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"Moon Over County Market..."

Recently, Tammy had Jonathan & David with her while shopping in County Market.  Jonathan was walking beside her, and David was in the baby seat in the cart.

She turned to pick some items up from the shelf, when she heard, "Mommy, I have a hole in my bottom."

"What?"  Tammy turned, looked at Jonathan's pants, and there was no rip.  "No, honey, you don't have a hole in your bottom," she said.

"Yes, yes I do have a hole in my bottom," Jonathan insisted.  Sure he was just making it up, she turned around and continued shopping.

Seconds later, she heard, "See, Mommy?  I do have a hole in my bottom...look!"

Hearing gasps from other elderly women on the aisle, she turned to see Jonathan, pants and underwear around his ankles, pointing to his rear end, aming it right at her face. 
Tammy proceeded to whip around, drop her list on the floor, & jerk his pants up to around his neck.  She then told him never to do that again, and turned laugh her head off!
As of July 11, 2003, our Jonathan now towers over many single-digit numbers.