“Megan, it’s Brooke. I need some help” Brooke said in her cell phone while she sat in her car.
”Sure, what do you need?”
”I have some trouble with my car, and I need you or someone to come and get me.”
”Yes, if you can. Or anyone”.
”Hold on a second” Megan told Brooke. She got up from her chair at Forrester and stopped Lucinda as she was passing by.
”Lucinda, do you have some time? Brooke is having problems with her car and needs someone to pick her up. I would have gone myself, but I can’t right now…” Megan said in a hurry and Lucinda just nodded.
”Sure, where is she?”
”Talk to her yourself, here” Megan handed her the phone.
”Hello, Brooke?” Lucinda said as she picked it up.
”Yes, it’s me. Megan just said you had problems with your car. I am free, so I can come by. I just need directions.”
”It’s not far from Forrester. 5-7 minutes away. Take the Santa Monica Boulevard and turn when you pass the sign to West Hollywood from Beverly Hills. Just follow that road a few meters and you’ll see me. I am on the side of the road.”
”Okay, I’ll be right there”.

Stephanie got up to her bedroom and shut the door behind her. Her experience in a custody cell had taken its toll. She hadn’t slept a wink the whole weekend. And not only because of the frustration of being locked inside a cell among prostitutes, burglars and worse. She had a splitting ache in her neck as well. An ache that had grown stronger for every day that has passed since the car accident that had paralyzed Thorne. But the pain in her neck was the least of her concern. She had to get herself out of the mess she was the center of. Stephanie decided to forget about that for the time being and just take the nap she so desperately needed. She went into the bathroom to change out of the clothes she had on. The police had confiscated the clothes she wore on the night of the murder, and Eric had brought her a sweater and pants for the ride back home. Stephanie stopped in front of the bathroom mirror and realized she still had the surgical band-aid holding her skin together from the small wound on the side of her forehead. She realized she hadn’t gone back to her doctor for the check-up they had scheduled. She decided to forget about it for the time being and removed the band-aid carefully. She had signs of a few stitches but they were getting more and more invisible. As she studied the wound again, checking if it was healing as it should, she was startled by the image of Tim in the reflection. He was standing just behind her and just started at her with no expression on his face.

”Thank you for coming, Lucinda” Brooke said as Lucinda jumped out of her car which she had parked just behind Brooke’s on the grass next to the main road.
”What happened?”
”I don’t know. The breaks wouldn’t work. I pushed and pushed but nothing happened. I finally just drove off the road and pulled the hand break.
”Haven’t you had your car served?”
”Yes, about 6 months ago. And it was fine. Nothing wrong.”
”Well, thank god nothing worse happened. You could have been killed”
”I realized that first after the car had finally stopped. Look, I am still shaking” Brooke said as she held up her hands.
”Are you leaving the car here?”
”Yes, I called someone to take it out of here, but they won’t be here within the hour.”
”Okay then. Let’s get out of here” Lucinda and Brooke jumped into Lucinda’s Audi.

“Hey dad” Ridge said as he walked into the Forrester mansion.
”Ridge. I was just going to see Thorne. Are you coming?”
”I wanted to talk to mother. Is she here?”
”Yes, but she is taking a nap and I don’t think you should wake her up. She really needs to sleep.”
”Well, then I’ll join you. How is Thorne doing? Any changes?”
”Not really. Helen said he got all worked up when she told him Stephanie had been arrested, but that he calmed down when she told him that she had been released. Otherwise there’s been no change”.
Eric and Ridge went into Thorne’s room. Thorne moved his eyes in their directions without moving his head.
”Hey, bro” Ridge said as he leaned forward to Thorne, who blinked his greeting back.
”Hi” Eric said and sat down on Thorne’s bedside. “Are you feeling any better?” Thorne blinked once for yes. “Well, that’s good. I hear Felicia came by here to see you. Your mother is here too, but she is resting now. We’re having a little family dinner tonight and we would like to have you there. Are you up for it?” Thorne blinked once for yes. “Good. Ridge, will you get the wheelchair, please?”
”Sure” Ridge said and walked over to the wheelchair and rolled it over close to the bed. He made sure the locks to the wheels were set before he and Eric lifted Thorne’s limp body to the chair. It took a couple of minutes to get it right but it went safely. Ridge held up Thorne so he wouldn’t fall out of the chair as Eric strapped his body to the chair with two wide belts. Both men could feel how uneasy Thorne felt about being so helpless, but tried making the best out of the situation by not cuddling him too much and behaving like it was the most natural thing to do.
”Are you sitting comfortably?” Eric asked and Thorne blinked for yes.
”Great. Let’s get you out of this room. I know you must be sick of it” Ridge said and drove his brother to the family room. Felicia had come downstairs again after her shower and was thrilled to see Thorne sitting up.
”Looking handsome, Thorne” she said and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek.

”Tim” Stephanie said as she turned around to see him. There was no one there. She looked back into the mirror, but he was gone. “I’m going insane” Stephanie declared. She walked straight to the bed and laid down. “I’m just tired…” she told herself. Stephanie got comfortable and closed her eyes. She quickly feel asleep.

Nick and Christina laid in bed, wrapped in each other’s arms.
”I’ve missed this” she declared. “This calm and simple life”.
”Life wasn’t going your way?”
”I thought I was doing what I needed at the time. Taking a break from my life and just focus on me. But I guess all I needed was right here. This boat and your arms.”
”You’re so beautiful” he said as he caressed her hair.
”If life could be this simple all the time…”
”Tina, I think you’re making your life more complicated than it really is.”
”You think? Well, maybe. But I believe I’ve gotten better. I know what I want now”
”And what is that?”
Nick laughed.
”What?” she asked surprised.
”Isn’t that what you have always wanted?”
”Sure, but it’s different now. I know that what I was doing before wasn’t working for me. It never made me happy.”
”And what makes you happy now?”
”The little things in life. The details.”
”And I am one of those details?”
”You’ve always been”.
Nick kissed her on her forehead and they closed their eyes to enjoy just laying in each other’s arms. Suddenly they both sat up in bed as they heard someone boarding the boat. A few seconds later, someone knocked at the door. Nick and Christina jumped out of the bed and hurried on some clothes.
”Just a second!” Nick yelled to the person behind the door. As Christina was finished putting on one of Nick’s sweaters, he went to open the door. In walked Jackie.
”Mother…” Nick greeted surprised.
”Hello darling. I see you have company” Jackie said disapproving.
”Hello yourself, mother-in-law”
”What on earth are you doing here, Christina?”
”I came by to see my husband”
”How dare you still call him that? You walked out on him!”
”Mother, not now, please. What was it you wanted?”
”I wanted to talk to you about… your father”
”Isn’t he dead?” Christina asked.
”Yes, he is dear. You don’t have to be so insensitive”
”Oh please, like you care if he’s dead or not…” Christina replied.
”Stop it, both of you” Nick asked of both of them.
”I’m sorry” Christina said to him and clearly made Jackie sure it wasn´t her she apologized to. Jackie squinted back to her daughter-in-law.
”My father. Frank or Massimo?” Nick asked as Jackie tried to silence him down.
”Frank or Massimo?” Christina repeated. “Frank’s not your father?”
”Apparently not. My mother just informed me a couple of weeks ago that my father is the big business mogul Massimo Marone. And here’s the part I think you’re especially going to like. Ridge Forrester is also Massimo’s son, which means he’s my half-brother.”
”Ridge Forrester?” Christina lit up. “Is this a joke?”
”That was exactly what I was wondering when my mother informed me. What is it you wanted to tell me now?”
”I was just wondering if you’ve talked to him?”
”Yeah I have. But you don’t have to worry, I didn’t tell him anything. He doesn’t know I am his son”.
”You really are Ridge’s half-brother?” Christina asked hopeful.
”Yes” Nick confirmed.
”You have to introduce me!”
”NO!” Jackie yelled out. “Ridge doesn’t know he has a half-brother and it will remain that way!”
”Have you met him?” Christina asked Nick.
”Yes, I have.”
”How’s he like?”
”Probably like you have imagine him”.
”Are you friends?”
”Not exactly. I went out with his girlfriend”
”You dated Brooke Logan?” Christina was just amazed by the news.
”One date. She’s my friend.”
”She and Ridge are over?”
”No, they are just having problems.”
”I have to meat him”
”Christina has a major crush on Ridge. He’s her idol” Nick informed his mother.
”I’d do anything to see him, please Nick… Introduce me… Please….”
”Thank you, I love you!!” Christina declared and kissed Nick’s cheek and snuggled up against him. She was met by Jackie’s hateful look and Christina just smiled back at her as she had triumphed.

”Are you sure you’re okay?” Lucinda asked Brooke as she parked her car outside Brooke’s house.
”I’m not sure” Brooke confessed. “I was so scared. I thought my life was over”.
”What really happened?”
”I don’t know, my breaks just wouldn’t work.”
”I hate to ask this, but… Is there someone who wants you dead?” Lucinda asked carefully.
”Want a list?” Brooke tried to joke. “There’s Stephanie, Sally Spectra and her daughter Macy Alexander. But I don’t think anyone of them would do something like sabotaging my breaks.”
”Are you sure about that? Obviously, someone did sabotage your breaks”.
”We don’t know that for a fact”
”Oh come on… Breaks just doesn’t stop working like that!”
”You’re right. Someone tried to kill me today. But who?”
”Who hates you? Something must have happened in the last month or so. Something did, I can see it in your face…”
”Who’s that?”
”Edmund Kelly, a guy I knew in school. We met a few weeks ago and went out, and then he tried to rape me. Nick saved me but Edmund got away. He looked furious… But would he actually want to kill me?”
”But if he’s in prison, he couldn’t have tried to kill you”.
”I didn’t report the attempted rape”
”You didn’t?! What the hell were you thinking?”
”I wasn’t apparently. Look, thanks for the ride home. I really appreciate it.”
”It’s no problem. What are you going to do now?”
”I am going to call the police”.
”Good. I’ll see you later then, Brooke. Take care!”
”Bye”, Brooke said before jumping out of the car. Lucinda watched Brooke until she was inside her house and then drove away.

”Bridget, I know you’re in there!” CJ said as he once again knocked at Bridget’s door over Insomnia. “I’m not leaving until you open”. But he didn’t get a response. “Fine, be like that!” CJ finally gave up and headed back to his own apartment. He had tried, and now she had the ball in her corner. CJ didn’t understand how things had gone from being fine between them to ice-cold. He hated the influence Deacon still had on her, and he wasn’t about to accept it. But Bridget couldn’t see it his way and that really annoyed CJ.

”Bridget” Raquel said as Bridget walked into Insomnia. “Where have you been?”
”I was just out for a while. I needed to get out of the apartment”.
”You and CJ didn’t have a fight, did you?”
”I don’t know what I would call it. He just cannot accept that I am an independent woman who can take care of herself. Just the other night, when Deacon came by. CJ refused to let me talk to him. He made me feel like some poor victim that can’t take care of herself.”
”You should tell this to CJ”
”Yeah, I know.”
”Later, cause now you have to take over here.”
”I’ll just go up and get changed.”

Shannon was unpacking her suitcase as Rick came into the room. He put his arms around her and kissed her on the neck.
”Stop it!” Shannon giggled. “I am trying to unpack here”
”You can do that later. Mom will be home soon, and I don´t want to waste one precious second”.
”You’ve already wasted them. Your mom is home”.
”She is? I didn’t see her car outside”.
”Well, she was talking on the phone just 5 minutes ago”.
”She was probably ordering the dinner for tonight. That should mean we have about 25 minutes. I’ll lock the door”.
Just as Rick headed to the door, someone knocked at it. Rick opened and Brooke entered.
”I am sorry if I am interrupting…”
”You’re not” Shannon said and looked over at Rick who gave her a look.
”I just had an accident. I think someone sabotaged my breaks.”
”What?” Rick asked horrified.
”I don’t know that for a fact, but I think it´s a possibility.”
”Are you okay?”
”Yes, I am fine. It wasn’t so serious.”
”Wasn’t serious? Someone tried to kill you and it wasn’t serious? Did you call the police?”
”Yes, I did. They will look into it, see if there’s any trace of sabotage.”
”Mom, I don’t like this. I mean, who would want to kill you?”
”I don’t know, I really don’t know.”

CJ heard a noise from Bridget’s apartment and shook his head. He couldn’t understand why she acted so childish and avoided him. He went outside as she opened the door.
”You’re late for your shift” he said cold.
”Yes, I know. I am 35 seconds late” Bridget responded, trying to joke. But CJ didn’t take it as it was meant.
”It better not happen again”
”You know, it wouldn’t kill you to be civil to your employees. It might actually create a nice work environment.”
”Then maybe you should take over my job”
”Maybe I should”
”Why are you acting so damn childish?”
”Me, acting childish? No, CJ. If there is someone being a child here, it’s you. And I am getting sick of it. So you’ve had a difficult life, who hasn’t? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am late for my shift as you pointed out” Bridget said and left CJ standing. ”What’s her problem?” CJ wondered to himself before shutting the door to his apartment.

Ridge was standing out on the balcony of the house he grew up in. He looked out of the beautiful view of Beverly Hills in sunset. The colors in the sky was calming, but Ridge still couldn’t get Nick’s sailor hat in Brooke’s drawer out of his mind. He couldn’t help but wonder why she had it there and when he had given it to her. Or had he forgot it while visiting her in her office?
”Ridge?” Eric asked as he walked up behind him.
”You seemed miles and miles away. What are you thinking about?”
”Nothing. I simply am taken with this view. It´s a magnificent sunset tonight”.
”It is” Eric said as he looked outside for a few seconds. “Dinner is ready in about 5 minutes. If you gather everyone in the dining room, I will go see if your mother is awake yet”.
”Sure” Ridge said as he turned his back on the sunset, and decided not to think about the mystery of the hat until he could ask Brooke about it.

”Stephanie?” Eric asked as he knocked on the door to the bedroom they shared up until he had moved out a few weeks ago when he had learned about Ridge’s true paternity. Stephanie didn´t answer. Eric again called out her name as he walked into the room. Stephanie was deep asleep in the bed. He didn’t want to wake her up, but decided to anyway. He gently put his hand on her shoulder and told her to wake up. Stephanie opened her eyes with a startle.
”Tim?” she asked out in her dizzy state. She calmed down within a second and turned around and saw Eric sitting on her bedside.
”You startled me…” she said annoyed.
”Dinner is ready in a couple of minutes”.
”I’ll be right down” she said before walking into the bathroom. Eric remained sitting on the bedside and shook his head. “Tim…” he said quietly to himself in rage before he walked out of the bedroom.

Brooke and Shannon sat by the dining table together. Rick had left for the office to take care of an important document he had forgotten to fax away the same day. Shannon sat quietly on a chair as Brooke finished ordering the dinner. As Brooke hung up the phone, she turned to Shannon.
”So Shannon, I hear you’re the niece of Connor Davis” Brooke said to get started a conversation.
”Yes, that’s true. Not that I have seen much of him in a while”.
”You’re not close?”
”He and my mother weren’t close”.
”You are Rick then, how was it you met?”
”Down by the baseball court. He ran by while me and some friends were playing.”
”You play baseball? Occasionally or professionally?”
”More occasionally. I am certainly not a professional.”
”What is it that you do occasionally?”
”Nothing right now. I was working at a daycare center before my mother died.”
”Yes, I am sorry about that. Must have been awful to lose her like that”
Shannon didn´t say anything in return. She felt uneasy about all the questioning by the mother of her boyfriend, a woman she had just met and now was living with. She had a knot in her stomach.
”What do you intend to do in the future then?”
”I don’t really know. I would like to be a songwriter full time.”
”You’re into music?”
”Not really. I just write for fun.”
”Do you sing or play any instrument?”
”I play the guitar” Shannon said and realized she had forgotten her guitar at The Lair as she was moving.
”Maybe you could play for me sometime?” Brooke suggested.
”Sure” Shannon said giving Brooke a quick smile. “Would you excuse me for a minute, I need to go to the bathroom”.
”Yes, of course”, Brooke said as Shannon hurried upstairs. Just as she was out of sight, Rick walked in.
”That went fast” Brooke said.
”How long does it take to send a fax?” Rick wondered.
”I was just talking to Shannon”.
”And…? What did you think of her?”
”It’s not my business.”
”Mom, please! Just tell me what you think of her”.
”I am not so sure about her. I think you should take it very slow”.
”You don’t like her…”
”I didn’t say that!”
”You didn’t have to. It was the exact same thing with Amber. You should be careful, mom, cause you’re treating me just like Stephanie treats Ridge.”
”Rick!” Brooke protested angered.
”Don’t bother. I’ll be upstairs” Rick said and headed upstairs.

The Forrester family had gathered in the dining room; Eric, Stephanie, Ridge, Thorne, Kristen and Felicia. Just like in the old days. But now, they were joined by Darla, Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe. No one said anything for a while. They all felt a little uncomfortable. Felicia in her style broke the silence.
”When will we get the story? You can´t give us the silent treatment forever…”
Everyone looked up and eyed each other before Stephanie finally spoke up.
”I don´t think this is the place to discuss this”.
”Then when? Come on, we can´t just sit her in silence and stare! Let´s clear the air”.
”Maybe it´s for the best”.
”I don´t think the children….” Stephanie said as she hinted to the children.
”Thomas, why don´t you take your sisters and go into the study. You can eat while watching TV” Ridge said. Young Thomas knew not to protest, and quickly ushered his sisters to the study.
”So…” Felicia said.
”What do you want to know?”
”The whole story. Who is this Tim character?”
”He was our pool manager”
”The pool boy? Why would the police think you killed your pool boy?” Felicia asked stunned.
”They were having an affair” Eric spoke up and Felicia was shocked. Her mouth dropped as she looked at her mother.
”You didn´t…! Oh my God, you slept with the pool boy? How old was he?”
”Around 30”
”How long has this been going on?”
”It´s not been going on! It was just that one time. It was hardly an affair”
”But why would you want him dead? I don´t understand…”
”Somehow, the press found out” Eric continued answering.
”Tim was behind it?”
”We don´t know that”.
”So that is the motive that got you arrested. But you didn´t do it, did you?”
”Of course not!”
”Then who did?”
”I haven´t the slightest clue. Apparently, he didn´t have any enemies, at all.”
”You´re the only one with a motive… But there had to be more than that or you wouldn´t had spent a weekend in jail”
”Rick and his girlfriend saw your mother standing over Tim´s body with a gun in her hand.”
”How do you explain that?”
”I found the gun on the ground, heard a noise from the pool and went there. Tim was floating in the pool. He was dead already, I checked. The next second, Rick and his friend come out of the guesthouse. I honestly don´t know what happened. Believe me, I´ve tried figuring it out. But I can´t. As far as I know, there wasn´t anyone else there, cause I didn´t see anyone. And it couldn´t have been a suicide cause I found the gun so far away from his body.”
”You´re sure there wasn’t someone else there?”
”There must have been someone else there, but I didn´t see anyone at all.”
Kristen looked appalled while also puzzled by what she had just heard. Ridge sat quietly while Felicia was trying to figure out the mystery. Darla wished she was someplace else. She looked at Thorne. She could tell he wanted to say something desperately.
”Thorne? What is it?” she asked.
Everyone looked at Thorne and could all tell something was wrong. Eric and Ridge got up from their chairs and over to his wheelchair.
”What´s wrong with him?” Kristen asked.
”Thorne?” Eric asked.
Thorne nodded his head up and down and took quick breaths.
”Thorne, calm down! What´s the matter? Is it another attack? Shall I call 911?” Ridge asked.
Thorne just kept nodding, and suddenly his breath became desperate.
”Call 911!” Stephanie ordered Ridge, who quickly ran over to the phone.
Kristen put her hands on Thorne´s cheeks and looked him calmly into his eyes.
”Thorne, you need to relax. Breathe easily, the ambulance is on its way”
”Lay him down on the sofa” Stephanie said. Eric grabbed the wheelchair and drove it into the living room and the others followed. Thomas and the twins walked out of the study. The twins got scared when seeing their uncle cramping desperately on the sofa. Kristen hurried them back into the study to calm them down. The others stayed in the living room. Ridge returned and informed them the paramedics were underway. Just then, Thorne passed out cold. Eric and Ridge hurried to lift Thorne from the wheelchair to the sofa. Eric checked for the pulse and felt it was very quick. The breathing had stabilized but they could hear he still had difficulties breathing. Stephanie kneeled on the floor, holding Thorne´s hand and Eric instinctively kneeled beside her, putting one arm around her shoulder and the other on Thorne´s forehead. Ridge took Felicia in his arms and rocked her from side to side as she held one hand on his chest, leaning towards it. Darla stood from afar, looking in, desperately worried.

“Rick, I was just on my way down” Shannon said as Rick came walking into their room.
”Why don’t we skip dinner and just stay here?”
”I want some lone time with you”
”Rick, it’s my first time in this house, and the first time I meet your mom. I think that can wait an hour. Let’s go back down”.
”Let’s not.”
”What’s this all about. Before you were anxious for your mother and I to meet, and now… Oh, no… What did she say?”
”Please, Rick. Give me some credit, here. Your mom said something, didn’t she? That’s why you don’t want us to go down there again. What did she say?”
”She just isn’t so sure about us”
”About me, you mean. She hates me!”
”She doesn’t hate you, she just doesn’t know you. What happened while I was gone?”
”She interrogated me, wanted to know everything. I thought it was going okay”
”Apparently, she believes this is just a repeat of my marriage to Amber”
”She’s just worried about you. I’ll make her like me, at least accept me. You´ll see. Let´s go back down”.
”You sure?”
”Yes, get your butt down there pronto. I’ll make that woman like me!” Shannon said as she smiled determined.

Brooke was down in the dining room, wondering what to do about all food that had just arrived by delivery. The phone started ringing and she went to answer.
”Brooke Logan”
”Miss Logan, it´s Officer Landers. I just got a call from Peterson´s carservice where you turned in your car this afternoon. They confirmed that the car had indeed been tampered with. One of the main cables to the breaks had been cut off. There was no doubt that this really was an attempted murder”
Brooke wasn´t shocked. She knew somehow inside of her. ”Miss Logan? Are you still there?”
”Yes. What are you going to do now?”
”We´re investigating this as an attempt on your life. I called you to let you know now, so you can be prepared when we came over.”
”You´re coming over now?”
”Yes, unless it´s a bad time for you?”
”Not at all. I’m expecting you” Brooke said and they hung up.
”Mom, what’s wrong?” Rick asked as he and Shannon came walking down the stairs.
”That was the police. They’re coming over tonight. They confirmed that it was an attempted murder”.
”Oh, mom!” Rick said and hugged her. Brooke cried.
”Who would do this?” Shannon asked worried.
”I don’t know, I really don’t know” Brooke said as she stopped crying.
”Sheila?” Rick asked.
”Maybe, it’s a possibility”
”Or Stephanie Forrester?” Shannon wondered.
”No, not Stephanie. She wouldn’t do something like cutting my breaks”
”Who else would want you dead?”
”I don’t know Rick. I would appreciate if I could talk to the police myself, alone.”
”I just would, please honey…”
”Sure, we´ll leave when they get here.”
”Come have dinner with me” Brooke said softly and the two followed her to the table.

The Forresters were still waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Eric checked Thorne´s pulse just to make sure it was beating. It took him a while, but he found it. It wasn´t strong, but it was beating. Ridge let go of Felicia as they heard sirens approaching, he left the living room to let them into the mansion. Two men came rushing in with a medicine bag. They kneeled beside Thorne at the sofa to check on his vital signs. They took some instruments out of the bag and practiced them on their patient. The Forresters took a few steps back so they wouldn´t be in the way. Suddenly, the paramedics started hurrying and took up a defibrillator.
”He flatlined” one of them said, just as Kristen, Thomas and the twins returned to the living room. Ridge hurried over to them and rushed them back into the study, except for Kristen who walked further out.
”Oh my God!” she gasped as she saw what was going on. The paramedics quickly lifted Thorne down on the floor and gave him an electric shock. Thorne´s limp body jumped up. Felicia, Kristen, Ridge, Eric and Stephanie held on to each other tightly as they watched Thorne´s life slip away from him. All of them were crying desperately. Darla stood by herself and screamed out in agony. She tried pushing her way through Ridge and Kristen to Thorne´s side, but they grabbed hold of her and pulled her to them. Darla screamed out as tears were rolling down her face. Stephanie turned away from it all, crying, she held on to Eric and Felicia.
In the study, Thomas and the twins could hear the chaos outside. Thomas held on tightly to his sisters who were shaking. Thomas shred tears. He had to be strong for them. When he heard yet another electric shock being shot into Thorne, he couldn´t take it anymore. He took the twins with him and walked back into the living room, holding the twins heads to his stomach so they couldn´t see what was going on. Ridge hurried over to them and grabbed hold of them. “He´ll make it, he´ll make it” Ridge repeated to them.
Felicia and Kristen held on to Darla who was crying so badly that it scared them. “He´ll make it” Felicia whispered to her. But it didn´t help. The Forresters watched helplessly when the paramedics shot yet another electric shock into Thorne, and another… They stopped after the sixth, checked for a pulse and then looked up at each other and at the Forresters horrified faces.