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last updated 11.09.00
made 05.06.99

Update: 11.09.00

Another update for today...a link has been added in this archive:Japanese lyrics site...i don't
have time to collect lyrics for this site but hope this site can help you anime fans
and other thing watch for the new images i plan to upload

Update: 10.18.00

Hello there anime fans...i'm ur new webmaster for a while, i'm Lady_Animoni. This site really need update, don't u think so???And so here I am. Even though I'm not good as Jethro wish this site will be as good as the old one. I add a new link for this site hope u like it!!!!


SUGGESTION???COMMENT OR JUST FLAMES!!!!(hope no one flame me ^__^x)
E-mail me at

NOTE: SAVE TIME JUST USE "SAVE TARGET AS" while left-clicking the link. (So that' why it wont work.....) then listen to the stuff ya got when your no longer wasting money surfing the net...

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