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Wesco Development Group

Automatic File Deletion System 2001 for Windows 95/98/NT/2000

(Since 1996)

What is AFDS? A windows based utility that removes user-defined files from any valid drive. This utility is great for removing *.tmp, *.bak and other user-defined files that clutter and fragment a disk. User-defined options to migrate files before deletion, prompt to confirm deletion, send files to the recycle-bin, options to retain files from 1 day to 10 years before migrating/deleting or migrate/delete with an ASAP setting, built-in scheduler and much more. Password options to keep it secure and it supports user-defined file exclusions. This is a great utility for Internet users who need to keep cache and temp directories clean. Network administrators have options of sending e-mail/pager alerts when drives are running low on space or not responsive (server edition and smtp server required). The program supports Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0 Server/Workstation, and Windows 2000 Professional/Server.

Standard program features: Keep temporary files from eating-up valuable disk space; Improves overall program access to files; Deletes read-only and hidden files; Deletes Windows document history lists; Prevents program lock-ups, Speeds up programs that create temporary files; Can run in background as a service or agent; Uses only 2% of system resources (as agent/service); Data compression of migrated data (PKZ Compatible) and more.

Server program features: Standard features from above plus full directory removal; Simple wildcard file exclusions; Enhanced support for large directories and file processing; Disk space monitoring with SMTP support for e-mail/pager alerts; Simple remote administration.

Pricing: Single client ($39.95), Server ($359), License-Pak 25 (25 clients - $659), License-Pak 50 (50 clients - $897), License-Pak 100 (100 clients - $1,395), License-Pak 250 (250 clients - $2,770), License-Pak 500 (500 clients - $3,150), License-Pak 1000 (1000 clients - $4,890), Enterprise Site License ($5,850)

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Questions or ordering information: Contact us at: Wesco.HQ@Verizon.net

We accept purchase orders, money orders, certified and business checks payable to:

Wesco Development Group

Our mailing address is:

Wesco Development Group
14200-F Centreville Square, #157
Centreville, VA 20121-2300

Support: We offer program support by electronic mail. Please send all requests to: Wesco.HQ@Verizon.net

We make every effort to respond as quickly as possible and always within one business day.

Some companies using our software: Ace Hardware, Begneaud Manufacturing, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Cendant, C.H. Dean and Associates, Computer Services, Inc., FMC, General Mills, Medical Economics, MetroMail, PolyGram of France, Stream International, Sumisho Computer Systems International, U.S. State Department, C.K. Cosmetics, Taylor Company, Power Engineers, COBB EMC, University of Florida, NBBJ, AlCan Aluminum, Fox Channel News, G.E., FastSigns, Schouw Packaging, Siren Technologies, HomeStreet Bank, Harlequin Enterprises, Port of Long Beach, ACL Computers, Inc., South Texas Community College, Henderson Dailey and many others.

Updated: 12/28/2001

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