My Biodata

My Biography

I was born as Tang Weng Lin 0n  Sept 15 (Monday) at about 8am. It was 1980 and I was the first child to my delighted parents. They named me Weng Lin (Deng Yonglin) which means beautiful jade.

Since I was the daughter of the eldest son in the Tang family, I was highly pampered by both my grandfather and my great grandmother. I have very vague memories of them as both passed away when I was still a mere toddler. My memories then were based mostly on the photos my mother show me every now and then and the stories she'd tell me.

As a child, I was rather cheeky and curious by nature. I was fond of pretending that I was an adult, imitating the adults around me. I love picking up the telephone and pretending to talk as if I was an executive in my own office. Together with cousins and friends, "house" was a favourite game of ours. We pretended to be parents and working adults. Life was simple then. We just couldn't wait to grow up!

I started kindergarten when I was a little more than two years old. I loved school and have always tried to attract attention by pulling silly pranks such as sprinkling water on my book and watch it soak with water. I was punished after one of my friends reported it to the teacher when I sprinkled water on her book too. I was furious then as she was the one who asked me to wet her book too. What a betrayer, I thought. So guess what I did when I stood behind the teacher. I imitated her every move much to the amusement of my classmates while my teacher was bedaffled.

After school everyday, I would go to my ee's (my mother's eldest sister) house and she'll baby-sit me till my mum comes to pick me up after lunch. I love to explore places.. especially forbidden places. I remembered sneaking into the grand hall once with a friend and started playing with the props on stage. When I heard the door creak open, I immediate hid myself while my poor friend was scolded by the teacher. I used to think, "How silly he is!". Can't he just hide? hahaha... well well

My family love traveling and this further sharpen my interest for novel ideas and new places. We travelled extensively in my childhood. My first trip was to Australia when I was six. Up to this day, we've visited many places in Asia too. Nevertheless, my all time favourite will always be Hong Kong, Beijing and Bangkok (Twice).

I was always the outspoken one, a girl who dared to voice her views without thinking twice. Perhaps that was a good and a bad trait in me. I was a stubborn girl (mind you) and still stubborn till this day. I believe in getting what I wanted and will try very hard to get it. Nine out of ten times, I win. I was quite a tomboy too then. As a result, my best friends during primary school was mostly boys as I would play football and video games with them.

In school, i must say that i was lucky to be one of the "better" students and thus the favourite student of many teachers. It was in secondary school years that i met a bunch of very special people - my "sisters". The five of us are very close, and we do almost anything together - from shopping to sharing our deepest secrets. We sat together at the back of the class, two prefects, a monitor and an assistant monitor. We were the noisiest batch but the teachers do not mind because we were the so-called top students in class. Ahh.. we were the CRAZY GALS.. haha.

Soon, life took another important turn. I won the ASEAN scholarship to Temasek Junior College (1998-99) in Singapore. It was there that I really started to be exposed to what we call "outside life" because I was on my own, without my family! The first few months was horrible for me because i missed home badly. But soon, close friends came into my life. There were only 6 girls in the class of 21 so we were pretty close. Geeta, Zheshen and Peifen were among my closest friends or rather friends-for-life.

Currently, I'm studying Chemical Engineering at the Univeristy of Singapore. I have many high expectations and ambitions which I will continue to strive for. I do not know what the future holds for me. I will just walk ahead and let the Lord lead the way. I have the key to my future, now it is just the matter of looking for the correct door.

(Will be continued)

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