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Schwartzy's Windshield Repair

We save'em so you don't have to replace'em!
Established 1997                                                                                                                         Mobile Service
Stone-Damaged windshields can now be REPAIRED if you act quickly before the break spreads!
Windshield repair today is fast, permanent, non-weathering, and barely visible. Plus the windshield is preserved and the original seal is left undisturbed. This eliminates the risk of  leakage that often comes with replacement of an entire windshield.
Fleet owners, bus companies and car rental agencies have been saving thousands of windshields and dollars by REPAIRING not replacing.
We guarantee our work and provide MOBILE SERVICE in Brooklyn, New York.
For a free estimate or any questions you may have please feel free to contact us!
Some examples of what type of damage can be repaired.............. (pictures not shown actuall size)
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