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Welcome to the official website for the trivia team historically called We Need A Hint. We've competed as a team in trivia contests in Wisconsin every year since 1988.

We started doing the Lawrence University Great Midwest Trivia in January 2006. The contest runs from 10:00:37 p.m. Friday night until at least midnight Sunday night, for a total of 50 straight hours. This contest is famous for being "World's Longest Running Trivia Contest" and it is the longest surviving contest. The rules at Lawrence are SIGNIFICANTLY different than the former WISS contest. The questions are quite a bit harder too.

We began in Febrary 1988 at what later became the world's longest running commercial trivia contest on the Hometown Broadcasting radio stations Berlin, Wisconsin, USA. The contest originated on Hometown Broadcasting's WISS - 1090 AM in 1982. The trivia contest was simulcast on both of Hometown Broadcasting's radio stations for quite a few years. The 2005 contest was broadcast only on WAUH - Retro Radio (FM 102.3). The contest was canceled in 2006 and it appears to be done for good. Our heart will always be with WISS. We hope that someday another contest will happen at WISS or Hometown Broadcasting.

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