'Round the World with Wendy
'Round the World with Wendy
Photography **New!**
Viet Nam: January 2006

Jamaica: March 12-18, 2
Upcoming Adventu
Touring in a double-decker bus
(Cape Town, South Africa, Nov. 2002)
Lessons that took a trip around the world to learn...

~ Look out the window
~ People don't always say what they mean, or mean what they say.
~ Sign language gets really creative when you're having fun!
~ Fidel's a funny guy - for a dictator.
~ Leave the CD player at home.
~ Memories are worth more than photos.
~ An instant smile works wonders to break down the language barrier.
~ A PB&J sandwich and a four hour hike up a mountain is the best cure for a hangover!
~ The Vietnamese understand.
~ Leave something of yourself with everyone you meet.
~ People can like you and still dislike your government.  It's ok. 
~ Never assume
~ Silence is precious.
~ Lower your standards by 100% and you'll never be disappointed. 
~ Don't be afraid to get dirty.
~ Pack light and walk slow.
~ Get lost!
~ Hold hands and look both ways.
Music is the universal language; not math.
~ Watch every sunset.
~ Sometimes words just can't do justice.

Written after returning from Semester at Sea
Fall 2002