Silke Brauner my Highschool crush!
Hi, I guess if I had to chose a name for my self it would be Heart Broken.  I've like Silke Brauner for a long long long time now, but she has gone out of her way to show me that we will never never never be together.  Nonetheless, I still like her.  SO, I write this home page to vent out my frustrations on life and to talk about a one in a millione chance at love.  I do not dare tell her about this homepage, because it would disturb her world and that's the LAST thing I want to do.  I do not want to cause her ANY sort of discomfort.  That's for me and me alone to bare.  I just wish I knew what made her TURN SO COLD in THOSE LETTERS....*sigh*
Letter from Silke Brauner
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My hobbies are MANY.  I like pencile scetches, playing the guitar, piano, mandoline, recorder.  I like singing, writting songs, writting poetry.  Reading poetry (Basho).  Reading the bible.  Reading the Gospel of Thomas.  Trying to read the bible in Spanish.  Speaking Spanish.  Staying up late at night drinking coffee.  Hiking in the woods, hiking in the cities.  Studding old physics and math material so I don't forget.  Watching movies.  Movies movies movies.  I also enjoy cooking for others.
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Most of my family lives in Blissfield Michigan.  We're a very close family.  My Dad's side lives in Brownsville Texas.  They are very loving, but we're not that close.  I live alone in North Carolina.
I take after my Dad in the sence that I make friends very easily.  The ones close to me right now are Ernie and Kevin.  I recently met a new friend named Phil, but he doesn't seem all that nice.