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The following pages are devoted to the Old telephones that our ancestors or we used to communicate with each other. The development of the telephone has come a long way in the last 125 years. From string phones (like a string and 2 cans) to wireless digital what a step we have made. We will try to show several different styles of old telephones and will try to add new ones as we go. The addition of this site will make it possible to show more of my collection. If you have any questions please Email me at We have other web sites too at If you have a lot of pictures to show so please be patient!




Who is the Phone man?

Hi! My name is Paul. My grandfather and grandmother operated a smallGrandpa_Grandma.jpg (10849 bytes) telephone company in eastern Kansas in the early 60's. This was about the time the old wood telephones were being taken out of service (This was not a large phone company). My grandfather seized the opportunity to collect all the old phones he could. In his later years he refinished the old phones and sold some. In the early 80's he sold the old farm place and needed to move. It was at this time when I started my real interest in the old telephones. My grandfather gave me a good start into telephone collecting. I have been actively collecting old telephones since. We look everywhere for old phones. The adventure is quite exciting. The really old telephones are starting to get very hard to find. I hope this web page can do you some good. It has been a lot of work setting up this web page. This is my way of showing you my telephone collection. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

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