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Jindra Repa
  Jindra Repa is Principal and CEO of Arbutus College of Communication Arts, Business and Technology in Vancouver, British Columbia.
   He studied education, languages and literatures at Charles University Prague, the University of Iceland, the University of British Columbia and University of Toronto. He was recognised for his work with provincial and national organisations of translators.
   He worked as a college administrator at Vancouver Community College, Sheridan College and St. Clair College and as principal of St. John's International School and Richmond International High School and College. He was associated with the Canadian Bureau for International Education as a board member and subsequently as the national director of corporate partnerships.
   His creative writings include poetry, short prose and essays. He had completed a book of poetry in Czech, published articles and essays in Czech and in English.
   Jindra is married to Carmen Ramirez and enjoys cycling, skiing and reading. He is interested in ideas on international cooperation and environmental clean up.
Jindra at 2000 Rotary Walk for the Food Bank (middle)
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