“I’m not going to stand here and listen to your accusations, Stephanie” Brooke squinted.
”They are not just accusations. It was you, wasn’t it? I mean, who else would call the media to tell them my little secret, huh?”
”I don’t know. Maybe you have a lot of enemies? I would gladly take responsibility for this after all you have done to me, but it wasn’t me.”
”I don’t believe you”.
”And I don’t really give a damn. I am tired of always being your scapegoat when something goes wrong.”
”You know, you may just have done me a huge favor. Ridge is not going to like this…”
”You’re going to tell Ridge I’m behind leaking to the press? He won’t believe it!”
”He won’t? Are you ready to bet on it?”
”Get out, Stephanie!” Brooke shouted.
”What is going on in here?” Eric asked as he walked inside Brooke’s office.
”Nothing new. Stephanie is accusing me once again”.
”Accusing you of what?”
”There’s an article in this about Stephanie’s dirty little affair with her pool boy” Brooke explained and held up the magazine, Eric looked surprised and went over to Brooke to get a closer look of the article.
”Give me that!” Stephanie said as she took the magazine from Brooke’s hands before she could hand it over to Eric.
”And you’re accusing Brooke to leaking to the press?” Eric said, trying not to let the article bother him although it was.
”It was her! I called the editor and he said he had gotten an anonymous letter from someone, signed with a letter that looked like a B, L or F. Now, whose initials are those?”
“But you said A letter. One letter. Not three. It’s just a coincidence that he thought it looked like a B, L or F. Why am I even trying to defend myself?” Brooke questioned herself.
”I believe you” Eric told Brooke.
”Surprise, surprise!” Stephanie said sarcastically.
”What is that supposed to mean?” Eric asked.
”It means that you always take her side.”
”This isn’t about taking sides. I think it’s obvious who is behind it” Eric stated.

CJ was by the counter at Insomnia when Deacon walked inside. Deacon sat down by a table, ignoring everyone. CJ was getting mad, knowing he was there to cause trouble. He went over to Deacon’s table.
”What do you want?” CJ asked annoyed.
”Is Bridget here?”
”That’s none of your business.”
”Listen, CJ, I want to talk to her. So why don’t you go upstairs and get her, or I will do that myself.”
”You’re not going to bother Bridget. She wants nothing to do with you and I don’t blame her. Get the hell out of here, Deacon”.
”No, wait” Bridget said from behind CJ.
”Bridget!” Deacon said nicely.
”Deacon” Bridget said less enthusiastic.
“Bridget, don’t do it”.
”No, no… It’s okay”.
”You heard her, CJ. Why don’t you go and take orders from your other customers? Shall we go upstairs?” Deacon asked Bridget. She hesitated for a short while before agreeing to it. CJ wasn’t happy at all.
”What do you want?” Bridget asked her former husband as they got to her room.
”I want you”.
”You want me? I think it’s a little too late to realize that.”
”I know, I’ve been a total jerk to you. I am sorry for that. I never wanted you to get hurt, which is why I tried to protect you from the truth.”
”You tried to protect yourself and my mother. You’ve got some nerve coming here, telling me you want me back!”
”I know. But I can’t help it. My life was never as good as when I was with you. I never realized what you brought to my life. And now, I miss that. Come on, don’t you remember how good we were?”
”Yes, you’re right. We were good together. Were. Before I know you were also sleeping with my mother!”
”I was selfish. And I ruined your relationship with your mother. But I want to make it up to you. I love you Bridget.”
”You love her?” CJ asked stunned as he entered the room.
”Yes, I do love her”, Deacon said.
”No. Don’t buy into this, Bridget. This guy’s done nothing but betray you and hurt you.”
”I think I can speak for myself, thank you” Bridget said.
”Then tell him. Tell him you don’t want anything to do with him, ever again!”
Bridget felt uncomfortable.
”CJ, I…”
”It’s okay Bridget. I’ll leave” Deacon said before leaving them alone.
”Why didn’t you tell him off?” CJ asked.
”Because you tried pressuring me into it. Don’t do that.”

”So who is it? Who is behind leaking to the media?” Stephanie asked Eric, but she didn’t really believe he had a valid answer as she suspected Brooke.
”It’s obvious, don’t you think? It’s your pool boy”.
”Tim? No. He said he wouldn’t tell anyone”.
”And you believe that? Oh, come on Stephanie. I thought you were much smarter than that. Of course he leaked it, who else? He’s probably only out for money and fame.”
”Well, thank you!” Stephanie snared.
”I didn’t mean it like that. But you do know better than this. He works as a pool boy in expensive mansions, that ought to tell you something!”
”So he has a motive, but I still don’t think it was him”
”Well don’t look at me, I had nothing to do with it” Brooke said.
”We’ll see.”
”Just let it go, Stephanie. So the world knows. Big deal. A lot of rich matriarchs have affairs with sexy young and poor men. Maybe it can even spice up your rumor?” Brooke said teasingly. Stephanie wasn’t amused. Neither was Eric, which Brooke noted and apologized.
“Stephanie, just let it go. What’s done is done, there’s no going back so it really doesn’t matter who is behind it” Eric said.
”Doesn’t matter? Someone is trying to sabotage me. I want to know who!”
”Don’t be so melodramatic, Stephanie. So what if someone wanted to bring you down? You’ve been doing it to me for years and I didn’t complain like this”
”Then maybe you should learn how to stand up for yourself and not let yourself be victimized.”
”Then I will. Stephanie, get the hell out of my office!”
”With pleasure” Stephanie said and walked off. Eric turned to Brooke and shook his head.
”This war between you two really has to stop. We’re working in a war zone here!”
”Well don’t look at me. Tell it to Stephanie”.
”You’re not blameless in this”
”Excuse me?”, Brooke said offended.
”You could try to make an effort.”
”I have!”
”Not without an agenda. The last time you made an effort was when you wanted Stephanie to accept you and Thorne. Look, I am not expecting you to become friends. I know better. But this war is not good for this company and it’s not professional. Many employees are afraid to be in the same room with the two of you!”
“Okay, fine. I am willing to make an effort – but ONLY if Stephanie does too, and I mean a real effort. And it would be nice with an apology too”.
”Fine, skip the apology. But I will not try burying the hatchet alone! If Stephanie is willing to do it, then fine, so am I.”
”Good, I’ll talk to her” Eric was about to leave when he noticed Stephanie had left the gossip magazine on the copy machine. He took it with him as he left. Brooke sat down in her chair and sighed. She was getting really tired of the feud with Stephanie. Maybe she should try to bury the hatchet?

Rick entered the Forrester guesthouse and found Shannon dressed in an overcoat.
”Going out?” he asked.
”No” she answered.
”You just got back from somewhere?”
”Are you freezing?”
”No, actually I’m… I’m quite hot …”
”Then why don’t you take off the coat?” Rick wondered.
”All in due time, Rick… All in due time…” she replied mysteriously.
”Okay” Rick said and sat down on the sofa.
”I love your new hair cut. It’s very… sexy” Shannon continued.
”Sexy? I like that word”.
”Good…” Shannon said and moved over to the front door. She locked it, which had Rick smiling.
”What are you up to, Shan?” he wondered improving.
”Don’t worry about that. Just relax and let me take care of everything.”
”You spoil me”, Rick teased.
”Oh, but I love it…” she replied and walked over to Rick. She started to seductively rub the inside of his thigh. Rick swallowed, as he felt aroused.
”Not as much as I love being spoiled” he said.
Shannon stood up before Rick and finally slowly took off her coat. She revealed a black laced bra and matching panties.
”See something you like?” she asked.
”Oh, yes…” Rick said smilingly.
”I bought it especially for you”
”I am one lucky guy” Rick stated and welcomed Shannon to sit on his lap. They started kissing.
”Thank you for coming into my life, Shannon Davis!” he exclaimed and they started making love.

“If that model doesn’t show up soon, we have to reschedule this whole fitting”, Eric said annoyed. He and Lucinda had been waiting for the model to arrive for several minutes.
”Well, you can always fit the gown on me…” Lucinda joked seductively.
”Coming on strongly, are we?” Stephanie asked as she entered Eric’s office.
”I was only joking” Lucinda tried to assure Stephanie.
”Whatever. Can you please leave us alone?” Stephanie asked.
”Of course” Lucinda said and walked out the back way from Eric’s office.
”Don’t be rude to the employees” Eric said as he put down one of his latest designs on his desk, covering the magazine.
”She’s coming on to my husband in front of me, and you expect me to be friendly to her? Get over yourself.”
”Why? Obviously you’re getting jealous over nothing. I’d say I still got it” Eric joked to light up the mood.
”Yes, you’re as “modest” as ever before”.
Stephanie’s cell phone started ringing and she excused herself to answer.
”Helen? Is there something wrong with Thorne?” she asked. Eric looked worried.
”He’s okay” Stephanie said a few seconds later and continued the short conversation with her maid before hanging up.
”What was that all about?” Eric asked.
”Helen just informed me she had to leave early. Her mother was brought to the hospital again”.
”I’m sorry to hear that. What about Thorne?”
”Nothing. Helen thought Darla might be coming over to visit him. But I think he can handle being alone for an hour or so.”
”Yeah, I’m sure. I’m glad you came by here, I have something I need to talk to you about”.
”Really? I didn’t think you ever wanted to talk to me again after the other day”.
”This is about business.”
”Oh… What is it?”
”It’s this animosity between you and Brooke. It has got to stop, right now”.
”Have we not been over this about a thousand times before? You know where I stand”
”Yes, I do. And you know where I stand. This war between the two of you is making work a hell for the employees. They feel like they are walking into a war zone every time they get off the elevator. It’s a bad working environment.”
”And this is all my fault, isn’t it?”
”No, not entirely. Brooke isn’t making things easier. And I am partly to blame too. So I suggest we all cool down. Around the office at least.”
”Easy for you to say. What if you had to work side by side with Massimo?”
”I’d handle it and try to get along with him” Eric tried to convince Stephanie, and himself.
”You’re such a liar!” Stephanie exclaimed.
”Fine. I admit that it wouldn’t be easy. But at least I would try.”
”I’m not so sure you would.”
”Well, with Massimo it’s impossible. You might as well make friends with a viper.”
“Then you know how I feel about Brooke, so let’s drop this discussion”.
”No, we will not. Massimo is not working here, Brooke is. And for everyone’s sake, you two are going to try to get along at the office. I don’t expect you to become Brooke’s new friend, but I accept you to stay away from her and not start an argument with her every day”.
”I don’t see that ever happening. Every time I see her, I just…”
”I talked to Brooke and she agreed to try her best not to get in your way. At least you can do the same. Just stay clear of each other.”
”I’d love to. But as long as we’re both working here, it’s going to be impossible”.
”Fine… I´ll try.”

Darla stopped by the Forrester mansion to see Thorne again. After being led into the house by a leaving Helen, she headed to Thorne’s room. She found him as she left him the day before. Obviously, there was no change in his condition. But he seemed to be at peace with his situation. He turned his head her way and let out the best smile he could. Darla smiled back before walking over to him.
”Our son is doing just fine. I think he’s anxious to come out though. I’ve had these cramps for a while” she told him and he immediately looked worried.
”No, no… It’s nothing serious. I think it’s those Braxton Hicks pains again. By the way, I love the Christening gown you’re mother gave me. I think it’s great that she’s welcoming my… our baby into the family.”
”What are you watching?” she asked as she noticed the movies on the bedside table. “American Beauty, Terminator 2, The fast and the furious…” she said as she looked through the films. “Have you seen them all?”
Thorne blinked once for no.
”Would you like to see one now?”
Thorne blinked twice for yes.
”This?” Darla asked as she held up American Beauty.
Thorne blinked once for no.
”This one?” she asked, holding up The fast and the furious.
Thorne blinked twice for yes.
Then this one it is. Darla went up to the TV and pushed the on button and put in the tape in the VCR.
”Isn’t it a little hot in here? Should I open up the window?”
Thorne blinked twice for yes so Darla opened up the window. Then she took out a blanket from the closet in case Thorne would get cold. While Darla put on the blanket on his legs, she felt Thorne watching her. He seemed to want her to join him.
”I’m sorry I can’t join you. I have a doctor’s appointment that I should be going to right away so I won’t be late. But if you want, I could come back tomorrow?” she asked.
Thorne smiled which she knew was a yes.
”Okay, I’ll write a message to your mother so she can close the window later. Enjoy the movie!” she said before kissing his forehead. Then she left.

Ying Torshibi entered Ridge’s temporary Tokyo office and was very surprised to find him packing up his things.
”Are you leaving?”
”Yes, I am. I think I’ve been here long enough and have done everything I could. Right now, I am much more needed in Los Angeles with my children.”
”But you can not leave yet, Mr. Forrester”.
”Why is that? Why are you deliberately keeping me here?”
”You are the best for this job and we need you”.
”But I am not doing anything that you can’t do yourself. I don’t understand why it is so important for me to be here.”
”You represent Marone Industries.”
”Yes, and now I have made my tribute. It’s time I go home again. I have children, Mr. Torshibi. Children that recently lost their mother. I am making the call here, and they win. I’m sorry if I am causing you problems by just taking off, I will send someone else if necessary. But right now, I have a plane to catch. It’s been nice meeting you, Mr. Torshibi and it’s been a pleasure to work with you. You’ve taught me quite a deal. But now it’s time for me to go back to my family.”
”I can’t talk you into staying somehow?”
”No, I’m sorry. My mind is made up.”
”Then I wish you a safe flight home.”
”Thank you. And I left the report you needed with your secretary.” Ridge said and left the office to catch his flight back to America.

”Massimo Marone” Massimo answered as he picked up the phone.
”Ying Torshibi here”
”Ying! How are things going in Tokyo? Is my son handling things alright?”
”Yes, he has been very good. But I have some bad news. He just left and is coming back to Los Angeles.”
”What? Why did you let him leave?”
”There was nothing I could do. He realized anyone could do the assignment he was getting and decided he was more needed in Los Angeles”.
”Damn it! It’s too soon for Ridge to come home.”
”I’m sorry, Mr. Marone. I did everything I could.”
”Yes, I trust you did. I will just have to solve this problem in another way. Thank you for everything, Ying” Massimo said and hung up the phone.

”Did you like it?” Brooke asked Nick after they had finished dinner.
”It was delicious. Did you make it?”
”Eeh, no…” she admitted.
”I didn’t think so.”
”Well thank you!!” Brooke said offended.
”This receipt gave you away” Nick said as he held up a Mannequin’s receipt.
”Oh, damn…” Brooke said.
”Rookie mistake”
”But I’m not a rookie at this. I order in a lot”.
”Then it was a very clumsy mistake. How about a dance?”
”A dance?”
”Well, I did save you from that creep. I think you owe me a dance at least”.
”Yes, at least… I accept the offer” she said and put on a CD.
They started dancing closely, following the slow rhythm of the song. Brooke could feel she was safe in his arms. She trusted him with her life. Nick felt his old feelings for Brooke resurface as they moved closely together. There was just something about Brooke Logan that was so captivating that he couldn’t turn away from her. He felt it each time he was around her.
”Nick…” Brooke suddenly said.
”The song is over”
”So let’s have another dance”…

Tim was at the Heston pool; picking up leaves that had fallen into it.
”Tim Cameron, you dirty dog” a man’s voice said behind Tim’s back. He turned around.
”Johnny! You’re not supposed to be here, you know” Tim said disapproving.
“Your boss told me where I could find you. Forrester’s pool coming up next, huh?”
”Yes, but you’re not coming with me”.
”You want to be alone with your new mistress? What’s going on, man? Dee had to read it in this magazine for me to find out. How long have you been sleeping with Stephanie Forrester?”
”Magazine? What damn magazine?” Tim asked surprised.
”Some cheesy gossip paper, I don’t know. Is it true?”
”Look, man, this is not any of your business, nor anyone else’s for that matter” Tim said defensive.
”Then it’s true. God, Tim, she’s old enough to be your mother for heaven’s sake! You can have any girl on the beach you want… But this isn’t about that, is it? How much is she paying you?”
”Shut up, Johnny!”
”Let’s see… The last time you got a new Rolex and paid rent”
”This is nothing like the last time. I learned that lesson quite clearly, thanks to you and Dee”.
”Fine, fine, fine. I see that you haven’t forgiven us yet. So, what is this about then?”
”Didn’t I just say that it’s none of your business?” Tim wondered.
”Yeah I heard you. But you know I don’t follow orders.”
”If telling you what you want to hear is gonna get you off my back, then fine. What do you want to know?”
”If it’s not for the money like with the last rich wife, then why?”
”Mrs. Forrester was depressed and I felt sorry for her”.
”That’s it?”
”She needed someone and I was there for her. Case closed.”
”So you are just being a warm comforting body in her times of need?”
”Don’t make fun of it. You weren’t here. You didn’t see how distressed she was because of her fight with that damn husband of hers.”
”And her husband walked in on you?”
”How did you know that? Where is that article?” Tim asked seriously.
”I don’t have it. Talk to Dee. But that is what happened, isn’t it? The husband walked in?”
”Yes, he did. And frankly, he deserved it. I just hope it didn’t make things a whole lot worse.”
”Like how?”
”I’m wondering if he wasn’t the one who tipped off the magazine. He was the only one who could have possibly known about it.”
”You think he actually did it? Causing himself a scandal. Telling the whole world his wife cheated with a man half his age. Why would he wanna do that?”
”Maybe he felt so betrayed he wanted her to pay? I don’t know… But I know Stephanie will not like this one bit. She had me swearing I would never tell anyone, and now the whole world will know. But I tell you Johnny that if that husband of hers is behind this, he will regret it.”
”You really do care for her, don’t you?” he asked surprised.
”I just don’t want to see her get hurt. She deserves a whole lot better than what she’s got now”
”Well I respect that. Peace out, brother” Johnny said and put his hand on Tim’s shoulder before he left.
”See you later” Tim said and sat down on the poolside. He was frustrated and angry. Would Stephanie think he was behind the tabloid leaking? And how would she react to him if she thought he was behind it all?

”You still think Tim was behind leaking to the press?” Stephanie asked, as she could feel her own suspicions growing about Tim.
”Yes, I do. He’s a gold digger.”
”Are you saying that because you really believe it, or because you don’t like him?”
”I’m saying it because I want you to be aware of his type.”
”I don’t think he’s like that. It’s not the impression I got of him”.
”That’s because he is so good at it. He’s probably seduced hundreds of rich women.”
”I don’t know…”
”Oh, come on Stephanie! You can’t seriously be thinking about starting a relationship with your pool boy!”
”Who said anything about that?” Stephanie asked surprised.
”You don’t have feelings for this man?”
”No! Is that what you thought?”
”Well, you did end up in bed with him”.
”I was vulnerable. He was there. Nothing more than that.”
”So you’re not going to see him again?”
”He asked if it would be okay if he continued working as our pool boy and I said yes.”
”Why would you do that?”
”Because I like him. He was there for me when I was feeling low. As you might recall, you had just kicked me out of the beach house.”
“So he took advantage, is that what you’re saying?” Eric asked angered.
”No, not at all. I don’t get that impression of him. He’s sweet and caring.”
”So are gigolo’s when they go after their bait. I’m sure he was the one who tipped off the press” Eric said, still angry.
”It does look like it, huh?”
”You don’t think it was Brooke anymore?”
”No, if she wanted to make it public, which I’m sure she would love to have done, she would have told the press in person. Maybe at a big press conference, to get back at me. She wouldn’t do it by sending an anonymous letter to a tabloid. She would want me to know it was her.”
”That leaves Tim” Eric summoned up.
”That leaves Tim… And you.”
”Me? You’re accusing me now? Why the hell would I tell the media my wife is having an affair with the pool boy?”
”You tell me”.
”I wouldn’t. Not that you didn’t deserve it.”
”Thank you!” Stephanie said angered.
”Just face the fact, your caring pool boy is a conniving opportunist.”
”He’s not gonna get away with it” Stephanie said and left the office, slamming the door behind her. Eric looked away and fumed.

Brooke and Nick continued their dancing. Brooke could feel her emotions getting the better of her again as she followed his lead. But this isn’t fair to Nick or Ridge, Brooke thought to herself. She suddenly thought of Ridge, whom she had completely forgotten about while spending the evening with Nick. She’d better keep her mind on Ridge, Brooke figured. Otherwise she knew what might happen with Nick. She loved Ridge so much. But why did she feel so drawn to Nick? Why was he making her feel so warm inside? It was almost like she could feel butterflies in her stomach while standing so close to Nick. Ridge, Ridge, Ridge, Brooke thought to herself in order to concentrate. Why did he have to go away to Japan? It was getting harder and harder to control her feelings for Nick. She couldn’t let that happen. She finally had her chance with Ridge in reach and Brooke was not about to let that chance slip away.
”That was four dances…” Brooke said to Nick.
”It was? How about a fifth?”
”No, I think you’d better go. It’s getting late and I am feeling a little tired”.
”Tired of me?” Nick asked astounded.
”No, of course not. I just haven’t been sleeping well since that creep almost raped me”.
”I understand. You’d better get some sleep. Why don’t you call me sometime?” Nick said and was halfway out the door.
”Nick…” Brooke said, not wanting him to misunderstand.
”It’s okay, Brooke. You go to bed. I’ll see you tomorrow” Nick said and left.
Brooke sighed and felt even worse about letting Nick go. She knew he had felt her passion for him come out in the dance. And then she had just turned away coldly. Maybe it was for the best? Maybe she did the right thing by sending him away like that. She was committed to Ridge in her heart. Brooke just couldn’t understand why her heart was split in two. Before, it always belonged to Ridge. Now it was torn in two. Could she possibly be getting over Ridge? Brooke thought for a moment. She had done it before with other men, but always realized Ridge was the man for her. Why would this time be any different? Brooke decided right there to stick with Ridge. No matter how passionate she could feel for another man, Ridge was always the one who won in the end.
”This time, I am not going to follow my heart. I’m going to follow my head” Brooke told herself in the mirror she stood before. Her head that told her she always went back to loving Ridge in the end.

Shannon and Rick was in the shower of the Forrester guesthouse, fooling around more than actually showering. Rick kept tickling Shannon, who defended herself by splashing water on him playfully. Shannon screamed as Rick took her naked body in his arms and tickled her again. Suddenly Shannon got quiet.
”What is it?” Rick asked laughing.
”Did you hear that?”
”That bang”
”No. Maybe it was Stephanie slamming her car door?”
”That loudly?”
”Maybe she’s angry?”
”Yeah, maybe…” Shannon said unsure.
”Where was I?” Rick said and kissed her neck. Shannon got into the right mood again and kissed him back.
”Look at me! I am starting to look like a prune!” Shannon joked as she realized they had been in the shower for very long.
”A very cute prune…”
”Maybe we should take this “shower” into the bedroom?”
”Good idea”, Rick said and turned off the shower. Shannon put on a robe as Rick wrapped a towel around his waste and they walked out of the bathroom.
”I’ll just grab a glass of water” Shannon said and headed to the small kitchen. As she poured her glass full, she noticed Stephanie standing outside by the pool, looking down. She was holding something in her hand that she dropped to the ground. Rick sneaked up behind Shannon and wrapped his arms around her.
”What is it?”
”Stephanie is out by the pool” Shannon said. Rick looked out and looked puzzled.
”What is she doing?” he asked as he saw his stepmother reach down in the water of the pool.
”There’s someone in the pool…” Shannon realized.
”Come on” Rick said as they headed out of the guesthouse. As they walked out, Stephanie saw them and looked up shocked. Rick and Shannon walked up to the pool and were equally as shocked. Shannon gasped in horror to what she saw. A bloody and dead body was floating in the red water. The body of Tim Cameron.