Chapter 27

Brooke was working in her living room, trying to set up her new company "Intensified - by Brooke Logan". She had piles of folders and papers spread around the coffetable. Bridget came down the stairs. Brooke looked up at her daughter with surprise.
"Bridget, I didnīt know you were here" Brooke said.
"I hope you donīt mind, I moved in yesterday. Only temporary though" Bridget replied.
"Not at all, youīre always welcomed to stay here, you know that".
"Thanks. So, what are you up to?"
"I am founding my new company" Brooke replied with a smile.
"Sounds exciting"
"It is. I love this freedom, having no one to answer to".
"Well, I will leave you alone so you can continue. Iīll see you later".
"Youīre not having dinner with us?"
"No, I made plans with Betsy"
"Okay, say hello to her from me" Brooke said before Bridget left.

It was dinnertime at the womenīs prison. Stephanie was on her way to the big dining room, wondering how things would go this time. The dictator was not far behind her and Stephanie could feel the annimosity towards herself from this woman with the cold eyes. She couldnīt understand what had changed so drastically, but she knew it has something to do with the logo she had on her arm now. It had to mean something big to some people. Stephanie wondered what she has gotten herself into. They reached the dining room and Stephanie started looking for her new friends. This time she found them. She went over to them. It was the two women she had encountered in the shower two days before and additionally three women who seemed to belong to the same group. Stephanie greeted them and they greeted her. She was introduced to the other women. The six of them sat down by their table. Stephanie was happy to be away from the dictatorīs group, but somehow this new group didnīt make her feel warm and fuzzy. She looked down at her arm and her wound that was starting to heal, but it was obvious that the logo would remain on her skin like a tatoo. Stephanie decided to get to know these women a little better, find out what they were really about, so she asked what they were in there for. Manslaughter, arson, terrorism and murder were their answers. Stephanie was surprised at how openly they talked about their crimes, and less thrilled it was such big crimes. Although she was in there herself for murder, so she decided not to judge and just play along.
"Tell us, Stephanie, what do you think of todayīs society?" one woman asked.
"Well, I donīt really know how to answer that" Stephanie said quite frankly, taken by the question.
"Do you agree with how african-americans are being judged by their color?"
"No, I donīt think thatīs fair" Stephanie said.
"Do you think we have a responsibility to do something about it? I mean, as white women taking a stand?"
"Yes, I suppose so" Stephanie answered.
"I tell you, it makes me sick how white people think they rule the universe" another woman, also white herself, said.
"Itīs sad. I know many afro-americans being denied a job, simply because of their skincolor. So they live in poverty, being slaves" another woman said.
"Do you believe God had in mind this when he created different races?" someone asked Stephanie.
"No, I suppose he didnīt?" Stephanie said.
"But of course he did. He rules the world, he controls what happens" the woman replied.
"He has a plan for everything" another woman stated.
Stephanie started feeling really uncomfortable by their conversation.
"This logo... what does it stand for?" Stephanie asked and showed up her arm. The woman next to her turned her arm around to show Stephanie she had the same logo on her arm.
"It stands for freedom" she told Stephanie, but Stephanie seemed skeptical. It had to mean a lot more than that for the dictator to become so upset with her.
"What else?" Stephanie asked.
"It stands for power to the underdogs" the woman sitting opposite her said.
Stephanie thought maybe the dictator had a problem with Stephanie showing that she didnīt want her to rule the group like a dictator does.
Soon, they had finished eating dinner and it was time to head back to their cells.

Pam Douglas was sitting in the guesthouse after returning from the main house after having dinner with Eric, Kristen and Felicia. She couldnīt help but think about her sister in prison. She looked at a picture of the two sisters when they were teenagers. She remembers how all the boys had given Stephanie all the attention, and Pam had been in the shadow. But Stephanie had always given her the attention she had needed back then. They had been the mini-Thelma and Louise in their neighbourhood in Chicago. A tear fell down her cheek and she quickly wiped it away. She put down the picture and went to the bathroom. She opened the medicine cabin and took out a bottle of pills. She took out two pills and swallowed them down with water. She heard a knock at the door and put back the bottle and went to answer.
"Drew!!!" she said excitedly as she saw her son standing outside.
"Hello mother" he said. Pam quickly embraced her son tightly. Drew Douglas, a dark-haired and good-looking man in his early 30s, entered the guesthouse.
"Cute place" he said.
"When did you get to L.A?" Pam wondered.
"This morning" he answered.
"This morning? And you donīt come by until now?"
"I had a meeting"
"Oh, I see"
"I have a plane to catch in a couple of hours, so I canīt stay long"
"You canīt re-schedual for tomorrow?" Pam wondered.
"No, I have a meeting back in Chicago tomorrow"
Thereīs another knock at the door. Pam went to answer. It was Eric.
"I head a car come by..." Eric said to Pam and then he noticed Drew standing in the living room.
"Drew? No, it canīt be..." Eric said and went into the guesthouse.
"Hello, uncle Eric" Drew said and put out his hand for a handshake. Eric didnīt take it, instead he gave Drew an embrace and a pat on the back.
"I havenīt seen you since you were this big" Eric said and measured up how tall Drew had been the last time they met, a heigh ending somewhere by Ericīs hip.
"Well, I am all grown up now" Drew said.
"You sure are. What are you doing these days?" Eric wondered.
"Iīm getting into the business"
"Do you have a family of your own yet?"
"No, Iīm dating, looking around, you know..." he said.
"Well, thatīs good. Look, I should leave you alone. It was great seeing you again" Eric said, smiled at Drew and placed a quick hand on Pamīs shoulder before he left. Pam smiled at him and then turned to her son.
"Heīs such a sweet man" Pam said, regarding Eric.
"Youīre hooking up with him now?" Drew wondered. Pam was dumbfounded.
"Me and Eric? Why would you think that?" she wondered.
"Isnīt that what you do in that family? Keeping it all in the family?" he asked.
"Drew..." Pam said, not approving of his comment. "And this is your family too, donīt forget that"
"I wonīt. Listen, mom, I have to get going now. Iīll see you when you get back to Chicago" Drew said, quickly kissed his mother on the cheek and left the guesthouse.

Then I have to admit, I didnīt get further.... And I have a feeling I wonīt get any further either, being a busy mother of 2 with a job on the side and a husband to concentrate on late in the evenings.

So I decided to just end this story by telling you what happened next, what I had in mind.

Stephanie was let out of jail after proof came out that tests had been tampered with to the trial. She was cleared when the family found a way to trap Lucinda in the crime. They found out Lucinda came from Mystic, the same little town Sheila lived in for a couple of years. It turned out that Lucinda was Sheilaīs nextdoor neighbour and confidant. She promised Sheila she would help her get even and the two of them came up with a plan to take Stephanie down by framing her for murder.

Lucinda however escaped and now wanted revenge on the Forresters. She took them hostage and Rick was killed. Stephanieīs sister Pam took a bullet meant for Stephanie and she was rushed to the hospital where she passed away. Later Stephanie finds out Pam already knew she was dying, having been diagnosed with lungcancer. Stephanie leaves town for a while, and heads to Chicago to see her nephew Drew.

Brooke finds out it was Lucinda who tampered with the breaks of her car and can now relax. She marries Nick and they have a baby together. But they find out there is something wrong with the baby. Sheīs got downīs syndrome. Brooke has to decide if she wants to give birth to the girl or have an abortion. She decides to have the baby.

Massimo throws a major party celebrating the anniversary of Marone Industries. But the party is taken over by a group of terrorists who feels mistreated by Marone. It turns out Massimo stole oil from them. They take over the building and sprays toxic gases inside. Ridge gets trapped in an elevator with Christina and they get close. Massimo is left behind in the buiding long enough to lose consciousness. He is rushed to the hospital and later dies.

Ridge and Nick finds out that they will not inherit the company like planned. Massimo married someone on his deathbed and left her everything. The new Mrs Marone is Shannon Davis. She agreed to marry Massimo on his deathbed to keep a deep secret, and in return get the Marone fortune.

Drew Douglas comes to LA and buys Lucindaīs 51% stocks in Forrester after she is arrested. He feels itīs his right as a Douglas to take over the company since the Forresters failed to handle the company with good hands. The Forresters are not happy, but Stephanie thinks he deserves it.

Drew and Shannon falls in love and she confides Massimoīs big secret to him: Massimo isnīt Ridgeīs real father. He bribed the doctor at the lab to tell Stephanie that Ericīs blood didnīt match Ridgeīs. He was desperate to have a son, unknowingly he had Nick. He couldnīt come forward with the truth, risking to lose both Stephanie and Ridge forever. But he couldnīt die without someone knowing, just in case something would happen with Ridge, like he thought when he heard Ridge and Christina was trapped in the elevator.

Bridget fell in love with Oscar and they married. Ridge married Christina. Eric and Stephanie reunited.

And everyone finally lived happily ever after.........

End of story.