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Iíve Finally Got A Page

After 8 years of being connected I have finally decided to build a web site, or at least a web page to start. I remember how hard it was to find and learn things online, so I figured that someone could benefit from my site.

~ My Favourite Killer Appz ~

System Utilities

I just found an amazing program, it is called Belarc Advisor. This application gives you a snap shot of everything on your computer, both hardware and software. Another very useful application I found was File and MP3 Renamer 2003. This program allows you to rename all of your MP3's in minutes instead of hours, avoided that task of manually changing each one.

Web Browsers

Internet Explorer is by far the leader but I have found another that builds upon IE. It uses tabbed browsing SlimBrowser is a nice change from Internet Explorer.

File Sharing

Kazaa is by far the leader. If you are looking to share files online this is the program to do it. I would strongly suggest that you run antivirus software at all times, but especially when downloading from Kazaa. Kazaa does contain some adware so the people at K-Lite have altered the program and added some sweet features, and called it Kazaa lite. Kazaa Lite is said to have more privacy protection then Kazaa, and supposedly it allows users to hide their IP address and their shared file list.

Instant Messaging

One word Trillian. This is the best instant messenging program out there. It allows you to connect to all the major messenging servers AOL, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN and MIRC and it is free. However if you like plugins I would recommend buying Trillian Pro.

~ Other Great Stuff ~

Online Payments

If you need to send money online, to a friend or to pay for an auction Paypal is the best. Paypal offers a safe and easy way to exchange money. Paypal also offers a credit/debit card so you can withdraw your money at anytime.

The Best Sites

Tucows, Webattack & Download.com are my favourites for freeware, shareware and software.

PDA/Palm Stuff

Palm Blvd on PDA Street is a good place to start. You can also search Tucows, Webattack & Download.com for Palm software as well.

 Computer TV Shows

The Screensavers is by far the best tech show out there. It is available daily on Tech TV.

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