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Wendy Repass was born Gwendolyn Noel Repass to an American father and Taiwanese mother. At the age of five, Repass began the study of classical piano at her mother's insistence. Living in a military family, she moved often. But even with the discontinuity of home life, there was always music and listening to the radio became a passion.

In 1990, at the end of her first year at University Of Virginia, Repass suffered the loss of her mother to cancer. In that period of devastation and pain, friends introduced Repass to the folk music of the Indigo Girls. Inspired by this group's ability to express deep and poignant emotions through voice and acoustic instruments, Wendy Repass taught herself to play guitar in the Winter of 1991 and within four months was composing songs that eventually would become her first album, "Chapter 1:The Coming Of Age". "Music fulfilled a need for me. I learned I could open my mouth and express the innermost part of myself," Wendy notes. The following spring, she started performing her original songs regularly in public arenas.

Even as her music was gaining a steady audience, Wendy Repass had the opportunity to work with Anton Chenko, producer of Suzanne Vega's "Solitude Standing". She has also worked with such performers as The Marshall Tucker Band, Indigo Girls, and Matthew Sweet. After hearing her perform, Daemon recording artist Kristen Hall invited her to be her opening act. By September 1993, Repass felt that a body of her songs as well as a period of her life was complete and she began recording "Chapter 1."

Utilizing Charlottesville’s pool of musical talent, Wendy Repass arranged and co-produced the 13 original songs on the compact disc, working to combine folk music’s sensitivity and thoughtfulness with rock'n roll’s passion and vitality. Music Monthly notes,"’In the case of Chapter 1, one word will suffice: Brilliant.... Simply put this acoustic-based goldmine is chock-full of vivid imagery, hypnotic instrumentation, and alternatingly soothing and raucous vocals that add steroid-enhanced muscle to this radiant collection." 

An energetic go-getter, Wendy Repass formed Motherstone Productions as a Charlottesville-based event and music production company. Primarily a company to promote her music, Motherstone Productions also produces events to promote diversity, education, the arts in the community such as 1999's Shelter CD which brought together Charlottesville's own Dave Matthews Band, former US Poet Laureate Rita Dove, John McCutcheon and many more.

Most recently, Repass completed her second album, Motherstone, with the talents of producer Kevin McNoldy, drummer Stuart Gunter of Clare Quilty, bass by Andy of Earth to Andy and violin by former National Symphony Orchestra member Ann Marie Simpson.

For more information on Motherstone Productions, or to help fund projects like the Shelter CD, please contact wrepass@hotmail.com.

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