This is a new fan fiction that will concentrate on the characters of Brooke, Stephanie, Eric, Ridge, Nick, Massimo, Bridget, Jackie and a few more, as well as new characters. It will take off from what is currently taking place on The Bold And The Beautiful.
My name is Eden and I´ve never posted here before, although I have visited here regularly for a very long time. I´ve been inspired to write a fan fiction on my own by reading most fan fictions here. Personally, I am a fan of the characters of Brooke and Stephanie. Yes, you read correctly. You can be a fan of them both. I´ve been a B&B fan since late 80´s. And I´ll write the B&B characters as I see them/ want to see them.

This has happened:

Brooke has found out about Ridge and Bridget´s kiss and is doubtful about marrying Ridge. Despite Stephanie´s pleads, Brooke decides to go through with it. Ridge and Bridget has decided not to go further for the sake of their family. Nick has taken a job with Marone Industries, as Massimo wants him in town to become Brooke´s new man. Eric doesn´t know that Ridge is Massimo´s biological son, and wonders what is going on with Brooke and Ridge. Jackie has moved into Taylor´s beach house. At her wedding day, Brooke has second thoughts and can´t go through with the wedding. She runs up to an upstairs room and locks herself in. And this is where my story starts…


”Logan, open the door. Come on! Let me in”, Ridge calmly said as he knocked at the door that was dividing himself from Brooke. No one answered.
“Fine, I´ll just wait out here until you open”, Ridge said.

Downstairs, Eric was wondering what was going on. He was even more curious when he saw a look between Stephanie and Massimo, as they both knew what was going on. “I´m going upstairs to see what this is all about”, Eric said, but Stephanie stopped him.
“No, Eric. Let Ridge take care of this”.
“Do you know what´s going on?”, Eric asked his wife.
“Maybe, but this is not the time to get into it”, Stephanie replied. Eric knew she was hiding something and wondered what. He then caught a glimpse of Bridget looking worried. Was everyone in on the big secret except for him?

”Logan, open the door”, Ridge again pleaded. And finally the door opened. Ridge was stunned to see his bride to be dressed in a dark green spaghetti stripe dress, and not her wedding gown. It was the dress Brooke was planning on wearing after the wedding had taken place.
“I couldn´t do it, Ridge. I´m sorry”, Brooke told him sadly.
“Why? Did mother or Massimo say something?”
“No, it´s something you said”.
“Something I said? I´m not sure I understand”.
”I know, Ridge. I know about you and Bri… you and my daughter”, Brooke cried as Ridge couldn´t think of one thing to say.
”How could you do it, Ridge? She´s my daughter. You brought her into this world!”.
”I don´t know what to say… I didn´t…”, they were interrupted by Rick who had come up to see what was going on.
”I´m sorry if I interrupt, but the guests are starting to wonder what´s going on. Mom, why have you changed? What´s going on?”, Rick was puzzled as the last thing he knew, his mother couldn´t wait to become Mrs Ridge Forrester again.
”There´s not going to be a wedding, Rick. I can´t explain it now, but could you do me a favor? Could you go downstairs and tell the guests they can leave. Tell them I´m sorry for what happened. Okay?”, Brooke asked as Rick looked from Brooke to Ridge. Rick then left them alone.

”Can you all listen up?”, Rick asked the guests.
”She couldn´t go through with it”, Stephanie whispered to herself with relief. Eric looked at her wondering. Stephanie gave him a look that meant not to pay attention to her remark.
”I have to ask you all to leave, there is not going to be a wedding here today. My mother apologize for the inconvenience.”, Rick said as everyone started whispering to each other as they got up to leave. Rick went over to Bridget who looked puzzled.
”I wonder if Massimo had something to do with this”, Rick said as he gazed over at Massimo who was standing in a corner intriguingly looking up the stairs.
”I´m not so sure about that,” Bridget said.
Before Rick could start speculating, Amber walked up to them.
”What´s wrong with your mother?”, she asked.

”Now why would Brooke walk out on her own wedding? She´s been waiting for this day for a long time. Something is wrong”, Eric said.
”Maybe she realized she couldn´t marry someone who doesn´t love her”, Massimo said as he walked up to him and Stephanie. Stephanie gave him a warning look.
”Ridge do love her. I don’t get this… Maybe Bridget knows”, Eric said as he was about to go over to his daughter.
”No, Eric! Wait…”, Stephanie stopped him.
”Why don´t you want me to find out what´s going on? What´s this all about?”, Eric asked. ”I could tell you that, Eric”, Massimo said.
”No, you couldn´t. Look, Eric, there is something going on. But I don´t want you to find out like this. Let´s go home. I think it´s about time I´ll tell you everything”, Stephanie said. The two of them left. From the uncomfortable look in Stephanie´s eyes, Massimo realized she was finally going to tell her husband the whole truth.

”I think we should talk about this…”, Ridge started.
”Yes, I really would like to know what´s really going on. You and Bridget?”, Brooke asked disgusted.
”There´s nothing between me and Bridget”.
”Don´t stand there and deny it. I heard you talk. I saw you touch my baby girl, and you said you kissed her!”
”I only kissed her to prove that there is nothing between us. Bridget has been through a lot”
”Thanks for reminding me”
”Well, it´s true. She found out her mother had a baby with her husband. You couldn´t even begin to imagine what that did to her. And then she finds out mother´s secret. Her whole world was turned upside down.”
”So you had to comfort her… kiss her? Now how is that going to clear things up for her. Tell me, cause I really don´t see it!”
”I was going to prove to her that her feelings for me weren´t romantic feelings, but feelings of friendship and respect”.
”But it didn’t work out as you planned, did it? You felt something, when you kissed MY DAUGHTER”, Brooke repeated.
”Brooke, don´t overreact, please.”
”How should I react? Do you realize how sick this is? You were her father for a few years, then we find out you´re her halfbrother. And now you´re going to be her lover? My God, Ridge! How could you?”, Brooke cried.
”Bridget is not my lover. I would never go that far, you know that”.
”No, Ridge. I don´t know that. Not after what I heard and saw. What´s your excuse? Why are you drawn to her?”
”I´m not drawn to Bridget. She´s a terrific young woman who is confused. I care for her. She´s been amazing to me and my children.”
”So you´re feeling gratitude? No… What I saw was not gratitude. I saw a man I thought I knew, a man twice her age, fighting his feelings for her, so he could marry his mother without guilt. How could you do this to me again? Do you have any idea how it makes me feel always to be your second choice? There was Caroline and Taylor and now my own daughter. I have done many mistakes in my life, Ridge. But I don´t deserve this. Maybe from Bridget, but not from you.”

Eric and Stephanie arrived home and entered the family room. Eric turned around and expected a simple explanation of why Brooke refused to marry Ridge. But when Stephanie hesitated and collected herself, he picked up on the seriousness of it all.
”Honey, what´s the matter?”, Eric asked worried.
”There´s something I have to tell you. Something I should have told you months ago.”
”Is this the big secret you´ve been keeping?”, Eric asked, almost relieved.
”You know?”, Stephanie asked stunned.
”No, I don´t know what the actual secret is, but I know you´ve been keeping one”.
“How´s so?”
”I know you. Ever since you left me, I´ve known there was something that made you leave. It wasn´t something you wanted. And I´ve seen the way you´ve acted. The looks between you and Massimo. I assume he knows everything. And you and Bridget lately. I just assumed you would tell me eventually. I didn´t want to pressure you since it seemed to make you so uncomfortable. I didn´t want to jeopardize anything. If you couldn´t confide in me when we were apart, fine. I could accept that. But I guess you are now ready to tell me. So, what is it?”
”This is not something to take lightly, Eric. I think you´d better sit down”, Stephanie said. Eric realized this was more serious than he had thought and followed his wife to the sofa.
”Where do I start”, Stephanie asked?
”From the beginning”.
“The beginning… Okay. You remember Ridge´s accident?”
”When he cut his hand?”, Eric asked surprised.
”No, when he sliced his neck”.
”That´s the beginning?”, Eric asked surprised.
”Well, you can say that. It actually begun a lot sooner, but I didn´t know that then. There´s no easy way to say this, so I should just come out and tell you. Remember that Ridge needed blood at the time?”
”Yes, we donated blood for him”, Eric said as he imagined where the conversation was headed.
”Yes, we did… Well, while you were in with Ridge, I talked to his doctor. And he said something very disturbing. He said… He said that your blood group didn´t match Ridge´s. And neither does mine”, Stephanie confessed.
”What…? What does that mean?”, Eric asked shocked, as he didn´t really want to realize what it meant.
”Honey, it means that Ridge in not your biological son”, Stephanie said as Eric felt his surrounding was falling down on him.
”Ridge is not my son?!”, he yelled out.
”No… I thought he was, I really did thought he was your son until the doctor told me otherwise.”
”Then who is? Who is Ridge´s father?”, Eric asked as he raised his voice. But he didn´t have to wait for an answer before he figured it out. “Don´t tell me… Stephanie, don´t tell me it´s Massimo! Is Massimo Marone Ridge´s father?”, he yelled.
”Yes”, Stephanie confessed.

”Logan, please don´t walk out of here. Logan, come on!”, Ridge asked as he followed a leaving Brooke.
”Stop calling me that. It just makes me sick now”, Brooke yelled out.
”Fine, I won´t call you that. But you can´t storm out of here like this”, Ridge asked of her.
”I´m not sure I have so much more to say to you, Ridge. Not after this. I tried to ignore it, to downplay it. But I just can´t. Not when it involves Bridget. I still can´t believe it. It´s like a bad dream I can´t wake up from. It´s my worst nightmare come true”, Brooke cried.
”I´m so sorry for what this has done to you. I never wished this on you.”
”I know you didn´t. I know you wouldn´t deliberately hurt me, but you have. Over and over and over again. How much am I supposed to take. I´ve always defended you to my family. Saying you couldn´t be with me because of different circumstances. But it doesn´t hold up anymore. And I´m not so sure I want it to either. I could forgive you for right about everything. But not this. I think I have for the first time in my life realized that we will never be what I have fantasised about half my life. It just wasn´t realistic. I wanted a fairytale love story. I still do. But our fairytale has come to an end. Good-bye Ridge”, Brooke said as she kissed his cheek as a final kiss. Ridge tried to stop her once more, but she looked him deep into his eyes as if she told him to let her go.
”You´ll always have a special place in my heart. Don´t forget that”, Ridge said. Brooke smiled at him, then turned around and shut the door behind her.

”Please, Eric. Don´t leave,” Stephanie begged a packing Eric.
”Do you have any idea what you´ve done?”, Eric asked as he threw a pair of pants in an opened suitcase.
”I know, I know…”
”No, I don´t think you fully understand. You´ve broken our trust. You´ve lied to me. For how long, I don´t know.”
”I lied to protect you. I never wanted you to find out because I knew what it would do to you”, Stephanie tried to convince him.
”Bull! You only tried to protect yourself”, Eric said as he headed for his shirts.
”That´s not true.”, Stephanie protested.
”Oh, save it. I don´t want any more lies coming from you. Do you realize this lie has shaped my whole life”.
”No, I swear to you Eric. I didn´t know Massimo was Ridge´s father until Ridge´s accident”.
”I would probably have believed you if you had told me then, but when you started lying about it… How am I supposed to believe you now?”
”So this is it? You´re just gonna leave me?”, Stephanie asked.
”I could stay, but I don´t think you´d want that. God, I am so angry right now. Just looking at you now makes me angry.”
”You need time to cool off and think. But I want to talk to you about this later. Meanwhile, please don´t make any hasty decisions,” Stephanie said as she left him alone in their bedroom. Eric threw down his shirts on the bed and sat down next to them. He shook his head and rubbed his hands in his face, as he tried to make sense of the news. Outside the bedroom, Stephanie realized this wasn´t the right time to tell Eric about Ridge and Bridget.

Brooke passed Heidi, the secretary and went right into Massimo´s office. Massimo looked up surprised to see her there.
”Brooke, what do I owe this visit?”
”I think you know. You seem to know everything, don’t you?”
”Why are you here?”
”I just wanted to inform you in person that you won. I won´t be marrying your son. Makes you happy, huh?”
”Honestly, yes.”
”I can´t believe you support a relationship between Ridge and Bridget. Only to get rid of me from your son´s life. What is this obsession you have with Ridge anyway? I can understand where Stephanie is coming from. She´s always hated me because I married her husband. But you? You´ve only known Ridge for a couple of years and you are even more obsessed about getting rid of me than Stephanie is.”
”I´m only looking at his best interest. You´re not it. How could you be? A woman who married all the men in a family and then has a baby with her son-in-law, only to start all over again.”
”You know, Ridge was willing to overlook that. He still is, if I just gave him the word. Maybe you shouldn´t be so confidant you have succeeded. Ridge and Bridget won´t happen. Bridget is not the new Taylor for Ridge. No one could ever fill Taylor´s place for Ridge. Bridget will eventually overcome her confused feelings. And then what?”, Brooke asked. Massimo was silent but still appeared confidant. Brooke decided it was time to leave and walked out the door. Massimo slammed the paper to his desk in frustration.
”Damn it! You leave me no choice Miss Logan.”

Brooke was on her way out of Marone Industries when she bumped into a hurried employer. Papers flew all over the hallway.
”I´m so sorry”, the woman apologized to Brooke.
”It was just as much my fault”, Brooke said as she bent down to help the woman pick up her papers.
”Now, ain´t this just every man´s dream?”, a man said behind Brooke´s back. Brooke turned around and found the man from Ridge´s office she had mistaken for Ridge days earlier.
”Hello there”, Brooke said with a light smile.
”Thanks for the help”, the woman said and hurried off.
”So, this is what you look like fully dressed”, Nick teased.
”Yeah, so what do you think?”, Brooke smiled as she modelled her outfit to Nick.
”It´s nice”, Nick said with little convenience.
”Nice?”, Brooke asked.
”Well, honestly, I liked the other better”, Nick teased as Brooke let out a laugh.
”Down, boy!”, she joked.
”If you´re looking for Ridge, he´s not here”
”I wasn´t”, Brooke admitted to a satisfied Nick.
”Well, you´ve just made my day”.
“You and Ridge don´t get along, huh?”
”Is it that obvious? How about you, do you get along with Ridge?”
Brooke looked down to her feet for a split second and tried to find something to say.
”Well, well, well… You hesitated. I´ll take that as a good sign”.
”Look… I…”, Brooke started.
”Don´t bother. It´s none of my business. But let me just say that Ridge is a fool. See you around, okay”, Nick said as he winked at her.
”Okay”, Brooke smiled and didn´t take her eyes off him as she stepped into the elevator.

Ridge welcomed Bridget into his house and they sat down on the sofa in the living room.
”I´m sorry for what happened”, Bridget said as she put her hand on his shoulder.
”Don´t be. You had nothing to do with this”.
”Well, I wouldn´t say that.”
”No, I don´t want you to take the blame for anything”, Ridge said reassuring.
“How do you feel about what happened?”
”I don’t know. I honestly don´t know. I wanted the marriage, but I really have to wonder if what happened wasn´t for the best.”
”I know what you mean. I tried my best to think about mom and her happiness, but would the marriage really have brought her that? I don´t want to see her go through another divorce.”
”And you think that´s something that would have happened?”
”We won´t know that now, will we?”
”No, we won´t. I think me and Brooke are over. Maybe for good this time.”
”I wish I could feel her pain. I feel so horrible because I can´t really do that”.
”You´re not horrible. Brooke and Deacon hurt you more than anyone else ever has in an unforgivable way. If you can´t feel very sympathetic now, it´s fully understandable.”
”Did you forgive her?”
”Not fully, no. I was willing to get past it. It´s not as if I didn´t forgive her as it is about forgetting. I´ll never forget what she and Deacon did to you.”
”Me neither. But I will try my very best to fully forgive her.”
”You are something else, princess”, Ridge said as he caressed her hair. Bridget and Ridge shared a moment, which led to a little kiss.

”Eric?”, Stephanie called out as she walked through the house looking for her husband. “Eric?”. She entered the bedroom where she had left him. She found that the suitcase was gone and in it´s place were a note Eric had left behind when she was gone. She read through the note and got upset. “No…”

Eric unlocked the door to Taylor´s old beach house only to find it occupied.
”Who are you?”, Eric asked as Jackie walked out of the master bedroom.
”I could ask you the same thing”, Jackie said surprised to see a stranger in her new living room.
”Eric Forrester”
”Oh, Mr. Forrester… My name is Jacqueline Payne, I live here now”, she said.
”You live here? If you don´t mind me asking, but who gave you the access to this house?”
”I was visiting my son Dominick, he works with Ridge Forrester. Isn´t that your son?”
Eric was hit with the reality once more and stayed quiet.
”I overheard him talking about selling the house because his wife wouldn´t need it any longer. So I called it before it got out on the market, so to speak.”
”Okay. I should have talked to Ridge before I decided to move in. I thought it was empty.”
”You need a place to live? Don´t you already have a home or two?”
”Not any longer. My wife and I just separated.”
”Oh, I´m sorry to hear that. You know what, it´s late. If you don´t have somewhere else to go, you can stay here tonight.”
”You don´t mind?”
”Not at all. You can take the 2nd bedroom, cause I already put my things in the master bedroom.”
”Okay, then I´ll stay here tonight.”
”I don´t think we greeted correctly”, Jackie said as she reached her hand out for a hand shake. “Jackie Payne”, she said.
”Eric Forrester. It´s nice to meet you, Jackie”, he said as they chuckled.