Part 17

Thorne’s limp body on the mansion floor was the focus, as the Forresters stood horrified, holding onto each other. The 2 paramedics checked for Thorne’s pulse after shooting electric shocks into him. The older of the two men looked up at his colleague and then at the shaken family.
”He’s got a pulse, he’s alive” he told them relieved. But his relief was nothing compared to the family. From a second before the good news had clicked in their heads when everything seemed hopeless and all they could do was cry tears of devastation, were now tears of absolute gratefulness.
Stephanie and Eric held on to each other as both were just watching as the paramedics continued to help Thorne. Felicia and Kristen calmed down as they held Darla between them. Darla was still hysterical, but had calmed down a bit. The two sisters continued comforting her. Ridge took his children in his arms and continued telling them that their uncle Thorne would be okay. They were still horrified by the vision they had just witnessed. Phoebe and Steffy were still crying, scared and shaking. Thomas and Ridge did what they could to comfort them.
”He’s pulse is getting stronger and he is breathing on his own now” the paramedics informed them. “We’re taking him in the ambulance”.
”Darla, he’s going to be okay” Kristen said as she rubbed her hands up and down Darla’s upper arms.
”Hey, what’s the matter? Is it the baby?” Felicia asked surprised as she realized there was more to Darla’s pain and hysteria than just witnessing Thorne almost die.
Darla nodded as she put her hands on her stomach in pain.
”Are you in labor?” Kristen asked.
”I think so!” Darla squeezed out of her mouth.
”The water has broken!” Felicia realized when she saw the wet pile both on the floor and on Darla’s pants.
”She needs to get to the hospital” Kristen told the paramedics as they returned inside after running out getting the stretcher from the ambulance.
”She’s in labor” Felicia filled in.
”It’s too early!” Darla said as she keeled over in pain.
”You can follow with us” the younger paramedic man said before helping his colleague moving Thorne to the stretcher.
”We’ll help you to the ambulance” Felicia told Darla. She and Kristen led out Darla as the paramedics made Thorne ready for take off.
”We’re taking them to Cedars Sinai Hospital”.
”Thanks” Eric said as they wheeled Thorne out of the mansion.
”I am taking the kids home” Ridge said.
”You do that” Stephanie said.
”Call me!” Ridge ordered before taking the twins in his arms and carried them out. Thomas hugged his grandparents.
”Don’t worry, uncle Thorne will be fine” he told them before he followed his father out to the car.
”I’ll get the car keys, go get Kristen and Felicia” Eric told Stephanie.

Brooke welcomed the police detective inside her home. He walked into the living room and turned around to face her.
”Are you safe here?” he asked.
”Yes, I think so” Brooke said.
”If you need protection, just ask for it.”
”Thank you”
”So, is there anyone you think has reason to want to kill you?”
”I´ve been thinking about it. Stephanie Forrester, my former mother-in-law wants me dead. But would she tamper with my breaks? No, no that´s not her style. Sheila Carter is another one who probably wants me dead. But as far as know, she´s in jail. But I would feel better if you would check up on that, cause she has escaped before and might again.”
”Of course. You sound as though you´re not finished yet…”
”I was thinking while you drove over. There is someone else. Edmund Kelly, he´s my old high school crush. We met recently and he tried to rape me. Nick Payne got here in time, thank God. But Edmund got away. I don´t know him very well. I mean, I thought I did. But obviously I was wrong. I don´t know him at all. He has a wife who came to see me, and she wasn´t thrilled with me either. I don´t know if they would want me dead, but I don´t know them very well.”
”Edmund Kelly and wife” the detective said as he wrote it down on paper. “I´ll look into Sheila Carter and Stephanie Forrester too, just to be certain.”
”Just Sheila then. Forget I ever mentioned Stephanie. She would throw a fit if she found out I told you to check up on her”.
”Have a fit? Then maybe I have reason to check her up”.
”Okay, but I think it´s a waste of time”.
”Is there anything strange that happened before this?”
”Not that I can think of. It came out of the blue if you ask me.”
”Anyone who had access to your car?”
”I was the only one who used it. But I guess anyone could have tampered with it while it was parked out here or at work.”
”Do you have any surveillance cameras?”
”And no one has seen anything?”
”Not as far as I know”.
”Okay then, I think I have what I need to know from you right now. I´ll be in touch”.

”What a day!” Felicia sighed while sitting in a sofa at the hospital with her family.
”If Thorne doesn´t make it…” Stephanie started. Eric hushed her.
”No negative thoughts. He will be okay. He has more to do in this world. Like being a father”.
”I wonder how Darla is” Stephanie wondered.
”Still in labor” Kristen announced as she walked up to them.
”It´s so sad that Thorne is fighting for his life when he should be in there with Darla now when their son is entering this insane world!” Felicia said.
”Someone should be in there with her. Felicia, Kristen?” Stephanie asked.
”Shouldn´t we wait for news on Thorne?”
”It could take all night. There´s nothing you can do here but wait. Darla needs some support right now”.
”You´re right, come on Kris” Felicia said as she took her sister´s hand and they walked off to the maternity ward. Left was Eric and Stephanie. She sat down next to him but kept quiet.
”Why is this happening to him?” Stephanie asked eventually.
”I don´t know. I don´t think I have ever been more scared when I saw him on the floor, lifeless like that. I mean, I really thought we had lost him there. Who knows, we might have lost him anyway.”
”No, we haven´t. He´s still alive”
”How do you know that, Stephanie?”
”Because he´s got to be!” Stephanie said frustrated, raising her voice.
”Don´t yell at me!” Eric demanded.
”Then stop thinking that way. We haven´t lost Thorne, and we won´t!”
”There´s the doctor!” Eric said and quickly got up, Stephanie soon followed him.
”How is he?” Eric asked.
”He is doing fine. He´s stable and his vital signs are normal.”
”Then why did his heart stop beating?”
”My guess is that he had worked too much on his recovery. His heart couldn´t measure up. That the best educated guess I can give you. We´re keeping him here overnight, and if nothing new happens, you can take him home tomorrow. I understand that since you are a high profile family, you prefer if he recovers at home.”
”Yes. But is that really it? He´s had this kind of attack before.”
”Yes, he has. But I don´t think there´s more to it. He suffered a very bad accident, and his heart stopped beating. This could be side effects to that. If this happens again, we could consider giving your son a pacemaker. You can go into his room if you like. I would appreciate it if you were not more than 2 people there at the time. Just ask a nurse for his room number. Now, if you´ll excuse me…” the doctor said and left.
”That´s it?” Stephanie asked.
”Are we just supposed to wait until this happens again?” Eric wondered infuriated.
”I think we should hire help 24 hours a day. Someone who can be there and monitor him at all time. We were lucky he didn´t die on his way over here!”
”Is this really what the healthcare has come down to?” Eric wondered.
”I suppose so”
”It´s horrific. I mean, they´re playing with people´s lives. It´s insanity to cut down on healthcare…”
”Eric, I really don´t care right now! Let´s just go see him” Stephanie said when interrupting Eric´s ranting. She left and Eric tagged along. After a quick talk with a nurse, they entered Thorne´s room. He was starting to wake up when they walked up to his bedside.
”Hi honey” Stephanie said as she caressed his cheek lovingly.
”Hi, son. Your mother and I are here now”.
Thorne opened his eyes.
”Oh, thank God you´re alright!” Stephanie said with relief.
”You had us worried there for a minute” Eric tried to joke.
”Don’t ever do that to us again!” Stephanie filled in, more serious than Eric.
”We have some news for you. Darla is in labor and giving birth to your son right now”.
”You´re about to be a father”
”Kristen and Felicia are with her”
”I´ll go tell them he´s awake now” Stephanie told Eric before she started heading out.
”Stephanie!” Eric said, stopping her from leaving.
”Look!” Eric said as he looked down at Thorne. Stephanie looked down at Thorne and was equally as stunned.
”His arms! You´re moving your arms!” Eric told Thorne in delight.

Massimo was occupied with paperwork when someone knocked at his office door and a long, blonde woman dressed in a strict blouse and knee-length skirt walked inside.
”You asked to see me, Mr Marone”
”Yes, Rachel. Please sit down” he told her and she obeyed.
Massimo finished his paperwork and laid it to rest and looked back up at her.
”You have been working at Marone for many years, have you not?”
”7 years” Rachel said nervously.
”But you have not been my secretary until now. You have a lot to learn, and I have been thinking about testing your skills.”
”Yes, Mr Marone”
”As you may know, Marone Industries are celebrating it´s 100th anniversary soon”.
”And we need to celebrate that properly. I am planning a party, if you will, and I would be grateful if you took care of the details”.
”That would be an honor, Mr Marone”.
”I hope so. I want something elegant, preferably in some nice restaurant or hotel. Somewhere with a wonderful view. I have put together a guest list, and I will need you to make sure they are all there. If you need assistance, then you ask for it. I want this celebration to be as perfect as it possibly can be.”
”It will be”
”I trust you not to spread the rumor around. I am handing this over to you because I do under no circumstances want the media around.”
”I understand completely”.
”Thank you, Rachel. That will be all” Massimo told her and she got up to leave.
”If you need help, come to me.”

Brooke didn´t know why she was even at the marina, but she felt she had to see Nick. As she got aboard the Shady Marlin, she was stunned to see a woman out on the deck curled up in a book.
”Excuse me?” Brooke said as she walked up to Christina.
”Yes?” Christina asked as she closed her book and looked up at Brooke.
”Who are you?”
”Christina Payne”
”Payne? You´re Nick´s cousin?”
”No, wife” Christina corrected as Brooke´s jaw dropped.
”That can´t be…”
”It can, and is. I know it comes as a surprise, Nick doesn’t exactly brag about it. You’re Brooke Logan, right?”
”It´s a pleasure to meet you, Brooke. I´ve heard a lot about you”
”From Nick?”
”No, he has hardly mentioned you. I know you from your professional life. You see, I am a big fan of Forrester. Ridge especially” Christina admitted with a blushing smile.
”I see…” Brooke replied distractedly.
”I assume you´re here to see Nick. He´s inside. Go ahead, I don´t mind”.
Brooke hesitated.
”I don´t know. Maybe I should just go…”
”No. You obviously had something to tell him, don´t let me stop you” Christina said as she led Brooke to the door. Brooke obviously had no choice and went inside.
Nick heard someone entering.
”I told you it is too cold to be outside this time a night” Nick yelled out assuming it was Christina. As he let go of what he was fixing, he walked inside.
”Surprised to see me!”
”After how we ended the last time we saw each other, yes”.
”I should have called first, didn´t want to spoil your big secret”.
”Secret? You mean Christina? You met her?”
”Oh yes.”
”I guess I should have told you about her”.
”How could you Nick?! How could you let me fall in love with you when all along you were MARRIED?!”
”Fall in love?” Nick looked surprised as he repeated what she has said.
Brooke looked as speechless as she was. She was just about to say something when she stopped herself and ran out, passing Christina on the way out. Nick ran after her, but stopped, watching her running away from the boat. Christina pouted her mouth as her lowered her eyebrows. She was definitely interested.

Eric and Stephanie stood beside Thorne´s bedside, and for the first time, they were having positive thoughts. Thorne had moved his arms, and it was more than just a muscle twitch.
”He´s gonna get better” Stephanie told a delighted Eric. “Our son is recovering, he´s coming back to us” Stephanie said relieved as Eric put his arm around her and hugged her. Thorne was now sleeping, but coming to now and then.
Felicia and Kristen knocked at the window and waved their parents out to the corridor. Eric and Stephanie walked outside.
”Any news?” Kristen asked.
”Your brother just moved his arms. Both of them.”
”Really? Oh God, that´s a relief!”
”We think he´s going to recover. Look at him, doesn’t he look stronger?”
”Now that you say it, yeah he is…”
”How´s Darla?”
”She´s resting.”
”Resting? She´s delivered the baby?”
”Yes, it´s a little boy. Thorne has a son!”
”How is he?”
”Well, fine under the circumstances. Being a few weeks premature. He´s in an incubator. But the doctors said he won´t be there for long. A week maybe. Otherwise, he´s fine. Darla too. She didn´t want to let him go though, but she accepted it, and finally got some sleep. She´s wiped out so it´s good she gets some sleep now” Felicia summed it up.
”That´s great. I can´t wait to see my new grandson” Eric stated.
”Visitors hours are over. How about we tell a nurse to inform Thorne about the good news when he wakes up?” Kristen asked.
”Yes. We should probably go home”.
”I´ll do that”, Felicia said and left.
”Has someone called Ridge and the kids to tell them the good news yet?” Stephanie asked.
”Those poor kids were pretty shook up. We´ll call them on the way home” Eric said as they left.

Next morning, Shannon was getting ready for a long day out. She had her sweats on and took a final look in the mirror when Rick walked downstairs.
”Going for a jog?”
”No, I have a baseball match with my friends. Jay is picking me up”.
”Jacob, remember? You´ve met him.”
”I know who Jay is. I was just surprised.”
”I though you were spending the day with me”
”So I shouldn´t spend any time with my friends? I’ve hardly seen them since mom died. Don´t tell me you´re gonna get upset with me!”
”Of course not. You see whoever you want, I won´t stand in your way!”
”Don´t be like that, Rick”
”Like what? I just told you to go”
”But you´re upset, which I really don´t understand”.
”You don´t?”
”You didn´t even ask if I wanted to come with you?”
”Do you?”
”I have an important meeting today”
”Oh my God…” Shannon said as she shook her head lightly.
”Could we just stop arguing now?”
”I´m not arguing.”
The doorbell rang. Shannon rolled her eyes and went to open. Jay walked inside.
”Ready to go?”
”Yes, let´s go. Bye Rick, have a great meeting!” Shannon said as she closed the door behind her.
”What was that all about?” Jay wondered as they got inside his red Hummer.
”I don´t know what the hell his problem is. But I am not gonna bother about it today. Could we stop by ‘The Lair’ first? I think I forgot my guitar there when I moved out.”

Rick was straightening his tie as he cooled down. The doorbell rang again and he opened in a rush, still in an irritated mood. It didn´t help that Ridge was standing outside.
”Mom´s upstairs” Rick informed Ridge and headed out. Ridge looked surprised but closed the door behind Rick and walked upstairs. He knocked at Brooke´s bedroom door and was called inside. Brooke was putting on some mascara as a final touch.
”Ridge, how did the dinner last night go?”
”Horrible. Thorne flatlined in the middle of it”.
”What?” Brooke said as she accidentally got mascara on her eyelid.
”No, it´s okay. It looked as though we had lost him there for a minute, it was chaos. But he´s better now.”
”So, he´s alive..?”
”Thank God!”
”He even moved his arms last night, and Darla gave birth to a boy”
”She did? Oh, that´s great. What about Thorne? Is he conscious?”
”On and off. But it looks as though he´s on his way to recover.”
”I hope so, God, I really hope so. It would break my heart if he couldn´t even hold or talk to his son”.
”Anyway, that isn´t all I came here to say”.
”As I was doing you the favor, I found Nick´s hat in your drawer. It seems petty to ask about that now considering what happened to Thorne, but I still want to know. Why do you have it?”
”Nick gave it to me” Brooke said as she looked disturbed.
”I don´t know. We had been on his boat and I tried it on. He said it fit me and asked me to keep it. No big deal.”
”Yes, I´m sure. Forget about it. I have”.
”If you say so…”
”Are you going to see Thorne?”
”Yes, want to come with me?”
”Then lets go. Oh, wait! You have something right… there!” Ridge said as he wiped away the mascara on her eyelid, and quickly kissed her before they left.

Shannon arrived at The Lair alone. She walked up to the bar, to the dark-haired young woman drinking a glass of water behind it.
”Hi, I think I may have left my guitar here”
”That was yours?” the woman asked.
”Yes, where is it?”
”Beats me, I threw it away”
”You what?!”
”I didn´t know it was yours”
”Why would you throw away a guitar?”
”That old thing was taking up space”
”That old thing? Do you know what you´ve done, you idiot?”
”Excuse me?” the woman said and jumped up on the counter and to the same side as Shannon.
”You have no idea what that was worth!” Shannon yelled.
”Fine, I´ll give you 10 bucks for it”.
”It can´t be replaced!”
”Well, I´m sorry. Maybe you shouldn’t leave your things laying around.”
”Maybe you should get an attitude adjustment!”
”I should get an attitude adjustment? I am not the one who barged in here expecting to have her precious peace of trash waiting for her. This is a bar, Blondie. Not a 5 star hotel!” she said as she took a long sip of her water in Shannon´s face.
”Get that thing out of my face!” Shannon yelled and ripped the glass out of her hand and on the counter.
”Who the hell do you think you are?” the woman said as she pointed Shannon in the shoulder really hard.
”Funny, I was just gonna ask you the same thing!” Shannon said as she shoved her new enemy to the counter.
”Playing tough, Blondie?” the woman asked as she shoved Shannon to the floor. As she was trying to pass Shannon, gloating down at her, Shannon fumed and grabbed hold of her wrists and pushed her down.

Deacon was upstairs fixing his hair as he heard noise from downstairs. It sounded like a fight, so he hurried downstairs to break it up and kick someone out of the bar. As he reached down to the bar, he saw the two women in the middle of a catfight. He was stunned and headed over to them straight away.
”Hey, HEY! Knock it off!” he said as he grabbed hold of the dark-haired woman who was on top of Shannon.
”Let me go, Deacon!”
”Stay out of it!” Shannon agreed.
”But…” Deacon started.
”Just stay out of it!” Shannon yelled again.
Deacon let go of them and stepped away. He shook his head as he watched them. The wrestling match didn´t seem to end, so Deacon once again stepped in and pulled off the dark-haired woman from Shannon. She tried to get loose from Deacon´s grip, but realized it was impossible.
”Dina, give it a rest will ya! What the hell is going on here?”
”Ask the psycho!”
”Alright, go upstairs” Deacon told Dina and let her go. She didn´t, so he once again told her; “Go!” this time she listened.
Deacon helped Shannon up from the floor and sat her down on a barstool.
”Why did you do that for?” Shannon asked.
”You were flat on your back”
”That´s how I fight!”
”Fine, okay! I´m sorry”.
”Don´t be”.
”So, let´s hear it. What caused the kitties to erupt?”
”That idiot threw away my guitar!”
”How should I know what is going though her warped mind? I came here to get it and she told me she had thrown it away.”
”You have to excuse my sister, she seems to do whatever she wants to”.
”Your sister? You have a sister?”
”Apparently, yes”.
”God, that guitar was priceless. It was my fathers!”
”No… Hey, I´m sorry.”
”I am too. That was the only thing I had left from my father” Shannon said as she started crying. Deacon stroke her arm gently as he got up from his stool and then wrapped his arms around her, letting her cry out on his chest.

A new morning arrived and Thorne had just been moved from the hospital back to the Forrester mansion. Darla was still in the hospital with their newborn son. Thorne was still drifting in and out of consciousness. The Forresters had hired a fulltime nurse for him. But there were good signs of improving. Thorne could now freely move both his arms and his neck though it took strength to pull it off. The nurse was checking her medicine bag to make sure everything was set. Eric and Stephanie was thanking the ambulance men for all the trouble of transporting Thorne back to the mansion.
”I´m going in to see him” Stephanie told Eric who nodded his head. Stephanie went inside Thorne´s room as Eric went over to the phone. He picked up the address book to look up his sister-in-laws number. After a few signals, she answered.
”Pam? It´s Eric”.
”Eric! I was gonna call you to get the facts straight. What is really going on over there?”
”What´s NOT going on, you mean? Your sister is the prime suspect of the murder of her lover, Ridge lost the mother of his kids, Thorne is paralyzed after a carcrash and almost died again a few days ago, and on top of that just became a father. It’s been more chaos all at once than ever before”
”Is it really that bad?”
”Unfortunately. That’s why I called. I need to ask you a favor”.
”You name it!”
”Would you be willing to make a little visit in Los Angeles?”
”Come to LA?”
”Yeah, I think Stephanie could use someone. She’s under a lot of pressure right now. Having you here to support her would really take some of that tension away.”
”Don´t tell me things are so cool between you two that she needs me there?”
”No, but I think it would cheer her up. Besides, how long has it been since you were in LA?”
”No need of persuading me, I´m there”.
”Thank you, Pam”.
As Eric hung up the phone, he heard Stephanie coming out of Thorne´s room. He walked over and found Stephanie sitting on the floor crying. Eric immediately walked over to her and bent down next to her.
”What´s the matter? What happened in there?”
”He´s not getting better, not at all!”
”Where’s the nurse?”
”In there with him. He’s not having another attack.”
”Then what are you so upset about? What´s wrong? You can trust me.”
Stephanie flashed back as she told Eric the whole story…

Stephanie walked into Thorne´s room. She could feel a bad smell in the room and opened the window before she sat down on the chair next to him. He looked up at her and just started at her. Like he used to when he was a baby, learning how to fixate his eyes. Stephanie smiled at him and gently stroke his forehead. He looked too small and innocent lying in the bed. Suddenly he moved his hands under his cover.
”I can’t tell you what a relief it is to see you getting better after we came so close to lose you.”
She continued stroking his forehead but was confused as to why Thorne was moving his hands around his crotch. She could feel the smell of evacuation and ripped off Thorne´s cover. She covered her face with her hands in shock as she saw her grown son lying in his own poop, having his hands in it. She quickly calmed down and went for paper from the bathroom. She had to rip Thorne’s hands out of there to dry them off. The nurse walked in and saw what was going on. She saw how distressed Stephanie was about it all and quickly stepped in and took over. She had done it so often in her career that she knew exactly how to handle it.
”I can handle this, Mrs Forrester”
”Thank you”
”Can you get me a bowl or something with water, and some more paper?”
Stephanie went to get it and returned. The nurse was in the middle of foiling away the bedclothes on Thorne’s left side.
”Thank you. I could also need new clothes for Thorne as well as the bed”.
Stephanie took care of it. She put the new clothes on the chair.
”I can handle this on my own now, you can wait outside”.
(End of flashback)

Eric was upset to hear what had happened.
”He just laid there playing with it” Stephanie cried out.
”Come here” Eric said as he helped her up from the floor and lead her to the master bedroom. They sat down on the bed and he wrapped his right arm around her.
”You should have seen his face when I took off his cover. He looked proud, almost smiling at me. I didn´t even recognize him. Something is wrong with him, something is very wrong!” she said as she started losing her voice. Eric held his wife in his arms as she cried out on his shoulder. He wasn´t used to seeing her cry, but assumed things had just gotten too tough for her to handle in another way. She let her strong façade go and showed she was vulnerable. Eric knew the situation was getting unbearable and knew he had made the right decision when calling her sister over. He hadn´t seen her this beaten down since she had her stroke and realized she had to sit in a wheelchair with fulltime care, and it concerned him.

Dina Sharpe walked into Insomnia and sat down by a table. She had no intentions of being scolded by her big brother and avoided The Lair for the day. She noticed CJ standing by the counter and waved at him. He nodded back at her before he turned to one of his busboys and told him something Dina couldn’t hear. Bridget walked over to them, and Dina noticed immediately the icy tension between them.
”The Cappuccino maker is broken” she told CJ
”Well fix it?” he told her back as frosty as she had.
”Geez, I don’t know! Call for someone to repair it!” CJ ordered and left her standing. He walked over to Dina.
”I feel like I am in the way…” she told him.
”You’re not.”
”Good, cause I don’t want to be forced to go back to The Lair. Deacon is a little upset right now”.
”I wish I wasn’t forced to be here either” CJ admitted.
”You’re the boss of this place right?”
”So take a little breather”
”Just what I was planning. Care to join me?”
”How about Mannequin´s at 7?”
”Are you asking me out?”
”Why not? What do you say?”
”I am saying ‘I´ll see you at 7’”.
”Good” CJ smiled.

Brooke was just about wrapping up the day at Forrester when someone knocked at the door.
”Come in” she told Lucinda who walked inside.
”Hey, how are you?”
”Better” Brooke said and smiled.
”Good. Have you talked to the police?”
”Yes. It definitely was attempted murder. Someone had slit a cable to the breaks”.
”I knew it… Do you know who did it?”
”Not yet. They have a few suspects though.”
”But you know who it was, don´t you?”
”I have my suspicions” Brooke declared as the phone rang. Lucinda listened to one part of the conversation and looked serious as Brooke looked relieved.
”What did they say?” Lucinda wondered as Brooke hung up the phone.
”They´ve arrested Edmund Kelly, the guy who tried to rape me. He didn´t have an alibi and he had opportunity, not to forget motive!”
”Edmund Kelly… You were right, weren´t you? That is who you suspected?”
”Yes it was. I am just so glad this is over”.
”Same here. You were so lucky, Brooke. This could have ended really badly”.
”I know!”
”You´re heading home to Ridge?”
”Yes” Brooke smiled.
”Is that wedding bells I hear?” Lucinda joked.
”Who knows!” Brooke laughed. “What about you? Are there any wedding bells in your future?”
”I doubt it”
”I am not even seeing anyone casually. Besides, that ship has sailed”.
”Why do you say that? It´s never too late for love. I think there might be someone for you…”
”And who would that be? Really, I´m curious!”
”I´ve seen how you´ve been eyeing Eric. You´re interested aren´t you?”
”What? In Eric? No…”
”I think so.”
”That’s not gonna happen”.
”Why not?”
”He´s married for one!”
”Not for much longer if you ask me. He found out Stephanie had been lying about Ridge being his son, then he finds her in bed with the pool boy. Trust me, that marriage is over and done with.”
”Still, I am not about to go after a married man”.
”But you are interested, aren´t you? Those intense looks I´ve seen you give him can´t be for nothing”.
”No, trust me, Brooke. You´re way off base. Eric isn´t even on my radar”.
”Fine, whatever you say… Now I am gonna go see my man, tell him the good news.”
”See you tomorrow then!” Lucinda smiled. A smile that turned into a frawn when Brooke had left.

The phone rang at the Forrester mansion and Eric hurried down the last steps of the stairs to answer.
”Eric Forrester”
”Eric, Russell Baxter here. Have Stephanie close by?”.
”She´s upstairs”.
”Can you get her for me”.
”If it´s bad news, I´d rather not. I don´t think she can handle more bad news right now”.
”Unfortunately, you will have to break it to her. I have the ballistics report and the bullet from Tim Cameron´s body matches your wife´s handgun. Furthermore the gun had her fingerprints on it, and she had gunpowder residue on her hands. I´m sure I don´t need to tell you how dark it looks for your wife.”
”No, you don´t” Eric said and hung up the phone. He looked up the stairs intensely.