The (almost) Definitive PRISONER Links Page
Your escape route out of Wentworth

The following list contains *almost* every Prisoner: Cell Block  H website and related websites on the Internet.  The sites are listed in no particular order, but the first five are my absolute all-time favourites.  These are the sites which I visit on a regular basis.  Descriptions for each website will be given over the course of the next few weeks, making it easier for you to know exactly which site suits you best.  If you are actively considering setting up your own website and you know exactly what address you will be using, or if you are thinking of moving your current site to a new address, then please
contact me, as this will make it easier for me to update this page and will also avoid dead links.  I will be checking every link on a monthly basis, just to make sure that the site still works.  If you know of any site which I have not included in the list, then please contact me with the name of the site and the direct link to it.  Many Thanks!

Who's Who in Wentworth
As far as I'm concerned, this is still the greatest Prisoner site on the Internet bar none!  Make sure you pay a visit at least once each week - it should become part of your weekly routine.  As this site is considered essential for all Prisoner fans.  If you need to know anything about a character, actor, actress, episode, writer, producer, director or even backgrounder - then this is the site for you!  It contains absolutely loads of information, organised nicely.

Cell Block H - The Ultimate Guide!
Currently undergoing an impreshive (so far) make-over, Cell Block H is another great site that was once updated on a daily basis - unfortunately, that is now not the case - but it should still be a fantastic site nonetheless (when it opens) with loads of information and a superb picture gallery.  Cell Block H - The Ultimate Guide is the home of H Block 2.

Cell Block Lexie
Anything you would ever want to know about Lexie Patterson and much more.  This site kind of breaks away from the norm and puts it's message across in an informal manner - which I think is superb the way its done.  Very well designed too, with wonderfully writen fan fiction - anybody thought about publishing these stories?  Full credit must go to the vibrant young webmaster, "Lex."

Yahoo!  Groups: Prisoner: Cell Block H
Their 'marketing statement' says it all, "The original Prisoner club and still the best."  Lets hope it stays that way!

Top Dog: Rita
Just as good as, if not better than Cell Block Lexie.  Designed by the same webmaster, "Lex" and also featuring superb fan fiction.

The Grundy Logo
Information on the way Grundy Organis/zation/Television Production's logo altered and progressed throughout the series' run.

Lockup Online
A very popular site and not hard to see why.  This site features loads of Prisoner video clips (over 70 infact) which are so good in quality, that I've decided to give you a direct link to them below.  This is also the place to look for the original "On The Inside" recordings sung by Lynne Hamilton and other original versions used in the show, including Pixie's Song!  Also featuring crystal clear pictures, screen saver downloads and much more!

Prisoner: Cell Block H Video Clips from Lockup Online
See above

The Lex and Jules Page


The Unofficial Prisoner Website

The Unofficial Gerda Nicolson Website

A Tribute To Vera

Prisoner: Cell Block H Character Guide

The Prisoner Page!

The Patterson Page

The Black Rose's Prisoner: Cell Block H Pages

Stuart Gray's Prisoner: Cell Block H Pages

The PCBH Top Dog Web Site

Prisoner: Cell Block H Version 5.6 By Neil Stewart

Prisoner By WDC
Please note that this page will take quite a while to download

Behind Bars

Wentworth Web

Prisoner: Cell Block H By Channel 5

Blockade's old website

A Fan's Page for Maggie Kirkpatrick/Joan Ferguson

H Block 2

H Block 2 Version 2

Prisoner: Cell Block H Series 2

Days of Darkness

Prisoner: Cell Block H - Fan Club

The Louise Siversen Site

Prisoner: Cell Block H Actress Spotting Guide

Wentworth Talker

The Prisoner Top Dogs Poll

The Weekly Stir

Prisoner: Cell Block H

The Department

Mat's Prisoner: Cell Block H Quotes Page

Rachel's Unofficial Prisoner: Cell Block H Website


Dylo & V's Prisoner & Bad Girls World

BlackStar's Prisoner: Cell Block H Video Order Page (U.K videos with sale prices)'s Prisoner: Cell Block H Video Order Page (U.S videos)

Prisoner 1979-1986

Prisoner: Cell Block H - the RPG

Prisoner: Cell Block H Place

Snomans Kath Maxwell Website
The homepage only - just in case you want to know what it looks like.

Snomans Kath Maxwell Website
The rest of the site.  Please note that in the picture section, no pictures actually appear.  But if you click on the small red crosses, then you can view the pictures in full.

The UK-TV episodes site by Karris

Wentworth - The new home of Prisoner: Cell Block H

PCBH@Fortune City

Chris' PRISONER Site

Jackie Woodburne

He Used To Give Me Roses...

The Meg Page

Prisoner (version 1)

Prisoner (version 2)

Prisoner: Cell Block H - The Musical

the Prisoner web site

Dan's Prisoner: Cell Block H Website

Deb's Prisoner: Cell Block H Site

Chris' Prisoner: Cell Block H Media Page

Erika's Prisoner Page

Pixie Page

Prisoner: Cell Block H Episode Transcripts

The Prisoner: Cell Block H Purity Test

The Prisoner: Cell Block H Script Pages

Robert's guide to Australian TV Soaps of the 1970s and 1980s

The Internet Movie Database for Prisoner

Pearson TV's Prisoner: Cell Block H Page

Louise West's Homepage

The PCBH WebRing

The Story of Prisoner: Cell Block H

Prisoner: Cell Block H - in Sweden

Wentworth: H-Block
Please note that when you click on this site, your page may go completely "Full Screen" and there may be no way of getting your screen back to its original size, unless you shut down your computer.  Be warned, no offence to the webmaster but I DO NOT recommend this site for viewing.

Swedish Language Prisoner Sites

Stefan's KF-sida

Bilder fran kvinnofangelset




bilder fran reunionen (Pictures from the Prisoner Cast Reunion)

Prisoners in Cell Block H

Min karleksforklaring till Bobbie Mitchell

Prisoner: Cell Block H - De fiktiva avsnitten


Hope you've enjoyed going through the list of sites, for those of you who have decided to do that. 
Descriptions for the rest of the sites will eventually be added to this section, some time by the turn of the next century.