Bidan - universal Bidet for personal hygiene
BIDAN - universal Bidet for personal hygiene
Bidan - universal WC Bidet
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Bidan -
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Sergei Tereschenko - Export Manager
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Nature of Business

Plastom Ltd, established in 1986 is a manufacturer and exporter of bathroom / sanitary / plumbing products.


Plastom Ltd is an exclusive manufacturer of:

BIDAN TURBO - universal plastic WC-seat with warm water and warm air, which converts the common toilet into a bidet by a simple switch of the regular seat, fits for any toilet and does not require any plumbing work or additional space.

BIDANIT "Do-It-Yourself" - a simple model of the BIDAN, affordable bathroom toilet bidet, which can be installed on any toilet without having to switch the regular seat in minutes. Water is room temperature, especially designed for social venues, hotels and offices.

BIDAN TURBO ELECTRONIC / PNEUMATIC - especially designed models for disabled and elderly people, include remote control appliance / pneumatic pads. Helps for handicapped and elderly people to feel independent in the toilet room.

Features & Benefits:

* Easy Do-It-Yourself installation & easy  operation
* Adjusted water temperature & aerated water jet
* Maintains personal hygiene
* Economical: you will save $ on toilet tissue
* Helps relax tense muscles & relieves hemorrhoid sufferers
* Environmentally sensitive
* Doctor recommended for sanitary purposes and as a preventive measure
* Helps for handicapped and elderly people to feel independent in the toilet room

Key advantages of BIDANIT:

1.     Low price of BIDANIT
2.     Compactness and attractive appearance / display
3.     Ability of supplier to arrange big quantity in the short time
4.     Exclusivity of production all over the world
5.     Logistics and service
6.     Proved compliance for DIY-standard
7.     QA  Quality Assurance
8.      Best Px4: Product, Price, Package, Positioning

Additional information:

      Exporter number: 511107419
      Customs H.S.: 8516-1008
     Classification code: 39229021 -
               "Bidet from plastic"
BIDANIT - simplest Do-It-Yourself Bidet!
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