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New Zealands Underwater Life

The intent of this web site is to give students, divers, and fishermen (infact anyone) access to a little information relating to popular fish, and fish species such as snapper, eels, tuna, crabs, flounder, goatfish, gurnard, sharks, hapuka, jackmackrel, jellyfish, the anemone, kingfish, koheru, hiwihiwi, leatherjacket, limpets, mako, moray, mullet, the nudibranch, octopus, squid, piper, porcupinefish , moki, shrimps, silverdrummer, softcoral, sprats, starfish, tarakihi, thresher, tiger, trevally, trumpiter, tubeworms, tuna, and warehou. Their habitat, as well as other underwater life around the coasts of New Zealand.

Most of the information available here is from my own observation over the years with diving as my hobby. Also not so many years ago I had my own salt water aquarium, and had all manners of fish life including seahorses.

However, this site has slowly grown and some additional information on some species of sea life has been included in this web site, such as other molluscs, pelagicfish, invertebrates, including crustcations, and some seaweeds and the source has been acknowledged by site and author as not to infringe on copyright laws.

Hopefully the students will find relevant information and pictures over a wide range of sea life for their studies and projects. You will also note that I have included additional web sites that might be of further use and give more detailed information on some subjects.

If you have any further questions, or comments relating to this site please do not hesitate to contact me at

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