, Canada.
She married (1) 21 June 1936 at Edmonton, Canada Elmer Hans Lindberg, born 12 Jan 1901 at Effington, South Dakota, USA.
She married (2) ? ?.
  Children:1933:Norman Harley Lindberg [12.544]

11.299Olwyn Minota Hoover.
She married Glen Lewis Anderson.
  Children:1946:James Robert Clarke Anderson [12.545]
Earl Thomas Anderson [12.546]
Laura Lee Anderson [12.547]
Janet Florence Anderson [12.548]
Helen Ann Anderson [12.549]

11.300Owen Clarke Hoover; born 9 July 1921 at Camrose, Canada, died 31 Dec 1967 at Edmonton, Canada.
He married Lluvia Diane Millham.
  Children:Ronald Roy Hoover [12.550]
Gerald Owen Hoover [12.551]
Sylvia Gladys Lynn Hoover [12.552]
Linda Lluvia Hoover [12.553]
Gwen Delcy Hoover [12.554]

11.301Thomas Cyril Hoover; born 16 Dec 1922 at Camrose, Canada, died 19 Jan 1978 at Tofield, Canada.
He married Gloria Virginia Courtrite.
  Children:Minda Joan Hoover [12.555]
Helen Marion Hoover [12.556]
Gloria Diane Hoover [12.557]
Robert Thomas Marshall Hoover [12.558]

11.302Ewart Vivien Hoover; born 2 March 1929 at Camrose, Canada, died 13 May 1967 at Edmonton, Canada.
He married 11 April 1951 at Edmonton, Canada Jeanne Millham, born 20 Sep 1930 at Edmonton, Canada, died 5 Dec 1978 at Edmonton, Canada.
  Children:Robert Clarke Hoover [12.559]
David Roy Hoover [12.560]
Leonard Stewart Hoover [12.561]
Keith Wesley Hoover [12.562]
Shelly Jeanne Hoover [12.563]

11.303Robert Bliss Hoover; born 11 Sep 1931 at Camrose, Canada, died 27 July 1947 at Tofield, Canada.

11.304Kathleen Louise McDonald; born 18 April 1921 at Calgary, Canada, died about 1 March 1989 at Shawnigan Lake, Canada.
She married Brian Edward Maxwell.
  Children:Maureen Louise Maxwell [12.564]
John Arthur Maxwell [12.565]
Molly Macdonald Maxwell [12.566]

11.305William E Morson.

11.306John Douglas Agnew; born 1 Jan 1916 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, died 13 Oct 1973 at Calgary, Canada.
He married Mary Ruth McTavish.
  Children:Douglas Barry Agnew [12.567]
Bonnie Ruth Agnew [12.568]
A Robson Agnew [12.569]

11.307Daisy Irene Agnew.

11.308Edith Agnew.
She married David Evans.
  Children:David Owen Evans [12.570]
William Edward Evans [12.571]

11.309Phyllis Joan Agnew.
She married Oliver Miller Holmes.
  Children:Phyllis Joanne Holmes [12.572]
Evelyn Joy Holmes [12.573]
Geraldine Irma Holmes [12.574]
Kenneth Oliver Holmes [12.575]
Christopher Dean Holmes [12.576]

11.310William Edward Agnew.
He married Olgae Elizabeth Hiemark.
  Children:Steven Bradley Agnew [12.577]
Carrie Elizabeth Agnew [12.578]
William Edward Agnew [12.579]

11.311Robert Agnew.

11.312Nancy Rykert.

11.313Son1 Knight.

11.314Gladys Knight.
She married Floyd Arnold.
  Children:Daughter Arnold [12.580]
Daughter Arnold [12.581]

11.315Mary Campbell Moynahan.
She married (1) Charles Lewis Ward, born 1897, died 1978.
  Children:Patricia Rosemarye Ward [12.582]
Peter Charles Ward [12.583]
Susan Mary Ward [12.584]

11.316Patricia Irene Moynahan.
She married John Martin Melia.
  Children:Owen Patrick Melia [12.585]
Mary Louise Melia [12.586]

11.317Dion Owen John Moynahan.
He married Constance Scanlon Goble.
  Children:Mary Moynahan [12.587]
James Moynahan [12.588]

11.318John Moynahan.
He married Marjory Helen Gordon.

11.319William Michael Moynahan.

11.320Thomas Patrick Moynahan.

11.321Marjorie Ann Owen.
She married Allan Epstein, born 1913, died 1965.
  Children:Garry Allan Epstein [12.589]
Robin Owen Epstein [12.590]

11.322Phyllis Louisa Owen.
She married John Finn.
  Children:John Finn [12.591]
David Finn [12.592]

11.323Gwenneth Victoria Owen.
She married Noel Westall Perry.
  Children:Jeanette Magaret Perry [12.593]
Brian Perry [12.594]
Christopher Perry [12.595]
John Perry [12.596]
Ann Perry [12.597]
Caroline Perry [12.598]
James Perry [12.599]
Gregory Perry [12.600]

11.324George Thomas Alexander Owen; born 1927, died 1950 at An Accident.

11.325Dorothy Elaine Murphy.

11.326Cecil William Murphy.
He married Beryl Curnow.
  Children:Elaine Louise Murphy [12.601]
Stephen Murphy [12.602]

11.327Owen Murphy.

11.328John Keith Murphy.
He married Beryl Ann Sarr.
  Children:John Murphy [12.603]
Jayne Murphy [12.604]
Peter Murphy [12.605]
Lynda Murphy [12.606]

11.329William Murphy; born 1934, died 1975.
He married Erroleen Magaret Arthur.
  Children:David William Murphy [12.607]
Nicholas Errol Murphy [12.608]
Benjamin John Murphy [12.609]
Louise Alice Murphy [12.610]

11.330Peter Wardhough Gwilliam; born 23 Dec 1913, died 1990.
He married Marion Adams Porter Barnes.
  Children:Dianne Elizabeth Gwilliam [12.611]
Michael John Oliver Gwilliam [12.612]
Judith Muriel Gwilliam [12.613]

11.331Dennis Osborne Gwilliam.
He married (1) Joan ?.
He married (2) Ruth ?.
  Children:Bari Gwilliam [12.614]

11.332Magaret Annabel Stephenson.
She married Thomas Athol Coates, born 1918, died 1974.
  Children:Elizabeth Annabel Coates [12.615]
Robert Ian Douglas Coates [12.616]

11.333Elizabeth Suzanne Stephenson; born 31 Jan 1913 at Auckland, died 3 May 1989 at Auckland.
She married (1) Thomas Sharman Finlayson, born 1912, died 1943.
  Children:Pamela Margaret Finlayson [12.617]
She married (2) Ernest Basil Bindon, born 1895, died 1982.
  Children:John Read Bindon [12.618]
Eleanor Louise Bindon [12.619]

11.334Ian Osborne Middleton Stephenson; born 25 Jan 1914 at Auckland, died 9 Nov 1986 at Auckland.
He married Rona Thelma Wright.
  Children:Ian Edward Middleton Stephenson [12.620]
David Frank Stephenson [12.621]
Peter Denis Stephenson [12.622]
John Norman Stephenson [12.623]
Judith Anne Stephenson [12.624]

11.335William Neil Stephenson.
He married Elaine Patricia Cooke, born 26 July 1922, died 31 July 1993.
  Children:Neil Owen Stephenson [12.625]
Patricia Kay Stephenson [12.626]
Barbara Annabelle Stephenson [12.627]
Allan William Stephenson [12.628]

11.336Beryl Dorothy Stephenson.
She married (1) Rowland Hearsfield Wilson, born 1890, died 1969.
  Children:Peter Rowland Wilson [12.629]
Stephen Hearsfield Wilson [12.630]
Christine Mary Wilson [12.631]
She married (2) Kenneth Phillip Wilson.

11.337Alfred Wallis Stephenson; born 25 Nov 1922, died 1996.
He married Dorothy Elizabeth Wooley.
  Children:Paul Tasman Wallis Stephenson [12.632]
Leonard Frank James Stephenson [12.633]

11.338Molly Osborne Knight.

11.339Patricia Owen Knight; born 17 Nov 1924 at Te Puke, Nz, died 22 Nov 1975 at Tauranga.
She married 27 Feb 1954 Ferguson McBeth, born 24 Aug 1915, died 1996.
  Children:Alasdair Donald McBeth [12.634]

11.340Nancy Margaret Knight.
She married Bruce Elliot Morrison, born 20 Aug 1924, died 15 Feb 1997.
  Children:Mary Anne Morrison [12.635]
Malcolm Frederick Morrison [12.636]
Allan Leonard Morrison [12.637]
Diane Margaret Morrison [12.638]
Paul Eliot Morrison [12.639]

11.341Cedric Osborne Knight.
He married (1) ?.
  Children:Gwendoline Mary Knight [12.640]
He married (2) Florence May Gubb.
  Children:Robert Osborne Knight [12.641]
Wendy Rae Knight [12.642]

11.342Leonard William Alfred Knight.
He married Maureen Francis Miners.
  Children:Susan Maria Knight [12.643]
Ashley Leonard Knight [12.644]

11.343David Knight Wilson.
He married Kathleen Deveny, born 14 May 1921 at Auckland, died 10 June 1987 at Auckland.
  Children:1956:Pamela Anne Wilson [12.645]
Wayne Gray Wilson [12.646]
Noel Thomas Wilson [12.647]
Phillip Knight Wilson [12.648]

11.344Alan Munro Wilson.
He married Beatrice Muriel Churchill.
  Children:Hugh Churchill Munro Wilson [12.649]
Martin Baxter Wilson [12.650]
Alan Robert Wilson [12.651]

11.345Neil Thomas Osborne Wilson.
He married Raewyn Joy Clark.
  Children:Penelope Jane Wilson [12.652]
Mark Osborne Wilson [12.653]

11.346Annabell Jean Wilson.
She married Linton Stanley Conway.
  Children:Scott Linton Conway [12.654]
Nicholas Martin Conway [12.655]
Jennifer Annabell Conway [12.656]

11.347Warwick Victor Clay.
He married (1) Janet Lambert.
He married (2) Marie Mildred Irwin.
  Children:Alan Victor Clay [12.657]
Jennifer Lyn Clay [12.658]

11.348Beverley Iris Clay; born 14 Sep 1926 at Auckland, died 26 July 2005 at Townsville, Australia.
She married (1) divorced 1976 Malcolm Howard.
  Children:John Malcolm Howard [12.659]
Anne Beverley Howard [12.660]
Peter Malcolm Howard [12.661]
Susan Iris Howard [12.662]
She married (2) Douglas George Ensby.

11.349Ross Grant Clay.
He married Matile (Maulalo) Paulo, daughter of ? Paulo and Sefelina ?.
  Children:Paulette Angela Clay [12.663]
Rossanne Celia Clay [12.664]
Ross Anthony Clay [12.665]

11.350Anthony Hawkes; born 1924 at Auckland, died about 1987.

11.351Ann Paterson Maddox.
She married Don Malcolm Sproul.
  Children:Brett Sproul [12.666]
Karen Sproul [12.667]
Suzanne Sproul [12.668]
Mathew Spoul [12.669]
Jeffrey Sproul [12.670]

11.352Lyndsay Helen Maddox.
She married (1) Bruce Henry Allen.
  Children:Jennifer Anne Allen [12.671]
She married (2) Les McMillan.
  Children:Linda Susan McMillan [12.672]

11.353John Maddox.
He married (1) ?.
  Children:Paul Maddox [12.673]
He married (2) Helen ?.

11.354Wendy Maddox.
She married ?.
  Children:John ? [12.674]
Angela ? [12.675]
Peter ? [12.676]

11.355Helen Margaret Maddox.
She married (1) George William Satchwell.
  Children:Kirsten Satchwell [12.677]
She married (2) ? Crawford.
  Children:Owen Crawford [12.678]
Dean Crawford [12.679]

11.356Barbara Jane Maddox.
She married Jacques Moreau.
  Children:Cedric Maddox Moreau [12.680]
Nancy Moreau [12.681]

11.357Robert Julian Owen Maddox.
He married Glenys McVicker.
  Children:Lee Maddox [12.682]
Paul Maddox [12.683]
Dane Maddox [12.684]

11.358Jocelyn Mary Maddox.
She married Russell Broadbent.
  Children:Michael Broadbent [12.685]
Andrew Broadbent [12.686]
Hamish Broadbent [12.687]

11.359Mary Elizabeth Harris.

11.360Allan Davidson Haszard.
He married Mabel Elizabeth Jacobs.
  Children:Julia Lee Haszard [12.688]
Margaret Laele Haszard [12.689]

11.361Margaret Anne Haszard.
She married Robert Carson Hodsmyth.

11.362Dorothy Lawson.
She married James Albert Farquharson.
  Children:Allan Farquharson [12.690]

11.363Mildred Lawson.
She married (1) Edward Kandey.
  Children:William Kandey [12.691]
Robert Kandey [12.692]
She married (2) John J Beasley.
She married (3) William Gorski.

11.364Jessie Norah Lawson.
She married Reginald E Kemp.
  Children:Harold Kemp [12.693]
Katherine (Kathy) Kemp [12.694]

11.365William Lawson.
He married Jean Millman.
  Children:Lorna Ann Lawson [12.695]

11.366Jessie Haszard.

11.367Hazel Haszard.
She married Virginus Dermont Gale.
  Children:Wayne David Gale (Adopted) [12.696]

11.368Arthur Alexander Haszard.
He married Ernestine Woods.
  Children:Arthur Alexander Haszard [12.697]
John Roy Haszard [12.698]
Timothy Ray Haszard [12.699]
Allan Eugene (Lucky) Haszard [12.700]

11.369Ada Elizabeth (Beth) Harris.
She married (1) Victor Dyer, died 24 Oct 1944.
  Children:Anne Marguerite Dyer [12.701]
Walter Dyer [12.702]
She married (2) Harold Oldring, died 26 March 1968.

11.370William Douglas Harris.
He married Doreen Rogers.

11.371Walter Davis Harris; died 5 Oct 1944.

11.372Helen Marguerite Harris.
She married Edward Donnelly Hill.
  Children:Carolyn Evelyn (Lyn) Hill [12.703]
Barbara Joan Hill [12.704]
Rosemary Lea Hill [12.705]
Patricia Louise Hill [12.706]
Katherine Anne Hill [12.707]

11.373Pauline Harris.
She married Dean Godfrey Johnson.
  Children:Corinne Anne Johnson [12.708]
Vance Neil Johnson [12.709]
Garth Daniel Johnson [12.710]
Glen Lee Darryl Johnson [12.711]

11.374Arthur Craig Haszard.

11.375Ralph Sargent Foster.
He married Ruth Jowders.
  Children:Donald Sargent Foster [12.712]

11.376Roger Webster Foster.
He married Merelyn Putman.
  Children:Roger Webster Foster [12.713]
Scott Whitney Foster [12.714]
Allan Douglas Foster [12.715]

11.377Robert Nathan Foster.
He married Constance Louise Stevenson.
  Children:Marcia Lea Foster [12.716]
Brenda Louise Foster [12.717]
Steven Ralph Foster [12.718]
Carol Ann Foster [12.719]

11.378William Conant Foster.
He married (1) Linda Lee Wiljanen, born 2 March 1940 at Townsend, USA, died 14 Nov 1975.
  Children:Kristine Lee Foster [12.720]
Lisa Ann Foster [12.721]
He married (2) Roberta Sidman.
  Children:Gretchen Roberta Foster [12.722]
He married (3) Marsha Wiinikainen.

11.379Wallace Currier Haszard.
He married Marilyn.
  Children:Kathleen Ann Haszard [12.723]

11.380Kenneth Foster Haszard.
He married .
  Children:Daniel Haszard [12.724]
Timmy Haszard [12.725]
Darlene Haszard [12.726]
Rodney Haszard [12.727]
Tonya Haszard [12.728]

11.381Diane Jeannette Haszard.
She married Thomas Lebaron.
  Children:Neal Lebaron [12.729]
John Lebaron [12.730]
Janet Ruth Lebaron [12.731]

11.382Carol Nancy Haszard.
She married William Mathews.
  Children:William Scott Mathews [12.732]
Andy Mathews [12.733]
Kevin Mathews [12.734]

11.383Nelda Virginia Haszard.
She married Donald Henry Coulter, born 1 Nov 1930, died 11 Nov 1978.
  Children:Donald Owen Coulter [12.735]
Douglas Foster Coulter [12.736]
1965:David Conant Coulter [12.737]
Katherine Elizabeth Coulter [12.738]
Daniel Lant Coulter [12.739]

11.384Elizabeth Viola Haszard; born 9 Sep 1937 at Wenham, USA, died 28 July 1938 at Wenham, USA.

11.385Judith Marilyn Haszard.
She married William Fairbanks Nisbet.

11.386Arlene Ryder Haszard.
She married Theodore Michael Cronin.
  Children:Matthew Joseph Cronin [12.740]
Joseph Owen Cronin [12.741]

11.387Yvonne Laird.
She married Seidler John.
  Children:Eleanor Seidler [12.742]
Andrea Laird Seidler [12.743]

11.388Shirley Laird; born 3 June 1931 at East Orange, USA, died 29 June 1988 at New York, USA.

11.389Alethe Laird.
She married Frank Lescinsky.
  Children:Gordon Lescinsky [12.744]
Halard Laird Lescinsky [12.745]
David Lescinsky [12.746]

11.390John Henry Chauvin.
He married Noella Thibodeau.
  Children:Stanley Leon Chauvin [12.747]
Christiane Marie Chauvin [12.748]
Bernard John Chauvin [12.749]

11.391David Edward Laird Chauvin.
He married Frances Frare (Adopted).
  Children:Frank Chauvin (Adopted) [12.750]
Anne Chauvin (Adopted) [12.751]

11.392Mary Campbell.
She married (1) Parker Henderson, born 1927 at USA, died 1976 at USA.
She married (2) H Arthur Brown.
  Children:Heather Brown (Adopted) [12.752]

11.393David Sidney Campbell; born 11 Sep 1933 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, died 2 Sep 1968 at Kingston, Canada.
He married Edith Smith.
  Children:David Campbell [12.753]
Gordon Campbell [12.754]

11.394John A Mathieson.
He married Patricia Vaughan.
  Children:Heather Mathieson [12.755]
Sheila Mathieson [12.756]

11.395Janet Louise Rogers.

11.396Daryl Jean Rogers.
She married (1) divorced 1974 Marcellus (Mark) Macguigan.
  Children:Michael James Macguigan [12.757]
Kathleen Daryl Macguigan [12.758]
Thomas Mark Macguigan [12.759]
Daniel Leonard Macguigan [12.760]
Carolyn Janet Macguigan [12.761]
She married (2) Hessell Maclean.

11.397Thomas Gordon Laird.

11.398Mary Louise Laird.
She married Walter Hamady.
  Children:Laura Hamady [12.762]
Samantha Hamady [12.763]
Micah Hamady [12.764]

11.399Jean Marsh Laird.
She married (1) R Donald Stuart.
  Children:Darrell Stuart [12.765]
She married (2) Robert Bray.

11.400Darrell Martin Laird.

11.401Carol Lea Evans.
She married Herbert Paul Schywalsky.
  Children:Robert Paul Schywalsky [12.766]

11.402Peter Stanley Evans.

11.403David Langler Evans.

11.404Mark Andrew Evans.
He married (1) Susanne Forget.
He married (2) Catherine Williams.
  Children:Matthew Richard Evans [12.767]
Gregory Mark Evans [12.768]

11.405John Allan Evans.

11.406Alan Macdonald.

11.407Colin Macdonald.

11.408Arthur Winchester Mackinnon.

11.409Carl Wyndham Owen.
  Children:Daughter Owen [12.769]
Daughter2 Owen [12.770]

11.410Anthony Alder Schultz.
He married Barbara Ann Roach.
  Children:Diana Louise Schultz [12.771]
William Anthony Schultz [12.772]

11.411Dennis Owen Sweetnam.

11.412Susan Sweetnam.

11.413James Sweetnam.

11.414Lorain Whildin.
She married George Richardson.

11.415Frederick Wallace Whildin.
He married (1) Betty Lou Shaw.
  Children:Linda Elizabeth Whildin [12.773]
Suzan Marie Whildin [12.774]
Katherine Ann Whildin [12.775]
Frederick Wallace Whildin [12.776]
Sandra Emily Whildin [12.777]
He married (2) Phyllis Elizabeth Valentine.

11.416William Arthur Owen McQuarrie.
He married Marilyn Bateman.
  Children:Gowan McQuarrie [12.778]
Ross Owen McQuarrie [12.779]

11.417Mary Jane McQuarrie.
She married Barry McMillan.
  Children:Colin John McMillan [12.780]
Morag McMillan [12.781]

11.418Alexander Colin McQuarrie.
He married Maureen McKinnon.
  Children:Nathan Alexander McQuarrie [12.782]

11.419Margaret Sandra Stephens.
She married George Beggs Pitman, died 28 April 1984 at Richmond, Canada.

11.420Diana Gail Stephens.
She married (1) Ronald Edward Block.
She married (2) Lytwynn Bill Walter.

11.421Frank Wilkinson Mitchell.
He married Brenda Louise Pidgeon.
  Children:Frank Douglas Mitchell [12.783]
Melinda Anne Mitchell [12.784]
Scott Gowan Mitchell [12.785]

11.422Mark Grenfell Mitchell.
He married Jill Diane Harolds.
  Children:Bryce Mitchell [12.786]

11.423Candice Lee Mitchell.
She married Frank Scott Thompson.
  Children:Morgan Elizabeth Thompson [12.787]
Mitchell Scott Thompson [12.788]

11.424Brooke Elizabeth Mitchell.

11.425Kim Gowan Mitchell; born 26 July 1957 at Vancouver, Canada, died 19 July 1981 at Calgary, Canada.

11.426Tod Owen Mitchell.

11.427Dallas McLean.
She married Manfred Lowe.

11.428John Burton Shelly.
He married Carol Suzanne Lunney.
  Children:Tanis Kristin Shelly [12.789]
Leah Marie Shelly [12.790]
Jason William Shelly [12.791]
Kyle Burton Shelly [12.792]

11.429Barbara Shelly.

11.430Virginia Louise Montgomery.
She married William Moojen Kloek.
  Children:Christopher Kloek [12.793]
Thomas Kloek [12.794]

11.431Marjorie Muriel Montgomery.
She married (1) James Russell Martin Hamrick, born 7 Nov 1908, died Jan 1988 at Chula Vista, USA.
  Children:Diane Lee Hamrick [12.795]
Sheila Marjorie Hamrick [12.796]
James Russell Martin Hamrick [12.797]
John Stephen Hamrick [12.798]
She married (2) Samuel Gadzia.

11.432Lucille Isabel Montgomery.
She married Alexander August Robken.
  Children:Richard Robken [12.799]
Stuart Robken [12.800]
Kenneth Robken [12.801]
Hiedi Robken [12.802]

11.433Dorice Elizabeth Montgomery.
She married (1) Kenneth Spaulding.
  Children:Ernest Neil Spaulding [12.803]
Susan Spaulding [12.804]
She married (2) John Van De Venter.
  Children:Larry Van De Venter [12.805]

11.434Donald Neill Montgomery.
He married Ruth Christine Robertson.
  Children:James Montgomery [12.806]
Robert Montgomery [12.807]
Timothy Montgomery [12.808]
Jan Montgomery [12.809]

11.435Montgomery; born 3 Dec 1922 at Alhambra, USA, died 3 Dec 1922 at Alhambra, USA.

11.436Robert Hugh Montgomery.

11.437Elizabeth (Betty) Montgomery.
She married Joseph M Turino.
  Children:Susanne Turino [12.810]
Thomas Turino [12.811]
Michael Turino [12.812]
Stephen Turino [12.813]

11.438Margaret Edna Crafer.
She married James Edwin Simmons.
  Children:Beverley Ann Simmons [12.814]
Marla Joy Simmons [12.815]
Shelley Margaret Simmons [12.816]

11.439James William Crafer.
He married Eva Beasley.

11.440John Alexander Crafer.
He married Greta Graham.

11.441Robert Crafer.
He married Gloria Brander.
  Children:Jennifer Crafer [12.817]
David Crafer [12.818]

11.442Sutherland Owen Cousins.
He married Altheia Aileen Bryenton.
  Children:Thelma Irene Cousins [12.819]
George Sutherland Cousins [12.820]
Sandra Aileen Cousins [12.821]
Dale Clifford Cousins [12.822]

11.443William Sinclair Cousins.
He married Elaine Marjorie Bryenton.
  Children:Delmar Melville Cousins [12.823]
Edith Hilda Cousins [12.824]
Darlene Altheia Cousins [12.825]
Marvin William Cousins [12.826]
Garth Erwin Cousins [12.827]

11.444Arthur Ramsay Cousins.
He married Shirley Jean Macgregor.
  Children:Donald Arthur Cousins [12.828]
Karen Jean Cousins [12.829]
Brian Dale Cousins [12.830]
Katherine Louise Cousins [12.831]

11.445Mary Elizabeth Cousins.
She married Elmer Crozier Hickey.
  Children:Shirley Elizabeth Hickey [12.832]
Edward Elmer Hickey [12.833]
Janet Louise Hickey [12.834]
Norman Arnold Hickey [12.835]
Glenda Mary Hickey [12.836]
Jennifer Ann Hickey [12.837]

11.446Edith Louise Cousins.
She married Delmar Roy Woodside, born 21 July 1934 at Clinton, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 11 Sep 1975 at Toronto, Canada.
  Children:Glorie Lynn Woodside [12.838]
Bonnie Lee Woodside [12.839]
Cindy Dale Woodside [12.840]
Michelle Louise Woodside [12.841]

11.447Norman Mackay Cousins.
He married Marilyn Simpson.
  Children:Amanda Elizabeth Cousins [12.842]
Patricia Ann Cousins [12.843]
Jill Roberta Cousins [12.844]
Norma Jean Cousins [12.845]

11.448Fulton Thompson Cousins.
He married Mary Louise Campbell.
  Children:Martin Bruce Cousins [12.846]
Marianne Louise Cousins [12.847]

11.449Robert Keir Cousins.
He married Carol Ann Brander.
  Children:Darren James Cousins [12.848]
Robin Lianne Cousins [12.849]
Robert Andrew Cousins [12.850]

11.450John Alfred Cousins.
He married Judy Gail Beairsto.
  Children:Joanne Gayle Cousins [12.851]
Stephen John Cousins [12.852]
Linda Ann Cousins [12.853]

11.451Florence (Fluff) Annie Cousins.
She married James Burrows Macphail.
  Children:Elizabeth Dawn Macphail [12.854]
Kimberley Ann Macphail [12.855]
Wilbert Dean Macphail [12.856]
Robert Christopher Macphail [12.857]

11.452Eric Ramsay Adams.
He married Sylvia Topolnicki.
  Children:Peggy Jane Adams [12.858]
Gail Anne Adams [12.859]

11.453Donald Grant Adams.
He married Miriam Joan Carruthers.
  Children:Miriam Dawn Adams [12.860]
Maureen Adams [12.861]
Colin Adams [12.862]

11.454Carlyle Joseph Caseley.

11.455Barbara Macdonald (Adopted).

11.456Douglas Clark.

11.457Bruce Clark.

11.458Elizabeth Marlene Pickering.
She married (1) James William Campbell.
  Children:Donald Wallace Campbell [12.863]
Susan Marlene Campbell [12.864]
She married (2) Donald Bevin.

11.459Willard Dale Pickering.
He married Carolyn Ann Small.
  Children:Jodi Ann Jeanette Pickering [12.865]
Tera Lee Pickering (Adopted) [12.866]

11.460Marion Eva Pickering.
She married Bertram Allan Palmer, born 13 Oct at Margate, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
  Children:Bertram Allan Palmer [12.867]
1964:Michael Wallace Palmer [12.868]
Kevin Dale Palmer [12.869]

11.461Margaret Rose Pickering.
She married John Craig Hubbard, born Nov.
  Children:Natasha Lee Hubbard [12.870]
John Albert Hubbard [12.871]
Stewart Owen Hubbard [12.872]

11.462Barbara Hickey.
She married Delmar Connick.
  Children:Tammy Connick [12.873]
Tanya Connick [12.874]
Jolene Connick [12.875]

11.463Edith Hickey.
She married George Smith.
  Children:Kevin Smith [12.876]
Kathy Smith [12.877]
Kendra Smith [12.878]

11.464Carca Darlene Hickey.
She married Donnie Walsh.
  Children:Amanda Walsh [12.879]
Sherry-Lee Walsh [12.880]

11.465Norma Hickey.
She married William Bingham, born 8 April.
  Children:Miki Bingham [12.881]

11.466Phyllis Hickey.
She married William Wheeler.
  Children:Rebecca Jean Wheeler [12.882]
Lindsey Wheeler [12.883]

11.467Kendall Hickey.

11.468Rodney Hickey.
He married Cathy Bryanton.
  Children:Adam Hickey [12.884]
Bradley Hickey [12.885]

11.469Rhea Hickey.
She married John Roderick Macrae.
  Children:Khrista Macrae [12.886]
Angela Macrae [12.887]

11.470Paula Hickey.
She married Keith.

11.471Allan Scott Hickey.
He married Alison Margaret Leslie.

11.472Lori Clifford (Adopted).

11.473Bruce Clifford (Adopted).

11.474Stewart Yeo.
He married Susan Gallant.
  Children:Gerald Yeo [12.888]
Melissa Yeo [12.889]

11.475Faye Yeo.
  Children:Joel Yeo [12.890]

11.476Donna Yeo.
She married Stephen Giddings.
  Children:Lauren Giddings [12.891]
Erin Giddings [12.892]

11.477Kenneth Blaine Owen.
He married Edith Maria Frizzell.

11.478Kenneth Owen.

11.479Douglas Owen.

11.480Lorne Owen.
He married Isabelle Gallant.
  Children:Melissa Owen [12.893]
Justin Ryan Owen [12.894]

11.481Sandra Owen.

11.482Roy Owen.

11.483Shelly Owen.
She married Gary Stewart.

11.484William Ralph Howatt; born 24 Dec 1950 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, died 24 Dec 1951.

11.485Juanita (Wanita) Charlene Howatt.
She married Donald Finlay Drake.
  Children:Donald Trent Drake [12.895]
Finlay Ralph Drake [12.896]
Jennifer Dawn Drake [12.897]
Jason David Drake [12.898]

11.486William David Howatt.
He married Elizabeth Jane Duncan.
  Children:David Joseph Howatt [12.899]
Adam Paul Howatt [12.900]

11.487Denny McGougan.
He married (1) ?.
  Children:Scott McGougan [12.901]
Mark McGougan [12.902]
Margaret McGougan [12.903]
He married (2) ?.

11.488Margaret Ann McGougan.
She married Richard Duntley.
  Children:Kay Duntley [12.904]
Ann Duntley [12.905]
Dede Duntley [12.906]

11.489Jane Davidson Stevens.
She married David Johnston.
  Children:Steven David Johnston [12.907]
Heather Jane Johnston [12.908]

11.490Thomas Brooks Wheeler.
He married Helen Justi.
  Children:Mathew G Wheeler [12.909]
Hannah K Wheeler [12.910]

11.491Bruce Wheeler; born 1951, died 1951.

11.492Deborah Wheeler.
She married W Russel Harris.
  Children:Scott R Harris [12.911]
? Harris [12.912]

11.493Brian Lebaron Wheeler.

11.494Richard Owen Wheeler.

11.495Katherine Ann Wheeler.
She married Stephen Dennis Prior.
  Children:Dana Prior [12.913]
Jack Prior [12.914]

11.496Mary Adella Wheeler.
She married Robert Ortagus.
  Children:Kelly Ortagus [12.915]
Sondra Ortagus [12.916]

11.497Robert Goodwin Wheeler.
He married Joanne Muella.

11.498Timothy Root.
He married Judy Johnson.
  Children:Darrin Mathew Root [12.917]
Peter Eric Root [12.918]

11.499Nancy Root.
She married (1) William Gustin.
  Children:Andrew Alan Gustin [12.919]
Geoffrey Owen Gustin [12.920]
She married (2) Kenneth Roberts.

11.500Julie Root.
She married Stephen Woodward.

11.501Anne Wheeler.
She married Michael Lafortune.
  Children:Elizabeth Ann Lafortune [12.921]
Mitchel Lafortune [12.922]
John Michael Lafortune [12.923]

11.502Margaret Wheeler.
She married Jacob Cornelius Wollerteek.
  Children:Ellen Maria Wollerteek [12.924]

11.503Katherine Lee Wheeler.
She married (1) ?.
  Children:Hannah Lacey Wheeler [12.925]
She married (2) Thomas Duffy.

11.504Daniel Alan Wheeler.
He married Nicole Grenier.
  Children:Rachael Wheeler [12.926]
Rebekah Wheeler [12.927]

11.505Elizabeth Marion Wheeler.

11.506Benjamin Wheeler.

11.507Roger Jarvis Dixon; died before 1989.

11.508Walter Leslie Dixon; born 30 June 1920 at Calais, USA, died 3 Oct 1972.

11.509John Linkletter.
He married (1) Joyce Horway.
  Children:Karen Linkletter [12.928]
Jill Linkletter [12.929]
Jonathon Linkletter [12.930]
He married (2) Ilse Zorn.

11.510Dawn Stuart.
She married Bernard Weinraub.
  Children:Claire Weinraub [12.931]
David Weinraub [12.932]

11.511Robert Stuart.
  Children:William O Stuart [12.933]
Rebecca Joy Stuart [12.934]
He married (1) Connie Beal.

11.512Ruth Linkletter (Otis) Stuart.
She married John Jaczinski.
  Children:John (Jack) Jaczinski [12.935]
James Jaczinski [12.936]
Joseph (Jay) Jaczinski [12.937]

Generation XII
12.1Kimberly Ann Kelley; born 15 Aug 1956 at Yakima, USA, died 19 Sep 1983 at Seattle, USA.

12.2Brian Patrick Kelley.

12.3Sam Joseph Kelley.

12.4Winn Siegman.
He married Toni.

12.5Ann Siegman.

12.6Patrick Siegman.

12.7Kelley Maulbetsch.

12.8Lyn Maulbetsch.

12.9Sidney Smith.

12.10Pamela Ann Haring.
She married Paul Allen Pitkin.
  Children:Clint Allen Pitkin [13.1]
Wendy Ann Pitkin [13.2]
Blaine Carr Pitkin [13.3]

12.11Carrlyn Graham Haring.
She married (1) Ronald Roy Trainor.
She married (2) Richard Leroy Bates.
  Children:Justin Carlyle Bates [13.4]
Courtney Graham Bates [13.5]

12.12David Richard Baird.
He married Mary Lenchan.
  Children:Michael Cedric Baird [13.6]

12.13Brian Frederick Baird.
He married Verity Jane Schaer.
  Children:Katherine Ann Baird [13.7]
Colin Andrew Baird [13.8]

12.14Wendy Kathleen Baird.

12.15Michael Alexander Carr.
He married Leah Ann Dempsey.
  Children:Alexander Harris Carr [13.9]

12.16Virginia Lois Carr.
She married Angus Guy Melford Baldwin.

12.17David William Carr.

12.18Peter Edward Carr.
He married Darlene.

12.19Robert Alexander Carr.

12.20Roger Lee Carr.
He married Barbara Lynn Johnson.
  Children:Ashley Louise Carr [13.10]
Trevor Lee Carr [13.11]

12.21Alison Louise Carr.
She married Henry Lawton Foster.

12.22Maria Muthoni Wamaitha Moreithi.

12.23Jeremy Issac Karime Moreithi.

12.24Martin Percy Gitonga Moreithi.

12.25Eleyna Wanja Wanjira Moreithi.

12.26Sandra Anderson.

12.27Patricia (Patty) Anderson; died about 1952.

12.28Karen Anderson.

12.29Lynn Anderson.

12.30Iaian Anderson.

12.31George Anderson.

12.32Roberta Godfrey.
She married John Corneil.

12.33Margot Godfrey.
She married Bowman Olds.
  Children:Shawn Olds [13.12]
Nicole Olds [13.13]

12.34Terrance Davidson Carr.
He married Janan Hallett.
  Children:John Paris Carr [13.14]
Catherine Orah Carr [13.15]

12.35Sharon Jean Lee Carr.
She married John Fearn.
  Children:Chadwick Neville Fearn [13.16]
Tyler Johnson Fearn [13.17]
Kimberly Ann Fearn [13.18]

12.36Calvin Johnson Carr.
He married Barbara Allison.
  Children:Andrea Leigh Carr [13.19]
Lance Oscar Carr [13.20]

12.37Bruce Carr; born 1952, died 1983.

12.38Lee-Anne Carr.
She married John Mahon.
  Children:Kerry Mahon [13.21]
Jay Mahon [13.22]

12.39Donald James Montgomery.
He married Linda Farnham.
  Children:Andrew Donald Montgomery [13.23]
Mary Ann Montgomery [13.24]

12.40Katharine Ann Montgomery.
She married Terence Clement.
  Children:Sarah Glynis Clement [13.25]
Thomas James Clement [13.26]
Elizabeth Ann Clement [13.27]

12.41Robert William Montgomery.
He married Shirley Maciborski.
  Children:James Ellison Montgomery [13.28]
Michael Robert Montgomery [13.29]
Christopher William Montgomery [13.30]

12.42Blair Montgomery Bowker.
He married Brenda Lecours.
  Children:Ashleigh Kathleen Bowker [13.31]
Vanessa Marjorie Bowker [13.32]
Colleen Anne Bowker [13.33]

12.43Lorna Ethel Bowker.
She married Ross Pennie.
  Children:Claire Montgomery Pennie [13.34]
Fraser Ross Pennie [13.35]

12.44Keith Wilbur Bowker.
He married Christine Macphail.
  Children:Cara Christine Bowker [13.36]
Joel Keith Bowker [13.37]

12.45Douglas Bussard.

12.46Dianne Bussard.
She married Tim Moran.

12.47Elaine Bussard.
She married Gary Colford.
  Children:Shawn Colford [13.38]
Mandy Colford [13.39]

12.48Kenneth Austin Carr; born 1939, died 1972.
He married Christine (Catherine) Ramsay.
  Children:Gregory Carr [13.40]
Kimberly Carr [13.41]

12.49Alan Carr; born 1941, died 24 June 1972 at Malpeque, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
He married Helen Murphy.
  Children:Sharon Carr [13.42]

12.50Ronald Carr.

12.51Maybelle Carr.

12.52Kenneth Brands.
He married Sandra.
  Children:Marianne Brands [13.43]
Stephen Brands [13.44]
Samantha Brands [13.45]

12.53Christopher Brands.

12.54Stewart Brands.
He married Kathy.

12.55Andrew Brands.

12.56George Douglas Carr.
He married (1) Mary Grise.
  Children:David Carr [13.46]
Lesley Carr [13.47]
Peter Carr [13.48]
He married (2) Margaret.

12.57Barbara (Sandra) Carr.

12.58Nancy Carr.
She married Paul Ropp.

12.59Katherine Webster.
She married Ken Robertson.

12.60Ann Webster.
She married Terry Osmar.
  Children:Kari Osmar [13.49]
Michael Osmar [13.50]
Robin Elaine Osmar [13.51]

12.61Gwen Webster.
She married William Bryant.
  Children:Erin Louise Bryant [13.52]

12.62Peter Webster.

12.63Keith Webster.
He married Gale Burke.

12.64Lindsay Jean Scott.
She married Victor Suthern.

12.65Jon Haldane Scott.
He married Cynthia Li.

12.66Thelma Owen.

12.67Arthur Owen.

12.68Shirley Anne Owen.

12.69John Cooke Owen; born 1937, died 7 Aug 1988.

12.70Douglas Nelson Owen.

12.71Janet Annabelle Owen.
She married Ian Drysdale.
  Children:Heather Drysdale [13.53]
Stephen Drysdale [13.54]
Linda Drysdale [13.55]
Peter Drysdale [13.56]

12.72Carolyn Lee Owen.
She married Thomas William Sommerville.
  Children:Richard Sommerville [13.57]
Robert Allison Sommerville [13.58]

12.73David William Owen.
He married Valerie Vass.
  Children:John Peter Owen [13.59]
Robert David Owen [13.60]
Laura Elinor Owen [13.61]

12.74George Arthur Lyle.
He married (1) Grace Elizabeth Cooper.
  Children:Catherine Lyle [13.62]
Brian Rawdon Lyle [13.63]
Douglas Stuart Lyle [13.64]
He married (2) Andrea Macleod.
  Children:David Lyle [13.65]

12.75Edwin Owen Lyle.
He married (1) Patricia Horley.
  Children:Candace Patricia Lyle [13.66]
He married (2) Barbara Marie Milko.

12.76Donald Maltby; born 4 July 1942, died 15 Jan 1989.

12.77Helen Maltby.
She married Morin.
  Children:Miles Morin [13.67]

12.78Rawdon Maltby.

12.79Carol Wallace.
She married Barry Mayne.
  Children:Michael Mayne [13.68]
Randall Mayne [13.69]
Valerie Mayne [13.70]
Stephen Mayne [13.71]

12.80Beverly Wallace.
She married (1) Willis Burgoyne.
  Children:Thane Burgoyne [13.72]
John Burgoyne [13.73]
She married (2) Ronald McCormick.
  Children:Michelle Lynne McCormick [13.74]

12.81Paul Wallace.

12.82Debbie Michele Waghorn.

12.83Nicole Denise Waghorn.

12.84Harold Gard.
He married Norma Horne.
  Children:Carla Gard [13.75]
Brian Gard [13.76]

12.85Sylvia Gard.

12.86Mary Gard.
She married David Peppin.

12.87David Ralph Craig.
He married Sandra Macdonald.

12.88Donald Barry Craig.

12.89Douglas Leigh Craig.
He married Christiana Carpenter.

12.90Nancy Joy Craig.

12.91Lynne Ann Craig.

12.92Norma Lee Pearle Craig.
She married Gordon Mitchell.
  Children:Rachel Emily Lee Mitchell [13.77]

12.93Edgar Millar Craig.

12.94William Arthur Craig.

12.95John Bruce Craig.
He married Yvonne Gauthier.
  Children:Bethany Pearle Craig [13.78]

12.96Susan Margaret Blanche Craig.
She married James S Williams.
  Children:Lisa Glenn Norma Williams [13.79]

12.97Roland Ralph Craig.

12.98Vernon Bannie Craig.

12.99Myla Ethel Craig.

12.100Allan Lloyd Macleod.

12.101Karen Darlene Macleod.

12.102Kevin Cecil Macleod.

12.103Carl Roger Macarthur.
He married Deborah McKearney.

12.104Carman Leigh Macarthur.
He married Donna Hatherley.
  Children:Tara Dawn Macarthur [13.80]
Amanda Kate Macarthur [13.81]

12.105Shelley Catherine Macarthur.
She married Richard Ian Gallant.
  Children:Christina Shelley Gallant [13.82]
Ashley Maria Gallant [13.83]

12.106Sherwyn Lloyd Macarthur.
He married Nancy Jean Seller.
  Children:Brandon Roger Macarthur [13.84]

12.107Myrnalee Ann Moore.

12.108Darrell Millar Moore.

12.109Warren Erroll Moore.

12.110Child Cumming.

12.111Child Cumming.

12.112Child Cumming.

12.113Child Cumming.

12.114Child Cumming.

12.115Daughter Cumming.

12.116Daughter Cumming.

12.117Son Skinner.

12.118Daughter Skinner.

12.119Son Skinner.

12.120Daughter Forbes.

12.121Daughter Forbes.

12.122Daughter Forbes.

12.123Child Mackenzie.

12.124Child Mackenzie.

12.125Child Mackenzie.

12.126Ronald Horace Wright.
He married Susanne Elisabeth Salome.
  Children:Christina Elisabeth Wright [13.85]
Andrea Susanne Wright [13.86]
Patrick Ronald Wright [13.87]

12.127Kenneth Alan Wright.
He married Linda Elaine Smith.
  Children:Helen Amanda Wright [13.88]

12.128Jeanie Isabel Wright.
She married Deric Alexander Affleck.
  Children:Sara Jane Affleck [13.89]
Roderick Alexander Affleck [13.90]

12.129John Ross Wright.
He married Charlene Ann Green.
  Children:Catelin Wright [13.91]
Erin Wright [13.92]

12.130Paul William Wright.

12.131Kathryn Jennifer Archibald (Adopted).

12.132Judith Margaret Archibald (Adopted).

12.133Janet Ellen Mackimmie.

12.134Andrea Jean Mackimmie.

12.135Judith Alison Mackimmie.

12.136John Mackimmie.

12.137William Archibald Hager.
He married Susan Terry Barto.
  Children:Julie Terry Hager [13.93]
Dexter Fairbanks Hager [13.94]

12.138Stephen Warner Hager.

12.139Marjorie Jean Hager.
She married John D Baker.
  Children:Jennifer Lee Baker [13.95]
Daniel John Baker [13.96]

12.140Susan Elizabeth Hager; born 14 April 1948 at New Haven, USA, died 16 Aug 1948 at New Haven, USA.

12.141Susan Belinda Archibald.

12.142Sandra Lee Archibald.

12.143Sharon Lynn Archibald.

12.144Susan Wood.
She married E C Porter.
  Children:Tracy Porter [13.97]

12.145Donald Wood.
He married Kelly Robinson.
  Children:Kelly Wood [13.98]

12.146Patricia Louise Wall.
She married Patrick Elsasser.

12.147Cheryl Suzanne Wall.
She married Othmar Stephen Hartmann.
  Children:Stephanie Suzanne Hartmann [13.99]
Nicholas Alexander Hartmann [13.100]

12.148Victoria Kathryn Wall.

12.149Norman Douglas Lynch.
He married Kerri Noreen Henderson.
  Children:Jessica Margaret Lynch [13.101]
Christopher Norman Lynch [13.102]

12.150Janet May Lynch.

12.151Brian Wallace Lynch.

12.152Drew Gibson.

12.153Nanette Hansen.

12.154Ian Mathers.

12.155Travis Anthony Minors.

12.156Gail Townsend.

12.157Randy Townsend.

12.158Kim Townsend.

12.159Son Townsend.

12.160Daughter Townsend.

12.161Kerry Winters.

12.162Todd Winters.

12.163Daughter1 Faber.

12.164Daughter2 Faber.

12.165Daughter3 Faber.

12.166Daughter4 Faber.

12.167Child1 Taczak.

12.168Child2 Taczak.

12.169Son1 Conny.

12.170Son2 Conny.

12.171Son3 Conny.

12.172Dean Allan Jones.

12.173Amanda Joan Jones.

12.174Joyce Elizabeth Laura Pearson.
  Children:Michael Travis Robert Pearson [13.103]

12.175Cynthia Lynn Jones.

12.176Jason Harry Jones.

12.177Helen Loraine Semple.
She married William Stewart.
  Children:Susan Stewart [13.104]
Richard Stewart [13.105]

12.178Tyndall Semple.
He married (1) Jean Mary Davies, born 23 June 1933 at Cardiff, Wales, died 26 June 1968 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island.
  Children:Sandra Anne Semple [13.106]
Karen Semple [13.107]
He married (2) Anna Marie Leard.

12.179Norma Elaine Marks.
She married Richard L Lee.
  Children:Richard Lee [13.108]
Jonathen Lee [13.109]

12.180John Francis Marks; born 23 Aug 1956 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island, died 19 Aug 1978 at Wilmot, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

12.181Lillian Muriel Marks.
She married Bruce Montgomery.
  Children:Elizabeth Anne Montgomery [13.110]

12.182Gardiner Alexander Macneill.
He married Dorothea Noonan.
  Children:Gardiner Alexander Macneill [13.111]
Jason Anthony Macneill [13.112]

12.183Nancy Carolyn Macneill.
She married Robert Ramsay.
  Children:Carolyn Ramsay [13.113]
Steven Ramsay [13.114]

12.184Debra Elizabeth Macneill.
She married John Wilson.
  Children:David Wilson [13.115]

12.185Charlotte Anne Palenske.

12.186Gail Estes Palenske.
She married Frank Thomas Hine, died before 1990.

12.187Laurence Montgomery Farrell; born about 1929, died 29 May 1989.

12.188Edith May Farrell.
She married Benevedes.
  Children:Thomas Hogan [13.116]
Kathleen [13.117]

12.189Dorothy Joan Farrell.
She married Banks.
  Children:Donald Banks [13.118]
Banks [13.119]
Deborah Banks [13.120]
Stephen Banks [13.121]
Cheryl Banks [13.122]
Caryn Banks [13.123]
Christopher Banks [13.124]

12.190John M Farrell.
He married Catherine Polo.
  Children:John Martin Farrell [13.125]
James Mark Farrell [13.126]
Juliana Catherine Farrell [13.127]

12.191Robert K Farrell.
  Children:Steven Farrell [13.128]
Leeann Farrell [13.129]

12.192Dorothy Jowett Barker.

12.193Alan Bell.

12.194Stephen Bell; born about 1943, died about 1953.

12.195Barbara Watson Bell.

12.196Daughter Montgomery.

12.197Priscilla Montgomery; died before 1990.

12.198Barbara Bessie.
She married William Horn.
  Children:Daughter1 Horn [13.130]
Daughter2 Horn [13.131]

12.199Irene Bessie.
She married (1) Arthur Cornway.
  Children:Shawn Cornway [13.132]
She married (2) Paul Briggs.
  Children:Son Briggs [13.133]
Daughter Briggs [13.134]

12.200Steven Bessie.
  Children:Son Bessie [13.135]

12.201Preston Owen.
He married Brenda Dale.
  Children:Justin Owen [13.136]
Tiffiney Owen [13.137]

12.202Helen Rose (Sue) Owen.
She married Wayne Gallinger.
  Children:Amanda Sue Gallinger [13.138]
Sarah Gallinger [13.139]
Michael Gallinger [13.140]

12.203David Owen.

12.204Paul Owen.

12.205Ralph Douglas Hurry.
He married Alexis Jean Carr.
  Children:Caleb True Hurry [13.141]
Eliza Jane Hurry [13.142]
James Duran Hurry [13.143]

12.206Enid Isobel Hurry.
She married Albert Peter Muhle.
  Children:Kyle Ty Muhle [13.144]
Kasia Lynette Muhle [13.145]

12.207Robert Andrew Hurry.
He married Donna Lea Clark.
  Children:1984:Natasha Dawn Hurry [13.146]

12.208Temple Wade Hurry.
He married Sandi Lynn Loucks.
  Children:Nethanian Adam Hurry [13.147]
Robert Catlyn Hurry [13.148]

12.209Timothy Lee Hurry.
He married Darlene Nestman.
  Children:Dustin John Hurry [13.149]

12.210Troy David Hurry; born 4 Dec 1966 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, died 4 Oct 1988 at Vauxall, Canada.
He married Ruth Susanna Schwartz.
  Children:Kyle Jeffrey Hurry [13.150]

12.211Roberta Hope Hurry.

12.212Tarida Sasheen Hurry.

12.213Robert Clement Hurry.

12.214Sue-Ann Marie Hurry.
She married Gilles Maurice Lecompte.

12.215Jeffrey George Hurry.

12.216Krista Marie Hurry.

12.217Nelson Trent Hurry.

12.218James Todd Hurry.

12.219Ernest Tyler Hurry.

12.220Shawna Lee Hurry.
She married Robert Riley Hodgins.
  Children:Ashley Marie Hodgins [13.151]

12.221Robert Frederick Hurry.

12.222Winston Chad Owen Hurry.

12.223Robin Skanes.

12.224Paul Skanes.

12.225Mark Skanes.

12.226Heather Drysdale.

12.227Stephen Drysdale.

12.228Linda Drysdale.

12.229Peter Drysdaale.

12.230Richard Sommerville.

12.231Robert Allison Sommerville.

12.232Rebecca Joan Owen.

12.233James David Ross Owen.

12.234John Peter Owen.

12.235Robert David Owen.

12.236Laua Elinor Owen.

12.237Catherine Ann Lyle.

12.238Brian Rawdon Lyle.

12.239Douglas Stuart Lyle.

12.240David Lyle.

12.241Jandace Patricia Lyle.

12.242Miles Morin.

12.243Barbara Jane Williams.
She married Bruse James Heggie.

12.244Susan Williams.

12.245Marjorie Jean Maclean.

12.246Gordon Maclean.

12.247Barbara Maclean.

12.248Catherine Maclean.
She married ? ?.

12.249Margaret Karen Williams.
She married Willis Comgdon.

12.250Arthur Gordon Williams.

12.251Beverly Anne Williams.

12.252Joyce Gweneth Williams.

12.253Carol Diane Simpson.
She married Christopher Robertson.
  Children:James Christopher Robertson [13.152]

12.254Sydney Owen Buell.
He married Beverley Waddell.
  Children:James Robert Buell [13.153]
Jennifer May Buell [13.154]
Jonathan Owen Buell [13.155]

12.255Walter Lyle Buell.
He married Maria Brown.

12.256Linda Anne Buell.
She married Blaine Maclean.

12.257Eric James Buell.

12.258Barbara Jean Shea.
She married Delbert Clyde Amon.
  Children:Jeffrey Amon [13.156]

12.259William Owen Shea.
He married Katherine Gail Leah Carter.

12.260Marilyn Gail Campbell.
She married Alden Profit.

12.261Robert Andrew Campbell.
He married Olive Stewart.
  Children:Tammy Dawn Campbell [13.157]

12.262Maida Jean Campbell.

12.263Donald Mark Simpson.

12.264Timothy Luke Simpson; born 7 Feb 1962 at Sudbury, Canada, died Feb 1962.

12.265Garnet John Simpson.

12.266Judy Marlene Hiscott.
She married Victor Helps, born 23 July at Montreal, Canada.
  Children:Steven Thomas Helps [13.158]

12.267Brenda Elizabeth Hiscott.

12.268Cindy Louise Hiscott.
She married Darren Fraser, born May at Summerside, Prince Edward Island.
  Children:Katlyn Alyssa Fraser [13.159]

12.269Kevin Wayne Hiscott; born 28 Nov 1967 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, died 2 Feb 1968.

12.270Susan Michelle Hiscott.

12.271Jerome David Hagen.

12.272Joel Alexander Hagen.

12.273Todd Douglas Simpson.

12.274Christopher Dean Simpson.

12.275Kathleen Joann Simpson.

12.276Donald Sean Simpson.

12.277Robert Scott Simpson.

12.278Darrell John Donald.

12.279Della Rae Donald.

12.280Joan Adelaide Weeks.
She married Richard P Mackinnon.
  Children:Lachlan Francis Weeks Mackinnon [13.160]
Breagh Isabel Weeks Mackinnon [13.161]

12.281Linda Anne Weeks.

12.282Brian Donald.

12.283Ian Donald.

12.284Cathy Donald.

12.285David Turner.
He married Sylvia Bowman.
  Children:Richard Turner [13.162]
Denise Turner [13.163]

12.286Dorothy Turner.
She married Orien Smith.
  Children:Alana Smith [13.164]
Andrew Smith [13.165]

12.287Donald Turner.
He married Melinda Pineau.
  Children:Matthew Turner [13.166]

12.288Alan Turner.

12.289Della Turner.
She married Donald Wood.

12.290James Baxter Wallace Donald.

12.291Lori Joann Donald.

12.292Scott Andrew Donald.

12.293Bess Donald.

12.294Neil Donald.

12.295Ross Donald.

12.296Mary Diane Bell.
She married Rodney Owen Dimock.

12.297Donald Kenneth Bell.

12.298Tracey Hubley.

12.299Tamara Hubley.

12.300Lisa Dilorenzo.

12.301Paul Dilorenzo.

12.302Mark Dilorenzo.

12.303Keith Dilorenzo.

12.304Christopher Dilorenzo.

12.305Mary Jane (Magoo) Howell.

12.306Maggie Susan Howell.

12.307James Stuart Barbour.

12.308Kim Barbour.

12.309Jacquline Barbour.

12.310Niall Gordon Burnett.

12.311Katherine Fairlie Burnett.
She married William Frederick Murray.

12.312George Donald Burnett.

12.313Peter Ramsay Burnett.
He married Deborah Kim Phenix.

12.314Laurie Jean Burnett.
She married Douglas Arthur Caldwell.

12.315Deborah Alice Ramsay.
She married Norman Christie.

12.316Garth Gordon Ramsay.
He married Kumiko Yokoyama.

12.317Dwight Murray Ramsay.
He married Cynthia J Marlow.

12.318Paula Jean Ramsay.
She married Martin Nauta.

12.319Coleen Helen Ramsay.

12.320William Whitlock.

12.321Linda Whitlock.

12.322Gordon Whitlock.

12.323Blanche Shirley Hamill.
She married Kenneth Hutt.
  Children:Blair Hutt [13.167]
Brenda Hutt [13.168]
Marlene Hutt [13.169]
1959:Gwendolyn Hutt [13.170]
Blaine Hutt [13.171]
Karla Hutt [13.172]

12.324Anita Muriel Hamill.
She married Clair Auld Ramsay Matthews.
  Children:Deborah Lee Matthews [13.173]
Donna Lynn Matthews [13.174]
James Douglas Matthews [13.175]
Frederick Brian Matthews [13.176]
Wayne Clair Matthews [13.177]
Gail Darlene Matthews [13.178]

12.325Frederick Arthur Hamill.
He married June Lila Fraser.
  Children:Robert Frederick Scott Hamill [13.179]

12.326Guelda Jean Hamill.
She married Frederick Leigh Kennedy Matthews, born 19 Nov 1931 at Alberton, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 15 Nov 1973 at Alberton, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
  Children:Linda Grace Matthews [13.180]
Darlene Bertha Matthews [13.181]
Leigh Frederick Matthews [13.182]
Karen Ann Matthews [13.183]
Christine Anita Matthews [13.184]
Russell Elmer Matthews [13.185]
David Gordon Matthews [13.186]

12.327Verna Pauline Gordon.
She married Gerald Angus Gillis.
  Children:Kurt Gerald Gillis [13.187]
Marlo Marie Gillis [13.188]

12.328Nancy Darlene Gordon.

12.329Kenneth Gordon.

12.330William John Gordon.

12.331Doreen J Gordon.
She married Michael Costain.

12.332Colleen E Gordon.

12.333Linda Jane Gordon.

12.334Barbara Ann Gordon.

12.335Verna Doreen Clark.
She married Allan Pridham.
  Children:Kelly Pridham [13.189]
Alana Pridham [13.190]

12.336Beverley Jean Clark.
She married Wayne Crouse.
  Children:Julianne Crouse [13.191]

12.337James Allison Clark.

12.338Ralph Clark.
He married Phyllis Touesnard.
  Children:Jeremiah Clark [13.192]
James Clark [13.193]

12.339Scott Clark.

12.340Eleanor Gordon.
She married Gary Rayner.
  Children:Brenda Rayner [13.194]
Pamela Rayner [13.195]

12.341John Owen Gordon.
He married Janice Smith.
  Children:Kelly Dawn Gordon [13.196]
Scott Gordon [13.197]
Courtney Gordon [13.198]

12.342Leigh Gordon.
He married June Dodds.
  Children:Gregory Gordon [13.199]
Christopher Gordon [13.200]

12.343Jean Gordon.
She married Randy Noye.
  Children:Jody Noye [13.201]
Wendy Noye [13.202]

12.344Glenda Gordon.
She married Leigh Oliver.
  Children:James Leigh Oliver [13.203]

12.345Sandra Gordon.
  Children:Cory Gordon [13.204]
Jerry Gordon [13.205]

12.346Paula Gordon.
She married Richard Bernard.
  Children:Joey Bernard [13.206]
April Bernard [13.207]

12.347David Gordon.
He married Debbie Laviolette.
  Children:Holly Gordon [13.208]
Mitchell Gordon [13.209]

12.348Kenneth Gordon.

12.349Troy Gordon.

12.350Tracy Gordon.

12.351Norman Alan Warren.
He married (1) Deborah Ann Bridges.
  Children:Melanie Joy Warren [13.210]
Marilee Jan Warren [13.211]
He married (2) Wendy Sanderson.

12.352Marlene Belle Warren.
She married (1) Terry John Macleod [13.215].
  Children:Jeana Elizabeth Macleod [14.36]
John Ryan Macleod [14.37]
She married (2) Kevin Arsenault.

12.353Kevin Gordon.
He married Susan Aylward.
  Children:Bobby Joe Gordon [13.212]
Jillian Gordon [13.213]

12.354Anna Elizabeth Ramsay.
She married John Errison Macleod.
  Children:Douglas Errison Macleod [13.214]
Terry John Macleod [13.215]

12.355Eleanor Mary Ramsay.
She married Stuart B Fraser.
  Children:Anna Lynne Fraser [13.216]
Susan June Fraser [13.217]

12.356Allan Dale Fraser; born 24 May 1938 at Northport, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 25 Sep 1970 at Thompson, Canada.
He married Shirley Leard.

12.357Heather Gail Fraser.
She married Bernard Leo Klashinsky.
  Children:Karl Brian Klashinsky [13.218]
Berna Lee Klashinsky [13.219]

12.358Elizabeth Jacqueline (Betty) Fraser.
She married Elmer Sidney Lewis.
  Children:Roy Allan Lewis [13.220]
Kathy Darlene Lewis [13.221]
Carl Sinclair Lewis [13.222]
Ronald Stewart Lewis [13.223]
Rhonda Jacqueline Lewis [13.224]

12.359Judith Ferne Fraser.
She married Robert White.
  Children:Buffy Lynn White [13.225]
Ralph Daniel Fraser White [13.226]

12.360Olive Ferne Fraser.
She married Claude Edison Wayne Frederickson.
  Children:Leo Henry Daniel Frederickson [13.227]
Tanya Ferne Frederickson [13.228]

12.361Carolyn June Fraser.
She married Allan Peter McInnis.
  Children:Tabatha Dawn McInnis [13.229]
Dale Allan McInnis [13.230]

12.362Vickie Darlene Fraser.
She married David Joseph Gaudet.
  Children:Ruth Katyryna Gaudet [13.231]
Jacqueline Robin Gaudet [13.232]

12.363Elizabeth Gwen Gordon.
She married Glen Guant.
  Children:Gregory Guant (Adopted) [13.233]

12.364John Owen Gordon.
He married (1) Elizabeth Lillian Maclean.
  Children:Dianna Lynn Gordon [13.234]
Stephen John Owen Gordon [13.235]
He married (2) Brenda Gail Steeves.
  Children:April Dawn Gordon [13.236]

12.365David Irwin Gordon.
He married Dawn Chatman.
  Children:Robin Gordon [13.237]
Tabatha Gordon [13.238]

12.366Carol Ann Gordon.
She married Gary Carlson.
  Children:Gary Carlson [13.239]
Tracy Carlson [13.240]
Terrilyn Carlson [13.241]
Thelesa Carlson [13.242]

12.367Linda Eileen Gordon.
She married David Wayne Harding.

12.368Constance Elizabeth Amberson.

12.369Rhonda Gail Amberson.

12.370Dwight David Amberson.

12.371Patti Lynn Amberson.

12.372Susan Joanne Amberson.

12.373James Hanson Oliver.
He married Sandra Lenore Green.
  Children:James Steven Oliver [13.243]

12.374Lois Lorraine Oliver.
She married (1) Harold Robert Hall.
  Children:David Michael Hall [13.244]
Douglas James Hall [13.245]
Linda Anne Hall [13.246]
She married (2) Orville Francis Gregoire.
  Children:Jason Thomas Gregoire [13.247]

12.375Lowell Lloyd Oliver.
He married Nancy Casey.
  Children:Sean Lowell Oliver [13.248]
Sheri Lynn Oliver [13.249]

12.376Verna Kay Oliver.
She married Ronald Thompson.
  Children:Brett Hanson Thompson [13.250]
Charmaine Sarah Thompson [13.251]

12.377Marilyn Faye Skerry.
She married James Bourque.

12.378Merle Blaine Skerry.

12.379James Fenton Yeo.

12.380Ralph Owen Yeo.

12.381Barry (Harry) Duane Yeo.

12.382Trudy Yeo.

12.383Ann Marie Yeo.

12.384James Albert Gordon.

12.385Laurie Owen Rayner.

12.386Donald Matthews.

12.387Patricia Lee Matthews.
She married Reginald Sherwood.
  Children:Matthew Stephen Sherwood [13.252]
Stephen James Sherwood [13.253]
Kathryn Lee Sherwood [13.254]

12.388Paul Leonard Matthews.
He married Doreen Leger.
  Children:Curtis Leonard Matthews [13.255]
Glen Jarvis Matthews [13.256]

12.389Cheryl Diane Matthews.
  Children:Samuel Keates Matthews [13.257]

12.390Colleen Elizabeth Matthews.
She married (1) Neil Rowe.
  Children:Joshua Rowe [13.258]
  Children:Alyson Randall McCabe [13.259]

12.391Barbara Carroll Matthews.
  Children:Jacey Marie Matthews [13.260]

12.392Marcia Lynn Matthews; born 6 June 1961, died 27 Oct 1986.

12.393Joan Arlene Horsman.
She married Donald Hawkes.
  Children:Christopher Archibald Hawkes [13.261]
Donald Terrance Hawkes [13.262]
Scott Allan Hawkes [13.263]

12.394Ivan Garth Horsman.
He married Ellen Sallis.
  Children:Kirk Abel Horsman [13.264]
Anita Dawn Horsman [13.265]

12.395Ronald Norman Horsman.
He married Heather Dobson.
  Children:Clinton Norman Horsman [13.266]
Colin Robert Horsman [13.267]

12.396Richard Glen Horsman.
He married Deborah Little.
  Children:Kyle Richard Horsman [13.268]

12.397Wendy Grace Matthews.
She married Stephen Loggie.
  Children:Stephen Anthony Loggie [13.269]
Krista Lynn Loggie [13.270]

12.398Bonita Lynn Matthews.
She married (1) Philippe Martin.
  Children:Michael Philippe Martin [13.271]
Tina Marie Martin [13.272]
She married (2) Ted Lenton.

12.399Karen Ruby Matthews.
She married James McCarthy.
  Children:Christopher James McCarthy [13.273]
Jason Matthew McCarthy [13.274]

12.400Beverly Ann Matthews.
She married James Reynolds.
  Children:James Matthew Reynolds [13.275]
Brian Michael Reynolds [13.276]

12.401Nancy Faye Matthews.
She married Stephen Jardine.
  Children:Matthew Jefferson Jardine [13.277]
David Michael Gordon Jardine [13.278]

12.402Daryl Frederick Matthews.
He married Joann Scott.

12.403Arlene Anita Matthews.
She married Blair Dignam.
  Children:Teri Lynn Dignam [13.279]

12.404Tanya Alyson Matthews.
  Children:Tyler Jonathan Frederick Matthews [13.280]

12.405Kimberly Lois Matthews.

12.406Jeffrey Layton Matthews.

12.407Janet Marie Matthews.
She married John Necarsulmer.
  Children:Amanda Matthew Necarsulmer [13.281]

12.408Joan Elizabeth Matthews.
She married (1) Jack Pantilla.
  Children:Eric Thomas Pantilla [13.282]
Jeffrey Pantilla [13.283]
She married (2) Steve Balas.

12.409Frederick James Matthews.
He married Linda Nigro.

12.410Robert Francis Matthews.
He married Leslie McCulloch.
  Children:Robert Glen Matthews [13.284]

12.411Richard Wayne Matthews.
He married Gwynth Parks.
  Children:Cynthia Jan Matthews [13.285]
Vickie June Matthews [13.286]
Julie Lynn Matthews [13.287]
Timothy Wayne Matthews [13.288]

12.412Lawrence Edward Matthews.
He married Beverley Hamilton.
  Children:Aaron Hamilton Matthews [13.289]
Rachel Joy Matthews [13.290]

12.413Carol Ann Matthews.
She married Gary Chase.
  Children:Justin Wayne Chase [13.291]
Shauna Leigh Chase [13.292]
Kelsey Jayne Chase [13.293]

12.414Deborah Anne Clark.
She married Brian Boutilier.
  Children:Anne Rochelle Boutilier [13.294]
Lauren Holly Boutilier [13.295]

12.415William Michael Clark.
He married Lori McLeod.
  Children:Holly Christing Clark [13.296]
Jesse Adam Clark [13.297]

12.416Kenneth Layton Clark.
He married Shelley Collins.
  Children:Kenneth William Clark [13.298]

12.417Brian Lorimer Johnson; born 8 March 1951, died 11 April 1980.
He married Bernice O'brien.
  Children:Tracey Anne Johnson [13.299]
Lori Marie Johnson [13.300]

12.418Gary Edward Johnson; born 1 April 1953, died 28 June 1985.

12.419John Douglas Johnson.
He married Jackie Martin.
  Children:Kurt Douglas Johnson [13.301]
1981:Kevin Thomas Johnson [13.302]

12.420Randy Kim Johnson.
He married Susan Ermen.
  Children:Matthew Kim Johnson [13.303]
Trevor Lee Johnson [13.304]

12.421Peter Allen Johnson.

12.422Dana Alexander Leblanc.
He married Sheila Buckley.
  Children:Matthew Drew Leblanc [13.305]
Joshua Patrick Leblanc [13.306]

12.423Michele Ann Leblanc.

12.424Michael Shawn Leblanc.

12.425Kimberley Ann Ogden.

12.426Andrew Allan Ogden.

12.427James William Sinclair.
He married Lorette Landry.
  Children:Mark W Sinclair [13.307]
Lisa J Sinclair [13.308]

12.428Raymond Gordon Sinclair.

12.429Linda Jean Traves.
She married Leonard J Leblanc.
  Children:Amber Leblanc [13.309]
Corey Leblanc [13.310]

12.430Marilyn Ann Traves.
She married Rheal Allain.
  Children:Jason Allain [13.311]

12.431Shelley Ruth Traves.
She married Denis Leblanc.

12.432Belinda Elaine Gillis.

12.433Joanne Helen Gillis.

12.434Susan Jean Gillis.

12.435Donald Macarthur.
He married Karen Mackinnon.

12.436Douglas Macarthur.
He married Kathy Yeo.

12.437William Thomas Palmer.

12.438Marlene Dorothy Rayner.

12.439Eric William Rayner.

12.440Sadie Leanne Rayner.

12.441Paula Jane Harris.

12.442Marianne Harris.

12.443James David Harris.

12.444John Alexander Harris.

12.445Shelly J Banks.
She married Gregory Mierle.

12.446D Paul Banks.
He married Gwen Smith.

12.447Shannon L Banks.
She married Joseph Kilyanek.

12.448Kenneth L Banks.
He married Donna Pacquette.

12.449Jeffrey T Banks.

12.450Thomas Cordell Banks.

12.451Bruce Forbes Otty Langstroth.

12.452David Leigh Langstroth.
He married Tasha Davis.

12.453Krista Lynne Allan.

12.454Megan Patricia Allan.

12.455Dolores Julia Pease.
She married Adam Fisher.
  Children:Jennifer Lee Fisher [13.312]
Kimberly Lynn Fisher [13.313]

12.456Lynn Martha Pease.
She married Ralph Diefenderfer.
  Children:Karin Rene Diefenderfer [13.314]

12.457Arthur Geoffrey Lee.

12.458Stephanie Frances Lee.

12.459Lawrence Christopher Owen.

12.460Gregory Thomas Owen.

12.461Adelheid (Heidi) Katharina Owen.

12.462Catherine Ruth Owen.
She married Miroslav Petar Pilas.
  Children:Damian Michael Pilas [13.315]

12.463Deirde Julie Owen.

12.464Megan Elizabeth Owen.

12.465Simon Matthew Owen.

12.466Martin Gerrard Owen.

12.467Heather Louise Mundy.

12.468Christine Ruth Mundy.

12.469Megan Anne Owen.

12.470David Lee Owen.

12.471Lori Ann Delorme.

12.472John Amos Owen.

12.473David Ralph Ives.

12.474Cynthia (Cindy) Gail Ives.
  Children:Jennifer Amy Ives [13.316]

12.475Michael William Ives.

12.476Heather Lynn Ives.

12.477Jennifer Ann Ives.

12.478Paul Rodney Ives.
He married Paula Marie Stalker.
  Children:Matthew Robert Ives [13.317]
Andrew David Ives [13.318]

12.479Peter Jeffrey Ives.

12.480Jonathan David Ives.

12.481Carolyn Michelle Ives.

12.482Marcia Gail Ives.

12.483Joel Edward John Ives.

12.484Caroline Elizabeth Ives.

12.485Kimberley Erin Ives.

12.486Robert Douglas Ives.

12.487Kathleen Elizabeth Ives.

12.488Michael Thomas Ives.

12.489Christopher Andrew Ives.

12.490Emily Sarah Ives.

12.491Jared Norman Wall.

12.492Stephanie Rose Wall.

12.493? Quin (Adopted).

12.494Colin Rhys Quin.

12.495Ann Carkner.
She married Ralph Barkley.
  Children:David Barkley [13.319]
James Barkley [13.320]
Christopher Barkley [13.321]

12.496Constance Carkner.
She married Philip Barton.
  Children:Julie Barton [13.322]
Peter Barton [13.323]
Ellen Barton [13.324]

12.497Helen Carkner.
She married Donald Foster.
  Children:Warren Foster [13.325]
Kent Foster [13.326]

12.498Arthur Carkner.
He married Janet Macmartin.
  Children:Andrew Carkner [13.327]
Daniel Carkner [13.328]
Hugh Carkner [13.329]

12.499John Carkner.
He married Lori McGrath.
  Children:Samuel Carkner [13.330]

12.500Barrie Maxey.
He married Vicki Miller.
  Children:Scott Maxey [13.331]

12.501John Maxey.
He married Paulla Maltby.
  Children:Jordan Maxey [13.332]
Elizabeth Maxey [13.333]
Thomas Maxey [13.334]

12.502Robert Maxey.
He married Joanne Fulks.
  Children:Ryan Maxey [13.335]
Tyler Maxey [13.336]
Natalie Maxey [13.337]

12.503Judith Maxey.
She married Perry Fainstein.

12.504Joyce Belle Saul.
She married James Burke.
  Children:Jackie Burke [13.338]
Shane Burke [13.339]

12.505Owen Hunter Martin Saul.
He married Jackie Arnold.
  Children:Danny Saul [13.340]
Michelle Saul [13.341]

12.506Andrew D Kelly.
He married Audrey Russ.
  Children:Cheryll Kelly [13.342]
Gail Kelly [13.343]
Lori Kelly [13.344]
Glen Kelly [13.345]

12.507Elsie Y Kelly.
She married Victor Sydney, died before Sep 1990.
  Children:Murray Sydney [13.346]

12.508Coreen A Kelly.
She married Elon Johnson.
  Children:Karen Johnson [13.347]
Oron Johnson [13.348]
Dale Johnson [13.349]

12.509Larry W Kelly.
He married Carol Hansen.
  Children:Cindy Kelly [13.350]
Shawn Kelly [13.351]
Lance Kelly [13.352]

12.510Lynn R Kelly.
He married Wendy Hart.
  Children:Lisa Marie Kelly [13.353]
Chad Lawrence Kelly [13.354]

12.511Myra C Kelly.
She married Palle Lansperg, born 27 Feb.
  Children:Carrie Lansperg [13.355]
Lee Lansperg [13.356]
Leslie Lansperg [13.357]

12.512Gary Reber.
He married Prue Graff.
  Children:Ryan Reber [13.358]
Paul Reber [13.359]

12.513Godfrey Johnson; born 25 July 1940 at Lougheed, Canada, died 28 July 1940.

12.514Kay Frances Johnson.
She married Gary Grant Cox.
  Children:Lorne Grant Cox [13.360]
Kim Colleen Cox [13.361]
Lloyd Francis Cox [13.362]
Lisa Marie Cox [13.363]

12.515Wendy Lorraine Johnson.
She married Harry Tony Semeniuk, born 8 Oct 1934, died 4 Aug 1970.
  Children:Loreen May Semeniuk [13.364]
Anthony Ray Semeniuk [13.365]

12.516Karen Eileen Johnson.
She married (1) Laurie Alan Baird.
She married (2) Roger O'neil Coulombe.
  Children:Paula Leanne Coulombe [13.366]
Troy Edward Coulombe [13.367]

12.517Marilyn Alice Johnson.
She married Reggie Victor Semeniuk.
  Children:Kenneth Shane Semeniuk [13.368]
Nicole Dionne Semeniuk [13.369]
Robert Christopher Semeniuk [13.370]

12.518Teresa Heather Johnson.
She married Johan Ernest Odegard.
  Children:Leonard Eric Odegard [13.371]
Jayne Marion Odegard [13.372]
Neil Aaron Odegard (Adopted) [13.373]

12.519Randall Owen Johnson.
He married Diane Louise Hill.
  Children:Brian Randall Johnson [13.374]
Reena Louise Johnson [13.375]
Melissa Lynn Johnson [13.376]

12.520Lenora Jean Owen.
She married Carl Stanby Hoybak.
  Children:Laura Lee Hoybak [13.377]
Kevin Allen Hoybak [13.378]
Jason Carl Hoybak [13.379]

12.521Carol Irene Owen.
  Children:Andrea Owen [13.380]

12.522Kenneth Harvey Owen.
He married Sally Lynn Zarski.
  Children:Kori Leonard Owen [13.381]
Kerri Lynn Owen [13.382]

12.523Janet Joyce Owen.
  Children:Sherri Lee Owen [13.383]

12.524Marvin Donald Owen.

12.525Leonard James Waddell.
He married Debra Joy Sparks.
  Children:Travis James Waddell [13.384]
Sabrina Irene Waddell [13.385]

12.526Murray Glen Waddell.
He married Penny May Tennant.
  Children:Ryan Glen Waddell [13.386]
Joshua Andrew Waddell [13.387]

12.527Richard Owen Waddell.
He married Deanna Darlene Marshall.
  Children:Brandon Owen Waddell [13.388]
Shawn Richard Waddell [13.389]

12.528Donald Blaine Waddell.
He married Paula Mayer.
  Children:Dustin Lee Waddell [13.390]
Megan Dawn Waddell [13.391]

12.529Joan Mavis Owen.
She married Rick Welsh.
  Children:Judi Lynn Welsh [13.392]

12.530Katherine Addie Owen.
She married Ron Arnold.
  Children:Adam Glenn Grey Arnold [13.393]

12.531Barbara Dawan Owen.
She married Art Matthew.
  Children:Carissa Dawan Matthew [13.394]
Douglas Gordon Matthew [13.395]

12.532Rodney Glenn Owen.

12.533James Henry Owen.
He married Patti Jones.
  Children:Amber Elaine Owen [13.396]

12.534Jerry Owen.

12.535Gail Owen.
She married William Bacon.

12.536Erna Owen.
She married James Martin.

12.537Cindy Owen.
She married Frank Russell.

12.538Treena Owen.

12.539Diane Elaine Fornal.
  Children:Trudy Fornal [13.397]

12.540Dean Charles Fornal.

12.541Cindy Louise Fornal.
She married Douglas Blair Hogstead.

12.542Daniel George Morgan.

12.543Janice Louise Morgan.

12.544Norman Harley Lindberg; born 31 March 1933 at Edmonton, Canada, died 31 Dec 2001.
He married (1) Blanche Nora Young.
  Children:Cheryl Lee Lindberg [13.398]
Elmer Daryl James Lindberg [13.399]
He married (2) Glenna Wood.
  Children:William Norman Lindberg [13.400]
Murray Glenn Lindberg [13.401]

12.545James Robert Clarke Anderson; born 3 Nov 1946 at Edmonton, Canada, died 10 Feb 1987 at Edmonton, Canada.
He married March 1972 at St Albert, Canada Susan Lee Dauphinais, born 14 Nov 1948, died 1989.
  Children:1975:Brett Adam Anderson [13.402]

12.546Earl Thomas Anderson.
He married Florence Elaine Beechey.
  Children:Jeffrey Kyle Anderson [13.403]
Erin Dianna Nell Anderson [13.404]
Stacey Krista Anderson [13.405]

12.547Laura Lee Anderson.
She married Karl Riddell.
  Children:Julie Elizabeth Riddell [13.406]
Leah Rose Riddell [13.407]

12.548Janet Florence Anderson.
She married Ronald Clarence Hughes.
  Children:Helen Minota Lee Hughes [13.408]
Glen Ronald Clarence Hughes [13.409]

12.549Helen Ann Anderson.
She married Peter William Wasylien.
  Children:Kyle William Wasylien [13.410]
Jason Peter Wasylien [13.411]

12.550Ronald Roy Hoover.
He married (1) Anita Arundel.
  Children:Diana Dawn Hoover [13.412]
He married (2) Margaret Morgan.
  Children:Stuart Michael Hoover [13.413]

12.551Gerald Owen Hoover.
He married Donna May Dieno.
  Children:Breanne Elizabeth Hoover [13.414]

12.552Sylvia Gladys Lynn Hoover.
She married Kenneth Young.
  Children:Pamela Susan Young [13.415]
Tania Lynne Young [13.416]
Amber Gwen Young [13.417]

12.553Linda Lluvia Hoover.
She married (1) divorced 1983 Douglas Edward Spooner.
  Children:Rory Clarke Spooner [13.418]
She married (2) Roco D'ilis.

12.554Gwen Delcy Hoover.
She married Joe Pacholik.
  Children:Angie Lee Pacholik [13.419]
Chad Owen Pacholik [13.420]

12.555Minda Joan Hoover.
She married Kenneth Kozushka.
  Children:Troy Donald Kozushka [13.421]
Sheri Lynn Kozushka [13.422]

12.556Helen Marion Hoover.
She married James Kolt.

12.557Gloria Diane Hoover.
She married Harold Ferguson.
  Children:Stacy Renee Ferguson [13.423]
Robert Alan Ferguson [13.424]

12.558Robert Thomas Marshall Hoover.
He married Gwen Sears.
  Children:David Robert Thomas Hoover [13.425]

12.559Robert Clarke Hoover.
He married (1) Jean Burns.
  Children:Taylor Ewart Hoover [13.426]
He married (2) Heather Russell.
  Children:Krystal Dawn Hoover [13.427]

12.560David Roy Hoover.

12.561Leonard Stewart Hoover.
  Children:Rodney Stewart Hoover [13.428]
William Roy Hoover [13.429]

12.562Keith Wesley Hoover.
He married Tara Rhiens.
  Children:Sherri Jeanne Hoover [13.430]

12.563Shelly Jeanne Hoover.

12.564Maureen Louise Maxwell.

12.565John Arthur Maxwell.

12.566Molly Macdonald Maxwell.

12.567Douglas Barry Agnew.
He married Peggy Melbourne.
  Children:James Douglas Agnew [13.431]
Sarah Leslie Agnew [13.432]

12.568Bonnie Ruth Agnew.
She married Rodney Burgess.

12.569A Robson Agnew.
He married Lillian Bachoffer.
  Children:Tavis Robson Agnew [13.433]
Bryan Agnew [13.434]
Deneige Amber Agnew [13.435]

12.570David Owen Evans.
He married Irene Mary Birinyi.
  Children:Ashley Elizabeth Rose Evans [13.436]
Andrew David Alexander Evans [13.437]

12.571William Edward Evans.
He married Barbara Webster.

12.572Phyllis Joanne Holmes.
She married (1) Wayne Jonzon.
  Children:Oliver Weyland Gray Strange [13.438]

12.573Evelyn Joy Holmes.
She married David Schellenberg.
  Children:Marni Jolene Schellenberg [13.439]
Kenneth David John Schellenberg [13.440]

12.574Geraldine Irma Holmes.
She married Howard Firth.

12.575Kenneth Oliver Holmes.
  Children:Daughter Holmes [13.441]

12.576Christopher Dean Holmes.

12.577Steven Bradley Agnew.

12.578Carrie Elizabeth Agnew.

12.579William Edward Agnew.

12.580Daughter Arnold.

12.581Daughter Arnold.

12.582Patricia Rosemarye Ward.
She married William Phillip Watson.
  Children:Samantha Mary Watson [13.442]
Susannah Louise Watson [13.443]
Mathew William Watson [13.444]
Juliette Louise Watson [13.445]
Nicholas James Watson [13.446]

12.583Peter Charles Ward.
He married Jillian Harkin.
  Children:Patrick Charles Ward [13.447]
Penelope Jane Ward [13.448]
Frances James Ward [13.449]

12.584Susan Mary Ward.
She married Peter Norman Hill.
  Children:Steven James Hill [13.450]
Graeme Paul Hill [13.451]
Jaqueline Deanne Hill [13.452]

12.585Owen Patrick Melia.

12.586Mary Louise Melia.

12.587Mary Moynahan; died 1975.
She married Alan Keck.
  Children:Helen Keck [13.453]
Christine Keck [13.454]
Barbara Keck [13.455]
Anthony Keck [13.456]

12.588James Moynahan.

12.589Garry Allan Epstein.
He married Judith Deegan.
  Children:Michael Epstein [13.457]
Debra Ann Epstein [13.458]
Paul Epstein [13.459]
Leanne Epstein [13.460]
Catherine Sean Epstein [13.461]

12.590Robin Owen Epstein.
He married Patricia Machin.
  Children:Anthony Epstein [13.462]
Caroline Epstein [13.463]

12.591John Finn.
He married Elizabeth Ledden.
  Children:Janelle Finn [13.464]
Nicole Finn [13.465]
Aaron Finn [13.466]
Simon Finn [13.467]

12.592David Finn.

12.593Jeanette Magaret Perry.
She married Peter Vansanten.
  Children:Justine Vansanten [13.468]
Jessica Vansanten [13.469]
Nicholas Vansanten [13.470]

12.594Brian Perry.
He married Kathleen Richardson.
  Children:Tania Samara Perry [13.471]

12.595Christopher Perry.
He married Jill Gartley.
  Children:Shane Perry [13.472]
Emma Kate Perry [13.473]
Bourke Perry [13.474]

12.596John Perry.
He married Louise Pinnock.
  Children:Celeste Perry [13.475]

12.597Ann Perry.
She married Anthony Grieve.
  Children:Timothy Grieve [13.476]
Kate Grieve [13.477]
Nina Grieve [13.478]

12.598Caroline Perry.
She married Joseph Chown.
  Children:Georgia Chown [13.479]
Mathew Chown [13.480]
Lewis Chown [13.481]

12.599James Perry.

12.600Gregory Perry.

12.601Elaine Louise Murphy.
She married Manuel Delgardo.
  Children:Julia Delgardo [13.482]
Alex Delgardo [13.483]

12.602Stephen Murphy.
He married Asha ?.
  Children:Shantini Murphy [13.484]
Prashant Murphy [13.485]

12.603John Murphy.
He married Marni Bull.
  Children:Jeremy Murphy [13.486]
Rose Murphy [13.487]

12.604Jayne Murphy.
She married Stephen Gale.
  Children:Aaron Gale [13.488]
Jacqueline Gale [13.489]

12.605Peter Murphy.
He married Rose Kirkby.

12.606Lynda Murphy.
She married Daniel McManadson.
  Children:Lauren McManadson [13.490]
Kelly McManadson [13.491]

12.607David William Murphy.

12.608Nicholas Errol Murphy.

12.609Benjamin John Murphy.

12.610Louise Alice Murphy.

12.611Dianne Elizabeth Gwilliam.
She married Michael John Wright.
  Children:Christopher John Wright [13.492]
Stephanie Claire Wright [13.493]

12.612Michael John Oliver Gwilliam.

12.613Judith Muriel Gwilliam.
She married Robert John Longworth.
  Children:Richard Anthony Longworth [13.494]
Jane Elizabeth Longworth [13.495]

12.614Bari Gwilliam.

12.615Elizabeth Annabel Coates.

12.616Robert Ian Douglas Coates.
He married Vanessa Harricks.
  Children:Thomas Paul Coates [13.496]
Annabelle Coates [13.497]

12.617Pamela Margaret Finlayson.
She married Richard Payne Gaudin.
  Children:Linda Suzanne Gaudin [13.498]
Dianne Maree Gaudin [13.499]
Joohn Gustav Gaudin [13.500]

12.618John Read Bindon.
He married Rosalyn Francis Cochrane.
  Children:Richard John Bindon [13.501]
Benjemin James Bindon [13.502]
Charles Ernest Bindon [13.503]

12.619Eleanor Louise Bindon.
She married Phillip De Silva.
  Children:Andrew Phillip De Silva [13.504]
Suzanne Clair De Silva [13.505]

12.620Ian Edward Middleton Stephenson.
He married Moira Jeannette Henderson.
  Children:Julie Maree Stephenson [13.506]
Margo Anne Stephenson [13.507]
Allen Ian Middleton Stephenson [13.508]

12.621David Frank Stephenson.
He married Carol Mary Brenan.
  Children:Sara Margaret Stephenson [13.509]
Andrew David Stephenson [13.510]
Jeremy Joseph Stephenson [13.511]
Vanessa Carol Stephenson [13.512]

12.622Peter Denis Stephenson.
He married (1) Suzanne Agnes Somerville.
  Children:Amand Judith Stephenson [13.513]
Mark Anthony Stephenson [13.514]
David James Stephenson [13.515]
He married (2) Lucia Lamberta Maria Oldenhof.
  Children:Lucia Mary Stephenson [13.516]
Peter Gerald Stephenson [13.517]

12.623John Norman Stephenson.
He married Weis Andree Wiltens.
  Children:Christopher John Stephenson [13.518]
Richard Andree Stephenson [13.519]

12.624Judith Anne Stephenson; born 1947, died 1963.

12.625Neil Owen Stephenson.

12.626Patricia Kay Stephenson.
She married Andrew James Kirkness.
  Children:Hamish Andrew Kirkness [13.520]
William Buchan Kirkness [13.521]

12.627Barbara Annabelle Stephenson.
She married Adair Cragie Lucas.
  Children:Joanna Rita Lucas [13.522]
Iain Alastair Lucas [13.523]

12.628Allan William Stephenson.

12.629Peter Rowland Wilson.
He married Mary Anne Macdonald.
  Children:Nigel Rowland Wilson [13.524]
Andrew Allen Wilson [13.525]
Daniel Peter Wilson [13.526]
Simon Vincent Wilson [13.527]

12.630Stephen Hearsfield Wilson.
He married Margaret Williams.
  Children:Suzanne Merle Wilson [13.528]
Michael John Wilson [13.529]

12.631Christine Mary Wilson.
She married James Metzler Gladwin.
  Children:Mark James Gladwin [13.530]
Julie Christine Gladwin [13.531]
Darcy Timothy Gladwin [13.532]

12.632Paul Tasman Wallis Stephenson.
He married Carole Scott Long.
  Children:Amand Jane Stephenson [13.533]
Jamie Stephenson [13.534]

12.633Leonard Frank James Stephenson.

12.634Alasdair Donald McBeth.
He married Jane Annabelle Stevens.
  Children:Emma Patricia McBeth [13.535]

12.635Mary Anne Morrison.
She married (1) Gregory Fraser Jones.
  Children:Tim Lochlan Jones [13.536]
Beth Nancy Dorothy Jones [13.537]
She married (2) John Mandeno.

12.636Malcolm Frederick Morrison.

12.637Allan Leonard Morrison.
He married Gayle Taylor.
  Children:Georgia Margaret Morrison [13.538]

12.638Diane Margaret Morrison.
She married Christopher Fraser Jones.
  Children:Samuel James Jones [13.539]
Rebecca Anne Jones [13.540]
Louise Diana Jones [13.541]
Amand Margaret Jones [13.542]
Catherine Mary Jones [13.543]

12.639Paul Eliot Morrison.

12.640Gwendoline Mary Knight.
She married ? Harrison.
  Children:Carlene Maree Harrison [13.544]
Andrew Gene Harrison [13.545]

12.641Robert Osborne Knight.
He married ?.
  Children:Danielle Kerry Knight [13.546]
Chelsea Lorraine May Knight [13.547]

12.642Wendy Rae Knight.

12.643Susan Maria Knight.

12.644Ashley Leonard Knight.

12.645Pamela Anne Wilson; born 5 April 1956, died 1956.

12.646Wayne Gray Wilson.
He married Susan Marie Delaney.
  Children:Gray Edward Wilson [13.548]
Devan Marie Wilson [13.549]
Caitun Joan Wilson [13.550]

12.647Noel Thomas Wilson.
He married Alison Maureen McLure.
  Children:Cameron Thomas Wilson [13.551]
Ryan Troy Wilson [13.552]

12.648Phillip Knight Wilson.

12.649Hugh Churchill Munro Wilson.
He married Mary Lucy Toli.
  Children:Richard Robert Wilson [13.553]
Czarina Alisi Wilson [13.554]
Doris Elizabeth Wilson [13.555]

12.650Martin Baxter Wilson.

12.651Alan Robert Wilson.
He married Bronwyn Elizabeth Jackson.
  Children:Sarah Louise Wilson [13.556]
James Robert Wilson [13.557]

12.652Penelope Jane Wilson.

12.653Mark Osborne Wilson.

12.654Scott Linton Conway.
He married Desley Martin.
  Children:Thomas Nicholas Martin Conway [13.558]
Samuel Conway [13.559]

12.655Nicholas Martin Conway.

12.656Jennifer Annabell Conway.

12.657Alan Victor Clay.
He married (1) Kersten Erika Gronlund.
  Children:Manuka Pan Lisa Clay [13.560]
Ida Marama Clay [13.561]
He married (2) divorced de facto 1983 Teresa Urlich.
  Children:Michael Paul Clay [13.562]

12.658Jennifer Lyn Clay.

12.659John Malcolm Howard.
He married (1) divorced 1981 Melita Bugeja.
He married (2) Maureen Ann Windsor.
  Children:Bradley Windsor Howard [13.563]
Malisa Beverley Howard [13.564]

12.660Anne Beverley Howard.
She married (1) divorced 1986 William Kevin Matthews.
She married (2) Robert Keith Gillard.
  Children:Daniel Robert Gillard [13.565]
Peter John Gillard [13.566]

12.661Peter Malcolm Howard.
He married (1) divorced 1992 Alicia Helkena??.
  Children:Amelia Howard [13.567]
He married (2) ?.
  Children:Beulah Howard [13.568]
He married (3) Nudy Kuan Samakom.

12.662Susan Iris Howard.
She married Noel Patrick James Nicholson.
  Children:Tahnee Susan Nicholson [13.569]
James Howard Nicholson [13.570]

12.663Paulette Angela Clay.

12.664Rossanne Celia Clay.
She married Ajay Dutta, son of Subroto Dutta and Mala.
  Children:Giselle Dutta [13.571]

12.665Ross Anthony Clay.
He married Rosalia Mulipola.
  Children:Cassius Clay [13.572]

12.666Brett Sproul; born 1956, died 1966.

12.667Karen Sproul.
She married Stephen Fisher.
  Children:Samuel Fisher [13.573]
Benjamin Fisher [13.574]

12.668Suzanne Sproul.
She married Jamie Paton.
  Children:Brianna Paton [13.575]
Maxwell Paton [13.576]

12.669Mathew Spoul.
He married Beverley Walker.
  Children:Kayden Walker [13.577]

12.670Jeffrey Sproul.

12.671Jennifer Anne Allen.
She married Shane Bullivant.
  Children:Jordan Bullivant [13.578]
Nicola Jane Bullivant [13.579]
Stefan Alexander Bullivant [13.580]

12.672Linda Susan McMillan.
She married Bevan Gibbs.
  Children:Marcus Charles Gibbs [13.581]
Laura Alexandra Linsey [13.582]

12.673Paul Maddox.

12.674John ?.

12.675Angela ?.

12.676Peter ?.

12.677Kirsten Satchwell.

12.678Owen Crawford.

12.679Dean Crawford.

12.680Cedric Maddox Moreau; born at Marseille.
He married Eleonore Brunetti, born at Saintes, France.
  Children:Julliette Brunetti [13.583]

12.681Nancy Moreau.

12.682Lee Maddox.

12.683Paul Maddox.

12.684Dane Maddox.

12.685Michael Broadbent; died 1974.

12.686Andrew Broadbent.

12.687Hamish Broadbent.

12.688Julia Lee Haszard.
She married Acheson Lacey.

12.689Margaret Laele Haszard.
She married R S Parrott.

12.690Allan Farquharson.
He married Shirley Rose Wilson.
  Children:Farquharson [13.584]
David James Farquharson [13.585]
Wendy Ann Farquharson [13.586]

12.691William Kandey.

12.692Robert Kandey.

12.693Harold Kemp.
He married Sheila Sangster.

12.694Katherine (Kathy) Kemp.
She married Roderick Mackinnon.
  Children:Jeffrey Lloyd Mackinnon [13.587]

12.695Lorna Ann Lawson.
She married R Michael La Fortune.
  Children:Gordon M La Fortune [13.588]
Lori Lynn La Fortune [13.589]
Shari Anne La Fortune [13.590]

12.696Wayne David Gale (Adopted).

12.697Arthur Alexander Haszard.
He married Elaine Vincent.
  Children:Arthur Alexander Haszard [13.591]

12.698John Roy Haszard.

12.699Timothy Ray Haszard.
He married Sharon Lynne Elkins.
  Children:Shannon Marie Haszard [13.592]
Megan Diane Haszard [13.593]
Carmen Christine Haszard [13.594]

12.700Allan Eugene (Lucky) Haszard.

12.701Anne Marguerite Dyer.
She married (1) Robert Allen Phillips, died 1963.
  Children:James Allan Phillips [13.595]
Judith Phillips [13.596]
She married (2) Hans Heinrich Kurz.

12.702Walter Dyer.
He married Charlene Gilbert.
  Children:Richard Charles Dyer [13.597]

12.703Carolyn Evelyn (Lyn) Hill.
She married Merrill Archibald Hamilton.
  Children:Tara Dawn Hamilton [13.598]

12.704Barbara Joan Hill.
She married (1) Gordon Cyrus Card.
  Children:Gordon Bruce Card [13.599]
She married (2) Raymond Jewel.

12.705Rosemary Lea Hill.
She married William Bruce Kyle.
  Children:Amber Lea Kyle [13.600]

12.706Patricia Louise Hill.
She married Peter Barry Ness.
  Children:Patrick Shane Ness [13.601]

12.707Katherine Anne Hill.

12.708Corinne Anne Johnson.

12.709Vance Neil Johnson.

12.710Garth Daniel Johnson.

12.711Glen Lee Darryl Johnson.

12.712Donald Sargent Foster.
He married (1) Nancy Thibideau, born 3 Feb.
He married (2) Elizabeth Horton, born 30 Dec.
  Children:Amy Rebecca Foster [13.602]
Donald Sargent Foster [13.603]
Julie Horton Foster [13.604]

12.713Roger Webster Foster.
He married (1) Kathy Lynn Grado.
He married (2) Candy Loree Way.
  Children:Ashley Loree Foster [13.605]

12.714Scott Whitney Foster.
He married Sarah Mclean Pieksen.
  Children:Edward Wilder Foster [13.606]
Mindy Mclean Foster [13.607]

12.715Allan Douglas Foster.
He married Robin Eve Way.

12.716Marcia Lea Foster.

12.717Brenda Louise Foster.
She married Joseph Bernard McGuane.
  Children:Lisa Ann McGuane [13.608]
Ryan Joseph McGuane [13.609]

12.718Steven Ralph Foster.
He married Jessie Lou Brown.
  Children:Kathrine Louise Foster [13.610]

12.719Carol Ann Foster.
She married Albert Kazimieras Bukys.

12.720Kristine Lee Foster.
She married Kevin Bruce Parker.
  Children:Jaime Lee Parker [13.611]

12.721Lisa Ann Foster.
She married Bruce Loescher.

12.722Gretchen Roberta Foster.

12.723Kathleen Ann Haszard.
She married John Schultz.
  Children:David Schultz [13.612]
Jeff Schultz [13.613]
Cindy Schultz [13.614]

12.724Daniel Haszard.

12.725Timmy Haszard.

12.726Darlene Haszard.

12.727Rodney Haszard.

12.728Tonya Haszard.

12.729Neal Lebaron.

12.730John Lebaron.

12.731Janet Ruth Lebaron.

12.732William Scott Mathews.

12.733Andy Mathews.

12.734Kevin Mathews.

12.735Donald Owen Coulter.

12.736Douglas Foster Coulter.
He married Kimberly Ann Conley.
  Children:Carolyn Virginia Coulter [13.615]

12.737David Conant Coulter; born 3 March 1965 at Danvers, USA, died 4 March 1965 at Danvers, USA.

12.738Katherine Elizabeth Coulter.

12.739Daniel Lant Coulter.

12.740Matthew Joseph Cronin.

12.741Joseph Owen Cronin.

12.742Eleanor Seidler.

12.743Andrea Laird Seidler.

12.744Gordon Lescinsky.

12.745Halard Laird Lescinsky.

12.746David Lescinsky.

12.747Stanley Leon Chauvin.

12.748Christiane Marie Chauvin.

12.749Bernard John Chauvin.

12.750Frank Chauvin (Adopted).

12.751Anne Chauvin (Adopted).

12.752Heather Brown (Adopted).

12.753David Campbell.

12.754Gordon Campbell.

12.755Heather Mathieson.

12.756Sheila Mathieson.

12.757Michael James Macguigan.
He married Donna Cairns.
  Children:Curtis James Macguigan [13.616]

12.758Kathleen Daryl Macguigan.
She married Michael Kennedy.
  Children:Sharon Kennedy [13.617]
Kelsey Kennedy [13.618]

12.759Thomas Mark Macguigan.

12.760Daniel Leonard Macguigan.

12.761Carolyn Janet Macguigan.

12.762Laura Hamady.

12.763Samantha Hamady.

12.764Micah Hamady.

12.765Darrell Stuart.

12.766Robert Paul Schywalsky.

12.767Matthew Richard Evans.

12.768Gregory Mark Evans.

12.769Daughter Owen.

12.770Daughter2 Owen.

12.771Diana Louise Schultz.

12.772William Anthony Schultz.

12.773Linda Elizabeth Whildin.

12.774Suzan Marie Whildin.
She married Mark Westervelt.
  Children:Sarah Shaw Westervelt [13.619]

12.775Katherine Ann Whildin.

12.776Frederick Wallace Whildin.

12.777Sandra Emily Whildin.
She married Hugh Casteel.
  Children:Nicole Denise Casteel [13.620]
Katrina Noele Casteel [13.621]

12.778Gowan McQuarrie.

12.779Ross Owen McQuarrie.

12.780Colin John McMillan.

12.781Morag McMillan.

12.782Nathan Alexander McQuarrie.

12.783Frank Douglas Mitchell.

12.784Melinda Anne Mitchell.

12.785Scott Gowan Mitchell.

12.786Bryce Mitchell.

12.787Morgan Elizabeth Thompson.

12.788Mitchell Scott Thompson.

12.789Tanis Kristin Shelly.

12.790Leah Marie Shelly.

12.791Jason William Shelly.

12.792Kyle Burton Shelly.

12.793Christopher Kloek.
He married Nancy Hughes.
  Children:Kevin Kloek [13.622]
Kelly Kloek [13.623]
Kimberly Kloek [13.624]

12.794Thomas Kloek.

12.795Diane Lee Hamrick.
She married (1) Charles William Harrison.
  Children:Marcia Harrison [13.625]
Jeanne Sue Harrison [13.626]
She married (2) Cecil Joseph Cooley.
  Children:Russell Joseph Cooley [13.627]
Linda (Bonney) Ann Cooley [13.628]
She married (3) Gene Edward Abair.

12.796Sheila Marjorie Hamrick.
She married Daniel Kay Pryor.
  Children:Cecile Marguerite Pryor [13.629]
Daniel Christopher Pryor [13.630]
Catherine Alicia Pryor [13.631]
Shirley Pryor [13.632]
Nathaniel Pryor [13.633]

12.797James Russell Martin Hamrick.
He married (1) Judith Susan Lorber.
  Children:David Hamrick [13.634]
He married (2) Virginia Chandler.
  Children:Jessica Blake Chandler Hamrick [13.635]
Elizabeth O'neill Hamrick [13.636]

12.798John Stephen Hamrick.
He married Marian Kathryn Hawkins.
  Children:James Glenn Hamrick [13.637]
William Hamrick [13.638]

12.799Richard Robken.
He married Patrica.

12.800Stuart Robken.

12.801Kenneth Robken.

12.802Hiedi Robken.

12.803Ernest Neil Spaulding.

12.804Susan Spaulding.
She married Kent Ver Cruse.

12.805Larry Van De Venter.

12.806James Montgomery.

12.807Robert Montgomery.

12.808Timothy Montgomery.

12.809Jan Montgomery.
She married David Beasley.

12.810Susanne Turino.
She married Richard Casal.
  Children:Francisca Casal [13.639]

12.811Thomas Turino.
He married Elizabeth Barnet.
  Children:Matthew Turino [13.640]
Christina Turino [13.641]

12.812Michael Turino.
He married Meg McLeish.
  Children:Lucia Turino [13.642]
Jacob Turino [13.643]

12.813Stephen Turino.
He married Barbara Boyer.
  Children:Nina Turino [13.644]
Maya Turino [13.645]

12.814Beverley Ann Simmons.

12.815Marla Joy Simmons.
She married Calvin Jollimore.
  Children:Christopher Jollimore [13.646]
Keira Jollimore [13.647]

12.816Shelley Margaret Simmons.

12.817Jennifer Crafer.

12.818David Crafer.

12.819Thelma Irene Cousins.
She married Robert Carl Bryanton.
  Children:Patsy Ann Bryanton [13.648]
Krista Lynn Bryanton [13.649]
Amanda Gayle Bryanton [13.650]

12.820George Sutherland Cousins.
He married Anne Mackinnon.
  Children:Kelly Ann Cousins [13.651]
Brenda Cousins [13.652]

12.821Sandra Aileen Cousins.
She married Steven Sonier.
  Children:Nicholas Sonier [13.653]

12.822Dale Clifford Cousins.

12.823Delmar Melville Cousins.
He married Dianne Christina Frizzell.
  Children:Lesley Cousins [13.654]

12.824Edith Hilda Cousins.
She married Desmond Hammill.
  Children:Ashley Hope Hammill [13.655]
Desmond Leslie Hammill [13.656]

12.825Darlene Altheia Cousins.

12.826Marvin William Cousins.

12.827Garth Erwin Cousins.

12.828Donald Arthur Cousins.
He married Jill Lavers.
  Children:Angie Cousins [13.657]

12.829Karen Jean Cousins.

12.830Brian Dale Cousins.
He married Celine Cote.

12.831Katherine Louise Cousins.

12.832Shirley Elizabeth Hickey.
She married Allan Wayne Thompson.
  Children:Michael Wayne Thompson [13.658]
David Thompson [13.659]

12.833Edward Elmer Hickey.
He married Brenda Marie Brown.

12.834Janet Louise Hickey.
She married Charles O'brien.
  Children:Stephen Leslie O'brien [13.660]
Charles Mitchell O'brien [13.661]
Ellen Mary O'brien [13.662]

12.835Norman Arnold Hickey.
He married Elizabeth Rogers.
  Children:Christine Hickey [13.663]
Heather Hickey [13.664]
William Hickey [13.665]

12.836Glenda Mary Hickey.
She married Richard Burt.

12.837Jennifer Ann Hickey.

12.838Glorie Lynn Woodside.
She married Robert Koven.
  Children:Elyse Ann Koven [13.666]
Aaron Delmar Koven [13.667]

12.839Bonnie Lee Woodside.
She married Richard Panas.

12.840Cindy Dale Woodside.
She married Stephen Similas.
  Children:Sasha Louise Similas [13.668]
Ryerson Roy Similas [13.669]

12.841Michelle Louise Woodside.
She married David Maclean.

12.842Amanda Elizabeth Cousins.

12.843Patricia Ann Cousins.

12.844Jill Roberta Cousins.

12.845Norma Jean Cousins.

12.846Martin Bruce Cousins.

12.847Marianne Louise Cousins.
She married Kent Woodside.

12.848Darren James Cousins.

12.849Robin Lianne Cousins.

12.850Robert Andrew Cousins.

12.851Joanne Gayle Cousins.
She married Dale Waddell.
  Children:Matthew Waddell [13.670]
Joel Waddell [13.671]
Sarah Waddell [13.672]

12.852Stephen John Cousins.
He married Cindy Ross.

12.853Linda Ann Cousins.

12.854Elizabeth Dawn Macphail.

12.855Kimberley Ann Macphail.

12.856Wilbert Dean Macphail.

12.857Robert Christopher Macphail.

12.858Peggy Jane Adams.
She married Glen Lewis.

12.859Gail Anne Adams.
  Children:Amanda Adams [13.673]

12.860Miriam Dawn Adams.
She married Ronald Arsenault.

12.861Maureen Adams.

12.862Colin Adams.

12.863Donald Wallace Campbell.
He married Janet Elsie Dwyer.
  Children:Allison Dwyer Campbell [13.674]

12.864Susan Marlene Campbell.

12.865Jodi Ann Jeanette Pickering.

12.866Tera Lee Pickering (Adopted).

12.867Bertram Allan Palmer.

12.868Michael Wallace Palmer; born 7 April 1964 at Summerside, Prince Edward Island, died 7 March 1967 at Halifax, Canada.

12.869Kevin Dale Palmer.

12.870Natasha Lee Hubbard.

12.871John Albert Hubbard.

12.872Stewart Owen Hubbard.

12.873Tammy Connick.

12.874Tanya Connick.

12.875Jolene Connick.

12.876Kevin Smith.

12.877Kathy Smith.

12.878Kendra Smith.

12.879Amanda Walsh.

12.880Sherry-Lee Walsh.

12.881Miki Bingham.

12.882Rebecca Jean Wheeler.

12.883Lindsey Wheeler.

12.884Adam Hickey.

12.885Bradley Hickey.

12.886Khrista Macrae.

12.887Angela Macrae.

12.888Gerald Yeo.

12.889Melissa Yeo.

12.890Joel Yeo.

12.891Lauren Giddings.

12.892Erin Giddings.

12.893Melissa Owen.

12.894Justin Ryan Owen; born Aug at Summerside, Prince Edward Island.

12.895Donald Trent Drake.

12.896Finlay Ralph Drake.

12.897Jennifer Dawn Drake.

12.898Jason David Drake.

12.899David Joseph Howatt.

12.900Adam Paul Howatt.

12.901Scott McGougan.

12.902Mark McGougan.

12.903Margaret McGougan.

12.904Kay Duntley.

12.905Ann Duntley.

12.906Dede Duntley.

12.907Steven David Johnston.

12.908Heather Jane Johnston.

12.909Mathew G Wheeler.

12.910Hannah K Wheeler.

12.911Scott R Harris.

12.912? Harris.

12.913Dana Prior.

12.914Jack Prior.

12.915Kelly Ortagus.

12.916Sondra Ortagus.

12.917Darrin Mathew Root.

12.918Peter Eric Root.

12.919Andrew Alan Gustin.

12.920Geoffrey Owen Gustin.

12.921Elizabeth Ann Lafortune.

12.922Mitchel Lafortune.

12.923John Michael Lafortune.

12.924Ellen Maria Wollerteek.

12.925Hannah Lacey Wheeler.

12.926Rachael Wheeler.

12.927Rebekah Wheeler.

12.928Karen Linkletter.
She married Ronald Frazier.

12.929Jill Linkletter.
She married Raymond Thayer.
  Children:Raymond Thayer [13.675]
Michael Lawson Thayer [13.676]

12.930Jonathon Linkletter.

12.931Claire Weinraub.

12.932David Weinraub.

12.933William O Stuart.

12.934Rebecca Joy Stuart.

12.935John (Jack) Jaczinski.
He married Wendy Jarman.
  Children:Jana Lynn Jaczinski [13.677]

12.936James Jaczinski.

12.937Joseph (Jay) Jaczinski.

Generation XIII
13.1Clint Allen Pitkin.

13.2Wendy Ann Pitkin.

13.3Blaine Carr Pitkin.

13.4Justin Carlyle Bates.

13.5Courtney Graham Bates.

13.6Michael Cedric Baird.

13.7Katherine Ann Baird.

13.8Colin Andrew Baird.

13.9Alexander Harris Carr.

13.10Ashley Louise Carr.

13.11Trevor Lee Carr.

13.12Shawn Olds.

13.13Nicole Olds.

13.14John Paris Carr.

13.15Catherine Orah Carr.

13.16Chadwick Neville Fearn.

13.17Tyler Johnson Fearn.

13.18Kimberly Ann Fearn.

13.19Andrea Leigh Carr.

13.20Lance Oscar Carr.

13.21Kerry Mahon.

13.22Jay Mahon.

13.23Andrew Donald Montgomery.

13.24Mary Ann Montgomery.

13.25Sarah Glynis Clement.

13.26Thomas James Clement.

13.27Elizabeth Ann Clement.

13.28James Ellison Montgomery.

13.29Michael Robert Montgomery.

13.30Christopher William Montgomery.

13.31Ashleigh Kathleen Bowker.

13.32Vanessa Marjorie Bowker.

13.33Colleen Anne Bowker.

13.34Claire Montgomery Pennie.

13.35Fraser Ross Pennie.

13.36Cara Christine Bowker.

13.37Joel Keith Bowker.

13.38Shawn Colford.

13.39Mandy Colford.

13.40Gregory Carr.

13.41Kimberly Carr.

13.42Sharon Carr.

13.43Marianne Brands.

13.44Stephen Brands.

13.45Samantha Brands.

13.46David Carr.

13.47Lesley Carr.

13.48Peter Carr.

13.49Kari Osmar.

13.50Michael Osmar.

13.51Robin Elaine Osmar.

13.52Erin Louise Bryant.

13.53Heather Drysdale.

13.54Stephen Drysdale.

13.55Linda Drysdale.

13.56Peter Drysdale.

13.57Richard Sommerville.

13.58Robert Allison Sommerville.

13.59John Peter Owen.

13.60Robert David Owen.

13.61Laura Elinor Owen.

13.62Catherine Lyle.
She married Roy Mackenzie, born 2 Aug 1958 at Belfast, Prince Edward Island, Canada, died 10 Nov 1985 at Ottawa, Canada.
  Children:Christopher Roy Mackenzie [14.1]

13.63Brian Rawdon Lyle.

13.64Douglas Stuart Lyle.

13.65David Lyle.

13.66Candace Patricia Lyle.

13.67Miles Morin.

13.68Michael Mayne.

13.69Randall Mayne.

13.70Valerie Mayne.

13.71Stephen Mayne.

13.72Thane Burgoyne.

13.73John Burgoyne.

13.74Michelle Lynne McCormick.

13.75Carla Gard.

13.76Brian Gard.

13.77Rachel Emily Lee Mitchell.

13.78Bethany Pearle Craig.

13.79Lisa Glenn Norma Williams.

13.80Tara Dawn Macarthur.

13.81Amanda Kate Macarthur.

13.82Christina Shelley Gallant.

13.83Ashley Maria Gallant.

13.84Brandon Roger Macarthur.

13.85Christina Elisabeth Wright.

13.86Andrea Susanne Wright.

13.87Patrick Ronald Wright.

13.88Helen Amanda Wright.

13.89Sara Jane Affleck.

13.90Roderick Alexander Affleck.

13.91Catelin Wright.

13.92Erin Wright.

13.93Julie Terry Hager.

13.94Dexter Fairbanks Hager.

13.95Jennifer Lee Baker.

13.96Daniel John Baker.

13.97Tracy Porter.

13.98Kelly Wood.

13.99Stephanie Suzanne Hartmann.

13.100Nicholas Alexander Hartmann.

13.101Jessica Margaret Lynch.

13.102Christopher Norman Lynch.

13.103Michael Travis Robert Pearson.

13.104Susan Stewart.
She married John O'neill.
  Children:Sarah Elizabeth O'neill [14.2]
Emily Laurin O'neill [14.3]

13.105Richard Stewart.
He married Debra.
  Children:Jennifer Stewart [14.4]
Jason Stewart [14.5]
Richard Stewart [14.6]

13.106Sandra Anne Semple.
She married John Velden.
  Children:Chelsea Velden [14.7]
Trent Velden [14.8]

13.107Karen Semple.
She married Dean Johnstone.
  Children:Kurtis Johnstone [14.9]
Cody Johnstone [14.10]
Dustin Johnstone [14.11]

13.108Richard Lee.

13.109Jonathen Lee.

13.110Elizabeth Anne Montgomery.

13.111Gardiner Alexander Macneill.

13.112Jason Anthony Macneill.

13.113Carolyn Ramsay.

13.114Steven Ramsay.

13.115David Wilson.

13.116Thomas Hogan.

She married Sonces.

13.118Donald Banks.

She married Kenneth Carroll.

13.120Deborah Banks.
She married Macdonald.

13.121Stephen Banks.

13.122Cheryl Banks.
She married French.

13.123Caryn Banks.
She married Lewicki.

13.124Christopher Banks.

13.125John Martin Farrell.

13.126James Mark Farrell.

13.127Juliana Catherine Farrell.

13.128Steven Farrell.

13.129Leeann Farrell.

13.130Daughter1 Horn.

13.131Daughter2 Horn.

13.132Shawn Cornway.

13.133Son Briggs.

13.134Daughter Briggs.

13.135Son Bessie.

13.136Justin Owen.

13.137Tiffiney Owen.

13.138Amanda Sue Gallinger.

13.139Sarah Gallinger.

13.140Michael Gallinger.

13.141Caleb True Hurry.

13.142Eliza Jane Hurry.

13.143James Duran Hurry.

13.144Kyle Ty Muhle.

13.145Kasia Lynette Muhle.

13.146Natasha Dawn Hurry; born 31 Aug 1984, died 3 Oct 1989.

13.147Nethanian Adam Hurry.

13.148Robert Catlyn Hurry.

13.149Dustin John Hurry.

13.150Kyle Jeffrey Hurry.

13.151Ashley Marie Hodgins.

13.152James Christopher Robertson.

13.153James Robert Buell.

13.154Jennifer May Buell.

13.155Jonathan Owen Buell.

13.156Jeffrey Amon.

13.157Tammy Dawn Campbell.

13.158Steven Thomas Helps.

13.159Katlyn Alyssa Fraser.

13.160Lachlan Francis Weeks Mackinnon.

13.161Breagh Isabel Weeks Mackinnon.

13.162Richard Turner.

13.163Denise Turner.

13.164Alana Smith.

13.165Andrew Smith.

13.166Matthew Turner.

13.167Blair Hutt.
He married Sandra Pridham.
  Children:Jason Hutt [14.12]
Jerilyn Hutt [14.13]

13.168Brenda Hutt.
She married Don Profit.
  Children:Lisa Profit [14.14]
Natasha Profit [14.15]
Jillian Profit [14.16]

13.169Marlene Hutt.
She married John Arsenault.
  Children:Jaime Arsenault [14.17]
Jody Arsenault [14.18]

13.170Gwendolyn Hutt; born 19 March 1959, died 5 May 1959.

13.171Blaine Hutt.
He married Shirley Bernard.
  Children:Amy-Jo Hutt [14.19]
Sarah Hutt [14.20]
Melanie Hutt [14.21]

13.172Karla Hutt.
She married James Fraser.
  Children:Jenna-Vie Fraser [14.22]
Sherilyn Fraser [14.23]

13.173Deborah Lee Matthews.
She married Reginald Joseph Harper.
  Children:Kurtis Leigh Harper [14.24]
Tanya Leah Harper [14.25]

13.174Donna Lynn Matthews.
She married John James Douglas Fraser.
  Children:Christopher Clair Fraser [14.26]
Jennifer Gail Fraser [14.27]

13.175James Douglas Matthews.
He married Bonita Sue Macmillan.
  Children:Krystal Lee Matthews [14.28]
Jeremy James Matthews [14.29]

13.176Frederick Brian Matthews.

13.177Wayne Clair Matthews.
He married Laura Lee Ellsworth.
  Children:Lyndsay Lynn Matthews [14.30]

13.178Gail Darlene Matthews.

13.179Robert Frederick Scott Hamill.

13.180Linda Grace Matthews.
She married Paul Martin.
  Children:Rachel Martin [14.31]

13.181Darlene Bertha Matthews.
She married Allan Rennie.
  Children:Mitchell Rennie [14.32]

13.182Leigh Frederick Matthews.
He married Suzanne O'meara.

13.183Karen Ann Matthews.
She married Donald Richard.

13.184Christine Anita Matthews.
She married Leroy Martin.
  Children:Jessica Martin [14.33]

13.185Russell Elmer Matthews.

13.186David Gordon Matthews.

13.187Kurt Gerald Gillis.

13.188Marlo Marie Gillis.

13.189Kelly Pridham.

13.190Alana Pridham.

13.191Julianne Crouse.

13.192Jeremiah Clark.

13.193James Clark.

13.194Brenda Rayner.
She married Darren Davies.

13.195Pamela Rayner.

13.196Kelly Dawn Gordon.

13.197Scott Gordon.

13.198Courtney Gordon.

13.199Gregory Gordon.

13.200Christopher Gordon.

13.201Jody Noye.

13.202Wendy Noye.

13.203James Leigh Oliver.

13.204Cory Gordon.

13.205Jerry Gordon.

13.206Joey Bernard.

13.207April Bernard.

13.208Holly Gordon.

13.209Mitchell Gordon.

13.210Melanie Joy Warren.

13.211Marilee Jan Warren.

13.212Bobby Joe Gordon.

13.213Jillian Gordon.

13.214Douglas Errison Macleod.
He married Ellen Ruth Rennie.
  Children:Jerrie Kim Macleod [14.34]
Sally May Macleod [14.35]

13.215Terry John Macleod.
He married Marlene Belle Warren [12.352].
  Children:Jeana Elizabeth Macleod [14.36]
John Ryan Macleod [14.37]

13.216Anna Lynne Fraser.
She married John Scott Maxwell.
  Children:Jeffrey Allan Maxwell [14.38]
Steven Fraser Maxwell [14.39]
Scott Maxwell [14.40]

13.217Susan June Fraser.
She married Daniel Hendricken.

13.218Karl Brian Klashinsky.

13.219Berna Lee Klashinsky.

13.220Roy Allan Lewis.
He married (1) Linda Campbell.
He married (2) Lorraine Bridges.

13.221Kathy Darlene Lewis.
She married Stephen Bridges.

13.222Carl Sinclair Lewis.
He married Terry Getson, born 5 Oct.

13.223Ronald Stewart Lewis.

13.224Rhonda Jacqueline Lewis.

13.225Buffy Lynn White.

13.226Ralph Daniel Fraser White.

13.227Leo Henry Daniel Frederickson.

13.228Tanya Ferne Frederickson.

13.229Tabatha Dawn McInnis.

13.230Dale Allan McInnis.

13.231Ruth Katyryna Gaudet.

13.232Jacqueline Robin Gaudet.

13.233Gregory Guant (Adopted).

13.234Dianna Lynn Gordon.

13.235Stephen John Owen Gordon.

13.236April Dawn Gordon.

13.237Robin Gordon.

13.238Tabatha Gordon.

13.239Gary Carlson.

13.240Tracy Carlson.

13.241Terrilyn Carlson.

13.242Thelesa Carlson.

13.243James Steven Oliver.

13.244David Michael Hall.

13.245Douglas James Hall.

13.246Linda Anne Hall.
She married Robert James McWhinney.
  Children:Sarah Elizabeth McWhinney [14.41]
Sean Robert McWhinney [14.42]

13.247Jason Thomas Gregoire.

13.248Sean Lowell Oliver.

13.249Sheri Lynn Oliver.

13.250Brett Hanson Thompson.

13.251Charmaine Sarah Thompson.

13.252Matthew Stephen Sherwood.

13.253Stephen James Sherwood.

13.254Kathryn Lee Sherwood.

13.255Curtis Leonard Matthews.

13.256Glen Jarvis Matthews.

13.257Samuel Keates Matthews.

13.258Joshua Rowe.

13.259Alyson Randall McCabe.

13.260Jacey Marie Matthews.

13.261Christopher Archibald Hawkes.

13.262Donald Terrance Hawkes.

13.263Scott Allan Hawkes.

13.264Kirk Abel Horsman.

13.265Anita Dawn Horsman.

13.266Clinton Norman Horsman.

13.267Colin Robert Horsman.

13.268Kyle Richard Horsman.

13.269Stephen Anthony Loggie.

13.270Krista Lynn Loggie.

13.271Michael Philippe Martin.

13.272Tina Marie Martin.

13.273Christopher James McCarthy.

13.274Jason Matthew McCarthy.

13.275James Matthew Reynolds.

13.276Brian Michael Reynolds.

13.277Matthew Jefferson Jardine.

13.278David Michael Gordon Jardine.

13.279Teri Lynn Dignam.

13.280Tyler Jonathan Frederick Matthews.

13.281Amanda Matthew Necarsulmer.

13.282Eric Thomas Pantilla.

13.283Jeffrey Pantilla.

13.284Robert Glen Matthews.

13.285Cynthia Jan Matthews.

13.286Vickie June Matthews.

13.287Julie Lynn Matthews.

13.288Timothy Wayne Matthews.

13.289Aaron Hamilton Matthews.

13.290Rachel Joy Matthews.

13.291Justin Wayne Chase.

13.292Shauna Leigh Chase.

13.293Kelsey Jayne Chase.

13.294Anne Rochelle Boutilier.

13.295Lauren Holly Boutilier.

13.296Holly Christing Clark.

13.297Jesse Adam Clark.

13.298Kenneth William Clark.

13.299Tracey Anne Johnson.
  Children:Christine Marie Johnson [14.43]

13.300Lori Marie Johnson.

13.301Kurt Douglas Johnson.

13.302Kevin Thomas Johnson; born 13 Feb 1981, died 15 Aug 1982.

13.303Matthew Kim Johnson.

13.304Trevor Lee Johnson.

13.305Matthew Drew Leblanc.

13.306Joshua Patrick Leblanc.

13.307Mark W Sinclair.

13.308Lisa J Sinclair.

13.309Amber Leblanc.

13.310Corey Leblanc.

13.311Jason Allain.

13.312Jennifer Lee Fisher.

13.313Kimberly Lynn Fisher.

13.314Karin Rene Diefenderfer.

13.315Damian Michael Pilas.

13.316Jennifer Amy Ives.

13.317Matthew Robert Ives.

13.318Andrew David Ives.

13.319David Barkley.

13.320James Barkley.

13.321Christopher Barkley.

13.322Julie Barton.

13.323Peter Barton.

13.324Ellen Barton.

13.325Warren Foster.

13.326Kent Foster.

13.327Andrew Carkner.

13.328Daniel Carkner.

13.329Hugh Carkner.

13.330Samuel Carkner.

13.331Scott Maxey.

13.332Jordan Maxey.

13.333Elizabeth Maxey.

13.334Thomas Maxey.

13.335Ryan Maxey.

13.336Tyler Maxey.

13.337Natalie Maxey.

13.338Jackie Burke.
  Children:Cody [14.44]
Misty [14.45]

13.339Shane Burke.
  Children:Amanda Burke [14.46]
Christopher Burke [14.47]

13.340Danny Saul.

13.341Michelle Saul.

13.342Cheryll Kelly.
She married Joe Bonise.
  Children:Kathleen Bonise [14.48]
Danny Bonise [14.49]
Joel Bonise [14.50]

13.343Gail Kelly.
She married Wayne De Lallo.
  Children:Tara De Lallo [14.51]
Echo De Lallo [14.52]

13.344Lori Kelly.
She married Curtis Walker.
  Children:Krysta Walker [14.53]

13.345Glen Kelly.
He married Barbara.

13.346Murray Sydney.
He married Yvonne Kelworth.
  Children:Ryan Sydney [14.54]

13.347Karen Johnson.
She married Larry George.
  Children:Katrina George [14.55]

13.348Oron Johnson.
He married Erin Collins.
  Children:Levi Collins [14.56]
Luke Collins [14.57]
Leah Collins [14.58]

13.349Dale Johnson.
He married Terry Moore.

13.350Cindy Kelly.
She married Brad Markret.

13.351Shawn Kelly.

13.352Lance Kelly.

13.353Lisa Marie Kelly.

13.354Chad Lawrence Kelly.

13.355Carrie Lansperg.

13.356Lee Lansperg.

13.357Leslie Lansperg.

13.358Ryan Reber.

13.359Paul Reber.

13.360Lorne Grant Cox.
He married Barbara Kelli McDermott.
  Children:Jordon Lorne Cox [14.59]
Janelle Barbra Cox [14.60]

13.361Kim Colleen Cox.
She married James Patrick Martin.
  Children:James Gary Martin [14.61]
Kenneth John Martin [14.62]
Byron Francis Martin [14.63]

13.362Lloyd Francis Cox.

13.363Lisa Marie Cox.

13.364Loreen May Semeniuk.
She married John Stephen Thibodeau.
  Children:Dawn Marie Thibodeau [14.64]

13.365Anthony Ray Semeniuk.

13.366Paula Leanne Coulombe.

13.367Troy Edward Coulombe.

13.368Kenneth Shane Semeniuk.

13.369Nicole Dionne Semeniuk.

13.370Robert Christopher Semeniuk.

13.371Leonard Eric Odegard.

13.372Jayne Marion Odegard.

13.373Neil Aaron Odegard (Adopted).

13.374Brian Randall Johnson.

13.375Reena Louise Johnson.

13.376Melissa Lynn Johnson.

13.377Laura Lee Hoybak.

13.378Kevin Allen Hoybak.

13.379Jason Carl Hoybak.

13.380Andrea Owen.

13.381Kori Leonard Owen.

13.382Kerri Lynn Owen.

13.383Sherri Lee Owen.

13.384Travis James Waddell.

13.385Sabrina Irene Waddell.

13.386Ryan Glen Waddell.

13.387Joshua Andrew Waddell.

13.388Brandon Owen Waddell.

13.389Shawn Richard Waddell.

13.390Dustin Lee Waddell.

13.391Megan Dawn Waddell.

13.392Judi Lynn Welsh.

13.393Adam Glenn Grey Arnold.

13.394Carissa Dawan Matthew.

13.395Douglas Gordon Matthew.

13.396Amber Elaine Owen.

13.397Trudy Fornal.

13.398Cheryl Lee Lindberg.
She married Shawn T Murphy.
  Children:Tara Lee Murphy [14.65]

13.399Elmer Daryl James Lindberg.
He married Jozefina Catharina Westmaas.
  Children:Kristopher James Lindberg [14.66]
Nicole Joy Lindberg [14.67]

13.400William Norman Lindberg.

13.401Murray Glenn Lindberg.

13.402Brett Adam Anderson; born 1 Oct 1975 at Edmonton, Canada, died 1987.
He married ? ?.
  Children:Jace Anderson [14.68]

13.403Jeffrey Kyle Anderson.

13.404Erin Dianna Nell Anderson.

13.405Stacey Krista Anderson.

13.406Julie Elizabeth Riddell.

13.407Leah Rose Riddell.

13.408Helen Minota Lee Hughes.

13.409Glen Ronald Clarence Hughes.

13.410Kyle William Wasylien.

13.411Jason Peter Wasylien.

13.412Diana Dawn Hoover.

13.413Stuart Michael Hoover.

13.414Breanne Elizabeth Hoover.

13.415Pamela Susan Young.

13.416Tania Lynne Young.

13.417Amber Gwen Young.

13.418Rory Clarke Spooner.

13.419Angie Lee Pacholik.

13.420Chad Owen Pacholik.

13.421Troy Donald Kozushka.
  Children:Derrick Lance Kozushka [14.69]

13.422Sheri Lynn Kozushka.

13.423Stacy Renee Ferguson.

13.424Robert Alan Ferguson.

13.425David Robert Thomas Hoover.

13.426Taylor Ewart Hoover.

13.427Krystal Dawn Hoover.

13.428Rodney Stewart Hoover.

13.429William Roy Hoover.

13.430Sherri Jeanne Hoover.

13.431James Douglas Agnew.

13.432Sarah Leslie Agnew.

13.433Tavis Robson Agnew.

13.434Bryan Agnew.

13.435Deneige Amber Agnew.

13.436Ashley Elizabeth Rose Evans.

13.437Andrew David Alexander Evans.

13.438Oliver Weyland Gray Strange.

13.439Marni Jolene Schellenberg.

13.440Kenneth David John Schellenberg.

13.441Daughter Holmes.

13.442Samantha Mary Watson.

13.443Susannah Louise Watson; born 1969, died 1969.

13.444Mathew William Watson.

13.445Juliette Louise Watson.

13.446Nicholas James Watson.

13.447Patrick Charles Ward.

13.448Penelope Jane Ward.

13.449Frances James Ward.

13.450Steven James Hill.

13.451Graeme Paul Hill.

13.452Jaqueline Deanne Hill.

13.453Helen Keck.

13.454Christine Keck.

13.455Barbara Keck.

13.456Anthony Keck.

13.457Michael Epstein.

13.458Debra Ann Epstein.

13.459Paul Epstein.

13.460Leanne Epstein; born 1966, died 1972.

13.461Catherine Sean Epstein.

13.462Anthony Epstein.

13.463Caroline Epstein.

13.464Janelle Finn.

13.465Nicole Finn.

13.466Aaron Finn.

13.467Simon Finn.

13.468Justine Vansanten.

13.469Jessica Vansanten.

13.470Nicholas Vansanten.

13.471Tania Samara Perry.

13.472Shane Perry.

13.473Emma Kate Perry.

13.474Bourke Perry.

13.475Celeste Perry.

13.476Timothy Grieve.

13.477Kate Grieve.

13.478Nina Grieve.

13.479Georgia Chown.

13.480Mathew Chown.

13.481Lewis Chown.

13.482Julia Delgardo.

13.483Alex Delgardo.

13.484Shantini Murphy.

13.485Prashant Murphy.

13.486Jeremy Murphy.

13.487Rose Murphy.

13.488Aaron Gale.

13.489Jacqueline Gale.

13.490Lauren McManadson.

13.491Kelly McManadson.

13.492Christopher John Wright.

13.493Stephanie Claire Wright.

13.494Richard Anthony Longworth.

13.495Jane Elizabeth Longworth.

13.496Thomas Paul Coates.

13.497Annabelle Coates.

13.498Linda Suzanne Gaudin.

13.499Dianne Maree Gaudin.

13.500Joohn Gustav Gaudin.

13.501Richard John Bindon.

13.502Benjemin James Bindon.

13.503Charles Ernest Bindon.

13.504Andrew Phillip De Silva.

13.505Suzanne Clair De Silva.

13.506Julie Maree Stephenson.

13.507Margo Anne Stephenson.

13.508Allen Ian Middleton Stephenson.

13.509Sara Margaret Stephenson.

13.510Andrew David Stephenson; born 1967, died 1982.

13.511Jeremy Joseph Stephenson.

13.512Vanessa Carol Stephenson.

13.513Amand Judith Stephenson.

13.514Mark Anthony Stephenson.

13.515David James Stephenson.

13.516Lucia Mary Stephenson.

13.517Peter Gerald Stephenson.

13.518Christopher John Stephenson.

13.519Richard Andree Stephenson.

13.520Hamish Andrew Kirkness.

13.521William Buchan Kirkness.

13.522Joanna Rita Lucas.

13.523Iain Alastair Lucas.

13.524Nigel Rowland Wilson.
He married Dina Martin.

13.525Andrew Allen Wilson.

13.526Daniel Peter Wilson.

13.527Simon Vincent Wilson.

13.528Suzanne Merle Wilson.

13.529Michael John Wilson.

13.530Mark James Gladwin.

13.531Julie Christine Gladwin.
She married (1) Jeff Eldridge.
She married (2) James Madden.
  Children:Emily Christine Madden [14.70]

13.532Darcy Timothy Gladwin.
He married Moana ?.

13.533Amand Jane Stephenson.

13.534Jamie Stephenson.

13.535Emma Patricia McBeth.

13.536Tim Lochlan Jones.

13.537Beth Nancy Dorothy Jones.

13.538Georgia Margaret Morrison.

13.539Samuel James Jones.

13.540Rebecca Anne Jones.

13.541Louise Diana Jones.

13.542Amand Margaret Jones.

13.543Catherine Mary Jones.

13.544Carlene Maree Harrison.

13.545Andrew Gene Harrison.

13.546Danielle Kerry Knight.

13.547Chelsea Lorraine May Knight.

13.548Gray Edward Wilson.

13.549Devan Marie Wilson.

13.550Caitun Joan Wilson.

13.551Cameron Thomas Wilson.

13.552Ryan Troy Wilson.

13.553Richard Robert Wilson.

13.554Czarina Alisi Wilson.

13.555Doris Elizabeth Wilson.

13.556Sarah Louise Wilson.

13.557James Robert Wilson.

13.558Thomas Nicholas Martin Conway.

13.559Samuel Conway.

13.560Manuka Pan Lisa Clay.

13.561Ida Marama Clay.

13.562Michael Paul Clay.

13.563Bradley Windsor Howard.

13.564Malisa Beverley Howard.

13.565Daniel Robert Gillard.

13.566Peter John Gillard.

13.567Amelia Howard.

13.568Beulah Howard.

13.569Tahnee Susan Nicholson.

13.570James Howard Nicholson.

13.571Giselle Dutta.

13.572Cassius Clay.

13.573Samuel Fisher.

13.574Benjamin Fisher.

13.575Brianna Paton.

13.576Maxwell Paton.

13.577Kayden Walker.

13.578Jordan Bullivant.

13.579Nicola Jane Bullivant.

13.580Stefan Alexander Bullivant.

13.581Marcus Charles Gibbs.

13.582Laura Alexandra Linsey.

13.583Julliette Brunetti; born at Bordeaux.


13.585David James Farquharson.

13.586Wendy Ann Farquharson.

13.587Jeffrey Lloyd Mackinnon.

13.588Gordon M La Fortune.

13.589Lori Lynn La Fortune.

13.590Shari Anne La Fortune.

13.591Arthur Alexander Haszard.

13.592Shannon Marie Haszard.
She married Joshua Harien Sherfley.

13.593Megan Diane Haszard.
She married Scott Logan.

13.594Carmen Christine Haszard.
She married Brian Edward O'shea.
  Children:Madison Leigh [14.71]

13.595James Allan Phillips.

13.596Judith Phillips.

13.597Richard Charles Dyer.

13.598Tara Dawn Hamilton.

13.599Gordon Bruce Card.

13.600Amber Lea Kyle.

13.601Patrick Shane Ness.

13.602Amy Rebecca Foster.

13.603Donald Sargent Foster.

13.604Julie Horton Foster.

13.605Ashley Loree Foster.

13.606Edward Wilder Foster.

13.607Mindy Mclean Foster.

13.608Lisa Ann McGuane.

13.609Ryan Joseph McGuane.

13.610Kathrine Louise Foster.

13.611Jaime Lee Parker.

13.612David Schultz.

13.613Jeff Schultz.

13.614Cindy Schultz.

13.615Carolyn Virginia Coulter.

13.616Curtis James Macguigan.

13.617Sharon Kennedy.

13.618Kelsey Kennedy.

13.619Sarah Shaw Westervelt.

13.620Nicole Denise Casteel.

13.621Katrina Noele Casteel.

13.622Kevin Kloek.

13.623Kelly Kloek.

13.624Kimberly Kloek.

13.625Marcia Harrison.
She married Paul Turner.

13.626Jeanne Sue Harrison.
She married (1) Jeffrey Alan Kinghorn.
  Children:Stacy Anne Kinghorn [14.72]
Melessa Jean Kinghorn [14.73]
She married (2) George Martin Karadanis.
  Children:Callie Nicole Karadanis [14.74]

13.627Russell Joseph Cooley.

13.628Linda (Bonney) Ann Cooley.

13.629Cecile Marguerite Pryor.
She married Brent Stapleton.

13.630Daniel Christopher Pryor.

13.631Catherine Alicia Pryor.
She married Kerwin Karl Kersavage.
  Children:Kori Blaine Kersavage [14.75]
Kylar Dane Kersavage [14.76]

13.632Shirley Pryor.

13.633Nathaniel Pryor.

13.634David Hamrick.

13.635Jessica Blake Chandler Hamrick.

13.636Elizabeth O'neill Hamrick.

13.637James Glenn Hamrick.

13.638William Hamrick.

13.639Francisca Casal.

13.640Matthew Turino.

13.641Christina Turino.

13.642Lucia Turino.

13.643Jacob Turino.

13.644Nina Turino.

13.645Maya Turino.

13.646Christopher Jollimore.

13.647Keira Jollimore.

13.648Patsy Ann Bryanton.

13.649Krista Lynn Bryanton.

13.650Amanda Gayle Bryanton.

13.651Kelly Ann Cousins.

13.652Brenda Cousins.

13.653Nicholas Sonier.

13.654Lesley Cousins.

13.655Ashley Hope Hammill.

13.656Desmond Leslie Hammill.

13.657Angie Cousins.

13.658Michael Wayne Thompson.

13.659David Thompson.

13.660Stephen Leslie O'brien.

13.661Charles Mitchell O'brien.

13.662Ellen Mary O'brien.

13.663Christine Hickey.

13.664Heather Hickey.

13.665William Hickey.

13.666Elyse Ann Koven.

13.667Aaron Delmar Koven.

13.668Sasha Louise Similas.

13.669Ryerson Roy Similas.

13.670Matthew Waddell.

13.671Joel Waddell.

13.672Sarah Waddell.

13.673Amanda Adams.

13.674Allison Dwyer Campbell.

13.675Raymond Thayer.

13.676Michael Lawson Thayer.

13.677Jana Lynn Jaczinski.

Generation XIV
14.1Christopher Roy Mackenzie.

14.2Sarah Elizabeth O'neill.

14.3Emily Laurin O'neill.

14.4Jennifer Stewart.

14.5Jason Stewart.

14.6Richard Stewart.

14.7Chelsea Velden.

14.8Trent Velden.

14.9Kurtis Johnstone.

14.10Cody Johnstone.

14.11Dustin Johnstone.

14.12Jason Hutt.

14.13Jerilyn Hutt.

14.14Lisa Profit.

14.15Natasha Profit.

14.16Jillian Profit.

14.17Jaime Arsenault.

14.18Jody Arsenault.

14.19Amy-Jo Hutt.

14.20Sarah Hutt.

14.21Melanie Hutt.

14.22Jenna-Vie Fraser.

14.23Sherilyn Fraser.

14.24Kurtis Leigh Harper.

14.25Tanya Leah Harper.

14.26Christopher Clair Fraser.

14.27Jennifer Gail Fraser.

14.28Krystal Lee Matthews.

14.29Jeremy James Matthews.

14.30Lyndsay Lynn Matthews.

14.31Rachel Martin.

14.32Mitchell Rennie.

14.33Jessica Martin.

14.34Jerrie Kim Macleod.

14.35Sally May Macleod.

14.36Jeana Elizabeth Macleod.

14.37John Ryan Macleod.

14.38Jeffrey Allan Maxwell.

14.39Steven Fraser Maxwell.

14.40Scott Maxwell.

14.41Sarah Elizabeth McWhinney.

14.42Sean Robert McWhinney.

14.43Christine Marie Johnson.



14.46Amanda Burke.

14.47Christopher Burke.

14.48Kathleen Bonise.

14.49Danny Bonise.

14.50Joel Bonise.

14.51Tara De Lallo.

14.52Echo De Lallo.

14.53Krysta Walker.

14.54Ryan Sydney.

14.55Katrina George.

14.56Levi Collins.

14.57Luke Collins.

14.58Leah Collins.

14.59Jordon Lorne Cox.

14.60Janelle Barbra Cox.

14.61James Gary Martin.

14.62Kenneth John Martin.

14.63Byron Francis Martin.

14.64Dawn Marie Thibodeau.

14.65Tara Lee Murphy.

14.66Kristopher James Lindberg.
He married Patricia Louise Adrian.
  Children:Tyson James Lindberg [15.1]
Traistan Daniel Lindberg [15.2]

14.67Nicole Joy Lindberg.
She married Joseph Andre Louis Ratte.
  Children:Adrianna Ellen Therese Ratte [15.3]

14.68Jace Anderson.

14.69Derrick Lance Kozushka.

14.70Emily Christine Madden.

14.71Madison Leigh.

14.72Stacy Anne Kinghorn.

14.73Melessa Jean Kinghorn.

14.74Callie Nicole Karadanis.

14.75Kori Blaine Kersavage.

14.76Kylar Dane Kersavage.

Generation XV
15.1Tyson James Lindberg.

15.2Traistan Daniel Lindberg.

15.3Adrianna Ellen Therese Ratte.