Truckin USA.- "An over the road driver's prospective of our great country"
   ("What we really see out there, and not what Trucking Companies will have us believe when we are starting out").
Hi, I am a truck driver. I am one of thousands of truck drivers out there each day and night on America's highways driving long hours far away from their homes and families, serving the American community. I am also a traveller, and I am with, this website attempting to bring to fellow travellers, our great country, America. From a truck driver's prospective. So sit back and enjoy the show.And to all you fellow drivers out there...."Keep on trucking, and be safe"
Werner TCU-Peterbilt-379 Unibilt Cab.
Yes, I am a rookie. Just graduated from C1 Truck Driving Training School in North Little Rock Arkansas. Used to Work for C.R.S.T but that did not work out. So today I work for Werner Enterprises. So far I have been with them 2 months and I love it out here thus far. Werner is a great company and the people here are very helpful and nice.
Werner Dry Van Fleet- Peterbilt
Over the next few years as I go on, driving for a living while checking out our great country behind the controls of a tractor trailer/combination vehicle, I will be putting pictures of all the states I will be going through. So please bear with me, for this website shall never be finished.
This is Team-Werner. They are the best of the best out there. They run 24/7, only stopping for fuel and food, coast to coast expedited long hauls and just in time deliveries. To be a part of "Team-Werner" one has to have consistent high miles per week, and on-time deliveries in a safe manner.
A personal dedication goes out to two gents out there. One, my ex-trainer in C.R.S.T, Mike DeLovely and to my trainer in Werner Rocco Antonelli, without whose guideance and patience I would'nt be here today, with you all driving through America's highways.I thank you guys for making me the driver that I am today.
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