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Mission Bay
Troy Hartman Biography

Valentine 99 (59K JPG)
Christmas 98 (209K JPG)
Alaska cruise 99 (191K JPG)
Poly and Jessica's Kids 1999 (39K JPG)
Jessica and Wenjin at Chevy's Restaurant Dec. 1999 (178K JPG)
Mother visited Del Mar at End of the Century (198K JPG)
Wenjin, Audry and Jackie, Christmas party 1999 (109K JPG)
Aero-photo of Crown Point (155K JPG)
Aero-photo of Mission Bay from SE corner (167K JPG)
Stefan Schulhof photo of Pacific Beach and Mission Bay (207K JPG)

Irving Weisddorf Book "San Diego"
Friends of Famosa Slough
Photo of Mission Bay from space (88K JPG)
Satelite shot of La Jolla, Pacific Beach and Point Loma (1.16 M JPG)
The house at Crown Point Drive (30K JPG)
Map of Mission Bay with bike trails (20K GIF)
Crown Point Street Map (20K GIF)
Freeway map of San Diego (59K GIF)
Mission Bay Live Cam and zoom out view
Company picnic at Crown Point, June 2000 (132K JPG)
My best photo of Mission Bay July 2000 (210K JPG)
My Company American Specialty Health Plans
View of the office from Coronado and at sunset
Parents visit in December 2000 (77K JPG)
Celeste and me at George's Christmas tree (40K JPG)
Director Dr. Jackie at Christmas 2000 (44K JPG)
Jessica and mother at ASHP Lobby(115K JPG)
New Year Day 2001 dinner at Jimmy's (132K JPG)
Jason Rey-yen Chow borned 3/21/2001 (125K JPG)
Jason with grandparents (122K JPG)
Paul and Greer visited 3/31/2001 (87K JPG)
Dr. Hitchcock checking out the baby (64K JPG)
Jason and William on Earth Day 4/22 (54K JPG)
Mrs. Chen in Irvine 5/10/2001 (37K JPG)
Grandma and Me (87K JPG)
John Isis doing Motorcross at Crown Point Park (111K JPG)
June 2001 visit with grandpa Wang (88K JPG)
June 2001 party at Jackie's new home (116K JPG)
Jason and David at Lupe's avocado tree (115K JPG)
Steven, Jason and David at the Solid Rock Gym (119K JPG)
Celeste, Chris, Jing and Jason (146K JPG)
Jason posing with dragon fruit (159K JPG)
William, Jason and Pitahaya (63K JPG)
Jason at the Loma Alta Childrens School (119K JPG)
Jason January 2002 (117K JPG)
A giant step 7/14/2002 (153K JPG)
Labor Day 2002 dinner in Houston

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