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Wenlock's Page.

Hi, I'm Wenlock Burton, I'm a public Servant and spend my days at work feeding sheets of paper into an industrial strength scanner... I was born in Hendon, NorthWest London, UK, just down the road from Hendon Aerodrome. My name (Wenlock) is old Welsh, meaning "Minstrel Boy", most experts know the Scottish meaning (A Brook in a meadow) but not the Welsh. It was my Grandfather's nickname for my Father.

At home I like to play with computers, internet, radio, ham radio and electronics. My favourite hobby is Long Distance Television (TVDX) Reception.... (check out the page I used to keep for the ICDX group). It now redirects to the new page Todd Emslie maintains

Also I'm an amateur poet, you can read 75 of my poems at www.oocities.org/wenlockb/poems/

I'd rather pay the mortgage than learn to drive, and I have a great time improving my house! Thanks for looking in...


Why the test pattern? I'm a TV DXer, and test patterns are a favourite of TVDXers..

Check out my Testcard reconstructions at www.oocities.org/wenlockburton

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