In Memory
                     In Memory                       
                        Of  the six young friends who tragically lost their lives
                            On the evening of  2nd October 2002.

Robert Smith   19yrs    Exeter

                                   Anthony Singleton  18yrs   Broken Hill (formally Moss Vale)

     Patrick Small  17yrs   Moss Vale

 Ben Sykes  15yrs   Moss Vale

   Hayden Esquilant   15yrs    Moss Vale

   Joel Bolag  14yrs   Moss Vale



We Trust In Love

For those who have buried the hurt ,
we must never be afraid .

Six young lives where lost that night.
We remember what love has made .

And as true love never dies ,
we must learn to trust love again .

Rainbows will always return in the sun shine
after the rain .

The promise of love eternal ,
is a living trust God gave .

Our loved ones have gone before us ,
it's those left who must be brave .

Love is alive even though we are
buried deep in our grief .

Love is the trust grows with God ,
and just are we with belief .

Love is the prayer that is said in faith ,
we trust that God is near .

Love is the answer that comes ,
from God and blessed are those who hear .

Living in prayer,
we will get somewhere ,
together you and I .

For we that walk with God,
talk with God .
Yes love will never die .

By Paul McCann


                          Family, friends and the local community sadly mourn the loss
                           of these young men who were so suddenly taken from us.
                  They will be remembered.



                        Please use the guestbook below to leave your thoughts, feelings and  messages of  condolence and they will be passed on to the families.


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