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SUNDAY, 18 JUN 2006


As you know, I haven't been in my best mood. Amazingly, God has shown be several things today. Just thought I should write it down before it gets washed away by everything else flooding my brain.

Let's start from the most recent, shall we?

I actually sms-ed Jamie and told her that I was feeling emo. I guess I was just exclaiming it out loud for the sake of it. Or maybe I was being a glutton for punishment.. Hm. Anyway, I was telling her how I felt that I don't belong..

Really. Do you get such bouts of surreality?


It is one of those dark days where by I feel crappy by making myself feel crappy.

Have you ever thought of how everything you have spoken are actually just things you say to yourself? I increasingly realise that no one out there really gives much of a *random vulgar word* about you in JC. It's sad, really.. To know that no one cares.

Training was not right today. It was supposed to be the last training before our break of the exams, but somehow it just didn't work out. The worst thing is that we have no idea what went wrong. I didn't twist. Hmm.. Okae, what else? How in the world can we improve our timing? It sucks to be on a plateau.

So I am drowning my sorrows in Barcardi. Bought one with Wei Lun. Appropriate, when I think of it now.

Perhaps looking on the bright side would help. Like how OG outing went okay.

I felt as if I stayed in a hotel for one night. Even if it was just sleeping on the hotel floor for 4 hours. Man, I love Jamie's dining table. It is excellent for mugging! Bet I could mug forever there. Too bad my own dining table is Dad-infested. Hm.

We watched Brokeback Mountain too.. A disappointment I must say.. I expected more after all that hype. Turns out it was just about 2 very selfish people. Then again, obsessive love like theirs is selfish. Can't help but feel that it all came to nothing in the end though.. Meaningless.

I should sleep now. Feeling the blood rushing to my head. Alcohol is so not for me.

lying here @ 11:41 pm


I dug out my lousy digital camera today and took some photos in defiance to study. Here they are.. Don't laugh, I know they aren't good...

Introducing the latest X-Car!! I assembled this from the Koko Krunch box. Nice eh? =) Somehow I can never get the car into focus. Argh. See, light priority is bad.

The view outside my house. Always wanted to take this. It might seem like nothing, but imagine, behind every window is a story, and the street itself screams out its history and memories. Ah.. Yishun.

Okae, I admit. I took this photo for fun. Abercrombie and Fitch's models on my computer. Hahas.. Lovely!

lying here @ 11:05 pm


Hello there.

Well, you can see that I have decided to go for a layout change again. No more tagboard, and no more archive. Minimal stuff.

Somehow certain things don't matter much anymore. You'd see me blogging less, I think. At least that's the sentiment right now.. I am hoping to bring in more photos and all. Do watch out for that yeah?

Oh, you would really need the font Georgia to view this blog properly. Or you would start complaining about the Times New Roman you see. Try to get it yea?

I shall leave tonight with a song:

The Fray

The day's last one-way ticket train pulls in
We smile for the casual closure capturing
There goes the downpour
Here goes my fare thee well

There's really no way to reach me (x3)
'Cause I'm already gone

Only so many words that we can say
Spoken upon long-distance melody
This is my hello
This is my goodness

There's really no way to reach me (x3)
'Cause I'm already gone

Maybe in five or ten yours and mine will meet again
Straighten this whole thing out
Maybe then honesty need not be feared as a friend or an enemy
This is the distance
And this is my game face

There's really no way to reach me (x2)
Is there really no way to reach me?
Am I already...

So this is your maverick
This is Vienna

lying here @ 12:16 am

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